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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh7 - Brother Zhong Kui is forever your bro.


The game officially started.

KK first bought an item, and after he equipped the shoes, he joked: “No need to rush, we are not clearing the jungle monsters first. Weren’t you always saying nonsense about me playing Zhong Kui badly? Then let’s spectate what kind of performance our bronze division friend will contribute first. Come~ let’s follow Brother Zhong Kui, let’s hold hands~ and go together.” hBlOpW

As he said that, KK’s Naoko Lulu was keeping up with the Zhong Kui who was making his way down the middle lane. With a voice full of laughter: “Brother Zhong Kui come back, you have a cute little girl behind you, she even raises a small bird~”

The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was very lively, with comments flowing one after the another.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【What nonsense! Is it our fault that your Zhong Kui is trash!】

【KK ah, I love your shamelessness.】 Kwg3ds

【Does KK know that his team can hear him speak? I think Zhong Kui only has one sentence ‘mmp’ in his heart, except he doesn’t know whether it is appropriate to say it out loud.】

【Teammate must be rejecting it in their heart.】

If it was under normal circumstances, Liao Su would definitely follow along happily, but once he stared at the two words (or five characters in Chinese)【Everyone’s Goodness】above Zhong Kui’s head, he could only feel cold air wrapping around his body.

Laugh, he could not laugh.


This was You Liangxing ah…

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Others might not care, but Liao Su clearly saw that the hero Zhong Kui had stilled for a moment when KK spoke. Once he thought about the fact that the person controlling Zhong Kui was You Liangxing, and having to hear KK  talking about Zhong Kui doing this and that in his ear, Liao Su seemed to vividly imagine the blue veins bulging on You Liangxing’s handsome face.

However, KK did not know this much. At the moment, he controlled his Naoko Lulu to trot behind Zhong Kui. The blue Zhong Kui walked towards the middle lane’s crossroad, set between the enemies and allies’ territory, and ran two laps around the tower.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

BB mbwwfcajafv: “Cl, la’r tfgf, la’r tfgf! Ktf wbwfca atja fnfgsbcf tjr yffc kjlalcu obg, ifa’r ajxf j ibbx ja atlr Itbcu Bel’r ubv tbbx. Snfgsbcf, vb cba yilcx, vb cba yilcx! Xbbv! Dgbatfg Itbcu Bel ragfamtfv bea tlr tjcv ab wjxf tlr olgra tbbx, jcv atlr olgra tbbx lr ageis tjcvrbwf yea rjvis, atfgf lr cb bcf atfgf~” O6c1NT

There was a wave of laughter in the live broadcasting room.

【Ahahahaha KK stop being like this!】

【The person is only a bronze player, don’t ask for too much from them!】

【Hmpf, you are only laughing a bronze level Zhong Kui player!】 CtAkwJ

【KKKKKK! The pleasure you are finding in someone else’s misfortune is too obvious!】

Yes, just as KK was speaking, You Liangxing’s Zhong Kui went forward again and released his ability, but what made people not know whether to laugh or cry was that it was done at the boundary of enemy lines, and the enemy had yet to appear when he threw a solitary hook at the tower.

“What did I say to everyone, this hero really isn’t easy to play~ How could you say that my skills are lacking? Tell the truth, in the entirety of MengMao, which male player’s skill is comparable to mine?”

Comments immediately followed. ugfzWZ

Pei, that person’s Zhong Kui is just nervous!】

【Wah, how dare you brag about your own skills, even two great gods couldn’t carry you.】

【I can’t take it anymore, if you continue speaking I am really going to laugh, ahahahaha, hahahaha!】

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“Ai, you guys…. Forget it, forget it, I am going to make a round in the jungle first, yi? Wait a minute! Why did this Zhong Kui hook again???” nxVUI3

When he was speaking, Zhong Kui’s second ability went off cooldown and his Naoko Lulu had yet to leave. The tall and blue Zhong Kui suddenly set off another hook, but this hook was even worse than the previous one. It was not even aimed at the opposing side, but at his own crystal tower.

KK had heartfelt admiration for him, “Yes! This is completely fine! Brother Zhong Kui is being unruly and unrestrained~ But I like this sort of unruliness~ Wait for a bit, once my bird has eaten its fill, Naoko Lulu will bring you to fly~”

The chat roared with laughter, except everyone was laughing at KK, and they did not pay any heed to You Liangxing’s Zhong Kui.

But who could have expected that next up, it was KK’s showtime. 0Cn kf

KK moved rapidly, plunging into the jungle and harvesting both the red and blue monsters. Just as he was rushing towards the middle lane, suddenly an announcement sounded in the game.

First Blood!

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“Oh! First blood is already out, that’s really fast~”

KK was just casually mentioning it before he made a noise of surprise because the avatar accompanying the prompt clearly showed that it was the allied Zhong Kui who had reaped the first blood. NVYH2Q

“Wait— Zhong Kui? It’s Zhong Kui’s first blood? What happened?”

KK was walking into the middle lane when the aforementioned Zhong Kui happened to be fighting with the opposing side’s hero. Just as the mage in the middle lane was murdered, the enemy jungler and someone from the bottom lane came to provide their support. Despite being in a one against two situation with only half his health, You Liangxing slowly retreated.

Not even stopping for a second, KK rushed towards the pile of enemies, accumulating the power necessary for a double kill. Suddenly, a blue hook suddenly shot out from his side, hitting the enemy jungler in a precise manner, and it pulled the enemy under the tower that was behind him.  Assisted by the tower, the enemy quickly fell. Following that, the announcement for Zhong Kui’s double kill was made.

— Double Kill! Px3hID

Double kill!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

KK was a little dazed: “Huh? What just happened?”

Not to speak of KK, even the entire chat was surprised.

【???? A godly hook from the heavens?】 ekzj5p

【Eh? Suddenly so accurate?】

【Was that by chance?】

【Mother, is this really the Brother Zhong Kui who tried to hook his own crystal?】

The hook was considered as a fortuitous incident; merely a coincidence. Under KK’s stunning performance, the remaining enemy marksman had to run back into their tower range. Half-joking, KK said: “Don’t run! Brother Zhong Kui, hurry! It’s all on you! Hook him out of there!” iC8qda

KK’s voice sounded throughout the game, and Zhong Kui’s figure leisurely ran out from behind him, and a hook shot out from his body, heading straight for the enemy’s tower.

In the next second, the enemy hero who was standing under their tower was dragged before Zhong Kui. In the following instant, the third announcement was prompted.

— Triple Kill!

KK: “?????” Kwld5u

He actually! Landed a fucking hook!

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

mmp = mai mai pi, which is a Chinese internet expression of ‘being touched’ or ‘being stabbed in the heart’.

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

A sound someone makes when they are questioning something, or in disbelief.

Translator's Note

The first kill in the game.

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