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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh127 - Okay.


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The netizens’ comments poured in like a tide: k6Uztb

【Carried the first person over his shoulder and ran hahahaha!! Don’t know what kind of expression the girls at the scene were making (Laughing to Death)】

【The people in the hall probably went crazy!! Hahaha!】

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【Ahhh why wasn’t I there ah!!  I feel stimulated just from the video alone.】

【En, sure enough, I’m the only one who’s still paying attention to their attractiveness. Are we really from the same dimension???】 p wgQK

【Other people’s university has never disappointed me.】

【Other people’s school senior has never disappointed me.】

【Skies above, that short-haired man is handsome to this extent and yet he managed to remain obscure? ? Where are the talent scouts! Unearth him! Let him debut ah!!!】

【+1!! With this sort of face value, I would willingly crowdfund to help him debut!!】


Since there were people talking about You Liangxing in the comments, it was a matter of course that there would be discussions regarding the other individual.

【Waaah that long-haired man is so domineering!! Also… isn’t he too tall!! Is he at least two metres!!? Truly, not the same dimension.】

【Speaking of it, what’s with this strange combination… he’s so tall and yet his face is also, just, just… moonlike and with flower-like features?】

【…… All of a sudden, I have nothing to say in reply. Honestly, I was wondering why a face like that could be called handsome, because no matter how you look at that face, it should be considered a beauty, right?!!!】 dxfIC

【Frankly jealous!!! Did you hear that! I’m unabashedly jealous!!】

【Ahhh these two people are truly blessed! Two men with high face values withdrawing from the pool of natural resources simultaneously, heart stabbing. (Vomiting a fountain of blood)】

【emmmm, did no one feel like that long-haired person looks incredibly familiar? Could that person be… KK?】

【???? WTF! Just one word and the light sleeper awakens from their dreams!! I was just saying, how could they look so similar, this person must be KK, right!!】 q9vp0d

Following that, the netizens received a rude awakening as they began to ask who KK was, and who was KK. With regards to this content, Bai Yao did not manage to absorb a single bit of it. Ever since she realised that the other individual was KK, her entire person had gone stupid.

Kang Shengzhe?

That quiet two-metre-tall big man who moved like a legendary giant bird spreading its wings, that Kang Shengzhe?

Why was Kang Shengzhe together with Ah Liang… they were in the same school and they were together???? nx7pWa

Bai Yao went through a period of stupefaction, and in the midst of her agitation, she remembered that she added Kang Shengzhe’s WeChat on her phone. Then, the gears in her head spun and she hurriedly entered You Liangxing’s WeChat. As expected, under every Moment that featured You Liangxing’s progress – as few as they were – a thumbs-up from Kang Shengzhe was ever present.

There was no room for doubt that it was the both of them.

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She was not wrong in her recognition.

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… Why hadn’t she noticed it in the past! rdAZBY

Pa kjr abb ijaf obg gfugfar. Lfjga jmtlcu, Djl Tjb vfmlvfv ab ub ab Jlas C ab olcv Tbe Oljcuzlcu lwwfvljafis ab jrx tlw ktja kjr ublcu bc. Dea rtf mbeiv cfnfg tjnf fzqfmafv atja rtf kbeiv fcmbecafg atlr xlcv bo rmfcjglb atf wbwfca rtf jgglnfv.

The harms that could inflict was far greater than her interrogation ever could because that was essentially an explosive attack, the sort that caused instantaneous deaths the moment contact was made!

Efmbiifmalbc mbcmievlcu, Djl Tjb ujnf Bjcu Vtfcuhtf jcbatfg ofgbmlber uijgf, gfrfcawfca ralii abgwfcalcu tfg tfjga.

In such a situation, Kang Shengzhe had to work his brain no matter how lost he was. He nudged You Liangxing. Thus, You Liangxing had no choice but to explain: “She’s my elder sister.” Q3qeFf

This answer was contrary to all the expected reasons he had conjured. While Kang Shengzhe was very surprised, now was definitely not the time to investigate the given reason. Immediately, he altered the casual attitude he had when he first met Bai Yao, standing up straight as he greeted her in earnest manner: “Long time no see, Bai Yao.”

Unfortunately, Bai Yao was only filled with anger when she saw Kang Shengzhe. After listening for so long, her head was only filled with indignant resentment which stemmed from the fact that her angel of a younger brother had been slept by a legendary giant bird. Furthermore, the person standing right before her eyes was shirtless and his pants on his lower half was loose and scruffy, and his appearance exuded a lazy attitude that conveyed he had just climbed out of bed.

Furious, Bai Yao bit out: “You’re allowed to call me Bai Yao?”

