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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh52 - Really isn’t fiction.


Once the decision was made, the news was passed onto MengMao TV. At 3PM on the same day, MengMao TV’s official social media accounts, alongside the famous verified accounts of King’s Glory, made an official announcement about the collaborative broadcast between MengMao TV and Bai Yao.

— MengMaoTV: #King’s Glory# #Bai Yao#【 Your goddess will arrive in the battlefield in five days. Destination, King’s Canyon, are you ready? 】@ActorBaiYao @VictorKK 0vIH3h

— King’s Glory Small War God: Oh my God!! Bai Yao is going to stream King’s Glory!???  //  @MengMaoTV: #King’s Glory# #Bai Yao#【 Your goddess will arrive in the battlefield in five days. Destination, King’s Canyon, are you ready? 】@ActorBaiYao @VictorKK

— King’s Glory Little Pretty: AHHHHHH this wave will be good! MengMao is really willing to fork out the money, it’s freaking Bai Yao!! // @MengMaoTV: #King’s Glory# #Bai Yao#【 Your goddess will arrive in the battlefield in five days. Destination, King’s Canyon, are you ready? 】@ActorBaiYao @VictorKK

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— King’s Glory Gonglue Jun: EMMMM, KK is going to play games with Bai Yao? Are we breaking the dimensional wall? Will he reveal his face? Suddenly feeling the jitters. // @MengMaoTV: #King’s Glory# #Bai Yao#【 Your goddess will arrive in the battlefield in five days. Destination, King’s Canyon, are you ready? 】@ActorBaiYao @VictorKK

Bai Yao’s popularity was incredibly high. As soon as the announcement was issued, it became one of the hottest searches online as fans of Bai Yao and King’s Glory rushed in at an insane speed, generating an upwards of tens of thousands of comments with every refresh made. yMpJDI

–【No matter the wind or the rain, I’ll be waiting for you at the King’s Canyon! 】

–【The Great Yaoyao??? When did you start playing King’s Glory! 】

–【I feel like the Great Yao is approaching at light speed all of a sudden. 】

–【MengMao pays for it while the Kings profit, ai, King’s Glory is laughing secretly. 】 9jmdSO

–【No need to speak further! See you on July 6th! If I don’t bury you in gifts, I don’t deserve to be a local tyrant!】

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As the news regarding Bai Yao broke out explosively, the anchor who had been @ alongside with Bai Yao by the official account received a lot of attention as well.

To begin with, KK already had his own fanbase in King’s Glory, and adding on the small fire he experienced prior to the announcement, the effects of the two events superimposed on one another; many still remembered KK’s name and KK’s original fans were flowering with happiness. Not long after the announcement was made, the fans had already started telling each other the news and started scattering the flowers in all four directions.

–【I was wrong, my K is not called Face Slapped K, he’s called Good Show K, Steaming K!!】 WZ2fTB

–【AHHHHH KK is freaking awesome!! How are you this great!!】

–【I’m fist bumping with excitement! KK tell us loudly, are you bursting with happiness right now!?!?】

–【Yi yi yi— made an accidental connection to the Bai Yao! My KK is so fierce!!!】

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

–【Qjla j wlceaf, lo tf’r ilnf ygbjvmjralcu klat Djl Tjb, vbfr tf tjnf ab gfnfji tlr ojmf!! Ct!! Cgf sbe ublcu ab vb j ojmf gfnfji!!】 dFM10f

Vlweiajcfberis, jr atf ojcr ralggfv jcv gbrf ogbw jii obeg vlgfmalbcr, wjcs ZfcuZjb KN jcmtbgr tjv yfujc gfqbralcu atf jccbecmfwfca. #Jbcugjaeijalbcr BB# jmmbwqjclfv fjmt jcv fnfgs gfqbra, jcv atfs kfgf cba ofk lc cewyfg. Qtfc BB obiibkfv rela ab gfqbra atf jccbecmfwfca, tf jvvfv wbgf afza ab tlr bkc: –【P, BB, pera oilqqfv atf qijaf. Kb afii sbe atf ageat, P offi ilxf P’w jybea ab yf bc olgf. 】

Numerous well-wishes and comments bundled together.

