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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh95 - Is it big?


It was a body that was different from his own; he was taller, more robust and his legs were longer. Even his hipbone was positioned higher than his by a little, and although the physical training he had gone through and the muscles he had were inferior to himself, the lines on his body were smooth, possessing a unique feeling of naturalness, and the overall congruity was pleasing to the eye. However, You Liangxing did not pay attention to these things; instead, his gaze directly flitted down the focal point, going towards the place between Kang Shengzhe’s legs.

The foam floating on the water surface clung onto the skin below Kang Shengzhe’s waist, and hidden behind the white foam was… Z6ybS8

A small half towel that was sufficient in covering Kang Shengzhe.

You Liangxing: “……”

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…… He saw nothing!!

The minute changes to his expression were the least of his current concerns, but Kang Shengzhe immediately caught on the slight fluctuations. Then, a strong and intense need to tease him emerged on his face, and he even lifted up his phone at an alarming speed. LAiOst

— You’re disappointed you didn’t get to see it!

You Liangxing: “……”

Twisting his head away, You Liangxing asserted, “I’m not.”

Kang Shengzhe: — Yes you are! Do you want to see my pp that much? Ze ze ze, public morals are declining by the day, and they’re no longer what they used to be~


You Liangxing shoved Kang Shengzhe back into the bathtub. With the little giant plunging back into the water again, it caused the water to splash all over, drenching Kang Shengzhe’s head and face. You Liangxing’s actions could not be considered as gentle, but Kang Shengzhe still laughed.

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— Liang Liang, you shouldn’t fly into rage from shame just because you couldn’t see my pp.

You Liangxing: “… Shut your mouth!”

Kang Shengzhe: — But I didn’t open my mouth. wpU5XT

You Liangxing: “Turn off your phone!”

Not only did he not turn it off, he even leaned over to him as his head was dripping water.

— Don’t be angry, I’ll let you see it, alright?

Then, his hand reached into the water and pulled away the small towel in the next second. The foam that had been gathering on the water surface was not as concentrated as before; amidst the rippling of waters, something could be vaguely seen. GOi6QR

As if he had been scalded, You Liangxing turned his head away, despising the fact that the human head could not turn a full 180 degrees.

On the verge of collapse, You Liangxing shouted, “Kang Shengzhe! I’m not looking!”

Kang Shengzhe pretended to be at a loss: — Why not? You’re angry when I don’t show it to you, but you’re also angry when I do. Hey, are you feeling shy?

After he finished typing the sentence, Kang Shengzhe blinked owlishly and he had a look on his face that proclaimed he had just reached an epiphany. yxCQqI

— I understand.

You Liangxing: “……?”

What did you understand?

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Before he had the time to voice his question, his wrist was grabbed by Kang Shengzhe again without any warning, reproducing the scene that had occurred a few minutes ago. However, the purpose of his action was completely different; You Liangxing only felt the impetus of a pull which destabilised his centre of gravity before his person was suddenly dragged forward. Oso3yw

Kang Shengzhe offered his phone for viewing: — Since you don’t dare to look at it, you can touch it.

Suddenly, the hand that had entered the water touched human skin. Through his sensory receptors, the temperature of the water and body intertwined, causing his mind to go blank, and he did not dare to think about what he was touching right now.

His body was stiff at first but his entire body soon began to tremble, starting from his arms. As his anger reached its peak, his voice rose up by an octave as well. “KANG SHENGZHE!!!”

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The sea was storming as the god lost his temper, but the chief culprit remained unmoved like a mountain in the face of the wind and rain. He stopped typing and a shy expression appeared on his face. Even though You Liangxing seemed keen on devouring him whole, he still maintained his shy and expectant gaze as he stared into You Liangxing’s eyes. Softly, he asked: “Is it big?” 5BnCq

Tbe Oljcuzlcu: “……”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mbg j qfgrbc ilxf Tbe Oljcuzlcu, tf cfnfg atbeuta atja atfgf kbeiv yf j vjs ktfgf tf kbeiv ecfzqfmafvis lrref jc lcafgcji rmgfjw atja kjr wbgf ola obg gjar lc tlr tfjga. Lf cb ibcufg mjgfv jybea ktja tf kjr abemtlcu jr tlr jcufg fgeqafv. Sztlylalcu tlr ragfcuat lc oeii gjatfg atjc jiibklcu tlwrfio ab ojiafg, tf geatifrris uglqqfv bcab rbwfatlcu.

