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Little MushroomChapter 14


“How did you move the colonel to one side again?” Boss Shaw shouted as soon as he entered the store.

An Zhe had just sat up in bed. He rubbed his eyes and spoke in a low voice, “I can’t sleep well if he is next to me.” bejDdi

“You have many things to do.” Boss Shaw came over and knocked hard on his head. “Didn’t you sleep with his head in your arms the other day?”

An Zhe couldn’t speak and buried his head back into the quilt. A head was a head and Lu Feng was Lu Feng. As a heterogenous species that had encountered the Judge’s suspicion many times, he didn’t need a reason to be afraid of this person.

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Boss Shaw told him, “I’ll withhold your wages.”

An Zhe was forced to get out of the quilt and slowly put on his coat. NEcuW0

Boss Shaw’s tone lightened up. “You shouldn’t go out to hook up with mercenaries. You should just do it with me.”

An Zhe wondered, “Why?”

Boss Shaw hadn’t said this yesterday.

“You are so small, no, you can’t.” Boss Shaw told him. “Those soldiers will bully you.” 5GBmoK

“Why bully me?”

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Boss Shaw replied, “It is fun.”

Having said that, he tapped An Zhe’s head again.

An Zhe frowned and felt that Boss Shaw had just bullied him. However, there was no way. He was currently like a parasite and had to rely on Boss Shaw’s salary. He could only get up, wash and put in a day’s work. suQwSU

Today was the 30th day of making the doll. In order words, they had to complete the doll and deliver it by the end of the day. Boss Shaw had done the body and limbs as early as 10 days ago. Well, it was mainly An Zhe under his guidance. After doing this, he chose one of the simulation props sold in the store and combined it with the doll. Finally, through the black market, he obtained a lifelike black uniform for the doll to wear. The Judge’s body was perfect and there was only the head left.

At this time, An Zhe was holding the doll’s head and checking the hair he had implanted himself was beautiful. Meanwhile, Boss Shaw started the hot furnace to one side and stirred the transparent colloid in the small, white porcelain pot. Then he dripped green dye drop by drop. At first, the dye was a dark green mass in the pot. After a moment, countless tiny tentacles stretched outward. The stirring caused an even distribution and the colloid became light green before gradually deepening. An Zhe had finished checking the hair and had nothing to do. He watched and recalled Lu Feng’s eye colour.

In the light, it was a cold green like winter, like the colour of frozen green leaves in transparent white ice. An Zhe often felt cold when he saw those eyes. In the dim light at night, Lu Feng’s eyes was a deep, dark green like the deep light at night, hiding many unknown things.

He thought as he watched the colour. Once it coincided with the colour in his memory, he called out, “That’s it.” oGZC1d

Boss Shaw smiled and put out the hot furnace. “You have good eyesight.”

An Zhe didn’t speak and just handed over the mold to Boss Shaw. The translucent colloid was poured to the ball-shaped mold and cooled. Then the whites of the eyes were embedded and the eyes were ready.

The two eyeballs were then mounted into the doll’s eye sockets. The doll’s eyelashes were also implanted by An Zhe one by one. Now black eyelashes lightly covered the green pupils. They looked cool and delicate and extremely similar to the real person. An Zhe felt anxious and picked up the black military cap on one side, fastening it on him.

The next work was to adjust the joints and polish the details of the facial contours. By the time it finished, it was 7 in the evening. An Zhe quietly watched the doll and the doll also watched him quietly. He almost thought it was the colonel himself. 5Qw9X7

The doll that looked exactly like the colonel was folded and placed in the box and onto the trolley. Boss Shaw clapped and said, “It is ready for delivery. I’ll get Jin Sen, he is cheap.”

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Dbrr Vtjk ogbkcfv. “Qtja’r ublcu bc?”

