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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh57 - You’re really handsome.


Currently, it was slightly after six o’ clock and the skies were just starting to darken. After leaving the alleyway, there was enough light for You Liangxing to study the person’s appearance.

The person was bracing his knees as he raised his eyes to look him, and his tied-up hair was in a mess after going through a fight. His nose was very straight and he had deep set eyes but the lower half of his face was trickling with blood and it was smeared all over his cheeks. Although his original appearance was indiscernible, the stranger in front of him seemed exceedingly embarrassed. Mjsoua

With him being in a sorry state, it was evident that he would be in a lot of pain. However, this person continued to stare at You Liangxing and there seemed to be a fire in his gaze. You Liangxing did not want to care but burning ardency in his eyes could be perceived in one look.

His stare basically wanted to bore a hole into You Liangxing.

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You Liangxing: ……

You Liangxing was about to speak when the person suddenly stopped, and he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something. However, when his lips were pried apart, he could only issue a hissing noise. He immediately covered his throat with a pain filled expression, not knowing what the scoundrels had fed him. ZVyrLc

You Liang could not help but ask again: “Are you alright, I’ll send you to the hospital.”

The tall man raised his hand in an abrupt gesture and struggled to speak again. If he wanted to speak in spite of the pain, his words must hold great importance, and You Liangxing perked his ears up to listen with rapt attention unconsciously. He said: “Did you bring your phone? You can type it out.”

The person paused and quickly fished his phone out from his shirt pocket. You Liangxing watched as he typed with the hand that he had spat blood into at a rapid pace, and he tightened his nerves.

After a short while, the person’s body relaxed completely, and he raised his phone before You Liangxing’s eyes. You Liangxing scanned the content carefully and saw that there were only three words written in the note.


— You’re really handsome.

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You Liangxing: “……”

This person’s brain was probably damaged in the fight, that was what You Liangxing thought.

While You Liangxing was rendered speechless, the person typed another message very quickly: — Thank you. dxUq8n

You Liangxing shook his head and said: “It’s all right.”

Now that the situation had passed, You Liangxing relaxed and he did pay heed to the fact that the person hadn’t expressed surprise where his voice was concerned. You Liangxing did not pause and he swiftly flagged down a taxi and brought the person to the nearest hospital.

With his injury causing a face full of blood, the treatment of such a wound could not be delayed.

When the person was brought to the hospital, the emergency room was in a flurry for a while. At the side, You Liangxing described the situation in detail and emphasised on the fact that the victim had been forced to ingest an unknown substance. Meanwhile, a nurse helped the tall man wipe off the remnants of blood with a cotton ball. 7SeBpi

After the explanation ended, a nurse told You Liangxing: “Family members have to wait outside the door first.”

You Liangxing was not a family member but he did not clarify it either. He asked, “Is it serious?”

The little nurse froze. She expressed surprise to You Liangxing’s voice before her expression became a little complex. You Liangxing could not comprehend why she would exhibit such an expression, and the time he was given to parcel it out was insufficient. After ten minutes, someone called You Liangxing: “It’s done.”

You Liangxing stepped into the room and happened to see the tall man putting on a mask to cover his face. On the other side, the doctor was writing up the medical bill. Al7VCG

You Liangxing queried, “How is he?”

The doctor raised his hand with a friendly attitude. “He’s fine.”

You Liangxing gave a pause and chose to ask the most important question first: “His throat?”

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“Not much was poured into it, and majority of it has already been vomited out. If he takes care of it properly, he’ll make full recovery in three to two days.” 0dP8nw

You Liangxing nodded but he harboured some surprise. The situation had been extremely tense just now, how did this person even manage to find the opportunity to spit out the substance? As he thought back about it, he asked, “The injuries on his body?”

The doctor suddenly grinned and said with an affable tone: “Other than the bruise on his back that was comparatively heavier, the rest of them are negligible. He just needs to apply the prescribed medication for a few days and he’ll be good as new.”

If You Liangxing’s memory did not fail him, he took a blow to his back because he was blocking for him at the last juncture. Before that, he had been surrounded for a considerable amount of time, how were there no serious injuries…

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The doctor laughed: “You find it inconceivable, right? I think it’s pretty interesting too; this friend of yours has a talent in getting thrashed.” SZPKGj

Tbe Oljcuzlcu: …..

Kjifca lc ufaalcu atgjrtfv…

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What kind of chicken ribs was that?

Tbe Oljcuzlcu ibkfgfv tlr tfjv ab ibbx ja atf jobgfwfcalbcfv qfgrbc, jcv tf tjqqfcfv ab rff atf qfgrbc rafjilcu uijcmfr ja tlw. Ljnlcu yffc mjeuta, atf qfgrbc aegcfv tlr tfjv lc j teggs. Cr tf ibbxfv ja tlr wjrxfv ojmf, tf mbeiv cba tfiq yea gfmjii atf ojmf atja tjv yffc rwfjgfv klat yibbv. 9t4kWX

“Doctor, the blood just now?”

