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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh125.5 - NSFW.


T/N: Y’all know what you’re getting into with the chapter title. Viewers’ discretion is advised while KK makes his… point.
Lulith and anon, thank you for your Ko-Fis! Enjoy the chapter!

With his feelings of love simmering just beneath his skin, You Liangxing could care less about the issue of having to shower. Flipping his body onto Kang Shengzhe’s person, he held Kang Shengzhe and kissed him. m4cIeD

All of the experiences that You Liangxing had was with and from Kang Shengzhe, and he had no other technique apart from kissing. But his kisses were well-learnt; he poured all his attention into it, allowing his partner to feel every minute sensation of his body being claimed, and Kang Shengzhe was reduced to pants very quickly under such a kiss.

Kang Shengzhe’s gasps were way too captivating.

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Prior to this, what You Liangxing feared the most was him or groaning or being coquettish without any given stimulus, but in the current moment, that voice of his was drawing fire and heat. You Liangxing murmured close to his ear, “Louder.”

Kang Shengzhe’s complexion flushed red, and he raised his body towards You Liangxing to paste himself against him. When the distance closed, that panting noise became even more distinct. 5CfeBx

“I told you my panting sounds really nice. Do you believe me now?”

He sound quite pleased as he said that sentence and You Liangxing could not suppress his chuckles, “En.”

That note was both gentle and doting, causing Kang Shengzhe to smile. Both of his hands started misbehaving themselves as they skirted along his ribs and moved towards his shoulders. When they reached his neck, he leaned forward and printed small kisses on it.

You Liangxing sat up from Kang Shengzhe’s waist, both hands pulling his shirt off by the hem, revealing his natural, honeyed skin. The prolonged scrutiny made him look finer and smoother, and Kang Shengzhe’s eyes narrowed. Unable to help himself any longer, he fumbled around the bed, feeling for the bottle of lubricant that was still in the store given plastic bag.


Kang Shengzhe continued panting as he directed his eyes towards the bottle. You Liangxing lowered his head as well, glazing over it, before the pair went into simultaneous stupor.

…Speaking of this item, who was going to use it?

After a small delay, Kang Shengzhe asked: “Between the two of us… who is top and who is bottom?”

Since this question was being directed to You Liangxing, his natural response was to say top. Although he had never considered this question throughout the entire process of their relationship thus far, he was still a man; and with the upper hand he already had, how could he possibly choose to be at the bottom? IFgG36

You Liangxing was going to answer it that way when he gave a slight pause. Then, he returned the question: “Do you want to be the top or the bottom?”

Kang Shengzhe hesitated for a bit, saying: “Of course, I am the…”

Truthfully speaking, there was no doubt in Kang Shengzhe’s mind that he wanted to be the top but his attraction towards You Liangxing was not based off carnal desire. He really liked him too much, and compared to the question of being top or bottom, he was more worried that if he were to answer the question badly, his first time with You Liangxing would slip out of his fingers just like that.

Kang Shengzhe ran through his options thrice before he replied: “… I’m fine with anything.” GqmyKd

Since he was fine with anything, You Liangxing decided that he might as well top. Smiling slightly, he took the lubricant.

The soothing effect that his smile had on Kang Shengzhe was extremely obvious. You Liangxing lowered himself to kiss him again. As his hands reached Kang Shengzhe’s belt, the taller man tensed.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


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Chrysanthemum Garden.

Kang Shengzhe said: “Liang Liang, touch it.”

The hands that You Liangxing had always used for boxing were shaking, and his trembling was far more severe than the quivering of Kang Shengzhe’s body. His palm held onto it, and he only registered the sensation of how it scalded and pulsated. JADmHL

Kang Shengzhe groaned, “Ah…”

You Liangxing’s ears went red, and he said: “……It’s better if you don’t make any noises.”

Kang Shengzhe: “I didn’t intend to make any noises, Liang Liang, Liang Liang, move your hand up and down.”

This sort of experience was overly stimulating and You Liangxing did know where he should look. However, he still complied with Kang Shengzhe’s request and stroked it twice before he quickly retracted his hand. “Put on the condom.” PbSdDd

Kang Shengzhe replied, “You put it on for me.”

