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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh30 - I feel like I won’t die.


[don’t want to move] circled around the tower once before he recalled back to base. In the voice channel, Liao Su shouted: “Those heals were great, Brother Liang! Brother Liang, look over here, there’s a Liu Bei~ Who needs your love and care!” TYDxe

You Liangxing pretended not to hear him and waited for Hou Yi to replenish his health at the base and come back to the bottom lane. Once they gathered, they got ready for another march.

You Liangxing was not certain if it was his own delusion but after the fight with Cheng Yaojin, the playstyle of [don’t want to move] underwent a change. Despite being aware of the fact that his health was meagre, he did not seem to treasure his life at all; even if there were three enemies that came calling, he would still dare to rush up to confront the enemy and their defensive measures.

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And You Liangxing could only answer to that by manipulating his Cai Wenji to open all her healing abilities, casting it immediately the moment it came off cooldown every time, not daring to relax for even a second.

In front of the allied bottom lane tower, the enemy jungler, middle laner and marksman were all present and Hou Yi shot a series of arrows at them from his position under the tower. It was a three versus two situation and Liao Su’s Liu Bei was in the process of coming to provide his support. However, before Liao Su could arrive, [don’t want to move] had already initiated the fight against their three opponents. KdgFBC

He opened with his ultimate to root one person, and Cai Wenji cooperated with him by casting a dizzy spell on the opposing marksman, and it bounced onto the enemy jungler as well, stunning him. Meanwhile, Hou Yi continued to kite his enemies; maintaining the optimal distance from the enemy as a marksman. In the situation where he could attack the enemy while the enemy could not even touch him, he laid a continuous assault on them. However, as the entanglement of conflict continued, Hou Yi’s health was bound to bottom out, and Cai Wenji was healing him as fast as she could. And once more, under the circumstance where he had a weak state of health, Hou Yi managed to claim the heads of a pair of enemies.

— Two consecutive breaks!

— Three consecutive and decisive victories!

By the time Liao Su reached the bottom lane, the smoke had already cleared and the battle was over. wouPA9

Shocked, Liao Su said: “No way, that was way too fast!”

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[don’t want to move] returned back to base again. As of right now, he had yet to die, but he had accumulated four kills. Their teammates issued the ‘Well Done!’ signal, and Liao Su headed to the middle lane, sighing to himself: “More money, more money.”

For a brief moment, You Liangxing was lost in a trance. His intuition was not wrong.

… In this match, [don’t want to move] was obviously playing with more aggression. SvPNGe

Prior to this, You Liangxing had played a supporting role for [don’t want to move]. However, he usually skewed towards mage heroes who had auxiliary aspects to them, and for the most part, those heroes were not capable of healing where Cai Wenji could. While You Liangxing was not certain of his conjecture, he thought that a possible reason for the restlessness that [don’t want to move] was exhibiting might be because his life was now insured.

You Liangxing had to admit that he, too, was… more excitable.

While the description was a little too vague, that was how You Liangxing felt.

The pace of the game was very fast. Not long after, Liao Su harvested three kills in the top and middle lanes, and the difference in the kill scores rose to 12 to 3. Since Liao Su was constantly clearing the jungle, his development in economy was extremely quick. King’s Glory was a game where gold determined output, and the one who had gold was the Father. Liao Su laughed out loud, elated: “Come Brother Liang, come, take a proper look!” wPDTo2

At the same time, You Liangxing had already destroyed the three towers in the bottom lane and he was in the process of returning back to base. Liao Su was alone at the middle lane, and four enemies were gathered there in an attempt to push the tower.

You Liangxing tapped on the mini map to watch the situation unfolding in the middle lane. Liu Bei lifted his large shotgun, ready to carry out total annihilation. And as if he disdained his rival warlords, he flashed into the pile of enemies and started attacking them. In less than a few seconds, with his excellent manoeuvring, prompts continuously erupted.

— An enemy has been slain!

— Double Kill! K S324

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

— Kglqif Blii!

— Hejvgj Blii!

C dejvgj xlii!