Kang Shengzhe whimpered out a ‘fuck’ as his two long legs quaked, immediately assuming a kneeling position. His legs were squeezed together as he keeled over in the bathtub, and a few noises bubbled up from his throat, “My mom…” vVkTBd

Allowing Kang Shengzhe to enjoy his limitless “bird pains”, You Liangxing leapt up and ran out of the bathroom. His bearing might be handsome and dashing, but his fleeing appearance made it seem like he had been compelled and he was previously in a difficult position.

Violently pulling the door to a close, You Liangxing ran back to the living room. He sat only to stand up, and stood up only to sit again, and there was no posture that he could actively maintain. After a long while and with much difficulty, he managed to shrink himself into a ball behind the sofa and he was akin to a quail as he shrank his neck in.

…… His body was still shaking.

His palms were burning hot and red. 3V6Bgp

This fucking, twice damned Kang Shengzhe!!!

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As You Liangxing continued to bury his head, the heat in his body kept rising and he could not suppress it no matter how hard he tried. Not only did his cheeks flush, even the tips of his ears were red and bright. It was only when he heard the groans coming from the bathroom receding that his thunderous heartbeat began to calm down at a sluggishly slow pace.

Unable to control himself, You Liangxing even broke through his own moral restraints as he cursed at Kang Shengzhe with a few choice words of ‘big pervert, insane and shameless’ consecutively.

If he had known earlier, he should have beaten him to death with one punch!! 4bl6wM

Just beat him to death and be done with it!!

You Liangxing had never encountered a person or a person like this for a matter of fact. He could not regain his composure for a long time, and when he finally managed to get his thoughts under control, he lowered his head to stare at his own hand which had started shaking again.

Kang Shengzhe’s voice seemed to echo in his head ceaselessly: “Is it big, is it big, is it big……”

… It does seem quite big. V3YRux

You Liangxing exhaled a deep breath before he got up to continue cooking his porridge in the kitchen. And as he was cooking, he abruptly remembered what he had been thinking before and his brain froze. Picking up his kitchen knife, he violently swung it down on the chopping board.

Hack you to death!!

Shameless Kang Shengzhe!!

After ten or so minutes, breakfast was fully prepared. As he was placing the utensils on the table, Kang Shengzhe happened to limp out from the bathroom door. He was wearing a set of light-coloured home clothes that You Liangxing had prepared for him which should have been pleasing to the eye. However, because of his strange walking posture – one that was similar to the capital letter ‘A’ – he looked funny and strange. RPkOja

You Liangxing glared at him, and his voice was as biting as freezing ice. “Eat!”

Still immersed in the pain he could not extricate himself from, Kang Shengzhe’s legs jerked when he saw You Liangxing and he sat down at the dining table obediently.

After stewing for a long time, he raised his phone.

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— Liang Liang, don’t worry, I can still do it. 42qVhk

You Liangxing stilled. “What.”

Kan Shengzhe: — Of course I’m talking about my p…

Before he could finish typing the word, You Liangxing stabbed his chopsticks into his bowl. The expression accompanying it was extremely fierce and malicious, as if the object before him was not a bowl of porridge but Kang Shengzhe’s grave mound.

In reaction to that, Kang Shengzhe shrank his neck and immediately stopped. ZgzK3d

Laughing coldly, You Liangxing started to eat his food. However, even after he had taken a few mouthfuls, Kang Shengzhe was still staring at the preserved egg and lean meat porridge, not moving at all.

You Liangxing said coldly, “Why aren’t you eating?”

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With the expression of terror that Kang Shengzhe had on, it was evident that he only dared to speak when You Liangxing specifically asked for him.

— Did you wash your hands before you cooked the porridge just now? Ru3pJS

You Liangxing: “……” He did not wash it.

Kang Shengzhe spoke with extreme caution: — You just touched my pp.

You Liangxing: “……”

Once those words were mentioned, You Liangxing’s complexion immediately contorted, and Kang Shengzhe changed his manner of speaking in a hurry. h4p5Kx

— It’s okay, even if you didn’t wash your hands after touching my pp, I will still eat it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing’s fury reached its apex, “I dare you to BB one more line, what pp this and pp that, can you stop bringing up your pp!”

Kang Shengzhe was stunned by his outburst, and he looked like he wanted to laugh but he was suppressing it the best he could. Looking at him made You Liangxing feel pain in his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney collectively, and he retorted irritably, “What are you laughing for!”

Kang Shengzhe contracted his neck as he was giggling: — Those two words coming out from your mouth sounds very lewd. a nbUw

— I kind of love listening to it.

You Liangxing: “……”

Seeing that a fist was about to fly to his face, Kang Shengzhe reacted quickly with both his eyes and hands as he shut his mouth and pushed his porridge towards You Liangxing.

