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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh13 - Too much acting.


The lady hugging You Liangxing had a ridiculous amount of arm strength. Even though her voice was full of joy, it was apparent that she was still cautious as her body had not relaxed in the least, as if she was a beast that had bitten into its prey and refused to loosen its jaw.

You Liangxing struggled to get free but the lady used her long nails to dig into his waist, conveying the threat that she would not tolerate being ignored. YqXdfM

The possibility of you running will never happen, you will never be able to run away in this lifetime.

The indifferent mien on You Liangxing’s face gradually faded and his handsome and spirited visage was filled with helplessness. After being stuck in a deadlock with the lady in the corridor for a long time, he finally surrendered: “…Go back in first.”

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The lady laughed lightly and raised her head. Framed by high eyebrows, her eyes were glittering with triumph, and her smiling expression made her a stunning and matchless beauty.

You Liangxing might be acting coldly and indifferently, but if he was exchanged with anyone else, they definitely would not have reacted the way he did. nY8X2o

Because she was not just a beautiful young lady, she was…

In the silence, a petite lady rushed out from You Liangxing’s apartment, looking worried: “Sister Yaoyao! Stop running so fast!” In her hands, the lady was holding the other pink high heel. Once she reached Bai Yao’s side, she panted, asking, “You didn’t injure yourself, right?”

Yes, the beautiful lady hugging You Liangxing all whilst refusing to let go was none other than the flower of the entertainment industry, Bai Yao.

“What kind of injury can you get from running a few steps?” As she said that, Bai Yao pasted herself on You Liangxing’s body, expression shy, “But if it means that I can be together with Ah Liang, any injury is worth it~”


The lady who hurried over was dazed, and she shot a glance at You Liangxing in an ignorant manner before she immediately lowered her head.

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As Bai Yao’s new assistant, Yao Miaomiao’s brain was extremely confused.

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This time, Bai Yao had suddenly proposed a trip to A City and it had thrown Yao Miaomiao in a loop. Following that, the entire stake-out to ambush a person had her shocked to the point where she had yet to recover her senses. KnVl0R

What did she just see?

The currently popular, hailed as a female goddess Bai Yao actually ambushed a male university student in his own house and home, threw her high heeled shoes at him and even hugged him and refused to let go?

Yao Miaomiao’s thoughts became more and more chaotic. Previously, when she was in the apartment, she had a head full of muddled water but she had restrained asking. However, with the scene that just unfolded before her eyes, she could not help but overthink.

Who is this man? dYTPsv

What is their relationship?

Is the broker aware of this matter?

It better, it better not be the ‘I love you but you don’t love me therefore I can only tie you up’ or whatever dog blood drama!

Yao Miaomiao kept thinking about it until her stomach churned. Even as she entered the house and sat down, her heart continued to have fluctuations. Meanwhile, You Liangxing went to the kitchen to make some tea, and Bai Yao remained on the sofa, and her gaze seemed to possess a sticky quality to it as it faithfully followed the man’s back. 2ixtNT

Yao Miaomiao gave herself some encouragement and it was only after a while did she open her mouth to whisper: “Sister Yaoyao, he is…”

Bai Yao turned to look at her, smiling, “His name is You Liangxing and he is my… Wait.”

Bai Yao’s eyes flickered. She was born beautiful, and when her expression changed, the aura she exuded became particularly obvious. Yao Miaomiao stiffened and in the next moment, Bai Yao stood up and walked to the door, raising her hand to lock it.

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After confirming that it had been locked properly, Bai Yao smiled with satisfaction. “En, he can no longer run.” c5Shnf

Yao Miaomiao: “…..”

Yao Miaomiao felt that her stomach was hurting even more.

She could not resist looking in the direction of the kitchen and You Liangxing’s side profile came into view, outrageously handsome.

That man was indeed very handsome; he would not be lacking even if he was put into the entertainment circles, and if he was placed next to Bai Yao, it would not be unexpected in the slightest. Rndei5

But she’s Bai Yao! Even if the other party was attractive, it did not mean that they would get a free pass.

Yao Miaomiao was on tenterhooks as she whispered: “Sister Yaoyao?”

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Bai Yao observed her expression carefully. With one glance, she easily understood what her new assistant was thinking. Curling her lips, Bai Yao laughed: “Curious?”

Yao Miaomiao: “En!” MdrnqH

Bai Yao’s smile deepened, “I can tell you but because this matter too important, can you promise that you will tell no one?”

Yao Miaomiao’s throat tightened: “Yes!”

“Not even the broker?”

“I won’t say it!” ehxIOk

Slowly, Bai Yao said: “If that’s the case, then there’s no harm in telling you. To speak of something natural and normal, Ah Liang is my boyfriend.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Even with the cushioning that Bai Yao pre-emptively provided, Yao Miaomiao’s heart had long exploded. She had prepared herself psychologically, but her heart could not help but jerk from the sentence.

Bai Yao was in love!!

And her significant other was a university student! l VjsM

And it seems like he might not like her!

How did this happen!

Bai Yao sighed: “You saw what happened just now, Ah Liang and I are at some odds. But that’s not a big deal, I believe in myself, there will be a day where his heart changes and he will leave that little bitch.”

Yao Miaomiao: “…What?” lGA4Xq

Bai Yao nodded her head, speaking with greater vigour. “Yes, he went off track!  He obviously already had me, and yet he went to look for another woman! I’m very hurt and I’m extremely sad, but I don’t have a choice, I can’t stop loving him!”

Translator's Note

瑶瑶姐 (pinyin: yao yao jie) – Which translates to Older Sister Yaoyao, but I’m taking out the ‘older’ for flow

Translator's Note

狗血 (pinyin: gou xue) – literal means dog blood, figuratively, it refers to melodramatic. 

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  1. Omg older sister’s having fun to the expense of her baby bro und assistant…

    Thanks for the chapter~ ( ^ ♡ ^ )/

  2. sister? ..but tall, and stronger than a university student on a boxing scholarship… childhood friend born the wrong gender?