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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh134 - I want both of them.


The two anons, thank you for your Ko-Fis!

Once Kang Shengzhe’s post was sent, it was like a single rock had caused a thousand ripples. Ever since the matter started fermenting, the person in question had hid his head like a tortoise for three days before he finally decided to appear. Thus, countless fans and passers-by who had been paying attention to the matter surged up like a furious tide immediately. f4Ql Y

【Fuck!! KK finally appeared!!】

【Heh!! You still have the ability to come out, have you prepared yourself for a tongue-lashing?】

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【Why didn’t you continue hiding, has your team conjured the next part of the script?!!】

【Why do you think KK came out? If he stayed away longer, he would be called up by MengMao! Can a business sustain such losses? He definitely came out to persuade the deceived fans, saying, ‘Apologies, I was wrong, everyone please forgive me ah’. It’s either that or some fabricated, extravagant and colourful excuse, I’ve seen this programme too many times in the entertainment circle. 】 07l4w

【Can all of you stop rushing to conclusions? It’s possible that KK only wants to explain the truth clearly.】

【Truth for shit? Why are the floor scrubbers everywhere, is KK your mother or your father, do you have to defend him in such a manner? Bleh!! Disgusting!!】

【I’m quite interested as to what kind of trick KK will play.】

All in all, it was merely the suspicions and verbal abuse repeating themselves. When the time reached eight o’ clock, MengMao TV’s KK’s live broadcasting room broke through the ten million milestone at the speed of light. The number of people arriving was more than what Kang Shengzhe had imagined, and new people were pouring in extensively with every second and minute.


Kang Shengzhe joked: “It couldn’t be that someone specifically hired a water army, right?”

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Truthfully speaking, the comments’ vicious currents were exceedingly heavy and he did not know who had specifically hired a water army to guide the rhythm but they were definitely present. But apart from that, it was also true that there was a great deal of people paying attention to the matter. Furthermore, it was a testament to Kang Shengzhe’s overwhelming popularity and a great piece of evidence to prove that the live broadcasting industry was boundless in terms of its development potential.

But at this juncture, Yu Liangxing did not have the time to think about his business. He nodded to Kang Shengzhe and moved out of the frame for the time being. He said: “Start it.”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Okay.” ZpX0iT

He did as he said immediately. Even the symbolic deep breaths and adjustment of clothes were disregarded as he directly went live on his broadcast.

You Liangxing could not help but be surprised. Kang Shengzhe was truly a strange person; whenever he was in front of him, he had more nonsense than average and he would get so nervous over trifles that his entire body would tremble, but when he was in his own domain, he was indifferent like a cloud and breezy at any given time. Even though his screen was filled with flying insults, he could still use a calm and steady gaze as though he hadn’t seen it.

Clearing his throat and voice carrying a particular laughter, Kang Shengzhe opened his mouth to say: “Wow~ so many people.”

The voice was still familiar and his appearance was still featured the same exceptionally beautiful visage. Upon scrutinising his expression, not a trace of dispiritedness could be found. A violent commotion was happening outside and yet the cause of it was glowing with health, seemingly in high spirits. jP9UO8

Thus, before he even started getting down to business, the live broadcasting room had already mobilised.

【Huh, what situation is this???】


【Really fucking calm.】 5AtQYo

Kang Shengzhe said: “Everyone, good evening ah, I’m KK.”

The barrage of comments was unusually irascible:

【Who doesn’t know you’re KK! Can you stop talking nonsense!】

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【Cut straight to the chase please!】 jG7uVK

【KKKKKK, I hope you can see my message, I believe you, I really believe you!!】

With how hostile the live broadcasting room’s atmosphere was, Kang Shengzhe had no intention to continue cracking a few more jokes. Calmly, he spoke: “I trust that everyone knows what happened on Weibo, and you’ve probably entered the live broadcasting room because you wanted to hear what KK will say. Towards this matter, I honestly feel like there’s nothing that needs explaining, but since everyone wants to know so badly, then KK will say a few simple sentences today.”

When someone was in the eye of the storm, anything they said would still be wrong. Additionally, with Kang Shengzhe’s unchanging attitude and tone which contained an indistinct and indescribable sense of frivolity, his mannerisms – which were generally accepted on a normal day – became a sin in the present moment.

