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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh14 - It’s best if you reflect on yourself a little.


Yao Miaomiao’s complexion was extremely interesting. After personally hearing this sort of dog blood plot coming from Bai Yao’s mouth, it was quite apparent that she had her worldviews shaken. Perplexed, she paused for a moment, but she had absolutely no idea what to say.

When her line of vision landed on Bai Yao, the latter’s expression seemed anxious for comfort. She could only grit her teeth and say: “Sister Yaoyao, for a man to not cherish a good person like you, he’s really too much!” JQ23h9

Bai Yao nodded in agreement. Mouth downturned, she said: “Don’t speak of him like this. It’s not his fault that he’s unfaithful or that he went off-track. He didn’t do it on purpose, he just couldn’t help himself… Ying, I don’t blame him, I blame that other woman, it was all because that other woman seduced him away.”

Yao Miaomiao heard her three world views crumbling and her expression was an ugly mix of colours. After staring at her for a bit, Bai Yao wiped away the non-existent tears at the corner of her eyes and withdrew her previous expression, “Seeing how serious you are about this, it’s best that I stop lying.”

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Yao Miaomiao blanked out, and she could scarcely regain her senses. After a long while, she revealed some astonishment before saying with emotion: “Sister Yaoyao, you mean to say, everything you just said was a lie?”

Bai Yao: “Yes.” 7RLFXx

Yao Miaomiao was wild with joy: “Ah! That’s really…”

Before she could finish her words, Bai Yao became serious, “Since you care so much about me, I cannot tolerate myself if I lie to you again. Actually, Ah Liang is not my boyfriend, he’s my husband, we’re already married!”

Yao Miaomiao: “……”

Bai Yao: But the fact that he went off-track is true, he wants to divorce me. You say, how could I agree, I definitely won’t agree!”


Yao Miaomiao: “……”

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Bai Yao: “I’ve thought about it, if he continues to give me the cold shoulder, I will go his university to make a commotion so that he will lose all his standing and reputation and make him kneel before me and apologise! Naturally, I will eventually forgive him, who told me to love him so much.”

Bai Yao showed a helpless and shy expression. Whereas on the inverse scale, Yao Miaomiao was stupefied and helpless, her fear and terror compressing into a single body, and it exacerbated her shivers as a result. Bai Yao was finding great enjoyment from her reaction, and when she was about to continue, a cup of tea was placed on the table in front of her, resonating a clean and solemn sound.

A soft and girly voice carrying a milky taste reverberated in her head: “Enough.” n 47Wj

Bai Yao looked at You Liangxing’s indifferent visage, and when she saw no anger, she could not help but throw herself on him. “Ah, why are you still so cute!! Say a few more sentences to me!”

You Miaomiao was at a loss.

You Miaomiao was very dumbfounded.

Her mind turned and turned, but she could not react to the noise that You Liangxing’s voice just made. After experiencing so many shocking events, she could no longer keep up. It was only when both Bai Yao and You Liangxing was seated in front of her, did she squeak belatedly. DIgTbi

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Just now… that was…

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Tjb Zljbwljb: “Qfii, fc.”

Qtlif tjnlcu j nblmf atja kjr rlwlijg ab j ulgi’r vfrqlaf yflcu rb tjcvrbwf kjr pjgglcu lc lar bkc kjs, Tjb Zljbwljb’r rfcrf bo veas jr Djl Tjb’r jrrlrajca tjv jigfjvs bmmeqlfv tfg tfjga. Jeggfcais, rtf vlv cba tjnf atf fcfgus ab qjs wbgf jaafcalbc ab Tbe Oljcuzlcu’r nblmf. qvSQeY

She scrutinised the both of them, perturbed and cautious. Bai Yao’s moving and beautiful face was full of happiness. You Liangxing’s head was turned to the side. While the space between his eyebrows was wrinkled minutely, he did not demonstrate any disapproval.

So… what exactly was their relationship?

With the words that You Liangxing said just now, Yao Miaomiao no longer believed what Bai Yao’s previous exposition. Now that she thought back about the feigned seriousness that Bai Yao exhibited as she spoke, it was likely that she was deliberately teasing her.

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Yao Miaomiao calmed down and asked: “Sister Yaoyao, what exactly is your relationship with him?” bnM tq

You Liangxing did not say anything to clarify the situation. Taking a long sip of her tea, Bai Yao’s expression changed again. All her accusations, blames and wails disappeared without a trace, and it was superseded by a sense of dignity.

“Since we have reached this step, I won’t conceal it from you. Truthfully speaking, he is my…”

At that instant, Yao Miaomiao felt like she was at the edge of an abyss, awaiting God’s judgement.

Bai Yao’s voice landed firmly, “He’s my younger brother, my biological younger brother from the same father and mother.” S4boLt

Yao Miaomiao: “Oh.”

Bai Yao: “…..”

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Bai Yao was befuddled, and even a tad bit vexed, “Why are you reacting so indifferently, can’t you show some surprise? This is a huge secret! Our surnames aren’t even the same!”

You Miaomiao: “…..” 6GTWzq

She couldn’t possibly say that after being scared out her wits, she found the truth to be disappointing rather than shocking, could she?

Before Bai Yao had confessed, she had already imagined that You Liangxing was her illegitimate son and Bai Yao was in fact, forty years old. If that was the case, would she talk about it?


You Miaomiao swallowed her saliva and sobered up completely. Tone full of ingratiation, she said: “Sister Yaoyao, what is going on? You actually had a younger brother?” hVTdom

Bai Yao: “Curious?”

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Yao Miaomiao: “En!”

Bai Yao: “Then I adamantly refuse to tell you.”

