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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh26 - Raise your claws.


Liang Chulin was… very busy.

His hands were busy, his mind was busy, his heart was burdened with the responsibility of carrying You Liangxing to soar. After taking the first red and habitually provoking his opponents, he rushed to the bottom lane, terribly anxious. ZELoap

As Liang Chulin commandeered his hero Huang Zhong, he looked at the text box, and the sentence calling him a primary school student, filled with the enemy Marco Polo’s biting sarcasm, had yet to disappear.

Liang Chulin wasn’t too clear about what was going on either, but ever since he started playing King’s Glory, people would frequently call him a primary school student whenever they scolded him. It happened to him so many times that he had no choice but to change his name to the one he had now.

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What on Earth was going on?

While he was clearing the minions under his tower, there were new message in the text box. Eurdgp

(All) [Enemy Marco Polo]: — Just surrender, raise your claws and surrender. Primary school student, if you have the ability, come solo ah.

The so-called ‘solo’ essentially referred to one versus one duel. Liang Chulin pouted and said in his heart: Who wants to solo you.

After taking You Liangxing’s first red, his sole objective was to carry the entire team, and killing an enemy as he saw one was his priority. He would never waste his time to single someone out, and since time was of essence, Liang Chulin did not bother to reply to the chat. Holding his thick and heavy gun, he moved towards the enemy tower and happened to run into a behatted, twin pistol wielding western cowboy of a marksman.

It was not someone else. Mc6eIj

It just had to be that Marco Polo.

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Thus, Marco Polo proceeded to quickly type:

— (All) [Enemy Marco Polo]: — Primary School Student, come.

Those words struck at Liang Chulin’s Achilles’ heel, and the boy could no longer bear it. Lifting his gun, he fired an auto attack. No matter who the opponent was, he had to take them down; and since they had already met, it merely came with the additional benefit of shutting him up. L7cEJi

Liang Chulin was by no means bragging. His mechanics were indeed decent, and even after two minion waves came and went, he was not injured.

However, therein lied the problem: the opposing Marco Polo was unharmed as well. After several trades, neither of them had the upper hand and no one could hit each other.

Liang Chulin’s complexion worsened. Whenever he thought about the ranks of You Liangxing and [don’t want to move], it came with the expectation that their enemies would not be that strong by correlation. However, he forgot that because he was diamond, his existence might cause the possibility of having to face one or two diamond players, or perhaps one that was even higher in rank. While he had no concrete evidence, Liang Chulin was certain that Marco Polo had to be the diamond player!

He was terribly unlucky. ruV8vF

Liang Chulin was being bogged down by the opposing side; he could not kill the player, and he could not leave the lane either. If he left for the bottom lane to push another lane’s tower, he had no doubts that Marco Polo would take down his tower in a blink of eye.

He wanted to carry the entire team, so why was he failing at protecting his own tower?

For a tick, Liang Chulin frowned sharply. The more anxious he was in his want to kill, the greater the likelihood was of him taking damage from the other player.

The enemy Marco Polo was obviously trying to rile him up as their messages grew frequent. 9K Ft4

(All) [Enemy Marco Polo]: — Hit me, you ought to hit me, don’t you have a red, come come.

Liang Chulin was about to burst from an excess of anger. After much contemplation, he replied:

[Ally Huang Zhong] Not Primary School Student: — You wait for this da ye!

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Once the message was sent out, the image of him being a primary school student deeply cemented itself, and there were no hopes of saving it. kz0VKu

Pc Tbe Oljcuzlcu’r fjgr, rbecvr kfgf mbcrajcais yflcu agjcrwlaafv. Coafg tf abbx olgra yibbv, tlr jiilfr gfjqfv bcf xlii joafg jcbatfg. Yatfg atjc atf ybaabw ijcf wjxlcu cb tfjvkjs, atf fcalgf ujwf jigfjvs tjv j xlii rmbgf bo 6 ab 1.

Cczlber, Oljcu Jteilc vfmlvfv ab wjxf j ygfjx obg fcfws Zjgmb Ubib bcmf atf wlclbc ilcf jgglnfv jujlc. Po la vlv cba fcv klat atf ijaafg’r vfjat, la kbeiv fcv klat tlr.

Accumulating power, he waited to act. Then—

He flashed in to close the distance and landed an unexpected attack.  Sure enough, under the condition where he engaged first, he managed to hit Marco Polo to the point where he had to turn tail and run to his tower with two to three drips of his health left. eFxnB6

“Tch.” The opportunity was fleeting and Liang Chulin’s heart was speechless. But just as he thought that he had truly lost the chance, the low health Marco Polo suddenly dashed back.

