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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh104 - What is danmei?


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With the floor owner as the catalyst, it did not take long before a large number of photos burst out like a chain reaction. From the get-go, the number of people who were at the west sports field and knew what went down were not few and thus, a mighty torrent of sensational news poured in. Bk0IeQ

560 |【Picture】I only took one picture but it’s super clear!!! Look! That little giant held You-xuezhang’s hand! And unexpectedly, You-xuezhang did not reject it, AHHHHHHHHHHH I’m so jealous I want to end myself!

587 | It’s true! This is real! I didn’t manage to take a photo of them holding hands but I caught something even more explosive. You-xuezhang touched that freshman’s ankles, and the both of them even hugged!!! 【Picture 1】【Picture 2】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The photographs that emerged in a large quantity were all well-taken and they were shot at the scene itself. And as for anyone entering the post, who wouldn’t be familiar with You Liangxing? Let alone You Liangxing’s face, his figure and clothes could not be more distinct to them. Furthermore, with so many parties backing up the claims alongside the continuous influx of photos proving as irrefutable evidence, the comments below started to surge up like crazy in an instant.

666 | Was it that exciting!!! hA9HUf

678 | Holy— just what sort of person is this freshman?!

688 | Sorry, excuse me but I’m going to peel the skin away, everyone move away! This person is called Kang Shengzhe!! Have all of you forgotten his name?! He was the second most popular boy who was posted below You-xuezhang two days ago ah!

699 | How is this below You-xuezhang, it’s obviously above him ah. Look at their positions! If You-xuezhang was a mobile phone, that Kang Shengzhe is basically pasted on him like a mobile phone case, please! They’re way too close!



880 | What the hell is their relationship exactly… is it friends?! Acquaintances? But this intimacy is honestly… I’ve never witnessed You-xuezhang and Liao-xuezhang acting in such a manner before, I apologise but I can’t stop myself from having brazen and shameless thoughts orz.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

881 | … Upstairs, don’t kneel, let me silently add a +1.

The specific information was still unclear, and with every kind of discussion taking off in the midst of the limitless and rising number of floors, naturally, there would be some that were crooked in construction.

1123 | To be honest, this freshman’s face… I really want to eat it… YqIpk9

1134 | Looks like I have to bring out a high definition and beautiful head photo of Kang Shengzhe.【Photo】I know, I know, everyone, don’t need to get too excited, I’ve already shrieked in advance. 〖Smoking〗

1559 | WTF. I kept scrolling and then I came to a stop when I saw Kang Shengzhe’s face value, what exactly did I miss out on…  How did I not know that he looked this, am I living on the village internet!〖Beating the ground like crazy〗

1660 | I blame You-xuezhang for being too cute!!! After he revealed his girlish voice during the school opening ceremony, how could I possibly have the additional attention span to give to someone else!!

1661 | Ahhhhhh this little giant is freaking pretty!!! No wonder You-xuezhang turned on the streetlight for him! (Wait a minute what am I saying) UdpCeh

1668 | That, let me ask a question albeit weakly, why do you call him little giant….

1669 | ……

1670 | The upstairs of upstairs, are you serious?

1674 | We’re done for. This graduating batch of school senior brothers and sisters have all gone silly. Didn’t you notice Kang Shengzhe’s height in this photo? He’s taller than You-xuezhang by a head, and when he hugs You-xuezhang, he can even rest his chin on You-xuezhang’s head. Y4mZqi

1680 | I think he’s two metres and one…

1690 | Wait a minute, Kang Shengzhe hugged You-xuezhang? Hugged You-xuezhang? Hugged?

If the person was changed to anyone else, the web forums would have already deemed such intimate actions as the possible beginning of an unconfirmed relationship, and it might even give rise to a pile of predictions about how the subjects in question were bound to break up.

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However, the main protagonist was You Liangxing, an individual who had been aloof for the better part of two years, who was so respectable to the extent where he became an unassailable legend on the school campus. Even though there were photos that could make their heads explode just from looking at it, no one dared to take the initiative to say those words first. SIw7Qb

Hence, the thread with more than three thousand floors and counting, had an innumerable number of people questioning what kind of relationship You-xuezhang and the little giant shared. However, it was only at the very end where a straight shooter of a freshman smashed the scene as they analysed: — Could the two of them be a pair??