The doctor said: “Oh, he spat that from his mouth.”

You Liangxing: “… Spat?”

Realising the misunderstanding he had, the doctor explained: “When he was being beaten, he must have accidentally bit himself and broke the skin.” PX1Z2N

You Liangxing: “…..”

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“I’ll prescribe some medication. It’ll be fine once he goes home to properly recuperate.”

You Liangxing nodded and the person followed, standing up obediently. Since he was very tall, standing up was enough to make the space feel cramped. And perhaps due to the gratitude he had towards You Liangxing, he felt very agreeable as he tottered after You Liangxing.

After the nurse had cleaned up his bloodstains and he had the time to tidy up his scattered hair, the person no longer cut a sorry figure. Now that he was wearing a mask, he only revealed his eyes which made him look a little mysterious and handsome. M4DuIU

And that probably stemmed from the fact that his eyes were very beautiful, and not revealing half of his face further enhanced it.

Although this person kept staring at You Liangxing, he did not say much in actuality. After he paid for his medication, the person suddenly stiffened and looked around briefly.

You Liangxing understood in an instant. “Did you lose something?”

The person turned to look at him before he immediately shifted his gaze away. You Liangxing did not know why but the man refused to meet his gaze even though he was fine with constantly stealing glances at him when he was not looking. ZhXzDj

However, the man still typed on his phone: — I had a bag.

When You Liangxing was taking the person away, he hadn’t noticed any bags. But running out empty-handed was a fact and there was a high possibility that the bag was left in the alleyway.

“Were the items in the bag important?”

The person nodded his head, typing: — En. wGZQ1d

It was not safe to go back now, especially when they did not know if his assailants had left or not, to say nothing of the fact that the bag might be missing now. You Liangxing might have helped this person a lot but it was not possible for him to take all the burden onto himself. He nodded, “It’s best to find it tomorrow.”

The tall man nodded obediently.

You Liangxing: “Where do you live?”

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The other party reported his address on his phone and You Liangxing decided, “I’ll call a taxi to send you back.” PjurD7

The person typed: — You’re really nice~

You Liangxing: “……”

If he wanted to say the person was thankful, the glint in the person’s eyes said otherwise; there was fervency and some dashes of shame accompanying the gratitude. When he looked at the posture that the two-metre-tall small mountain of a person had, he felt speechless.

The person asked: — Where will you be going? UCT7s1

The question made You Liangxing return to his senses in an instant. The current situation retreated to the back of his head and Ah Sheng came to the forefront of his thoughts.

… He was supposed to meet Ah Sheng in the coffee shop!

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Now… You Liangxing took out his phone irritably and took a closer look. It was already half past seven, and he was late to the appointment by an hour and a half.

His complexion changed, and he said a tart ‘What’ to the person as he tapped on his WeChat and searched for a message from Ah Sheng. However, what he saw was only an empty chat, and his hand could not help but still. 7dy31w

After being extremely late, the other party hadn’t asked him why he had yet to arrive.

Was he angry?

You Liangxing’s eyebrows raised slightly and after pondering for a few seconds, he typed: — Apologies, something happened all of a sudden… Where are you now?

Subsequently, he added: — I’m really sorry. wTuQ0X

Ah Sheng remained quiet on his end, and it took him roughly ten seconds before he replied: — Ah, it’s okay, it’s fine, something happened on my end as well. There’s nothing to forgive.

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You Liangxing paused, was it truly that coincidental? No… You Liangxing frowned. Ah Sheng was probably afraid of making things difficult for him, so he was taking pains to cooperate with him.

You Liangxing could not speak at that moment, and after ruminating again and again, he typed: — If it is convenient for you, I’ll come and find you in a bit.

[Ah Sheng]: — …… En, today is not convenient. vXTeRx

Not wanting You Liangxing to misunderstand him, Ah Sheng explained: — You may not believe it but my face value accidentally dropped by 30% during this period of time.

You Liangxing: ……

How does the value of someone’s face suddenly rise and fall? You Liangxing was rendered speechless. After being rooted to the ground for a while, he could only reply with a single ‘Sure’. However, he still felt extremely apologetic.

But the present matter was not over yet. You Liangxing looked over his shoulder and his injured comrade who was a few steps away from him returned his glance. And when he realised that he had gained You Liangxing’s attention, he was incomprehensible as he put his phone away with due haste. S8KFdX

However, because You Liangxing had things on his mind, he did not think too much into it. Flagging the taxi, he sent the tall man back to his hotel first before he told the driver to head to the coffee shop.

Before they separated, the man had obediently nodded at You Liangxing and You Liangxing had replied with a similar gesture, officially putting an end the event where he had incidentally given the other person aid.

For You Liangxing, the matter had barely affected him. What he had to do now was go back to the coffee shop to retrieve his item because he had abandoned the gift he bought for Ah Sheng when he had left in a hurry.