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“Qjr tf vlrmbnfgfv?” Lf aglfv mjiilcu Leyyjgv’r mbwweclmjabg yea atf cfza wbwfca, j nblmf mjwf ogbw atf gfmflnfg. “Ktf qfgrbc sbe vljifv tjr ifoa atf yjrf. Uifjrf ifjnf j wfrrjuf.” cFugw0

Boss Xiao turned to look at the tablet on the workbench. He opened it and pressed a few buttons to delete all the photos. Then he told An Zhe, “The situation isn’t right. Hurry to get rid of the goods. There is nothing else to do tonight so go and deliver it with me.”

Thus, An Zhe came to District 6 that he hadn’t stepped foot in for a month.

Building 12 in District 6, unit 4312 was the location of their customer. The box was very heavy and An Zhe and Boss Shaw took turns lifting it up the stairs to the third floor. Unlike Building 117 where An Zhe previously lived, all those in Building 13 were women. Along the way, An Zhe met several people. Most of them had short hair, a tall stature and strong facial features. Looking at them, An Zhe was inevitably reminded of Du Sai.

Du Sai was a very special woman. She was tall but she was most slender than all the women An Zhe had seen while a the same time, her breasts were fuller than others. Her body was unusually soft because of this slender plumpness. It was rare on the third underground floor. MrcHkS

At the same time, he saw Boss Shaw’s gaze examining the passing women. Finally, Boss Shaw said, “There is no second Du Sai.”

An Zhe didn’t speak and gently rang the 12th door. “Hello, we came to make a delivery.”

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No one opened the door. An Zhe knocked loudly on the door. “Hello, we are here for a delivery.”

Still no one opened the door. Boss Shaw stepped forward and slammed on the door a few times. “Is anyone there? There is a delivery from the third underground floor.” qJzO4T

There was silence.

In the silence, footsteps were heard behind them. An Zhe turned his head and saw a middle-aged woman in a grey dress. He asked, “Hello, are you the resident of number 12?”

The woman shook her head and looked at the door. “Are you looking for her?”

“Yes,” An Zhe replied. “She ordered something and we came to deliver it.” 9kvizV

The woman’s face was blank as her eyes shifted to the box Boss Shaw was pulling. “What goods?”

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“They are premium goods and we can’t say anything else.” Boss Saw replied. “When will she come back?”

The woman looked at him. Her mouth was tight and she didn’t speak for a moment. Boss Shaw couldn’t stand it and said, “She—”

He was interrupted by the woman. “She’s dead, don’t you know?” m8ZEFX

The atmosphere became silent.

“Dead?” After a brief silence, Boss Shaw raised his voice. “There is still my final payment. Who will pay it?”

The corners of the woman’s mouth pulled, looking like a smile yet not a smile. “The Judge killed her. You should go find him for the payment.”

Boss Shaw’s neck shrunk back like a duck and he didn’t speak for a moment.An Zhe suddenly felt choked up. He stared at the woman and asked, “What’s her name?” ZU4Suz

The woman didn’t seem to have heard him. She turned around, raised her hand and brushed her ID card over the opposite door to walk in. The moment the door was closed, two simple syllables were heard from inside.

“Du Sai.”

An Zhe once again flashed back to Du Sai’s expression directed toward Lu Feng before she died and didn’t know what to say. There was also a moment of silence from Boss Shaw. After a long time, Boss Shaw laughed. “Do you know how much this order is?”

“I don’t know.” uZiDlK

“It is higher than Hubbard’s price.” Boss Shaw looked at the trolley case on the ground with narrowed eyes. Then he stated slowly, “She played with so many men. I didn’t expect her to have a heart.”

An Zhe opened his mouth. “Du Sai said that the Judge saved her.”

“Stupid.” Boss Shaw sighed and shook his head. “The Judge is that type of person. Even if he saved her, it is because he wanted to kill a heterogeneous. She had been mixing with men since she was a child and isn’t a little girl. Why couldn’t she understand that this isn’t worth it?”

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An Zhe didn’t speak. Q EGiC

He didn’t understand why Du Sai liked Lu Feng. However, Lu Feng was different from others. He just couldn’t say what the difference was. A long time passed before Boss Shaw spoke. “The person isn’t here. What to do with the goods? It can’t be discarded. What if it is found and the Trial Court looks for me?”