【What do you mean by there’s nothing that needs explaining, the matter has already become like this, shouldn’t you be obliged to give an explanation!!】 2Mg8Of

【Ah!! Fuck!! I’m really going to die from anger!】

【KK, don’t you find yourself particularly disgusting when you act like this?】

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Kang Shengzhe ignored the comments and kept to his own tempo as he cut right to the main point. “Everyone should also be aware of what had happened in the video posted on Weibo, and curious about where I’ve been for the past few days, and why I haven’t appeared up until now…”

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“You don’t have to make random guesses, I’m willing to tell everyone, the person in the video is in fact, me.” IxU5Vg

Ktf gfjrbc obg jii atfrf lcnfralujalbcr kjr yfmjerf bo ktja tjqqfcfv lc atf nlvfb. Yglulcjiis, atf ilnf ygbjvmjralcu gbbw tjv jrrewfv atja lo Bjcu Vtfcuhtf kjcafv ab mifjg eq fnfgsatlcu, tf tjv ab olcv ojeia klat atf nlvfb jcv rjs atja la kjr ojirlolfv yfobgf jii firf. Rb bcf atbeuta atja Bjcu Vtfcuhtf’r olgra jufcvj kjr ab qgbnf atf jeatfcalmlas bo atf nlvfb klatbea gjlrlcu jcs bypfmalbcr.

【He admitted it……】

【This means to say that he’s really homosexual!!】

【Oh my god, it’s really true!! You were really deceiving the fans!!】 TN q6S

【… Calm down!! Everyone, calm down first!!!】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Kang Shengzhe said: “Everyone saw it, in the video, I carried the person over my shoulder and ran away with him. For the past three days since, both of us went back to his house, met his parents and successfully obtained the official stamp.”

The live broadcasting room: “……”

Let alone the people who had been cramming the live broadcasting room with condemnations, even the fans who genuinely loved Kang Shengzhe had a face of stupefaction. p78nwU

What was KK trying to say???

… Making his sexual orientation public???

The situation broke out just like that. Even then, Kang Shengzhe did not know what holding back was because he continued to speak: “Actually, I don’t consider myself to be homosexual and it was truly by chance that he happened to be male. It just happened and we got together afterwards, and in theory, we’ve been together for a long time.”

Long time… e39ji

There were too many implications behind the words ‘long time’ for the live broadcasting room because it signified that before the video burst out, Kang Shengzhe had been on the internet showing public displays of affection to Sister Liang while he entangled himself with another man in reality.

The live broadcasting room finally exploded, and even the true love fans could not resist slapping their tables and asking:

【Then what about Sister Liang!!!】

【What does Sister Liang count for!! What do the fans who have been chasing the Truly Fragrant CP count for!! Do you think we’re stupid idiots!!】 LCNKXD

【Fucking!!! Hell!!!】

【Does that mean you were lying about the cohabitation too! In fact, Sister Liang doesn’t exist at all, right!!】

Kang Shengzhe allowed the barrage to flood the screen, and it was only after a while that he calmly said: “I didn’t lie, Liang Liang does exist and I became acquainted with him in game, and I had to expend all my energy in order to hook up with him.”

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The entire live broadcasting room was sent into a stupor from his words. However, Kang Shengzhe did not give them time to move before he tacked on the next half of his words. “Liang Liang is real, the school senior in the video is real. I admit to it: I love both of them, and I want both of them as well.” 3w9PKL

The live broadcasting room: “……”

No matter how much they scolded him in the live broadcasting room, no one had expected that Kang Shengzhe would actually have the audacity to say such words out loud…. This mothertrucker, just how shameless was he!!!

In the midst of their shock, the mixed comments in the live broadcasting room became unprecedentedly united as they cursed at him together:

【Do you still want your face!! Do you want your face ah!!】 H6QAj2

【You want both?! I want you paralysed!! Does Sister Liang know this! Does your school senior know this! I never thought that, I really never thought, you would actually be such a scum!!】

【Scumbag!! Go to hell!!】

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【KK… how could you be like this!!】

Standing in the howling wind and torrential rain, the ‘peak of shamelessness’ Kang Shengzhe was completely unmoved. He might be able to hold on but You Liangxing could not; with one leg, he kicked the seat that Kang Shengzhe was in with enough force to send half his body flew out of the frame. Suppressing the fire he felt, You Liangxing spat: “Are you done, can you BB less and speak seriously.” GLvhli

Kang Shengzhe pouted his lips, aggrieved, “Someone was being serious about every line, everything that has been said is the truth.”

