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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh5 - My Liang Liang is the best.


Liao Su almost jumped out of his chair in fright. He turned his head sharply and You Liangxing’s expression, whose reaction was best summarised in one word: Goddamn.

Liang Chuhan was also clutching onto her phone rigidly. She did not expect the dramatic comeback. t8woHS

You Liangxing’s Zhuang Zhou only had a shred of health left. Due to the poison that was inflicted by the enemy Bian Que, his hero collapsed to the ground after taking two steps in his retreat back to base. If only to pardon him from such an ending, earning three kills in exchange for his life truly made him worthy of his (in-game) name. Instantaneously, his other two teammates issued a signal:

— Well Done!

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Sincerely, Liang Chuhan said: “You-xuezhang is really skilled.”

Liao Su: “Ah… Yeah… Haha.” 4HwKze

With the three kills made by You Liangxing near the highland tower, it coincidentally aced the entire opposing team. Not having any opponents on the field had a huge effect; with their respawn timers having upwards of ten or more seconds, Liao Su made good use of the time and quickly led the troops to breech the opposing team’s higher ground, unimpeded.

At the last juncture, the last two enemies finally revived, but they were not Liao Su’s opponents. After harvesting two kills, Liao Su blasted the enemy’s crystal nexus and won the game.

Liang Chuhan laughed: “We won.”

A win was indeed a win, but Liao Su couldn’t help but feel perplexed in his heart. Although he was the one who exploded the enemy’s nexus, but without You Liangxing, they could not have won. With a complicated expression, Liao Su turned his head to look at You Liangxing. Coincidentally, You Liangxing had also turned, and the two looked at each other. You Liangxing paused and raised his hand with impatience displayed on his face, giving Liao Su a difficult and stiff thumbs up. McYhyP

Liao Su: “…”

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Your mother, I don’t need your praise!

The games had to continue. Liao Su could only comfort himself that the play he made just now was by chance. Although You Liangxing had always been all-rounded in talent, there was no principle that stated that he would be naturally gifted in games as well. Of course, Liao Su would never doubt the fact that You Liangxing had never came in contact with such games because he had a good grasp on You Liangxing’s personality. This person was already outstanding; there was no need for him to pour dirty water over something as trivial as games.

However, a winner in life was truly a winner in life, and upsetting displays of ability could not be hidden. 3ypzH4

In the second game, You Liangxing still chose the hero Zhuang Zhou, while Liang Chuhan switched her pick to another marksman called Luban VII, and Liao Su went with the mage Zhen Ji. The opposing side’s skill level was uneven as only two people could play while the other three were novice rookies.

The game proceeded extremely smoothly. Liao Su attained a quadra kill, and Liang Chuhan had attained a score of eight kills and zero deaths. However, just as You Liangxing was stealing the opponent’s blue, his position was exposed and the four opponents who were close by gave chase.

In this match, You Liangxing did not have a single kill and his economy had been pressed down. Even if a godly player took his place, they would not be able to put up a fight either. To put it bluntly, the enemies didn’t even have to use their skills, they could just auto attack him to death.

Liao Su originally wanted to save him, but after judging the distance, he realised that You Liangxing would be completely dead by the time he ran over, so it was better to do nothing at all. However, after five or six seconds, there was still no announcement that You Liangxing had died and Liao Su glanced at the mini map before stilling in shock. xJYnX7

Although the four enemies had been chasing You Liangxing from their jungle, they had yet to catch him!

No longer hesitating, Liao Su rushed over to answer, and it was at that instant when the enemy Kai appeared from the side after having made a detour, evidently trying to execute a pincher attack on You Liangxing, with every intention to beat You Liangxing to death.

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With tigers at the back and a hungry wolf coming from the side, in desperate moment where every second had to be seized, You Liangxing’s hand suddenly stopped moving and his hero Zhuang Zhou lurched to a standstill. The enemy Kai coming from the side used his ability to throw out his knife and it landed in front of Zhuang Zhou…

Dea la vlv cba tla tlw!! fAbm4J

Rba bcis atf fcfws Bjl kjr vewyobecvfv; Oljb Ve, ktb tjv yffc rqfmajalcu kjr jirb regqglrfv. Bjl tjv lcvffv qgfvlmafv Tbe Oljcuzlcu’r qjatlcu, yea Tbe Oljcuzlcu tjv fzqfmafv tlr jmalbcr jcv mbecafgfv tlr qgfvlmalbcr!