–【Hahahahaha right, you’re right, you’re on fire. If you reveal your face, you’ll burn even brighter! 】

— 【Shameless K! Even if you become Steaming K, you still don’t have skin or a face! 】 idApf1

Little Sword Fairy commented below: — Dove KK, can you help Jian Jian from the banks of Daming Lake make a name for himself, I’m willing to give birth to a little K for you yo~


* * *

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The information refreshed one after another and Wang Lu, who was watching the golden opportunity return, was blossoming with happiness as well. He had a silly smile on his face as he arranged the hotel accommodations on KK’s behalf, whereas on the other end, a person was so angry that he had flipped an entire table with a hand. qreOw0

“How much fucking effort have I made! What for! What is the company is even doing! I expended so much energy going up to each and every one of them! And what was it for! Ah!? What was it for, to toy with me? Was it just to play me! Is it because my hand speed is lacking, because my age is older and its hard to get more fans, isn’t it!? So they colluded together to fuck with me!”

The male lifted his foot and swung it towards a water glass that was on the floor with all his might, and the glass smashed into the corner of the table, blasting into countless of fragments. His agent tried to avoid in a hurry, but the glass shards still impacted his leg, causing a wave of pain. And the pain felt particularly sharp. However, the agent continued to force a smile while he tried to comfort him: “Piaoluo, Xiao Qiao, please calm down a little and don’t get angry first. The company didn’t pass on any information to me before a direct and official announcement was made. Extrapolating from that, I don’t think it was the company’s intention, rather, it must have been Bai Yao’s side who….”

His words came to a stop there, but Piaoluo had already grasped his agent’s meaning in an instant. If it was not the company, it signified that it was Bai Yao who had directly selected KK.

Why? Judging from the atmosphere in the afternoon, Bai Yao had obviously shown him a favourable attitude, so why did it end up being KK? Was it because KK said something to Bai Yao at the last minute? oludgF

Thinking of KK, Piaoluo felt a stabbing pain in his head. So what if he was a new anchor, he was just a stupid brat who relied on the fact he was still young! Why did he have to give the chance to him?

In these past few years, just how many fans had he pulled for the website, and just how many contributions has he made? Now that the website was standing on its two feet, did all the good opportunities have to be given to the newcomers?

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To hell with their grand dreams!

Piaoluo raised his head sharply, closed his eyes and took deep breaths. Despite that, it took him a long time to soothe the anger within him, and gradually return the ferocious look on his visage back to its handsome and milder appearance. qUN3nL

He raised his hand slightly and said: “Go find a few people and ascertain which hotel Kang Shengzhe is staying in. We can forget about today and let him be happy for one night, but when tomorrow comes, make the move.”

While his words were ambiguous, the tone he used made his intentions unmistakable. His agent stiffened and said: “The news has already been officially released, will this even work…? Furthermore, KK is an anchor from our own company, if we were to really break him, we don’t have a proper explanation to give.”

Piaoluo gave him a sharp glare. “Do you not have a brain? Must we resort to breaking him? Can’t we just beat his face up so he can’t attend the live broadcast? Or pour something down his throat so he can’t talk for a few days? As for the official announcement, so what if it has been published? Incidents where people have to be replaced at the last minute occur frequently, who would really go and fucking care? If they want to blame something later, they’ll blame him for being unlucky; he went out and allowed someone to beat him up, serves him right.”

The agent went rigid before he eventually jerked his head. They were muddled in the same circle and he stood on the same line with Piaoluo. Naturally, he had no moral high ground to judge Piaoluo’s methods. He calmly thought it through and said: “After you’ve been substituted in, ensure that you treat Bai Yao well. Bai Yao is not your average celebrity; she isn’t someone we can afford to provoke.” K3kLSy

Piaoluo did not answer for a long time. Finally, he waved it away irritably. “Nonsense, like I need you to remind me of that.”

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Even though the fans online were not aware of Bai Yao’s background, everyone who mingled in the circles were extremely clear about it in their hearts.

Bai Yao had debuted many years ago and the personality she had was wide-spread knowledge. In spite of that, her career had always been smooth-sailing, and the number of directors who dared to scold her could be counted with one hand, and all of this was closely related to her background.

Bai Yao’s mother, Bai Yan, was a thirty-year long veteran film empress whose influence spanned the entire show biz; not only was she highly reputed internationally, she was the mainstream childhood goddess of the current generation of young people. She was an exceptionally dazzling in her golden years and she was still deeply rooted in the international film industry, and her net-worth was that of a multi-billion-dollar entertainment gem. dZCtzW

In addition to having such a mother, Bai Yao’s father was a businessman by the name of You Ming who was in the Top 50 of the world’s richest people. For three generations, his family had engaged in trade, and in all three generations, they were tycoons in their own right. Other than having money, they just had a lot of money, and they were a bona fide rich and powerful family.