Kang Shengzhe paused before he subsequently revealed a shy and bashful smile. He changed his address and said: “Older sister.” KT82Qd

Bai Yao: “……”

Bai Yao almost threw up her soul in anger. Without demur, she bent her body over and yelled: “Who are you calling older sister! Your delusions are quite something! Where are my shoes! Where are my high heels!”

In the fit of chaos, You Liangxing hugged Bai Yao’s waist in a hurry to stop her from slaughtering someone in a moment of impulse. Had it been under normal circumstances, his tugs of persuasion would have taken a significant amount of time to take effect, but because of her bad mood, Bai Yao had downed four bottles of fruit beer. Hence, her inebriation ensured that she was back on the sofa and rubbing her temples very quickly.

Her body might be incapable of fighting but her mouth could still lay down vicious words. “Just you wait.” 2dhC4o

Kang Shengzhe looked at You Liangxing obediently. You Liangxing sighed and crouched down to ask Bai Yao: “Dizzy?”

Bai Yao let out a cold hum, but she could not stop her long-standing and frequent habit of wanting her little brother to coax her. “I feel uncomfortable.”

You Liangxing said: “I’ll cook a bowl of soup for you to sober you up. Rest first.”

Bai Yao said: “I don’t want it too hot.” BwXbt8

“I know,” You Liangxing replied.

You Liangxing did not leave assured and he kept turning his head back repeatedly. However, Bai Yao chose to wait for him to enter the kitchen first before she jumped up and pulled Kang Shengzhe, stepping on his feet twice.

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Kang Shengzhe did not move at all, allowing Bai Yao to kick him several times. Bai Yao glared at him before her body fell back and she curled up on the sofa and fell asleep.

Rushing over to City A from outside had been taxing and considering how she had been drinking on an empty stomach ever since she arrived, her head was bound to ache when she woke up. Kang Shengzhe covered her with a blanket and then went to the bedroom to change his clothes. After doing so, he went to the kitchen to search for You Liangxing. SFThkD

There was nothing Kang Shengzhe needed to ask when a family member appeared out of nowhere. Honestly, now that he thought about it, Liang Liang seemed to have told him that he knew Bai Yao a long time ago and that he had an older sister in his family. It was just that he hadn’t believed him, nor did he try to piece the information together. If there was anything he truly wanted to say, it were merely a sigh with emotion that ‘the world actually filled with so many coincidences’ because the circle of people he knew had come full circle.

You Liangxing asked: “Are you hungry?”

“Hungry,” said Kang Shengzhe.

“I originally want to make a few dishes, but now…” LTg6mC

Kang Shengzhe said: “It’s fine.”

The pair simply made a bowl of noodles to eat. You Liangxing was not one to speak much when eating and it was only when he was keeping the bowls and utensils that he said: “I could never do anything about her since I was young.”

His words came abruptly. Kang Shengzhe looked at him quietly, to which You Liangxing sighed softly and continued. “But she’s probably the person who loves me the most in the world.”

Kang Shengzhe asserted, “One of them.” yN3hOt

You Liangxing had been talking seriously but he promptly forgot what he wanted to say with Kang Shengzhe’s unexpected input.

Kang Shengzhe did not need him to say it because his heart understood it extremely well. “It’ll be fine, when I’m with you, I’m not afraid of anything.”

His words made him resemble a married young woman out of a television series, but because You Liangxing was still dwelling in the dilemma of having been caught by Bai Yao, he actually ate some of that set. He did not speak as Kang Shengzhe lowered his head to lean closer to his lips.

Ma ma da?” Yn1dfd

You Liangxing looked at him for a while before he gave him a peck on the lips.

They smiled as they looked at each other, the atmosphere becoming warm and ambiguous again. Kang Shengzhe held onto You Liangxing’s hand and with some wrangling, he successfully interlaced their fingers together.

“Actually, I feel that everything is quite nice right now. Being with you is like being in a dream, as long as it is for the sake of being with Liang Liang, it doesn’t matter how many monsters I have to fight.”

Monster… FYUcQd

As he thought of how Bai Yao had just been compared to a monster, You Liangxing wanted to laugh inexplicably.

In the silence, Kang Shengzhe inclined his head again and they were about to kiss when a cold snort sounded from behind them suddenly. “What are you doing? Taking advantage of my slumber and developing experience in this jungle area?”

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You Liangxing: “……”

Kang Shengzhe: “……” ZdJF0W

Turning his head back, Kang Shengzhe smiled, “You’re awake.”

Bai Yao: “Hehe.”

Yes, it was that coincidental; she heard them rolling in the sheets and she heard the joke he made as well.