Liang Chulin gave chase out of conditioned reflex. However, as he rushed out, he realised that the situation was not good.

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Damn it, the enemy must have support.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear; the enemy jungling hero Aki and the middle lane’s mage Zhang Liang, jumped out of the bushes at the same time and surrounded Liang Chulin’s Huang Zhong. FNlBtn

…. – A gang fight.

Liang Chulin almost jumped up, didn’t you say solo!

Obstructed by the golden wall that Zhang Liang casted, Huang Zhou could not retreat. The situation was hopeless so Liang Chuhan gave up struggling. At his peripheries, he suddenly saw King Lanling getting closer and closer on the mini map. In a blink of an eye, he arrived at the bottom lane and jumped into the midst of the three enemies.

Liang Chulin still had a bit of health left, and he hurriedly shouted: “Brother Liang Liang! They have too many people, just run! I’ll protect you!” iptCs4

While he had no hopes of carrying, Liang Chulin still remembered that he had to protect You Liangxing. Even if he died, he had to ensure that You Liangxing escaped safely.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing did not answer. In the moment when he was quiet, King Lanling did not turn around and run away like Huang Zhong had instructed. First, he used his ability to deceptively split his body while sticking close to Marco Polo, taking down the low health opponent in less than a second. Following that, he turned his attention to Aki.

Assassins and mages have always been thin skinned, and because they were going against a well-developed King Lanling as well, they were cut up like vegetables. In the midst of the assault, Huang Zhong was the first to fall to the ground, and the results of King Lanling’s successful kills immediately followed. Msa0nG

— An enemy has been slain!

— An ally has been slain!

— Double Kill!

— Triple Kill! FoWV2O

— Three Kills!

Liang Chulin wad extremely dumbfounded. Once he came back to himself, his face went red, full of embarrassment and shame.

Despite saying that he was going to carry You Liangxing and even taking his first red, he did not manage to get a single kill. On the flip side, You Liangxing ended up being the one who performed, and Liang Chulin felt so uncomfortable he wanted to bash himself against the wall.

All the while, You Liangxing was focused on the game, and he did not see Liang Chulin’s visage. Red faced, Liang Chulin tapped on the mini map to survey the general situation while there was still time on his respawn timer. Btvzdw

The Guan Yu that [don’t want to move] was manipulating was currently in a fierce fight, and Liang Chulin pulled his perspective over. Coincidentally, he managed to see Guan Yu abruptly charge in, slamming the enemy Cheng Yaojin and Liu Bang into their ally tower.

Both Cheng Yaojin and Liu Bang were tanks and they had a lot of health, and it was impossible to kill them immediately. After being pushed into the ally tower, the pair tried to run out of its range. However, just as they moved, Guan Yu greeted them with a sweep of his Guandao.

Hands raising and blade falling soon after, and the two meat bags’ health plummeted accordingly.

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However, the battle was not over yet. Cheng Yaojin and Liu Bang consistently tried to rush outwards, but as they were about to exit the tower range every time, they would be knocked back in by the horse-riding Guan Yu. wd9sGg

Running out only to get knocked back in; the entire process repeated itself four times in total.

Even if Cheng Yaojin was capable of high health regeneration, he could not bear the damage from the shots of a tower for seven to eight seconds straight. In the end, he could only die tragically under the tower with Liu Bang.

Liang Chulin was extremely shocked. After blue screening for a long time, he could only sigh one sentence in his heart: …. He knows how to play.

Rather, a Guan Yu like his, knew more than just ‘how to play’. VyB5TH

To say that it was terrifying was not excessive!

Shivering, Liang Chulin typed in the dialog box: — Big Brother Guan, are you that powerful?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For a while, [don’t want to move] did not reply.

[Ally Guan Yu]: — I’m actually OK. BkpqS5

[Ally Guan Yu]: — It all depends on teammates.

Liang Chulin: “…..”

Liang Chulin looked at the overview of the match. Among the allies, only one person did not have kills, and the player that was being ‘depended on’ was obvious with one glance. Liang Chulin pursed his lips tightly, cheeks growing red.

When the match was over, Liang Chulin had a KDA of 1-1-4, while You Liangxing and [don’t want to move] harvested nine kills and six kills each, attaining MVP and gold respectively. dctZLj

For the entire match, Liang Chulin lied down to win, and while he wanted to cry, he had no tears for it.

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Then, they entered the second match. Gritting his teeth, Liang Chulin chose the hero Guan Yu, with whom [don’t want to move] picked just now.

While he was just trying to save a little face, he would never have thought that once he got started, he would do even worse than the previous game.