Famous, rich and well-connected; with such an influential backing, Bai was not someone a small anchor could afford to provoke. The latter fact was something that everyone was clear about, but where there are lime lights, there are also shadows; there were places and there were many things that people were not aware of.

For example, Bai Yao also had a younger brother by the name of You Liangxing, and this younger brother of hers was borne from the same father and mother. Although he was low-key, it was undeniable that he was a carrier of a second-generation wealth and second-generation fame.

As they drove back to the villa they had in the Imperial City, Yao Miaomiao’s eyes grew wider and wider. 6CQAaD

She hadn’t graduated from university for long, and she was a novice among novices. It was not until she had to accompany Bai Yao and You Liangxing home that she fully understood just how significant their family background was.

Feeling astonished and stupefied at the same time, her gaze shifted towards You Liangxing, only to observe that while his clothes were good, each and every article was not very expensive. With his sober and calm temperament, it was hard to believe that he was a child of a rich and influential family.

Bai Yao laughed: “You can’t see it, right? Neither can I. However, Ah Liang has always been like this since he was young, and he was particularly independent, to the point where he immediately moved out to live on his own after entering university.”

Her statement startled Yao Miaomiao, but a subconscious thought had already ingrained itself in her mind that perhaps the reason why he chose to move out was not solely because he was independent. There was also a large impetus that he might have resented Sister Yaoyao for being too annoying… ywjh H

But there was no way she would say those words out loud. She went quiet for a good while before she said: “I always thought that having to go home to inherit hundreds of millions of family property if one did not study properly was merely a work of fiction.”

Bai Yao smiled with closed eyes, “Well, art has always imitated life.”

Yao Miaomiao was rendered speechless by the shocks that life could give.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the end, before she drilled back into the car with fear and trepidation, she said with due diligence: “Sister Yaoyao, I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow morning, if you want any food, just give me a call, I’ll buy the entire of Beijing for you.” NoWCgr

Bai Yao patted Yao Miaomiao’s head. Then she turned around and grabbed You Liangxing’s hand happily, stating, “Come on, let’s go home.”

You Liangxing, who chose to stand erect in front his house without saying a word, gazed at the familiar three-storey villa. After a long while, he let out a long, deep sigh.

Being an aircraft carrier… was suddenly very annoying.

* * * KaSmD6

You Liangxing’s family was not large and it consisted of four people; other than his father and mother, there was only Bai Yao and himself.

He hadn’t been home for a long time, but everything was still the same as he once left it. You Ming and Bai Yan were still seated on the sofa together, and the pair were looking at an album in their hands. When Bai Yan noticed that You Liangxing and Bai Yao had returned home, she smiled.

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“Come over and let me take a look at you.”

Although he hadn’t seen his parents in a long while, his parents still omitted the procedural and conventional greetings, and skipped right into their daily lifestyle. As if she was walking on wings with her high heels, Bai Yao made a sound of affirmation as she pulled You Liangxing over to their parents’ side quickly. HJCOre

“What are you looking at?”

Bai Yan flattened the album in her hands and her face glowed with a smile. Despite having a daughter and son in her early twenties, her appearance was still well-maintained, and she looked no older than thirties, and whenever she smiled, the younger she became.

You Liangxing lowered his head and swept a glance across it, only to see a pair of male and female embracing each other with blissful smiles. Clad in white, it was obvious that they were wedding photos.

The author has something to say: Online dating KK does not know that the final destination of this relationship is marrying into a wealthy family. niNGAu

Meanwhile, the translator is full of violence: I have one grand wish, and that is for Liang Liang to channel all his boxing skills and punch Piaoluo’s face in. Also, yes, our MC is a rich boi x)

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

土豪 (pinyin: tu hao) – another translation for it is ‘nouveau riche’.

Translator's Note

争气 (pinyin: zheng qi) – make a good showing.

Translator's Note

蒸汽 (pinyin: zheng qi) – steam. The two titles are a play on the fact that their pronunciation is similar!

Translator's Note

不要脸 (pinyin) – do not want face, aka shameless 

Translator's Note

春秋大梦 (pinyin: chun qiu da meng; idiom) – fig. unrealistic ideas

Translator's Note

.航空母舰 (pinyin: hang kong mu jian) – literally ‘aircraft carrier’, but in this context, coming from a family with extreme wealth and prestige?

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