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Oljb Ve’r nblmf yfmjwf lcmgfjrlcuis fzmlafv: “Ljtjtjtj vlv sbe rff atja! Dgbatfg Oljcu! Hejvgj xlii! C dejvgj xlii! Lfs, ktfgf jgf sbe, P..” ruMhYl

He had yet to finish his sentence when the opposing Luban suddenly tossed out a bomb with all her strength – granted by her second ability which allowed for remote casting – and it steadily fell on his head.

— Cc jiis tjr yffc rijlc!

Ole Dfl ofii ab atf ugbecv, vfjv, mjerlcu Oljb Ve ab sfii: “Memx! Ktlr rtbga-ifuufv Oeyjc!”

Liao Su’s respawn timer was relatively long, but it was under his effort that [don’t want to move] and You Liangxing could bring a wave of minions to push straight to the enemy’s crystal nexus, unobstructed, once they left their base. By then, all five opponents had resurrected. jLkdOg

Liao Su said: “Brother Liang, can the both of you handle it? If you can’t then you can withdraw. I’ll be reviving in just a few seconds.”

Considering the fact that they were in a two against five situation and they were in front of the enemy’s crystal nexus, the most appropriate choice was indeed to back down. You Liangxing turned around to leave but Hou Yi chose differently, continuing to pace in front of the enemy’s crystal.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing: ……

It was incredibly obvious that he had no intention to withdraw. rDA5Jy

You Liangxing turned back around and opened his abilities to cover Hou Yi as they rushed forth. That was precisely what Hou Yi was waiting for; partnered up, they waged war against their enemies in front of the nexus.

In the later stages of the game, Cai Wenji’s healing capabilities were extremely strong. With one ability, she could immediately return half of Hou Yi’s health, and since Hou Yi was shrouded in her ultimate, Hou Yi virtually took little to no damage when he was exchanging blows and taking down the enemies.

Between every minute and second, prompts resounded within the game.

— The first kill. fd0c9S

— Second kill.

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Although the situation was worsening, the opposite side did not lose their fighting spirit. The Cai Wenji who could heal was a huge headache; but the enemy Kai, at the risk of his own life, strove to perish together with You Liangxing.

Kai tangled with him, and You Liangxing’s abilities were sealed as a result. A Cai Wenji without her abilities was very brittle, and she could only welcome her end.

Liao Su: “Back now! Retreat retreat retreat!” ErVwQe

But Hou Yi did not retreat. He stepped forward and used his own body to obstruct Kai and accepted the attack in You Liangxing’s stead. His health fell sharply and the both of them were about to go cold but it was at this instant—

You Liangxing’s abilities refreshed. In the short span of time where he had taken a few steps back and distanced himself, he reopened his healing capabilities and encased Hou Yi in them. They were battered and bruised, and barely had any health, but they managed to kill the last three.

— Triple Kill!

— Quadra Kill! 2Su4sR


Five kills!!!!

The five successive deaths of their enemies were accompanied by a gigantic prompt in game, with Hou Yi’s avatar as the mainstay and the mention of Cai Wenji’s assistance at the side. With a loud bang, the enemy’s crystal nexus exploded. The word “VICTORY” enlarged itself before their eyes, and finally affixed itself on the screen.

They won. fmR3ZO

And they even had a penta kill.

Liao Su stared at it with wide eyes, and he could not help but say: “Mother, 666, Brother Liang…. Why are your plays so fierce today?”

You Liangxing could not respond. The one playing fiercely and exerting a lot of power was not him, it was [don’t want to move].

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To be honest, You Liangxing was equally surprised. After playing so many matches, this was the first time he actually felt nervous in game. In this match, [don’t want to be move] had been extremely self-indulgent, and in order to match up to that indulgence, You Liangxing had to wholeheartedly commit himself to the game, not allowing himself to slack for a single moment. YKTBOX

But after seeing the penta kill prompt bursting out, You Liangxing had to confess…

The feeling wasn’t bad.

Liao Su asserted: “Continue, continue.”

The games started again. Since their skill levels were above average, the games they played progressed very quickly. In under an hour’s work, they managed to play six rounds. Ce8YPT

Within the six consecutive victories, there were four matches where [don’t want to move] picked a marksman, and You Liangxing would accompany him by choosing Cai Wenji. The two acted as one body, and they basically accounted for most of the kills in the game.

Even Liao Su was dumbfounded. “Damn…. Your mother… It’s fortunate that he’s a teammate.”

