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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh128 - Please explain ordinary family.


After going through the process of inquiry, they did not set off for Beijing immediately since there was no scheduled flight. However, that did not mean Kang Shengzhe had the luxury of landing on the ground before Bai Yao announced that they were going to sit on the high-speed railway to go back.

Such a huge celebrity like Bai Yao wanting to sit on the high-speed railway was unheard of, but it sufficiently displayed Bai Yao’s resolution and neither You Liangxing nor Kang Shengzhe dared to object. FWR4am

The trio’s travels were done in a rush and when they finally reached their seats, Bai Yao did not forget to arm herself to the teeth in her full gear of sunglasses, mask and hat. Furthermore, even despite sitting in the innermost seat, she still tried to lower her sense of existence.

As Kang Shengzhe watched her go through these hardships, he comforted her: “It’s fine, you don’t have to conceal yourself so thoroughly.”

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Bai Yao said: “What the hell do you know, do you know how popular I am?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “I don’t know but you can rest assured, with Liang Liang and I by your side, they won’t be looking at you.” noiaXx

Bai Yao rolled her eyes angrily but her gesture went unseen because of her sunglasses. “I can accept it if it’s Ah Liang, but where does your confidence come from…”

Kang Shengzhe told her bluntly, “I’m taller than you and I’m better looking~”

Bai Yao: “……” Bleh!

However, reality made it a little difficult for her to refute his point and it nearly made Bai Yao want to die abruptly on the spot. Stretching out a slender finger, she jabbed it towards Kang Shengzhe’s big head before she took off her hat and sunglasses, leaving only her mask.


It did make her feel more relaxed though, and Bai Yao let out a cold snort without speaking again.

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The silence in the air only lasted for a moment. Not long after they were seated, Kang Shengzhe’s phone started ringing endlessly, starting with a WeChat phone call. Kang Shengzhe stared at his phone, complexion gradually growing heavier but he did not pick up the call. Instead, he only replied to something on his phone.

Seeing that the hue on his face was less than ideal, You Liangxing asked: “Who?”

Kang Shengzhe replied with one name, “Wang Lu.” DlEOuP

You Liangxing was aware that Wang Lu was Kang Shengzhe’s agent. “Something happened?”

Kang Shengzhe did not reply and You Liangxing was about to continue asking when he caught a glimpse of his own phone, and came to realise that his own silenced phone had more messages than Kang Shengzhe. The sender was Liao Su and he had a dozen missed calls as well.

[It’s Liao Su Not Plastic]: –Brother Liang! What are the both of you doing!! Why aren’t you picking up the phone!!

[It’s Liao Su Not Plastic]: — Are you and God K together? Have you seen the matter regarding MengMao??? yE4q3S

[It’s Liao Su Not Plastic]: — Reply as soon as you see the message, something bad really happened! Tell God K to post a clarification, this sort of matter isn’t good for his reputation.

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You Liangxing replied: — What’s wrong?

Ycmf atf wfrrjuf kfca bea, Oljb Ve kjr jycbgwjiis regqglrfv bc tlr fcv: — ! Tbe olcjiis gfqilfv!! Tbe uesr kfgfc’a riffqlcu ecali cbk, gluta?! Cl, ifa’r cba ajix jybea atlr olgra, vb sbe xcbk jybea atf wjaafg mlgmeijalcu bc atf lcafgcfa?

Tbe Oljcuzlcu ujnf Bjcu Vtfcuhtf j uijcmf, bcis ab rff atja Bjcu Vtfcuhtf’r fzqgfrrlbc kjr fzagjbgvlcjglis mjiw jcv uefrrfv atja tf pera yfmjwf jkjgf bo ktja Oljb Ve kjr mbcmfgcfv jybea. Ktbeuta rqlcclcu, Tbe Oljcuzlcu kjr qgfqjglcu ab lcnfralujaf ktfc Bjcu Vtfcuhtf jygeqais rabqqfv tlw lc tlr agjmxr jr tf rjlv: “Gbc’a mbcmfgc sbegrfio klat la olgra.” kxsfta

You Liangxing revealed a suspicious look, to which Kang Shengzhe smiled and said: “Liang Liang, nothing is more important than going back to see your parents with you.”

You Liangxing was rendered speechless in an instant while Bai Yao hummed smilingly. Tone indistinct, she said: “Consider yourself tactful.”

Since Kang Shengzhe spoke as such, You Liangxing stopped trying to probe the matter. He gave Liao Su a simple reply, telling him to calm down and disregard the matter for the time being before he set his phone down.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Kang Shengzhe pointed at his own shoulder. “Are you tired? Do you want to rest her head for a while?” 6PdZRn

You Liangxing shook his head, expression wrought with some anxiety. Kang Shengzhe said comfortingly, “It’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.”

You Liangxing let out a soft sigh.

As the high-speed rail travelled at full speed, their surroundings were quiet. Kang Shengzhe stared at the moving scenery outside the window, emotions indiscernible. Alas, You Liangxing could not stop thinking about the matter Liao Su was talking about and he was about to ask when Kang Shengzhe turned his head around all of a sudden and leaned closer to his ear to whisper: “Liang Liang, what do I do, once I think about the fact that I’m meeting your parents, I start getting a little nervous.”

You Liangxing: “……” OIafvR

“Don’t be nervous,” said You Liangxing helplessly.

