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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh129 - Entering this door.


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Was it not ordinary? rKcsS8

You Liangxing was on the verge of asking that question but Yao Miaomiao had already stopped the car and Bai Yao’s high heel came flying over in a spin. She said: “Get off the car!”

The entirety of Kang Shengzhe’s body shuddered, and like a chicken bastard he plunged himself into You Liangxing’s embrace. Bai Yao’s eyes grew red from watching and thus, she personally opened the car door to drag the person down.

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Kang Shengzhe did not dare to rage and did not dare to speak, and You Liangxing… had never dared to throw a fuss.

Yao Miaomiao was only a designated driver for today and she left as soon as she dropped You Liangxing, Kang Shengzhe and Bai Yao off. After they crossed through the huge gates, the flower garden and its small pond, Kang Shengzhe leaned closer to You Liangxing’s ear and said: “Liang Liang, my legs are a little weak.” udcCdA

You Liangxing gave him a one-over and it could be seen that his usual indifference was not present. Then, after he plastered on a calm and poised expression, he looked Kang Shengzhe in the eyes and said: “I’m weak too.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……”

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang… truly, your methods for consoling people are very special.”

You Liangxing did not return his smile, only saying: “En.”


Subsequently after, he pulled Kang Shengzhe’s hand and said as an afterthought: “It’ll be fine.”

Although their fingers were interlaced together, Kang Shengzhe did not find any strength from the gesture because You Liangxing’s hand was shaking slightly and he was more nervous than he was.

The two exchanged gazes. Without exception, both persons resembled two skinny blades of grass that could be snapped off with a mere twist of fingers.

They were genuinely terrified. Td8rhY

Kang Shengzhe had never met You Liangxing’s parents, and worst still, he did not understand the information he had of his boyfriend’s parents in the slightest. Let alone stepping through the door, the fact that he had been deeply inflicted with the disparity of their wealth as an opening had already given him a formidable fright.

Thus, he did not dare to be presumptuous at all, and his character setting of a legendary giant bird was reduced to a chicken whelp who did not even dare to lift his feet off the ground by an inch to fly.

Before they could knock the door when they reached the entrance, the door was opened from the inside.

The person who opened the door was a gentle auntie in her forties. When she saw You Liangxing and Bai Yao, her face was full of smiles as she said cheerfully, “You’re home?” GKuBIE

Bai Yao said: “We’re back. I’m starving, is the food prepared?”

The auntie said: “It was prepared early on, we were merely waiting for you to come back.”

That auntie’s smile was rather hospitable and it had a very comforting effect on people. Without further ado, You Liangxing introduced: “My family’s auntie.”

Kang Shengzhe whispered, “There’s even an auntie?” dOCa89

Of course, there was. You Liangxing was about to enter the door when a man clad in chef’s outfit walked out. Shocked, he moved aside and gave way, and a string of people wandered out of the door one after another. Meanwhile, Kang Shengzhe was counting and it numbered at twelve to thirteen.

Freezing on the spot, he said: “This…”

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The auntie examined him with her eyes, wearing a smile on her face, “The chefs who prepared the food, they were just about to leave.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……” EMMMM. sXdKPJ

Making a meal required twelve to thirteen chefs, were they making a Manchu Han imperial feast?

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Bjcu Vtfcuhtf’r ofjaegfr rmgecmtfv abufatfg jcv tf rtba j qifjvlcu ujhf ja Tbe Oljcuzlcu. Lbkfnfg, fnfc Tbe Oljcuzlcu’r mbwqifzlbc kjr reypfma ab mtjcufr jr tf rtbbx tlr tfjv. Lf rjlv: “Qf’gf cba ilxf atlr erejiis, atlr lr atf olgra alwf P’nf rffc la jr kfii.”

Coafg tf rjlv atja, tf ibbxfv ja Djl Tjb. “Tbe abiv Gjv jcv Zbw jybea er?”

Bai Yao looked at him coldly. “What else?” Rms4JM

You Liangxing initially thought that Bai Yao had brought them back with the intention of making them come out of the closet, but he did not expect that before he had the chance to speak, he would be facing the consequences directly. Once he reached that point, he found the situation more worrying than before.

After hesitating thrice, You Liangxing got cold feet. He told Kang Shengzhe: “Let’s go back to City A, we’ll go back now.”

For You Liangxing, a person who had always acted independently and maintained the initiative like he was his own sky, to say such a thing was sufficient in showing how grim the situation was. Despite that, Kang Shengzhe furrowed his eyebrows time and time again before opening his mouth to say: “No, we can’t leave, Liang Liang, we can’t leave.”

Standing at the side, Bai Yao did not issue a single remark, watching as that panicky dog of a two-metre-tall hefty man remain staunch, while it was her own family’s little brother who was protecting him fiercely, deathly afraid of Kang Shengzhe suffering any grievances in this house. o1IYEd

… It has only been months since they last met, how did he manage to like a man to this extent.

