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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh133 - Thank you.


【+1! It’s not very nice to talk about people’s affairs behind their back, but everyone, please believe in KK ah!! KK is not that kind of person!!】

Subsequently after, a group of schoolmates appeared to pave the way for people to speak out for KK, and the unhappy fans who truly loved KK finally mustered their courage to stand up to try and overturn the general sentiments. UCV7AY

【That’s right, yeah!! Before KK even stood up to speak, countless of people have already started hitting him while he;s down, and it better not be some fans from certain doors coming over to hurt people!!】

【I’m a fan who truly loves KK, and no matter what is said outside, I’ll only believe what KK says when he makes a personal appearance. Don’t try and put whatever brainless fan hat on me, I’ve liked KK for so long, I trust my own eyes, thank you.】

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【I can understand that a lot of fans felt cheated after they watched the video, but everyone please calm down, don’t be led astray by people with motives. KK has yet to speak out, we shouldn’t be losing out heads now.】

【Believe in KK, wait for KK.】 tdZ2cg

Although the verbal insults were reduced, the appearance of people who stood by KK’s side was more than enough to soothe Kang Shengzhe’s heart. After he skimmed through the comments, he got on the high speed railway heading back to City A in a leisurely manner.

As they were travelling, the long-awaited news from Wang Lu finally arrived.

Prior to this, Kang Shengzhe had already talked to Wang Lu a few times. Initially, Wang Lu had been pressing for Kang Shengzhe to clarify it as soon as possible, but under Kang Shengzhe’s continuous refusal, he choked his urgings back. He did not ask about what was truly going on with Sister Liang; in fact, even under the conditions where he knew nothing, he started fighting for Kang Shengzhe in an unbridled manner.

He did not ask; he chose to believe KK unconditionally.


Towards that, Kang Shengzhe could not help but feel a little touched.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

However, being touched was one thing, for the actual news that Wang Lu brought back left much to be desired. When the call connected, Kang Shengzhe heard Wang Lu cursing under his breath.

In an instant, he understood: “Bad news?”

Wang Lu hesitated before saying: “En.” O9r7zM

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“And before this, didn’t you manage to reach the finals of the ranking competition? The company has cancelled your right to participate, and restored Howling Wolf’s and Piaoluo’s qualifications to participate…”

“I reckon you’ve already guessed this but, the people who suggested to the company to ban you was Piaoluo and Howling Wolf. Furthermore, because you did not seek the company’s approval before you made a bet with Piaoluo regarding the withdrawal from the competition, you made the company earn a significantly lower amount off the semi-finals. The higher echelons have been suppressing the anger they had for you to begin with; and once they heard Piaoluo’s story, they felt that your disposition was flippant and impudent, and you would be disobedient even if they cultivated you. Not to mention, you asked for a price of five million upon opening your mouth… all in all, there’s not a single thing they’re satisfied about, and in the end, they just…” pudTei

Wang Lu was so angry his teeth were gnashing, “Just fucking came up with such a conclusion!! A bunch of stupid assholes!!”

If that conclusion had been told to him a few days ago, Kang Shengzhe might have shown some symbolic disappointment, but now that he was determined to pack up and send himself to Liang Liang, he did not feel any emotion for a decision that should have aroused bitter disappointment.

No joy nor sorrow; or better yet, he did not care at all.

If he had to be truthful about what was causing him some pain, it was the fact that Wang Lu had been running back and forth for him as his agent but that was to no avail because no one had ever stood by their side in MengMao TV. R9lSum

Kang Shengzhe’s eyebrow jumped and he exchanged gazes with You Liangxing. Neither of them spoke but You Liangxing understood his intentions. He nodded and Kang Shengzhe’s heart warmed as he asked: “Wang Lu, if I want to leave, what do you think will happen?”

Embroiled in the anger and disappointment that he could not extract himself from, Wang Lu froze slightly after he processed that sentence. “You want to leave?” Subsequently after, he understood. “… That’s true, under such circumstances, who would want to stay, it’s normal.”