He did not know if Bai Yao was practicing some kind of martial art because she did not issue a single sound despite wearing high heels. It was no wonder why You Liangxing would be so alarmed and afraid whenever he saw Bai Yao. poWSNb

Bai Yao found everyone displeasing to the eye at the present, and she only calmed down after she finished a huge bowl of sobering soup. She asked: “When did this start?”

This was definitely the overdue interrogation from a family member. Kang Shengzhe steadied himself, unafraid as he replied: “It’s been a while, it started a few months ago.”

Bai Yao: “Did I ask you?”

Kang Shengzhe shut his mouth obediently, leaving You Liangxing to reply: “Summer vacation.” F6CdYK

They began during summer vacation but Kang Shengzhe hadn’t entered university then. How did they become acquainted? Bai Yao had a bad feeling about this and she suddenly remembered that she had pulled Kang Shengzhe and You Liangxing for a three-man queue to game.

…. They didn’t get to know each then, right? If that was the case, was she the one who made the match?

Bai Yao became deathly pale in an instant. From her expression, You Liangxing immediately grasped what she was thinking and explained: “No, it was a little earlier than that.”

Those words only served to make the matter worse. Wouldn’t that mean that before they played a game together, they already knew each other but they had actively chosen not to tell her? Upon realising that, Bai Yao slapped the table out of anger, and seeing Kang Shengzhe’s well-behaved appearance only made her rage boil higher. Z 6vaI

“Why aren’t you speaking!”

Kang Shengzhe: “Weren’t you the one who didn’t want me speak?”

Bai Yao: “You would stop speaking just because I told you to?”

Kang Shengzhe said: “You’re my older sister now, yes?” w3PqpJ

Bai Yao: “…. Where are my high heels! See if I will beat you to death today!”

After venting for some time, the commotion died down. She was tired to the point where she had to take deep breaths and she was frankly physically and emotionally tired. Bai Yao said: “Tell me directly, how did you meet and what is going on exactly.”

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Although he was facing a feudalistic scene where the head of the family was going to break them up once one sentence did not conform to their expectations, You Liangxing was still forbearing and calm. He simply said: “We got to know each other in a game and we met in Beijing later.”

As the specific circumstances were being given, Bai Yao did not make a sound as she listened. After a long moment, she finally asked: “Do the both of you know what you’re doing?” KaQFDf

You Liangxing replied: “I know.”

Bai Yao asked Kang Shengzhe, “Do you know?”

Kang Shengzhe said the same: “I know.”

Bai Yao did not look at You Liangxing and only directed this question to Kang Shengzhe. “Have you thought this through? That no matter what you have to face, you won’t regret it?” MxL4ou

Raising his head, Kang Shengzhe affirmed: “I won’t regret it.”

Bai Yao quietened down. A beat later, she suddenly changed to a look of utter indifference as she asked: “Speak, how much money do I have to give you to make you leave Ah Liang?”

Kang Shengzhe lifted his chin and squared his shoulders. “Older sister, Liang Liang and I are in love with each other wholeheartedly, our love is priceless.”

Bai Yao asked You Liangxing: “What do you say?” Wlyqxn

You Liangxing toughened his scalp and said: “… I’ll take anything you throw at me.”

Now that the act had been satisfied and the sense of déjà vu was strong enough, or perhaps because she could see that You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe were highly compatible to the extent where it could win over her in a strange manner, Bai Yao could only click her tongue and say: “Alright then….. since you’ve declared that, I can’t do anything about it either. The future is long, however…”

Her words paused. You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe felt equal parts of joy and apprehension; joy because Bai Yao seemed to have no intention to tangle herself with their affair for the time being and apprehension because the words that were bound to follow was probably not a good thing.

“However what?” fdqa2

Bai Yao smiled. No drama goblin spirits could be found possessing her tone as she spoke seriously: “Since both of you have proclaimed me a monster, then I don’t have to be polite with you. Now that you’re done fighting the monster, why don’t you fight the master as well?”

You Liangxing’s expression immediately changed. In the next second, Bai Yao said faintly: “Return to Beijing with me to see Dad and Mom.”

You Liangxing: “…When?”

“Right now,” said Bai Yao. C79kYG

When her voice landed, Bai Yao looked at Kang Shengzhe with a smile that an official would have. “You’re coming along.”

Kang Shengzhe: “…Okay.”

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Kang Shengzhe, someone who had previously boasted that he was not scared anything, felt his legs start shaking, if he had to be honest.


Translator's Note

花容月貌 (pinyin: hua rong yue mao) – fig. a great beauty.

Translator's Note

Kissing sound.

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