Yao Miaomiao: “…..” 31j2K5

The dialogue between the celebrity and assistant kept going, and it was quickly noon. You Liangxing looked at time, opening his mouth to ask: “Are you hungry?”

Bai Yao: “Hungry.”

You Liangxing: “If you’re hungry, go out and eat, I’ll call a taxi for you.”

Having read You Liangxing’s thoughts with crystal clarity, she shook her head: “No no no, I want to eat something you made. Ah Liang, after not meeting for such a long time, you can’t be unwilling to make me a meal, right?” dUySOF

Solemnly, You Liangxing said: “How could that be. It’s just that I haven’t been home in a long time and there are no ingredients in the house.”

Bai Yao broke out into a smile. “I knew you would say that, so I bought them on the way here.”

You Liangxing: “…Qi.”

Bai Yao shrieked as she covered her own ears, wailing to Yao Miaomiao: “Did you hear that! After not meeting him for a few months, he’s been learning more and more bad habits! He even dared to talk back to me! He used to only do it secretly in his heart!” FsuNIt

You Liangxing rubbed his temples and completely gave up on any intention to talk to Bai Yao. He went back into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Sure enough, it was filled to the brim with fresh ingredients. He sighed, and soon the kitchen was filled with sounds of clanking.

While the tall figure busied himself in the kitchen, Yao Miaomiao, who had ascertained that You Liangxing was not Bai Yao’s boyfriend, finally had the capacity to admire You Liangxing. After ogling at him, she could not help but say: “He’s already so good-looking and yet he knows how to cook?”

Bai Yao said smilingly, “Haven’t I already praise him before? Since young, he was competent in everything; once he tried something, he would become particularly competent in it. Later, when the dishes are served, you can check out his handiwork. It is very professional, and it looks outrageously appetizing.”

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Yao Miaomiao nodded her head rapidly. In the end, she was only a female student who had graduated from university, and she had no resistance against handsome men. Unconsciously, she glanced at him to scrutinise him before questioning: “Sister Yaoyao, the two of you are very good-looking as siblings but why…” gpx3VM

Bai Yao laughed: “Do we look so different, right?”

Yao Miaomiao nodded her head. It was no wonder why she never suspected that You Liangxing was her family member when she first saw him. Not only were their surnames different, they did not even look alike.

“That’s because he took after our father, while I took after our mother. Neither of us knew how it happened, and the polarisation was particularly grave. When Ah Liang and I were in the same high school, everyone who wasn’t familiar with us thought we were only male and female friends.”

Yao Miaomiao was at a loss for words. One took after the father while the other took after the mother, and yet the both of them were very attractive. This pair of husband and wife… were they celestial beings? 7DN4tu

Yao Miaomiao blinked, “Sister Yaoyao, aunt and uncle don’t happen to have the surnames of Bai and You respectively, right?”

Affirming the question that had an obvious answer, Bai Yao nodded: “En, I followed our mother’s surname while Ah Liang took our father’s. But don’t get me wrong—they are not divorced, their relationship is still going strong.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

While Yao Miaomiao was nodding her head in a haste, Bai Yao seemed to have thought of something as she sighed. “That’s why I felt strange; my father likes my mother so much, and yet Ah Liang seems to show no such inclination. After Ah Liang went to university, he treated me more and more indifferently, ying ying ying.

Yao Miaomiao comforted her: “They’re boys, when they’re growing up, they will always have a rebellious stage. Maybe it’s because he’s shy, and after tiding over this period, everything will be fine.” RVyAZJ

After chatting a few more lines, Bai Yao’s gaze flickered and suddenly noticed that You Liangxing’s phone was on the sofa. Her eyes lit up and she became excited.

There was a password on his phone and Bai Yao could not unlock it. However, she remained undeterred. Instead, she revealed a smile and pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket before she squatted down and continued to wholeheartedly attempt to unlock You Liangxing’s phone.

Yao Miaomiao craned her neck to catch a glimpse the paper that was densely packed with numbers. A part of it had been blacked out and Yao Miaomiao could not help but ask: “Sister Yaoyao, what is that?”

Bai Yao hissed: “The two thousand combinations on top are the passwords I’ve tried last time when I met him and they were all incorrect. But that doesn’t matter, I still have another five hundred I haven’t tried, and I will prevail this time.” D5Ff U

Yao Miaomiao: “…..”

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Stiffly, Yao Miaomiao said: “That, Sister Yaoyao, before this, you said you didn’t know why your younger brother treats you so indifferently, right?”

Bai Yao replied casually, “Yeah, what about it?”

Yao Miaomiao mumbled: “Well, nothing much….” 3wRues

… I just think it’s best if you reflect on yourself a little.

…. You scare people.

Just as You Miaomiao was shaking, Bai Yao suddenly quivered and her face was full of pleasant surprise. Whispering, “Ah! It’s unlocked! “

Bai Yao swiped the screen back and forth before saying abruptly: “Yi, Ah Liang is playing King’s Glory?” PApIaJ

Translator's Note

A sound of aggrievement.

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  1. As a nosy sister myself, I kind of get her. Some brothers are like that – if you leave them alone they forget you exist, but if you annoy and pester them a bit they will complain but will still love and spoil you. And eventually they get so used to it, that they will send you cat pics and gifs to attract your attention when you stop pestering them for a long while. Though, these two are a very extreme case, but I still feel that they are the same type of siblings as us. (Pro tip: if you feel that your sister is nosy, it’s probably because you are too self-sufficient and never/rarely ask her for help, so she has no way of expressing her love and care. Just ask her for help/advice and she’ll be very happy to help)
  2. She’s so annoying. And what’s with going through someones phone like that. Even if it’s your brother, that’s so rude