You Liangxing fetched the box and tore off the plastic wrapping before he placed one piece of it in his palm. Then, Kang Shengzhe said: “Don’t tear it with your hands, use your mouth.”

You Liangxing: “… You sure have a lot of requests.”

Kang Shengzhe said: “It’s our first time, no? Liang Liang, just this once, yeah? Just this once, please?” 9s2BMe

Recognising the fact that it was indeed more painful for the person at the bottom, You Liangxing gently sighed and he could only bite the corner of the plastic before he slowly tore it open. Kang Shengzhe stared at him tightly, both cheeks blushing red as he stated emotionally, “Tease!”

You Liangxing: “……” Please shut up.

Once the wrapping was torn open, his next actions proceeded jerkily. You Liangxing’s hands were not steady by any means and it took him two tries to succeed. Kang Shengzhe’s mouth would not stop issuing his soft cries throughout and You Liangxing was starting to work up a sweat after a full minute.

Nervous. 2LIu50

You Liangxing hadn’t made the full preparations in his heart, and Kang Shengzhe’s preparations were even lacking. His hands and legs were longer than You Liangxing’s and both his hands were wrapped around You Liangxing’s neck as he held onto one of You Liangxing’s ears with his mouth.

“Liang Liang…”

You Liangxing stiffened and his lubricant-coated hand brushed downwards in the passing. Kang Shengzhe’s entire body tensed and You Liangxing kissed his mouth in order to occupy his tongue.

Slowly, Kang Shengzhe gradually relaxed. qzkXft

Although their positioning was a little off, being able to couple with You Liangxing made anything look good. Kang Shengzhe’s heart jolted and he urged him. “It’s fine, go for it.”

You Liangxing hummed a response but he did not move.

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Kang Shengzhe said: “Liang Liang?”

You Liangxing was quiet as he climbed up and murmured: “Maybe we should forget about today.” qSzH2

Immediately, Kang Shengzhe became anxious and his only thoughts were that You Liangxing was unwilling to do it. “Why?”

You Liangxing’s expression was unfathomable. Kang Shengzhe threw himself at him and peppered him with a series of needy kisses. As his hands started to wander downwards, You Liangxing failed to stop him from doing so.

Once his hand entered, there was a moment of silence. Kang Shengzhe stilled, “Hm?”

Kang Shengzhe: “Liang Liang, are you…” T5ubHO

You Liangxing: “If you dare to say those two words I will hurt you.”

Kang Shengzhe shut his mouth immediately and replied by bracing his body against You Liangxing’s body and grinding against it. The result was that he felt that there was sharp contrast between him and You Liangxing’s dead calmness.

You Liangxing: “……”

Finished. Ld8Fuv

Kang Shengzhe you’re done for.

He could not blame You Liangxing for “being unable”; there were a lot of complex factors being tied to whether he was capable of it or not. It was without a doubt that You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe were harmonious with each other but he was not inherently gay and he had always lived as a person who was pure of heart and with very little desires. Yes, he seemed to go through the motions very smoothly from the first moment they landed on the bed. But after taking off Kang Shengzhe’s clothes, You Liangxing was faced with a white and tender… two metre large man.

Even if he had the heart to do it, You Liangxing’s body told him: … This day will not prevail.

Kang Shengzhe looked pitiable as he said: “Why are you like this?” iCH2lQ

Compared to Kang Shengzhe, You Liangxing was in a greater predicament. They had already developed to that stage and his unhappiness was no less than Kang Shengzhe. But the fact that he could not get it up was undeniable and he could only suggest: “Why don’t we…”

Before he could finish speaking, Kang Shengzhe had already squeezed one leg between both of his, and a harrumph spilled from his lips, “Why don’t I do it instead? You can’t, but I can.”

You Liangxing: “……”

You Liangxing tried to knock him down with his fist but Kang Shengzhe avoided it. He mumbled, “Please~~ I beg of you~~” Yg0FSD

Kang Shengzhe’s eyes were glittering and bright. And no matter who was under his gaze, no one could bear to let him be disappointed. You Liangxing frowned, feeling like it was rather difficult to get off a tiger once he had climbed on. Since that was the case, and this was their state of affairs, You Liangxing could only powerlessly reply with one word after a few moments of contemplation: “…En.”