Pa kjr ilxf wffalcu j utbra.

Coafg atf qjerf, Itejcu Itbe rajgafv gecclcu jujlc. Mgbw obeg, atf fcfwlfr mtjrlcu tlw lcmgfjrfv ab olnf. Elvlcu tlr ylu olrt bo j wbeca, tf iflregfis gjc lcab abkfg gjcuf jcv gfagfjafv yjmx ab yjrf, ifjnlcu atf fcalgf afjw bo fcfwlfr j wfrr lc ogbca bo atf abkfg.

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This! Mother! Trucker! Did! Not! Die!

Liao Su almost knelt in front of You Liangxing.

The enemies were falling apart as they typed, [Enemy Hou Yi]: — Zhuang Zhou, you good.

[Enemy Arthur]: — Truly ruthless. riUNMO

[Enemy Angela]: — …

[Enemy Dian Wei]: I can’t even beat bronze players; I’m kneeling before this father. I’m going back to my diamond account to find some comfort.

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[Enemy Kai]: Zhuang Zhou, let’s team up next game.

Liang Chuhan continued sighing, voice filled with sincere praise. “You-xuezhang is truly skilled, too strong.” qBWdQi

Liao Su who had a quadra kill: “…..”

Liao Su’s smile slowly disappeared, and he was about to cry and shout like a pig right there and then. His eyes were full of resentment when he looked at You Liangxing.  “Brother Liang, stop playing Zhuang Zhou.”

While it was easy for You Liangxing to grasp the mechanics despite only coming in contact with the game today, it did not mean that he would be skilled at every hero. Liao Su suggested: “Why don’t you give Angela a try?  I heard that most Angela players are big- I mean, dashing young men.”

You Liangxing was expressionless, but he still picked Angela at the start of the third match. IDQfjo

Liang Chuhan said: “I’ll change it up too, I’ll choose Mi Yue, top lane.”

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Liao Su wanted to lane together with Liang Chuhan, but his dreams of carrying a girl were coming up empty and he could only pout grievously as he picked the marksman Hou Yi.

“Right, Brother Liang, remember to be a little more cautious, don’t play too aggressively.” While he had the purpose of not wanting You Liangxing to show off too much, he was also a little worried that You Liangxing only knew how to play the hero Zhuang Zhou. And when he even had to open up the interface to read up on Angela’s skills before the start of the match, Liao Su could not help but feel somewhat apologetic.

However, when it came to carrying girls, there was no need for a conscience. EtyUn7

The game started without any suspense. You Liangxing did not speak while Liao Su spoke the most, and occasionally, Liang Chuhan would say a few words. The atmosphere was harmonious. They were each separated into one of the three lanes and their opponents’ skills were decent as they were definitely not novices. However, their skill level was not high either, and it was enough to show off their own skills so it was not too boring.

After taking down the first tower, Liao Su took a moment to look around. You Liangxing was still sitting under his tower in the middle lane, not using any of his skills as if he really did not understand much about Angela.

The thought that You Liangxing had used the entire afternoon to practice only Zhuang Zhou gave Liao Su’s heart an inexplicable equilibrium. Laughing out loud, Liao Su said: “Junior Sister, I’ll come over to help you!”

Even though Liang Chuhan was laning one against two, she did not actually require any help. But since Liao Su opened his mouth to offer, she smiled and said: “Okay.” 8oqh0a

After gathering in lane, they beat up the opposing side until they were in the sore straits of having only a fragment of health left, forcing them back to their tower. Within a few seconds, however, the other three people came over to provide support. Facing a five against two situation, and having exhausted their set of abilities, Liang Chuhan and Liao Su quickly retreated.

At this moment, a ray of light suddenly shot out from the bushes, piercing through the three enemies that were giving them a chase. Liao Su hurriedly look over, only see a red loli looming in the shrubbery, and who else could it be but the Angela that You Liangxing was controlling.

An announcement sounded in his ears.

— Shut Down! 2iSVj0

— Double Kill!

— Triple Kill!

You Liangxing… got another damned triple kill!

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Liao Su trembled as he turned off his microphone before he angrily slapped the table: “Damn it! Can’t you allow me properly carry a girl!” Dw1yRK

You Liangxing shot back a glance, voice frosty but soft, “I came to save you.”