Everyone had heroes they were good at, and if Liang Chulin had to give his opinion, he was better with heroes in the marksman category. The playstyle of Guan Yu and marksmen were completely different, and this was his first attempt at Guan Yu. Over the course of half a match, he gave up six of his heads. 2p6lqf

The teammates they were matchmade with were starting to scold:

— Guan Yu!! This Guan Yu!! Get off your horse!!

— Horses can play better than you!

— You don’t deserve your horse! rxI9z1

Liang Chulin: “…..”

After two games, Liang Chulin had long abandoned himself to despair, and his entire face was one of collapse, and he looked like he was sobbing and aggrieved. And in the time that followed, they opened three games in a row.

In the third game, Liang Chulin won while lying down.

In the fourth game, Liang Chulin won while lying down. BbshXf

In the fifth game, Liang Chulin won while lying down.

After a night of gaming ended, Liang Chulin buried his head in the pillow, ears aflame. “Wah it’s fake it’s fake it’s all fake, the gold and silver were all fakes QAQ!!”

You Liangxing patted his head. Even accounting Liang Chulin, the games went smoothly and well, so You Liangxing was in a good mood. Bending his lips, he shifted his eyes back to the game interface.

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At the end of the game, [don’t want to move] gave him a thumbs up. You Liangxing paused, and also tapped on thumbs up icon behind [don’t want to move]. tTAamS

This was the first time You Liangxing gave praise to someone in the game.

Before exiting the game, [don’t want to move] sent him a message on the friends’ interface.

— Good night.

Although he was an unacquainted, in-game friend, he felt a complex sense of intimacy towards him for some reason. You Liangxing had never came into contact with games prior to this, and he did not if playing games could make friendships develop this quickly. T5foqZ

He hesitated for a bit before replying: — Good night.

Shortly after, the other party said: — I’m free after 10:30 every night.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing raised his fingers to quit the game. As he was in a trance, Liang Chulin’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear. “Brother Liang Liang, are you laughing at me?”

You Liangxing: “…..” n6O8G1

You Liang looked puzzled, but Liang Chulin was more puzzled than him. “Then what are you laughing at?”

Not one to speak much, You Liangxing did not reply. Liang Chulin did not investigate further either. His redness on his face had yet to fade, and the entire night of games had overstimulated him. Holding his phone, Liang Chulin hid in a corner and chirped: “I’m going to play a match by myself.”

Without You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe, Liang Chulin chose to rank alone. It was a diamond division match, and once the necessary banning procedures passed, he chose the marksman Li Yuanfang.

To be honest, since the skill level between the ten players in the game were pretty similar and it was absent of highly skilled players like You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe, both teams’ situations were very close, and it was difficult to resolve. The team fights were akin to a tug of war, and even after playing for more than half an hour, the game had yet to conclude. gPVMGb

In the end, with one wrong move, the allies were completely destroyed. The enemy side brought along a wave of minions with great momentum and met them at the door. Liang Chulin’s hands shook with anger. When his crystal nexus exploded, he pouted while typing:

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Play a ball! Even four people can’t carry me! Hmpf!

Translator silently white flags at the sheer amount of references in one chapter


Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

冷嘲热讽 (pinyin: leng chao re feng) – lit. with freezing irony and burning satire.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

old man

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Ability used: Secret Skill: Clone.
Description: King Lanling slashes his enemies with his blade, inflicting physical damage. Simultaneously, he summons a shadow clone to attack a nearby enemy, and it will deal the same amount of damage.

Translator's Note

脆皮 (pinyin: cui pi) – brittle/fragile skins, usually to describe a game character that is low in defences and/or health. Assassins and mages tend to be so because they skew towards damage items rather than defensive ones; it’s a trade-off.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

程咬金 – History-wise, Cheng Yaojin was a general from the Tang Dynasty.

Translator's Note

刘邦 – History-wise, Liu Bang (~195BCE) was the bandit leader who became the first Han Emperor.

Translator's Note

The “guandao” (关刀) is a Chinese pole weapon that is comparable to the European glaive; with a curved, single-edged blade and a spike at the back of the blade. Fun fact: the guandao was supposedly invented by Guan Yu himself in 3AD, hence its name! However, the full name of Guan Yu’s guandao was “Green Dragon Crescent Blade”. (青龙偃月刀)

Translator's Note

kk is actually being a snarky lil’ shit here, because it has a double meaning:
1. It’s thanks to Liang Liang for giving him aid to get him ahead
2. “It’s all thanks to my teammates for serving as foils” (aka Chulin isn’t doing as well so he looks particularly good in comparison)

Translator's Note

It’s a childish phone game… Liang Chulin, my boy… :’))

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