It was truly the problem of a Mr. Perfect being blinded by their fascination which the world never managed to solve.

“Stop talking, we’re leaving now.” You Liangxing would never change his decision once it was made. Even though he was currently going back on his words at the last moment, he was still calm in his course. He pulled Kang Shengzhe and walked outwards but a male voice, neither light nor heavy but still downright imposing, spoke out from behind.

“Where are you going!” M9Nmqx

You Liangxing came to a screeching halt before he turned around slowly. Kang Shengzhe was worse; his body quaked and he unconsciously straightened out his back to stand ramrod straight.

You Liangxing said: “…Dad.”

You Ming was not the only one standing at the door, for Bai Yan was present too. While their expression could not be considered as strict, it was definitely different from the casualness they exuded on a normal day and that was only emphasised by how they were smartly dressed, fit for receiving guests instead of their usual clothes for leisure.

… This was kind of bad. 0YD7UN

You Ming said: “Where do you think you’re going, who agreed to let you leave? Do you know how much time your mom spent ordering dishes when she heard you were coming back? Do you think you’re respecting your mother by doing this? Is this how I have educated you?”

Rebuked, You Liangxing’s expression became ugly and he found himself speechless. However, it did not matter because neither You Ming nor Bai Yan were waiting for him to answer. Ever since they came to the door, the pair’s eyes had been glued on Kang Shengzhe’s person and they were scrutinising him in every possible manner.

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As the Lord Father and Mother were scrutinising him, Kang Shengzhe met their eyes plainly although it was not an easy task. Sure enough, one look had him spiralling into an ice cellar and he felt like he was suffering from the entire world’s deception.

Indifferent and nothing mystical? Wants for nothing? fjU9 Y

That did not exist.

Initially, Kang Shengzhe thought that he knew nothing about Liang Liang’s parents, but when he actually met them, he realised that he did not need You Liangxing to explain at all because he saw through their identities at a glance.

The lady before him was someone who his parents dedicated half a month out of every year to reminiscence and experience her new and old movies ever since he could remember. Even if she was not in light makeup or under bright lights, her beauty still represented an era of classics.

Bai Yan, the veteran Film Empress who enjoyed a great reputation in contemporary times, was Liang Liang’s Lord Mother. igaFVQ

And the other individual… even if Kang Shengzhe did not pay attention to the finance and economics profession, he could still say his name. Why? If he knew Ma Huateng, and he knew Wang Jianlin, how could he not know You Ming?

He had money and his appearance was extraordinary; he was top class in both his entrepreneurship and his looks, who wouldn’t know you were talking about him?

Therefore, how was this difficult mode……

This was suicide mode ah. ZoW VK

Kang Shengzhe was terrified to the extreme and he straightened his back further out of conditioned reflex. You Liangxing stood by his side and the reticent pair clasped their hands together in their silence, holding tight.

Kang Shengzhe took a deep breath, lowering his head, he said: “Uncle, Au—”

“Don’t say that first.”

You Ming only said one simple half line, but the bodies of Kang Shengzhe and You Liangxing stiffened. nOxtjI

Not letting them leave, not even letting them greet, it meant that they could only toughen their scalps and enter the door. You Liangxing pulled Kang Shengzhe to walk forward but You Ming and Bai Yan continued to stand at the door, and none of them displayed the intention of letting them through.

Knowing that calling You Ming was useless, You Liangxing could only say: “… Mom?”

Bai Yan’s features softened and she asked in a light voice: “Xiao Liang, Mom will ask you this, do you still want to enter this door?”

Before You Liangxing could react, Kang Shengzhe’s brows jumped and his expression contorted. zXNF1m

The atmosphere descended to a freezing point in an instant. You Liangxing said: “What do you mean?”

You Ming glanced at him and said: “I’ll only ask you one question, if you answer it correctly, I’ll let you enter the door, understood?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

You Liangxing went silent for a moment, expression finally reverting back to a thoughtful one before he settled back to his typical indifference. “Please ask.”

You Ming said: “What does the man standing next to you mean to you? You Liangxing, think about your answer carefully before you state it.” YXPnI

With the conversation reaching this stage, they were already placed at the brink. Between You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe, neither of them could have expected that before they even entered the door, they would be directly forced into a position where they were made to choose by his parents.

There was only silence. Kang Shengzhe’s grip on You Liangxing tightened, relaxed only to tighten again. Sucking in a breath to inflate his chest, he was about to speak when You Liangxing roared at him fiercely: “Shut up! You’re not allowed to speak!”

Kang Shengzhe stiffened, palms trembling. However, he still complied in the end, only holding You Liangxing silently and standing up straight.

You Liangxing lifted his head and said: “He’s my lover, my boyfriend, I want to marry him in the future.” xLRsFj

Bai Yao rolled her eyes furiously at the side and responded in a low voice: “Tch.”