Liao Su: “I don’t care! I don’t want to be friends with people like you! Breaking off relations!”

You Liangxing paused, and said with some feeling, “Really? Why are you suddenly so kind-hearted?”

Liao Su angrily wept. Sdlv8L

Meanwhile, Liang Chuhan’s voice was constantly being transmitted: “Oh my god, is Yue-xuezhang actually a novice? He’s too skilled!”

Under the influence of the goddess’s pleasant voice, Liao Su straightened his neck and continued to play the game. However, following that play, You Liangxing seemed to have grasped the true essence of playing Angela, which was the art of camping in the brushes. Once she appeared, a ray of light would inevitably come after; the sneak attacks continued to a point where even the enemies cursed at him.

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[Enemy Da Ji]: — Ah, Angela, can you be even dirtier! Only knowing how to camp in brushes, disgusting!!

[Enemy Master Luban]: — If you have the ability, come solo! ko1wV7

[Enemy Kai]: — ***! I’m not done with Angela!

Liang Chuhan laughed while saying: “I think You-xuezhang played very well.”

Liao Su: “…..”

Not well! It obviously was very wretched! Wretched to death! 9VIPoM

Liao Su no longer remembered that before the match begun, he was the evil black-handed manipulator who reminded You Liangxing to be wretched. He had been deeply abused by You Liangxing to the point where everything, including his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney were aching.

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Liao Su remembered to turn off his microphone to prevent Liang Chuhan from hearing what he had to say before he accused You Liangxing loudly, “Wah! Do you know how much pressure you are putting on me! The reason I can’t find a girlfriend is because of you, not me!”

You Liangxing spoke sweetly and softly, “Oh– then what do you want?”

Liao Su was full of accumulated grievances that was waiting to explode, but You Liangxing’s voice was akin to a pool of clear water, directly extinguishing much of his anger. Yes, the sweet and tender loli might be the greatest obstacle in regard to allowing You Liangxing unleash his temper, but it also had a considerable effect on the temper of others. UEfeQ0

Take now for example, even though Liao Su wanted to roll around and be unreasonable to make a scene, his anger was quickly directed to the entire school and his combative power dropped to the negatives once he heard that milky voice. After pondering for a long time, Liao Su said, “Why, why don’t you act coquettishly and I’ll make do with you first?”

You Liangxing: “…..”

You Liangxing delivered a punch to Liao Su and turned around to pull Liang Chuhan and quickly entered the matchmaking queue. With the matches he played early on, and adding the games he just played, it was enough to qualify for a silver division placement. Therefore, his rank was sufficient to pull in Liang Chuhan’s Gold minor account.

Liao Su’s teeth ached from the pain and he turned his head with a sorrowful expression, “Fuck! How dare you duo with her! What about me! Let her go! She’s my girl!” QUw sF

However, the game had already begun and Liao Su could only hug his head and trill before he turned around to leave the dormitory, utterly aggrieved.

After walking out for a few seconds, he came back to grab his own tablet before leaving again. Indignantly, he said his parting words: “Trash dorm mate! Destroying my youth!”

Without Liao Su clamouring by his ears, You Liangxing finally let out a breath of relief. Just as he was relaxing, Liang Chuhan became delicate and keyed up on her end.

Wait? Why did Liao Su suddenly disappear? DieYHd

What was happening now, this… was she in a duo with You Liangxing?

Liang Chuhan blinked nervously, cautiously asking: “Uh… You-xuezhang?”

The team voice channel was still quiet. After a few seconds, You Liangxing’s avatar spat out a string of words above his head: — I will play with you.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

T/N: Hehehehe Merry Christmas !

Translator's Note

In Chinese, it’s actually four characters: 日了狗了 (pinyin: ri le gou le) which translates crudely to “f**king a dog”, usually used a colloquial expression for surprise.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

扁鹊 (pinyin: bian que) History-wise, Bian Qie was a physician well-known for his medical skills during the Warring States (407-310BCE)

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

tm (他妈) – I substituted to avoid motherf**ker.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Another translation for it is ‘divorce’… kek.

Translator's Note

妲己 (pinyin: da ji) – history-wise, she was the favourite concubine of the King Zhou, the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty.

Translator's Note

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