Unable to help himself, Kang Shengzhe asked: “Liang Liang, what’s your family like?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With the topic switching to this vein, You Liangxing did not have the time to think about the previous matter. He pondered about it seriously before he responded: “Our family is an ordinary family, it’s just that our house is a little bigger than most.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……” e2VS8W

Kang Shengzhe swallowed his saliva, visage expressing the strangeness he felt. “Liang Liang, are you being satirical with me?”

You Liangxing: “No, it’s the truth.”

He might say it was the truth but it did not assure Kang Shengzhe at all. Rather, it only served to increase the degree of strangeness he felt the more he thought about it because he could not tell if there was a double meaning in his words. Feeling complicated in his heart, Kang Shengzhe decided to sound out Bai Yao. “Older sister, what are your parents like?”

Bai Yao glared at him with her widened pretty eyes. “Who’s your older sister! Kang Shengzhe, pay attention to your words!” o08uWd

Despite scolding him, she still answered him seriously. “My Mom doesn’t work much these days, she occasionally travels and shops, what is she like…”

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“Indifferent and nothing mystical.”

Kang Shengzhe: “… Indifferent and nothing mystical?”

Bai Yao hummed, “En.” RQEdr7

Kang Shengzhe: “… Your father?”

Bai Yao, “My dad ah, there’s nothing much to say, he does some business, he wants for nothing.”

With the descriptions ‘indifferent and nothing mystical’ and ‘wants for nothing’ to add on to the ordinary family from before, Kang Shengzhe had nothing to say beyond the fact that his entire mind was in chaos.

After a minute of contemplation with nothing to show for it, Kang Shengzhe said: “Do you want to play a game?” RObPMZ

Bai Yao became startled, “You still have the mood to game?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “Are you playing or not?”

Bai Yao: “Not playing.”

Kang Shengzhe turned to You Liangxing, and the shorter man took out his phone, logged into the game and the pair entered a team room before they started a duo queue. Without needing ten minutes, the pair ended a match swiftly with a victory under their belts. zL8wZI

Initially, Bai Yao had the face of an aloof goddess on, but after listening to them she could not help but become interested. She stared at them and saw that they were cooperating with tacit understanding, practically inseparable. Thus, she could resist saying in jealousy: “Hmpf, so what if you’re an anchor? All you know how to play is King’s Glory.”

Kang Shengzhe replied: “Have you been in the King’s division before?”

“Not yet,” said Bai Yao.

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Kang Shengzhe: “Then, you have the nerve to say that the game you’re playing is King’s Glory?” ExSPXc

Bai Yao: “……”

Bai Yao felt her air lodge itself in her chest and it was apparent that she was going to act up. You Liangxing pulled her hand in a hurry and said: “Come online, let’s play together.”

Bai Yao: “… Hmpf! Don’t think I’ll let go of you just because you’re bringing me along, Ah Liang! … Invite me.”

Throughout their entire journey, the three of them gamed and time flew past swiftly. In that period of time, You Liangxing fell into a trance twice, only to stabilise himself with timely smiles from Kang Shengzhe. 8FeMtP

Indeed, no matter what was happening, the most important thing before them was that they were going home to meet Bai Yan and You Ming.

Their journey was smooth sailing; after they got off the high-speed railway, Bai Yao’s personal little assistant Yao Miaomiao had already prepared a car to fetch them. When Yao Miaomiao saw Kang Shengzhe, she suffered from a lapse in her concentration, and the shock she felt only increased after she discovered the fact that You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe were a pair.

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“My god, I didn’t expect that…” That brushing encounter they had as they were separated by a car window partition, would actually end up with them being together in a blink of eye.

Yao Miaomiao sighed with emotion, “All the ladies underneath the skies are about to cry themselves to their watery graves, but I must say, both of you are very well-suited for each other.” Ugn29p

Bai Yao issued a loud “Ah” and said, “Miaomiao, what did you say just now, I can’t seem to hear you?”

Yao Miaomiao let out a “haha” before she very consciously shut her mouth.

They were roughly an hour into the ride when the car took a turn and entered an exceedingly magnificent villa district. Kang Shengzhe looked left and right. Ever since they entered the district, they had been surrounded by precious flowers and fauna, for every villa had its own huge flower garden. Unexpectedly, there was even a long dark blue swimming pool running along the middle of the road, and it looked less like decoration and more like the swimming pool was its own lane.

Truthfully speaking, if he hadn’t known this was Beijing, Kang Shengzhe would have thought that he was in Dubai. pHA693

Bai Yao: “Are you feeling like your lack of wealth has limited your own imagination?”

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Kang Shengzhe’s flower-like features and moonlike face scrunched together, “Liang Liang, why didn’t you mention these to me before…”

You Liangxing said in a matter-of-factly tone: “There’s nothing worth saying about it.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……” yfknGV

Kang Shengzhe covered his chest abruptly and it took him a long time before he managed to compose himself. Then, he asked, “Liang Liang, which unit is your house?”

You Liangxing said: “En? This entire villa district actually, although I’m not certain if the other villas have been sold recently.”

From the front passenger seat, Bai Yao supplemented, “It hasn’t been sold. Mom said it’s quieter when our family lives alone, and it’s not like we lack the money, so what are we in a rush to sell it for.”

Kang Shengzhe: “……” qvjGwJ

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang, I feel like I’m having trouble breathing.”

You Liangxing: “……”

You Liangxing reached his hand out to help Kang Shengzhe rub his chest, but Kang Shengzhe threw himself into his arms with a powerful momentum, tearing as he sobbed out: “This is what you call an ordinary family?”


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