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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh107 - Do you want first blood?


You Liangxing said: “I know.”

The pair was extremely serious. Kang Shengzhe hugged You Liangxing’s waist without any intention of letting go, and at that moment, You Liangxing no longer struggled and allowed him to hug him. Although the room had gone quiet, they had wholly – without a fraction of flaw – exchanged and understood each other’s state of mind. 4adLGK

Kang Shengzhe said, “When are you leaving?”

“In two or three days,” said You Liangxing.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Replying with a stuffy ‘oh’, Kang Shengzhe raised his head and said: “Liang Liang, I’m not assured about the fact that you have to leave for two months.”

Against such a direct anxiousness, You Liangxing could not help but be visibly moved. “What is there to be worried about, I’m already an adult and the Imperial Capital is my home…” He only got half his words out before Kang Shengzhe seemed to have abruptly gathered up his courage in that instant as he resolutely said: ydLiQD

“How about this, before you leave, take an item of mine to protect your body.”

You Liangxing did not know why his brows jumped from a bad hunch.

… Protect my body?

Without giving himself any time to process that baffling phrase, You Liangxing followed by asking, “What?”


Kang Shengzhe pursed his lips and he seemed a little shy, “My first blood.”

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You Liangxing felt like some root or strings of his brain had broken off as he tried to confirm his words. “Your what?”

Kang Shengzhe: “First blood.”

You Liangxing: “……” QszY7A

Afraid that You Liangxing did not understand him, Kang Shengzhe continued to explain good-naturedly. “First blood, which is my first…”

You Liangxing did not utter a single word before he slapped Kang Shengzhe’s head with his palm, cleanly slapping away the remaining ‘night’ that Kang Shengzhe wanted to say.

After Kang Shengzhe moaned and groaned for a long time, he complained tearfully, “Liang Liang, I’m a little dizzy.”

You Liangxing was so angry his eyelids were cramping up. “How dare you have the audacity to bullshit if you’re afraid of becoming dizzy!” myCPMQ

Kang Shengzhe: “Who’s bullshitting, I’m being very serious ah. I’m extremely serious about this, Liang Liang, do you really not want to take it?”

You Liangxing: “Not taking it!”

Once you cross this village, it’ll be hard to find this shop again.

You Liangxing: “… Can you shut up!” ISA0RM

Kang Shengzhe clearly exhibited his regrets in his words and manners. “Liang Liang, during such trying times, you can’t be shy. If you don’t want to take the initiative, I can take the initiative.”

As he said that, he pulled off the half-sleeved shirt he had just put on. You Liangxing did not know what was going on with this man, and he could not understand how Kang Shengzhe could become flustered, trembling, and going through visible heart palpitations just from saying those words. But even as his illness acted up, he was still exceedingly shameless. Before his eyes, the white belly he was half-familiar with and undergoing changes was revealed to him and You Liangxing hurriedly stretched his hands out to stop him.

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But in the instant where he grabbed onto the corner of Kang Shengzhe’s shirt, Kang Shengzhe flipped them over like a salted fish and pressed You Liangxing onto the bunk bed and beneath him without caring for his own visual aesthetic.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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“Comrade You Liangxing, could you please cooperate a little, or else my teeth will be in pain when I kiss you. No, it would be in extreme pain.”

You Liangxing: “……”

Kang Shengzhe: “Get ready, I’m coming again.” W5lw4a

You Liangxing: “Don’t get close to me, you can scram.”

He might have said that, but when Kang Shengzhe kissed him again, red-faced, You Liangxing neither evaded him nor pushed him away. In fact, his hand hesitated for a beat before he placed on his back firmly. And from the young man’s back, You Liangxing could clearly feel that compared to the unreasonable and brazen behaviour that Kang Shengzhe displayed on the surface, his back was actually trembling.

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Just how nervous was he?

You Liangxing was split between wanting to laugh and cry. He truly did not understand Kang Shengzhe as a person, but at the same time, he felt that it did not matter if he did not understand him every time he encountered the problem. Honestly speaking, You Liangxing had no way to deal with this man, and he was only afraid that he would work up an illness someday because of the irritation Kang Shengzhe induced in him. Pi9XVy

The kisses they shared began to linger longer and the temperature increasingly high. You Liangxing did not have the headspace to think too much about these things as he naturally opened his mouth. Just then, his ears picked up on a soft noise.