The journey back took more than half an hour. When he stepped into the coffee shop, the barista immediately recognised You Liangxing. Without You Liangxing having to say a thing, she already came up to speak to him: “The police came over just now and the group of people all ran away…” FEpLWB

“I left something here,” said You Liangxing.

“Ah, I remember. I’ve already kept the item you left behind on your seat since I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to find it when you came back. It’s here, here you go.”

The barista handed the exquisitely wrapped gift box back to You Liangxing after she retrieved it from the back cabinet. You Liangxing thanked her, and as his gaze roved, he noticed that there was another backpack in the compartment.

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You Liangxing asked: “Is this cabinet used to store lost belongings?” ebcsoO

The barista answered: “Yes.” Following You Liangxing’s line of sight, the barista’s gaze landed on the backpack. As if she realised something, she said: “The bag was found at the front of the alleyway. Do you know the person who had been beaten up? If you know him, you should take the bag with you.”

You Liangxing knew which hotel the person was staying at but he did not know the person’s contact details. As he was about to decline, the barista had already brought the bag before his eyes. The bag was not zipped up, and a piece of candy fell out of it when it was being jostled.

You Liangxing’s eyebrows suddenly jumped.

The candy’s pink packaging looked extremely familiar and when he picked it up to turn it over, three words were printed on the wrapper: Small Sweet Heart. BnvgMt


You Liangxing clearly remembered that the Imperial City did not sell this particular brand.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thousands of thought flitted across his mind, and You Liangxing was unable to control his rude behaviour as he pulled the bag pack open. Slowly, he took out the tin of Small Sweet Hearts that had been shaken open, and the white shirt that was stored within it.

When the white shirt was spread open, it revealed an autograph that You Liangxing had seen in photograph, written in a red lipstick by Bai Yao. iXmV18

Right, what had Ah Sheng said back then?

— For you.

You Liangxing abruptly raised his head, and countless of snippets of what had transpired rushed into his mind. His gaze, the phone, the coincidence. The dots connected into a string, and in a blink of an eye, You Liangxing’s lips curled.

Then, he let out a cold laugh. Xe8szQ

* * *

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Kang Shengzhe could not be busier.

He had been looking in the mirror for a long time. While the reflection in the mirror did not have any obvious injuries, the small wound at the corner of his mouth was an exception to that. While it was not big, it felt exaggeratedly long in Kang Shengzhe’s eyes, and he wondered why it looked so ugly. Io2k3p

He was not one to be excessively concerned about his appearance, but he felt like he was being possessed by Snow White’s stepmother at the present moment, and his greatest wish in life was for the mirror to tell him that he was the most beautiful man in the world.

He had guarded his face so tightly, so how did a blow land on his face?

Kang Shengzhe jeered at his reflection for a while before he looked for his agent Wang Lu to make a brief account of what had just happened.

The content he offered were a few concise words of ‘I was beaten up’ and ‘a substance was poured down my throat’, but it was enough to scare the living soul out of Wang Lu. Without delay, he asked where he was, wanting to pick him up immediately. o1Wqrd

Despite his concerns, the fight was over and there was no point int coming over. Hence, Kang Shengzhe calmly rejected his suggestion.

After explaining that he had been saved and he was no longer in danger, Wang Lu eventually calmed down.

— It’s good that you’re safe. KK, do you know who…

He stopped mid-sentence. Having reached this juncture, there was no need to second-guess who it could have been because it could only be one person. Wang Lu sank into deep silence, trying to think of countermeasures in his head. 3hI79P

Sending messages was too slow so he decided to call him. “K, we can’t just let this go! Had you not been rescued in a timely manner today, his cruel methods would have ruined you…! How about this, I’ll come and find you tomorrow. As for tonight, you should just concentrate on resting.”

Kang Shengzhe could not speak, and Wang Lu could only say everything he wanted to say in one breath. Before he hung up, Wang Lu said: “KK, don’t be too unhappy; Brother Wang knows that you must be feeling wronged deep in your heart.”

Once he offered a few lines of consolation and promised to meet him tomorrow, he dropped the call. Kang Shengzhe placed his phone down, and he could not resist the urge to run back to the bathroom to look at the mirror again.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was still the delicate face of a male model, and even though he was injured, it did not possess a single trace of grievance that Wang Lu had mentioned. FdVQkj

On the contrary, Kang Shengzhe felt that even if he had been beaten up, it would not have deterred the blush from rising up to his cheeks.

He did not feel wronged at all, he was so ecstatic he wanted to cover his face and roll around. That person… Liang Liang… Why was he…

Why was he so handsome!

He was too handsome. 2pvo3u

Kang Shengzhe could not help but flush red when he recalled the image of You Liangxing offering his hand to him after he had kicked away those scoundrels, and his heart was throbbing restlessly as well.

It was then and there, when You Liangxing had told him to stand up, that Kang Shengzhe had recognised him.

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The author has something to say: The explosively handsome, overbearing president Liang and his blooded two-metre tall pampered little wife.


Translator's Note

鸡肋 (pinyin: ji lei) – things of little value or interest.

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