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You Liangxing did not react, whereas [don’t want to move] replied: — I’m good.

He was not modest at all. Gvb0os

Even though it was going to be twelve o’ clock soon, Liao Su was a little unwilling to stop. During the last round, Liao Su said in the voice channel: “It’s very invigorating to play these games. Fellow brother, I’m very optimistic about you. If you can, put me in your considerations so we can team up frequently in the future! Right, do you have time during the day?”

The person he was asking was [don’t want to move].

[don’t want to move] replied: — Holiday, whether it is early or late in the afternoon, I have the time.

Liao Su: “Hei hei hei, we just happen to be on our vacation too. Let’s play together tomorrow afternoon?” x8 eBv

You Liangxing stilled. Without him having to say that he had no time, [don’t want to move] already replied: — Tomorrow afternoon won’t do, I have some matters.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liao Su felt regretful enough to explode: “Then we can play at night! How about eight o’ clock, wait…”

[don’t want to move] only had time after 10:30 every night because he always had something to attend to. He had yet to interject with his refusal when Liao Su overruled it himself: “No, eight o’ clock isn’t viable either, I have to watch KK’s broadcast, ze ze ze, we can try again another time.”

[don’t want to move]: — KK? NAZWG0

Once he mentioned KK, Liao Su became very enthusiastic. When it came to following KK, he was very avid about it, whereas You Liangxing’s response to the anchor was rather lukewarm. Upon seeing this new person’s reply, he eagerly said: “Yes, that’s right! KK! He’s MengMao’s game anchor, and he’s particularly hot right now! Do you know him?”

Kang Shengzhe really knew him; or rather, what he should say is that no one knew him better than himself.

He replied: En, I’m a little acquainted.

Liao Su felt the happiness derived from being able to promote his favourite anchor: “He really is especially interesting! I highly recommend that you watch his broadcast if you have the time! You’ll be so addicted to it that you can’t free yourself from it.” Zdz5Bb

The more Liao Su talked about it, the more vigorous he became. Thus, You Liangxing kicked him out of the room.

Without Liao Su’s voice, the room became ridiculously quiet with only You Liangxing and [don’t want to move]. Around this time, the two of them would be getting off the game.

You Liangxing typed in the dialog box: Today, you…, he thought and thought about it again, before he deleted it and changed it to “Good night”. Then, he sent it.

[don’t want to move] replied: — Good night. OvmXyd

You Liangxing did not leave the room in a hurry. Around six seconds passed, but the room still had two people in the team. Suddenly, [don’t want to move] sent a smiling expression.

[don’t want to move]: — It seems like I played too aggressively today.

You Liangxing gave a pause. Without refuting him, he replied: — En.

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One word, affirming the fact that [don’t want to move] had been very excitable as truth. But [don’t want to move] did not shy away, in fact, he acknowledged it in a calm and frank manner. KJsjVY

For a period of time, [don’t want to move] seemed to be considering something. He seriously replied: — I don’t quite understand it either, but it was probably because you were playing a healer.

You Liangxing frowned slightly, unable to fully grasp what he was saying. The other party quickly followed his message with another, typing:

— With you by my side, I feel like I won’t die.

— Sorry, did it tire you out a little? 1WoXe2

You Liangxing turned speechless and left the dialog box empty for a long while, nor did he attempt to type anything into it. Quite some time later, he replied: — No.

[don’t want to move] immediately replied: — Then shall we play again tomorrow?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

You Liangxing: — Okay.

T/N: I’m getting second hand embarrassment for Liao Su :’)) pCgGRF

Translator's Note

Liao Su is actually singing < Girl, Look Over Here > (对面的女孩看过来) by Richie Ren (任贤齐) which is a flirtatious song asking for a girl’s attention. Some of the lyrics go:

En! The girl over there, look over /Look over here, look over here / the performance here is splendid / please don’t pretend not to care or pay attention…
Look over here, look over here / don’t be scared by my appearance / I am actually very cute / A lonely boy’s sorrow / if it was said out loud, who would understand

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

ALMOST typed: “the one who had sugar was the daddy.”
In this context, I guess its breadwinner, the backbone of the team, etc.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Which will heal him since he is the only low-health ally present, while it simultaneously boosts his physical and magic defences.

Translator's Note

Clicking of the tongue.

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