Having received his consent, a smile blossomed on Kang Shengzhe’s face. His smile was dazzling and it almost sent him into a trance. Initially, You Liangxing had been a little unwilling but after seeing Kang Shengzhe being so happy, his lips unconsciously hooked up and he let out a gentle laugh that was mixed with a sigh.

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… Forget it, what else could he do?

He could do as he pleased. c LK0U

Kang Shengzhe’s enthusiasm seemed to suffuse out of every pore of his being. After being pressed beneath Kang Shengzhe, it was even easier for him to lose his awareness of everything else as compared to straddling him. A wet and cold sensation was sent between his legs and You Liangxing trembled gently and held onto Kang Shengzhe’s neck.


You Liangxing said: “Shut your mouth and hurry up and do it.”

Kang Shengzhe laughed softly and he really stopped speaking. Having to prepare Liang Liang was definitely more difficult than waiting for Liang Liang to prepare him and he had to do so prudently, terribly afraid that he would hurt You Liangxing. idcXgB

They stewed on for a long while. When Kang Shengzhe was finally about to enter him fully, You Liangxing was biting on his lips so hard they were on the verge of bleeding. He resisted time and time again before he called out lowly.

“Kang Shengzhe… don’t move.”

Kang Shengzhe smiled: “If you tell me not to move and I really don’t move, wouldn’t I be…”

You Liangxing eyed him and Kang Shengzhe swallowed his words instantaneously. It was not because it was afraid; rather, that glance harboured a fragile quality that was enchanting and incomparably stimulating. Just one look at him was enough to make him feel like his soul had been lured out, flying. SOXFJB

Kang Shengzhe lowered his head to kiss him. “Liang Liang, why are you so perfect? You’re so perfect to the extent where I feel that the only person who probably deserves you in this world is a hero.”

Letting out a low gasp, You Liangxing smiled all of a sudden: “Are you praising me or are you trying to praise yourself with a reverse method?”

Kang Shengzhe uttered, “Why not both?”

As he said that, Kang Shengzhe’s kiss deepened and his actions became larger as well. In the midst of the rocking motions, You Liangxing clung onto his partner’s neck, and because the feelings was too foreign to him, he could resist blurting out a few curses out of anxiety. “Kang Shengzhe!! Can you fucking slow down!!!” yjcWRA

Kang Shengzhe did not stop at all. Instead, he crooned at You Liangxing by his ear: “Speak louder, curse at me more, Liang Liang…… your voice sounds really nice~~”

This was the first time where You Liangxing wanted to curse at someone, but his words could not become sentences at all. In the end, the sounds that left his mouth became broken and fragmented groans and Kang Shengzhe’s actions became faster and faster. You Liangxing was about to send him flying with a punch but he abruptly felt that there was someone wet and cold dripping onto his ear, drop by drop.

You Liangxing held onto Kang Shengzhe’s face, only to see that Kang Shengzhe’s eyes were damp. His tears were glistening, proving that the two drops he felt was not an illusion but actual and genuine tears.

Thus, he could no longer say the words he wanted to say. You Liangxing’s heart softened and fell to the ground, adhering to the surface. He did not know that Kang Shengzhe…. actually liked him to such an extent. yD2zGE

He matched Kang Shengzhe’s rhythm of tossing. Even when he felt Kang Shengzhe basically falling apart in his arms at the end, he bore the weight of Kang Shengzhe on his body while he poked his head. His tone was warm and gentle as he said: “Do you have to go that far? What are you crying for?”

Kang Shengzhe moaned a little as he replied, “I don’t want to, but it’s too comfortable and I really can’t hold it back ah.”

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You Liangxing: “……”

Translator has something to say: I dug this out from Kang-dada’s Weibo, and I honestly… don’t know why it was censored? It was one of the least explicit scenes I’ve ever read, but I guess the authorities were being anal in a different, unappreciated way. >.>
Also… here lies the story of why Liang Liang is shou, did any of you manage to guess it? 
:blobsmilehappyeyes: Mykp0S

Translator's Note

风平浪静 (pinyin: feng ping lang jing) – tranquil environment; all is quiet.

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  1. Ahh I had some thought about Liang Liang being Asexual before and it seems like he did after reading this chapter but that’s only my interpretation.

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