You Liangxing, whose rage had yet to diminish, was baffled. “If you’re hungry, eat it, what are you pushing it towards me for?” pVYgM3

Kang Shengzhe said: — You feed me.

You Liangxing: “……” ???

Kang Shengzhe thus explained: — My bird is in pain.

Blue veins pulsating, You Liangxing uttered, “Do you use your bird to eat?” ovF5Ln

Kang Shengzhe: — I use my hands to deliver the food to my mouth, but my hands are now being used to rub my bird.

You Liangxing: “……”

Using both hands to clasp his face, he lamented, “And my tooth…”

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You Liangxing raised a spoonful of porridge in anger: “Open your mouth.” 7SEQlI

Seeing that, Kang Shengzhe happily took a sip and basked in the aftertaste of it for a long time. And as if he was giving it a score, he raised his phone.

— It’s a little hot, you should blow it first.

You Liangxing huffed at it before he cruelly stuffed the porridge into Kang Shengzhe’s mouth. This time around, Kang Shengzhe was pleased, and he even wanted to sing as he swayed his head.

— Delicious~ It’s the taste of Liang Liang. bxgm0k

You Liangxing let out a cold bark of laughter. He did not know if he was letting himself loose because of his anger, but he decided to use poison to fight with poison. In an abrupt manner, he said: “How is it my taste? It’s the taste of your pp.”

Kang Shengzhe grabbed the bowl and delivered a spoonful of porridge into You Liangxing’s mouth. Since he had been busy the entire morning, he hadn’t eaten anything and he did not think too much when the porridge was sent his way. Thus, he opened his mouth and swallowed it.

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Kang Shengzhe’s eyes bent.

— How is it, do you like the taste of my pp? M17e4A

You Liangxing: “……” Fucking—!

You Liangxing was so angry his eyes rolled to the whites. Hurriedly, he chanted in his heart: Don’t get angry, he’s insane, he’s insane, he’s insane.

Kang Shengzhe: — Hurry up and feed me.

You Liangxing squeezed out a smile and said coldly: “Kang Shengzhe, just you wait.” Opgb0y

Kang Shengzhe shook his head in reply: — No, I don’t want to wait.

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You Liangxing: “……”

Slamming his fist on the table, the cutlery on the table jumped up before it clattered down. Head inclining towards the sky, he let out a deep breath before he finally managed to compose himself. “Open your mouth.”

Kang Shengzhe chuckled, and ate the rest of his meal with so much gusto he wanted to ascend to the heavens. Only when he was done with his meal, did You Liangxing return back to his seat to slowly start on his own food. 1gQZfd

While he was eating, Kang Shengzhe’s phone rang with a sound notification from WeChat. Since he was busy eating, You Liangxing did not pay attention to Kang Shengzhe as he was chatting. However, he did notice that Kang Shengzhe had yet to raise his head from the phone even after he was done eating.

You Liangxing asked: “Who was it?”

Kang Shengzhe: — My agent.

If it was it his agent, then it should concern his live broadcasts. Just as he was thinking that, and without any suspense, Kang Shengzhe raised his phone and the contents on it read: — I need to start a live broadcast. bk3Y2c


— Right now.

You Liangxing stilled, “How are you going to start a live broadcast now? Isn’t your equipment currently in school?”

Kang Shengzhe nodded: — There’s one set in school, and there’s another in a box in my apartment. Once it’s set up, I can start the live broadcast. oFSNRi

Truthfully speaking, the equipment was only secondary; the problem was the broadcast itself. Kang Shengzhe could not speak right now and he had to use his phone to communicate with him. But in front of his millions of audiences, how could he still use the same means?

You Liangxing: “Can’t you ask for a leave?”

Kang Shengzhe said: — I can’t. I didn’t manage to broadcast yesterday and it has been interrupted too frequently. I have to go online today.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

You Liangxing made a face of distress in reply to that. Then, Kang Shengzhe’s brows knitted together, and his eyes suddenly flitted towards You Liangxing’s person before it brightened. T5yCU

— Liang Liang, I suddenly have a bold idea.

You Liangxing: “……”

He wasn’t really interested in hearing it.

Giving him a crinkle-eyed smile, Kang Shengzhe said: — I’ll live broadcast, and you’ll explain for me. How about it? wZcEd1

The author has something to say: You want to confirm your relationship with Liang Liang after dropping one tooth? You think too much.
You probably have to sacrifice all your teeth.

The translator died several times while translating this and died even harder as she was editing. KK, I swear to the high heavens… There’s a reason why I call the Chapter 90s range the unholy grail of shamelessness.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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