“Kang, Kang Shengzhe…”

Kang Shengzhe hummed, “En?”

Gasping, You Liangxing remarked, “There seems to be movement.” D4FH8q

Kang Shengzhe said: “What movement, there’s no movement.”

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You Liangxing shook his head. “There’s someone outside the door.”

Throat dry and parched, Kang Shengzhe shot a hazy glance at the door but he did not see a human shadow. His eyes hastily squinted and his voice held an ambiguous tone and he was even a touch imploring when he reached the end of his sentence. “There’s no one, you saw wrongly, Liang Liang… Liang Liang… don’t care about other, open your mouth, open your mouth please.”

The weight pressing on his person became all the more vivid, and he did not know if it was because the heated weight was too sharp or that the voice by his ear was too bewitching but You Liangxing closed his eyes and unconsciously drifted with the tides. 10pmst


Very hot.

While they were kissing each other up to the extent where sparks were jumping about, separated by a thin door and staring tongue-tied was Liao Su, who presently had the appearance of someone with Alzheimer’s disease and had paralysis on one side of his body.

That’s right, You Liangxing did not hear incorrectly; there was actually someone at the door. ovNKzl

It was Liao Su who had just suffered a violent blow and shrank himself into a quail.

… What on earth did he witness just now, was he perhaps, dreaming? Brother Liang and God K, these two people, were they fighting with their mouths… he must have seen wrongly, right?!

Liao Su – the actual person who was now akin to sieve – could not stop quaking. After drumming up enough courage, he took another peek and he immediately dragged his gaze back and scrunched them shut.

His eyesight wasn’t failing him!!! This was real!!! HtMrIh

These two draught animals with high attractiveness indices were rolling on a bed!

When the fuck did this start happening! Were these two doing each other? Were they in a relationship??? Liao Su experienced a gigantic blow to his psyche; the more he thought about it the more dumbfounded he was, the longer he thought about it, the more frightened he became. He carefully combed over the timeline of the pair’s interaction with one another – Kang Shengzhe had moved houses, they were even neighbours and they were mutually touching each other. He hadn’t realised it then but being aware of it now made it simply terrifying.

What stage had they reached behind his back!

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What were these two confused about exactly, both of them looked like they were made to be male protagonists but they chose to produce and market their own products internally and digest it as such…. A University had so many big beauties, were they not planning on plucking a few at all…! lerJGH

He was unable to concretely explain the opinions dwelling in his heart and he was in a mess as he pulled and teared at the unfathomable pieces of thread. As Liao Su squatted at the door entrance and sank deeper into his thoughts, it took him a matter of minutes to look like a martyr who had been air-dried, petrified and all bones.

“Brother Liao?”

Hearing that, Liao Su returned back to his senses from his dull-witted and wooden state. Liang Chulin was wringing his sleeves as he stared at him and Liao Su uttered: “… Xiao Linzi? Why are you here?”

Liang Chulin’s face was full of question marks. “En? Weren’t you the one who called me over?” ecEOQv

Liao Su’s train of thought got back onto its proper tracks after some stuttering. “Oh, oh, right right right, I was in a slight daze, my brain wasn’t really functioning.”

Liang Chulin found it to be quite funny. As a physical education student and with his chosen hairstyle of a crewcut, not only did Liao Su look like a hot-blooded young man, he truly was a genuine hot-blooded young man and his external appearance and inner thoughts were consistent throughout. He might have a lot to say but it was without a doubt that he was worthy of being relied on. Liang Chulin had only known him for the past few days but this was the first time he had seen Liao Su with such a muddled mien instead of his usual foolish laughter as he took the helm in managing all affairs well.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He constantly felt that it was a little… a little cute in an inexplicable manner.

A clumsy cuteness; adorkable. LdDnad

Liao Su said: “I’m cute? You’re the one who’s cute. You’re so cute I want to pinch you sometimes.”

Liang Chulin stilled, finally realising that he had subconsciously vocalised the thoughts in his head. It was already embarrassing to begin with, but after hearing Liao Su’s comments, it caused him to lower his head, flustered.

The pair descended into a subtle kind of silence.

Awkwardly, Liang Chulin changed the topic. “Where’s Brother Liang Liang?” gn6U9E

Once You Liangxing was mentioned, Liao Su’s complexion went rigid, “In the dorm… Kang Shengzhe is inside too.”