An Zhe suggested, “Take it back to the store?”

“Absolutely not.” Boss Shaw shook his head. “I suddenly can’t get in contact with Jin Sen. I’m afraid something has happened.”

Then he looked at An Zhe like he remembered something. “I  remember that your home is also in District 6?” vt2YKB

He pushed the box over. “You live there and don’t have to be afraid of being seen. In that case, take the goods back tonight and leave it at your house. After a few days, if no one checks then I will find someone to take the order.”

“What about you?”

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Boss Shaw looked down at his watch and frowned. “I have to go back. The last train is soon.”

An Zhe thought about it and found it was feasible. He didn’t live at home and could keep the doll temporarily stored there. zd72P3

Boss Shaw patted him on the shoulder. “You can do it.”

Then he quickly left to catch the train. However, it turned out that it wasn’t possible.

District 6 was a circular area and Buildings 12 and 117 weren’t far away. This was why Boss Shaw was certain that he could bring it home. However, the doll was solid and couldn’t be considered light. He dragged this huge box at the speed of a turtle and slowly moved down the road. By the time he reached Building 117, it was completely dark.

There were indistinct shadows everywhere and the outline of the building could only be seen thanks to the aurora. An Zhe felt hopeless as he stood at the door of the building and thought about climbing to the fifth floor. This thing was really heavy. An Zhe desperately turned around, no longer facing the dark staircase. He planned to stop first and rest for a while. 1isLCl

There was a burning breath behind him and he was suddenly held by a man.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“An Ze!”

It was Josie’s voice.

“I saw you through the window and came down immediately.” Josie hugged him tightly. “Where have you been? Why did you only come back now? Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been looking for you?” MWe0ho

He gasped as he continued, “You must not leave anymore. Where have you been?”

Boss Shaw was right. Josie regarded An Ze as his personal belonging.

Thus, An Zhe calmly told him, “Please let go.”

Not only did Josie not let An Zhe go, he tightened his arms instead. Josie asked, “Are you angry with me?” SXDMIw

An Zhe hadn’t spoken yet when he whispered again, “I was wrong. I apologize to you, I apologize as much as possible. An Ze, I love you.”

An Zhe, “……”

Boss Shaw was right again. Josie really wanted to sleep with An Ze.

An Zhe told him, “Thank you, I have someone.” sjzVx

“Are you really angry?” Josie smiled. “When you are angry, you like to deliberately anger me.”

An Zhe was really tired of this human. He struggled to get free but was forcibly turned around by Josie. “Look at me, An Ze.”


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A shot rang out. Josie was stunned. He reflexively let go of An Zhe and looked around. 9vAOf7

An Zhe also followed the source of the sound and saw a person standing in the shadow of the black buildings. This person had just fired a shot at the sky before approaching this place. Slender and tall, it was a figure he was extremely familiar with.

Only military personnel could legally carry guns in the city. Among all the branches of the military, there was only one person who could shoot at will.

An Zhe thought that he had once again bumped into the Judge’s city patrol. It was too coincidental. Before he had time to think carefully, he heard Lu Feng’s familiar and cold voice. “Who is he?”

An Zhe replied, “A neighbour.” 4MoQ8p

Lu Feng came to him. It was such a close distance that any individual could recognize this as the Judge. An Zhe felt Josie stiffen a bit.

“AD4117, this is my communicator’s number.” Lu Feng’s tone seemed casual. “The next time this happens, you can contact me if you are willing and he will be arrested for indecent assault.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

An Zhe looked up at Lu Feng and couldn’t respond for some time. However, since this person was a colonel of the military, it seemed that he indeed had the obligation to maintain the law and order of the city.

An Zhe nodded. “Okay.” 0DpdPV

He felt Josie behind him become even stiffer. However, An Zhe had no thoughts about managing Josie. It was because Lu Feng’s was gently on the handle of the trolley of the box. He asked lightly, “Shall I help you bring it up?”

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