Kang Shengzhe waited for Wang Lu to recollect himself. A few seconds later, Wang Lu’s emotions gradually calmed and he sighed deeply: “You have a company in mind?”

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Kang Shengzhe: “En.” qX9 TN

Although he knew Wang Lu could not see it, Kang Shengzhe could not help but hold You Liangxing’s hand as he said that, and it came with an inexplicable sense of pride.

“Which company, is it big or small? Right now, the only company that can compete with MengMao should only be Shark, is it Shark?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “No, it’s a new company, they’re in the process of preparing their dissemination, they’re about to appear on the market soon.”

Wang Lu was extremely shocked, “It’s not on the market yet?” bg6H1x

Kang Shengzhe: “En.”

Wang Lu was in a state of disbelief, “…… KK, this isn’t like you.”

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Certainly, it was not similar to how KK usually was. After getting along with him for such a long time, Wang Lu knew that while Kang Shengzhe was indolent, he would never be hasty about something he was uncertain about; it was either he remained unmoving or move after he had done the necessary careful considerations.

And now, the careful and deliberate Kang Shengzhe was actually choosing a company that was not even on the market to become his next home. 4SYlDe

Wang Lu gritted his teeth and asked: “Are you certain?”

Kang Shengzhe replied: “I’m certain.”

Resolute, decisive and without the slightest hesitation, Kang Shengzhe uttered: “In this lifetime, we definitely won’t find an alternative that can match up to this company. Brother Wang, do you trust me?”

When he expressed it that way, how could Wang Lu not trust him? Kang Shengzhe telling him that he was preparing to leave the company was the greatest trust he had in himself. In a trade of confidence, it was natural that he trusted KK as well. l92Hqk

“I trust you!”

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Kang Shengzhe: “Will you leave with me? If you don’t resent…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wang Lu raised his volume and said: “Let’s go! You’re the anchor I unearthed and I have never doubted your strength. Not being able to help you conquer the lands under the heavens during your stay in MengMao was due to my powerlessness, and it has been giving me incomparable grief for a long time now. If you don’t even resent me, how could I possibly have anything that I can’t cast aside? I’ll speak bluntly, all my energy has been invested in you since a while back; it doesn’t matter what those bunch of stupid assholes in MengMao thought of you, I always knew you would definitely become popular.”

Kang Shengzhe listened to everything he had to say silently. And in the end, he could only utter: “Okay.” 2xsoiV

One word, and their agreement was tacitly made.

In an instant, the haze in Wang Lu’s heart was swept away. In the next second, his enthusiasm to help KK swelled, “When are you planning to leave?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “We’re not in a rush, let’s wait for two more months.”

Wang Lu said: “That makes sense, it’s not ideal to leave with our present circumstances.” FUfoZn

Kang Shengzhe was not worried about the aforementioned circumstances. However, that did serve as a reminder and he asked: “Brother Wang, why didn’t you ask me about video? Aren’t you curious as to whether the matter of bringing girls is true or fake?”

Wang Lu gave a pause before he replied earnestly, “What happened in the video is your private emotional matter, even as your agent, I don’t have the right to ask. As for the matter of bringing girls…”

Wang Lu said resolutely, “You’re not the sort of person who would deceive people through marketing individuals. If you had a heart that sought for material gain, MengMao TV would have been yours alone a long time ago.”

Before Kang Shengzhe could even make a reply, a delicate girlish voice abruptly sounded from beside him. “Thank you.” EOYZHT

Kang Shengzhe raised his head in surprise and happened to meet You Liangxing’s eyes. His heart jumped and he almost fainted from the impact of his handsomeness. While Wang Lu did not personally experience the impact force of his face value, he felt the assault of the truth.

“Yi…? Just now, was that… you…”

Kang Shengzhe did not wish to say more to him so he said succinctly: “I’ll talk to you about the switching of companies at a later date. And the problem before us isn’t something you need to worry about, I can resolve it by myself.”

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After he placed down those words, Kang Shengzhe hung up on the call. Simultaneously, he entered Weibo, typed out a text and sent it: dvlWJL

— Tonight at eight, be there or be square.

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