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Originally, Liang Chulin did not think too much about it but after noticing Liao Su’s strange expression, he abruptly went stiff and seemed to have deciphered something. “Kang Shengzhe! Is that big bastard bullying my Brother Liang Liang again!”

As he said that, he charged into the dorm room and how could Liao Su possibly let him go in? Thus, he held onto his waist right then and there. “Don’t don’t don’t! Don’t go in, the two of them…”

Liang Chulin was about to die from anxiety. “What are the two of them doing?” y5vraC

Liao Su gritted his teeth and said, “The two of them are venting because of some conflict, they’re fighting!”

At a loss, Liang Chulin’s entire body relaxed as he said: “… Fighting?”

Liao Su: “… Yes, fighting.”

Liang Chulin said: “Then why didn’t you go and stop them?” ups16h

Liao Su replied, “They’re men, isn’t it normal to have some friction? Let them resolve it on their own, they’ll be fine after a while.”

If someone else had said that, Liang Chulin would probably be in disbelief. However, Liao Su had always conducted himself in an upright manner and he had absolute public credibility. Now that he carefully pondered about it, as someone who could steadily be You Liangxing’s right hand man without making any mistakes for two years, how could such a person with such a ‘decent reputation’ have the ability to deceive others?

Therefore, Liang Chulin no longer doubted him in the slightest.

“Is that so?” No wonder Liao Su had such a strange expression just now. Liao Su had a good relationship with Brother Liang Liang and Kang Shengzhe; if the two of them were to fight, it was normal for Liao Su to worry. Even though that was the case, he still had a very important question to ask. Liang Chulin said: “Between the two of them, who has the upper hand? Is Brother Liang Liang alright?” 8dnqSy

After Liao Su had gone silly from his witnessing, he had only been concerned about his own panic— how could he possibly have the ability to distinguish who was top and who was bottom? Thus, he prevaricated, “He’s fine, he’s fine, K, Kang Shengzhe and Brother Liang were all over one another, it’s definitely Brother Liang who has the upper hand.”

Once he heard that it was You Liangxing, Liang Chulin immediately settled his heart. “That’s good, that’s good, it’s better if he beats that Kang Shengzhe to death.”

Deathly afraid that something terrible sounding would ring out from his dorm in the span of their conversation, Liao Su urged him, “It’s raining outside. I’ll send you to your dorm to change out of your clothes and then we’ll go and grab something to eat in a while.”

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Liang Chulin smiled, saying, “Sure.” Pez2ru

Giving Liang Chulin a forced smile, Liao Su pulled the boy away. As they went down two floors, a sudden thought appeared in Liao Su’s mind and he remembered a particularly important matter.

Where were You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe getting hot and heavy, if his memory did not fail him, it was the lower bunk, lower bunk… wasn’t that his bed…!

…. Fuck!

Liao Su’s face crumpled together. Mouth opening, he yelled out a “Fuck me!” vnraZd

Liang Chulin jumped in fright, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Liao Su: “… I have to go back to the dorm this instant.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liang Chulin: “Why?”

It was not like Liao Su could say that he was afraid that those two men would XXOO on his bed and he could only dig out an excuse from his brain. “Now that I think about it, it won’t do. Afterall, Kang Shengzhe is still a new student and just a few days ago, he had a tooth knocked out by Brother Liang. This, it would be rather awful if he were to be beaten up, and we are third year school seniors, we ought to be wary of the impact we have.” AHPmNk

Liang Chulin frankly wished that Kang Shengzhe would take a few more hits. Tugging on Liao Su, he said, “What do you mean by impact, Kang Shengzhe deserves it. Brother Liang Liang has always treated people well, he would never casually hit people.”

Liao Su: “But…”

Liang Chulin used Liao Su’s previous words of persuasion to counter him. “They’re men, isn’t it normal to have some friction? Let them resolve it on their own, they’ll be fine after a while.”

Blinking at him, he continued, “Isn’t that right?” o QpH1

Liao Su: “… It’s too right.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liang Chulin nodded his head amicably and the two of them gradually distanced themselves from the dorm. As they were walking, Liang Chulin was startled and he asked: “Brother Liao, why are you crying?”

Liao Su: “I’m not crying, these two teardrops of mine aren’t listening to my orders.”


Translator's Note

过了这村可没这店了 – once you miss this opportunity, it will be very hard to encounter it again.

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