You Liangxing said: “Shut up!”

Although it was an incomparably simple conversation, in the moment where You Liangxing opened his mouth, silence reigned in the live broadcasting room. You Liangxing’s voice was too special, just one listen to that tender and lovely voice was sufficient in proving that…

It was Sister Liang?! lKpB6T

Sister Liang was actually by KK’s side???

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While KK was saying that he wanted both?? Could it be that there was a tacit agreement, and all three of them were fine with it????

In the midst of the utter chaos, the camera for the live broadcast swayed slightly with an abrupt gesture. In the next second, the camera was gently shifted to the side and the other half of Kang Shengzhe’s face disappeared, only to be replaced by another young and male face.

Short hair, a profound nose, a visage which, before any concrete adjectives could be formulated to describe it, no matter male or female, would all erupt with a sincere sigh from the bottom of their hearts: qO93kd

—— So handsome.

Too handsome……

Why was he so handsome!!

Wasn’t his handsomeness too exaggerated!! c5GLWU

The development happened too suddenly and the live broadcasting room was a sea of dumbfounded dog faces. And in the next instant, what induced greater shock was how recognisable his face was. When they finally managed to react, they discovered that this person was the school senior that KK had carried away!

That school senior!!!

The high tides of situations would forever take people by surprise; but it was always when you thought that this was your absolute limit that life would throw new tricks at you. As everyone was still rendered speechless from shock, the handsome school senior opened his mouth gently to issue the voice that solely belonged to Sister Liang.

“…. Hello there, everyone.” RDGzux

Live broadcasting room: ……

Live broadcasting room: ……

Live broadcasting room: ……

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The live broadcasting went insane. B4tXoS

No one could have thought that after experiencing KK’s deceit and KK’s two-timing behaviour, the revelation of the truth would bring about such a dramatic reversal.

Sister Liang existed! The school senior was true love!! KK’s two people were real and he wanted them both! Because… Because… the school senior and Sister Liang were one and the same.

They really wanted to doubt it, but the handsome man and Sister Liang’s voice was completely identical. With such a special voice, just a few spoken words were enough to prove that it was real because it was not something that a voice changer could falsify.

So that’s how it is… yo5cqz

Like hell it is!!!

The live broadcasting room demonised from their insanity. The black spots who had been spraying him disappeared without a trace in an instant, and a new scene emerged on the entire screen.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


【Unbelievable!!! This, this, this, this, how is this possible!!!!】 iM6X74

【Sister Liang is male??? And he’s freaking handsome????】

【AHHHHHHH!!! I’m going insane!! I’m going fucking insane!!!!】

You Liangxing said: “I’ve said this before, I’m not a girl.”

The audience: 【No way!! How could Sister Liang not be a girl! You didn’t…】 V4ozPn

【Yeah, you didn’t……】

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His tone of voice conveyed that it was true. And now that they thought back about it carefully, it seemed like You Liangxing really did say those words before, but they had brushed it aside and no one had taken him seriously.

… How could they possibly take it seriously!! Just from his voice alone, who would believe that Sister Liang was a man!

And he was such a handsome man too! QvsnfC

Wait, getting acquainted with a handsome guy with a girlish voice on the internet, and by sheer fucking coincidence, he was a school senior from the same school……

Did your dreams go beyond its limits!!

Excuse me????

No matter how frenzied the comments were, Kang Shengzhe maintained his calm throughout. The things that should be said have already been said, and the things that needed to be done had already been settled. He forced himself back into the screen and asked: “Are you playing?” ub5U4n

You Liangxing marvelled the ease he had for a long moment before he said: “…… Playing.”

Kang Shengzhe revealed a smile: “Come online, come online.”

After You Liangxing logged on, Kang Shengzhe used his main account to pull【Little Angel Liang Liang】in. Now that You Liangxing had climbed to the King’s division, the two of them could duo queue.

No further clarifications were needed. With You Liangxing showing his face and using the account of【Little Angel Liang Liang】that was being displayed before their eyes, it was akin to having a mountain’s worth of ironclad evidence. Even if someone wanted to accuse Kang Shengzhe of finding someone to act as a counterfeit, they no longer had any grounds to speak on from that moment forth. 4Wfob8

Kang Shengzhe said: “As promised, I’ll be playing Bai Li.”