You Ming and Bai Yan’s brows wrinkled. A moment later, You Ming laughed coldly. “Courageous.”

Done speaking, he turned around, entering the door without even looking back.

Falling silent, You Liangxing lowered his head while Kang Shengzhe stared. Two seconds later, he blinked and he was basically close to tears. cAJQ6F

You Liangxing’s heart was originally at the bottom of the valley, but upon seeing his reaction, he could not help but say: “What are you doing.”

Kang Shengzhe said: “I… it’s just that my heart suddenly has this feeling, ah, I really do like you, I really like you, in a ‘I really like you, I like you so much’ kind of way.”

You Liangxing revealed a smile and patted Kang Shengzhe on his big head.

The pair was sharing their silence when Bai Yao abruptly cut in. “Are you about done? Can you go into the house now, I’m seriously starving.” VX1d7


You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe stiffened together and realised in hindsight that while You Ming and Bai Yan had walked away, the door was kept open. Since they were quite close to the door, they could hear the pair discussing in a moderate voice inside.

“Your performance wasn’t bad just now, it was very fierce.”

“Is that so? It’s all thanks to your teaching, as the husband of a Film Empress, my acting skills have to improve.” C8rve4

“Huh~ you sweet talker.”

You Liangxing: “……”

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Kang Shengzhe: “……”

Without giving them time to be dumbfounded, Bai Yao quickly pulled both of them into the door on her high heels. When they entered the door and surveyed the interior, however, they became dumbstruck. The five to six metre dining table placed in their house was draped in a red tablecloth and it was packed to the brim with a variety of dishes from beginning to end. DOUhAb

…. They never thought that, not only would it be a Manchu Han Imperial Feast, it would surpass a Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

From Western to Eastern cuisine, everything someone could want was there.

Kang Shengzhe felt some goose bumps rising. Not just that; after entering the door, the looks that You Ming and Bai Yan collectively gave him went through a 180-degree change, for their eyes harboured smiles and even their facial expressions were incomparably warm.

Bai Yan said happily: “Look at how pretty this child is.” ST6jWP

You Ming smiled as he nodded his head. “En, just a little worse than you.”

You Liangxing could not utter a single thing for a long time. He barely managed to breathe when Bai Yan waved her hand, saying: “Come sit, was sitting on the high-speed railway tiring? When I heard you were bringing your boyfriend back, Mom specifically spent five minutes ordering dishes for you, come have a taste, don’t let it go cold.”

You Liangxing: “…… Oh.”

Saying that, he pulled Kang Shengzhe to sit down. Then, Bai Yan said: “Wait, this child, ah right, what’s your name?” VaAqpM

Kang Shengzhe replied in a hurry: “Kang Shengzhe.”

Bai Yan said: “Kang Sheng what?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Kang Shengzhe.”

“Kang what Zhe?” KMW243

“Kang Shengzhe.”

“What Shengzhe?”

“Kang Shengzhe.”

“Mom!” You Liangxing said. 0CGJIF

Bai Yan smiled with crinkled eyes, saying, “What are you being anxious for, look at how forbearing the other family’s Kang Zhe Sheng is.”

You Ming also said: “Ah Liang, speak to your Mom properly.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No matter how wilful Bai Yao was, she had only inherited fifty percent of what Bai Yan was in total. Honestly speaking, You Liangxing’s shout had no effect on her and everything was entirely dependent on her mood. However, it was obvious that she was in a decent mood today because she chose to stop joking and beckoned to Kang Shengzhe instead. “Come here, sit by my side.”

Kang Shengzhe and You Liangxing shared a glance. It was only when You Liangxing nodded that Kang Shengzhe slowly moved over like a caterpillar. At this point in time, he ought to open his mouth to say something but even if the words were on the tip of his tongue, it was hard to verbalise it. GOEFA0

This beauty of a mother looked way too young and her aura was strong to the point where it was frightening. Whether it was bo mu or auntie, how could Kang Shengzhe possibly dare to say either out loud…

Bai Yan seemed to know what he was thinking as she blinked and slanted her head. She said: “Shall I give you a suggestion?”

Kang Shengzhe said obediently: “Please speak.”

Bai Yan said: “Just call me Mom.” zbCXKl

Translator's Note

满汉全席 (pinying: man han quan xi) – a legendary (and sumptuous) banquet in the Qing Dynasty.

Translator's Note

没看住 (pinyin: mei kan zhu) – it has a connotation of ‘watching over’.

Translator's Note

高富帅 (pinyin: gao fu shui) – an internet slang for Mr. Perfect, who possess the height, wealth and looks.

Translator's Note

The CEO of Tencent.

Translator's Note

The founder of Dalian Wanda Group, the largest real estate development company in China and the world’s largest movie theatre operator.

Translator's Note

The more respectable way of calling an older woman ‘auntie’, but it’s usually only used in relation to familial connections. I don’t think there’s an English equivalent…?

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