You Liangxing replied: “Then I’ll play… Yang Yuhuan.”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Don’t forget to heal me from the backlines, yeah~”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing glared at him coldly, “I need your reminder?” 6kwXNt

Kang Shengzhe laughed out loud.

To the two of them, it was like everything around them did not exist. After playing three matches, they decided to end the broadcast because they wanted to. However, before he officially shut off the broadcast, Kang Shengzhe focused on the camera lens on himself and said:  “I have something to say to all of you. KK has always been such a shameless man and that has never changed. To the people who like me, please remember KK’s words, KK will not change, he will never change.”

“Right, to those who have tried to get me banned, sorry to disappoint but I’m not banned; to those who are telling me not to bb about bringing girls around, apologies, I will continue to do so. And if you are asking me why I still have the face to be an anchor, I can only apologise and say that I just have the face. I’m not gay, I only like my school senior Liang Liang and what I feel for him is called ‘bowing and scraping for love’. Whether you want to believe it or not is your prerogative. And with regards to whatever finals placements, I don’t need you to cancel it, I forfeit.”

“Ummmmmm, that’s it, goodbye.” d6C9tu

After ending the broadcast, You Liangxing did not speak for a long time. Originally, Kang Shengzhe was very happy after being able to portrait himself to his own image, but after seeing You Liangxing’s cold expression, he could not help but ask: “I’m not allowed to say those?”

You Liangxing: “You’re allowed.”

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Kang Shengzhe: “Then why are you looking at me with that gaze?”

You Liangxing replied: “Because you…” FqEicm

You are very handsome.

But he would never say those words out loud. You Liangxing said: “Let’s go to bed earlier.”

Kang Shengzhe contemplated his suggestion for a beat before he broke out into a smile: “You’re right, we should sleep earlier to make up for the sleep that certain people deserve to lose tonight.”

You Liangxing’s lips hooked up gently and smiled out of amusement. cy6E0v

And just like Kang Shengzhe predicted, while he and You Liangxing slept soundly, the upper echelons of MengMao and two unnamed anchors were tossing and turning all night long.

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Simultaneously on Weibo and Victor KK’s MengMao TV homepage, new comments were sheeting over previous hurls of invectives completely, and the number of fans expressing their stands swelled.

【Black spots, all of you scram!!! Spray your entire families to death!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m not saying anything else except towards this CP, this father will knock on it for ten thousand years!!!!】

【I love KK! I love KK! If KK never changes, I will never change! 】 ycD7kL

【Godly CP! Godly anchor! From now on, I’m a KK main, I won’t follow anyone else!】

【The depths of our love comes with a corresponding responsibility; because we liked KK too much, we were easily led astray by someone else’s tempo. I would like to ask all KK fans to take this as a warning.】

【Warning taken!! No matter what happens in the future, no matter what others say, I will unconditionally believe in KK!!】

【Yeah!!! Since KK has absolutely no sense of shame, we have to put him in the protection zone and carefully safeguard him!】 Rc5qWJ

【My love for KK has never changed. Regardless of appearance or personality, there is nothing wrong with living in the manner that one desires. I like that KK is unrestrained in his speech, I like that he is flippant and impudent. The way KK holds himself has always been an aspiration for others, is that so hard to admit to?】

【Let me say one last line!!! What kind of luck does KK have ah!!! I also want to meet someone with a girlish voice and more handsome than the school senior to be my healer!!! … Not speaking anymore, this CP is Truly Fragrant.】


And just like this, in the unexpected nadir that Kang Shengzhe found himself in, and together with his royal healer, they exploded for the second time. sl1tEq

T/N: I feel like the author is breaking the fourth wall by voicing her disbelief about the plot she wrote through her commenters…

Translator's Note

The pronouns for Him / Her are pronounced the same in Chinese.

Translator's Note

It’s a Chinese internet slang for speaking indiscriminately/bullshit.

Translator's Note

鸦雀无声 (pinyin: ya que wu sheng; idiom) – lit. crows and sparrows make no sound.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Yang Yuhuan is a famous Tang beauty and the consort of Emperor Xuanzhong. She was killed as a scapegoat during the An-Shi Rebellion under the premise of over extravagance.

Translator's Note

香甜 (pinyin: xiang tian) – fragrantly and sweetly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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