A single stone stirred up a wave of a thousand floors. Very quickly, the post exploded.

3556 | My god, someone said it!!! Someone finally said it!!!! I don’t believe, my You-xuezhang can’t be gay!!!〖It’s fake〗

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

3557 | Qtja jgf sbe rjslcu, teggs eq jcv gfagjma atja rfcafcmf! Tbe-zefhtjcu lrc’a remt j qfgrbc! Ktfs’gf pera rtjglcu bgvlcjgs teur! Tbe’gf cba jiibkfv ab atlcx mgbbxfv!!!〖Pa’r ojxf〗 i9T64x

3665 | P gfjiis tjnf cbatlcu ab rjs jybea atfrf qfbqif, mjc sbe qifjrf tjnf mifjcfg atbeutar? Pa’r nfgs cbgwji obg akb wjif raevfcar ab obbi jgbecv lcalwjafis jcv yjcafg lc oilgajalbc, jigluta?! Tbe’gf cba jiibkfv ab erf remt j mgbbxfv qfgrqfmalnf ab ibbx ja Tbe-zefhtjcu! 〖Pa’r ojxf〗

4000 | Damn, I’m starting to feel irritated after seeing hundreds of floors with ‘it’s fake’…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

4001 | But they’re really too intimate. I was basically scared out of my wits when I saw it then and there, alright? Who do you think he is? That’s You Liangxing, and if You Liangxing is hugging someone else…. Saying that there’s no relation between them is essentially questioning You-xuezhang’s moral character.

4006 | So they…… BwmhYD

4007 | ……emmmmmm.


When it came to the question of moral quality, the entire old student body went silent as they gave the pictures featuring the scant distance between You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe at the west sports field a second examination. Quietly and without any delay, they confirmed what the status of their relationship was.

4116 | It’s definitely unusual, but I want to know they’re together or not… GWvtO8

4117 | They must be together, look at the vibes they’re giving off, it basically feels like they’re exuding pink bubbles!

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4119 | … EXM??? I’ve been fucking staring at You-xuezhang for two years and I got cut off by a two-metre-tall man?

4120 | Please add ‘beautiful’ in front of the word ‘man’, thank you.

4122 | But he’s still a man!! VJUbLD

4223 | Don’t speak of anything further; is the Journalism Faculty here? Please go and ask Kang Shengzhe for an exclusive interview as soon as possible, and ask him how he managed to do it, please? ORZ

4334 | Maybe they’re not together yet…

The discussions gradually heated up again. From late noon to night, the thread’s popularity did not dissipate and it only grew longer and stronger instead.

5666 | This thread is terrifying, the last five thousand floor thread was the live broadcast post during school opening. xnRLYW

5568 | Don’t skew the building and keep to the important points please! Is no one curious about how the two of them met and which step they’ve taken it to!

5570 | Also between the two of them, who is 0 and who is 1…

5580 | WTS don’t make the span so big! Skies above, don’t let your thoughts get that wild!

5590 | You-xuezhang is the gong and not the shou, not accepting any and all rebuttals, thank you. BxhEmU

5591 | You-xuezhang +1

5596 | You xuezhang +5

5600 | Why do I feel like the opposite is true… Isn’t You-xuezhang being the shou a lot more moving?

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5666 | … I’m begging of you to stop discussing this, I’ll give you each a hoe. TUjuMe

5667 | I’ll say it again, it’s also possible that they’re not together yet, so is it really okay for all of you to act like this?

There were all sorts of discussions going on, but the general attitude that the web forum had after catching a whiff of You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe’s uncommon relationship, was unexpectedly tolerant.

5669 | All of you are digging here and digging there, but I’m just silently eating the sugar because I feel like they’re quite a good match.

5880 | It looks like I’m finally not the only one among the gossiping folks who finds it quite sweet hahahahaha!!! Svy8K9

5886 | After knowing that the male god who I’ve been looking at might be gay, my mood is unexpectedly calm… I’m still awesome because I didn’t lose to any other female!

5889 | This Laozi just wants to represent the entire male population of A University to say one sentence, if this matter is really true, I will voluntarily present a banner to You Liangxing! Thank you for going gay! Thank you for going gay!! Thank you for going gay!!! Important things must be said thrice.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The post soared to the seven thousandth floor and there were finally signs of calming down at two in the morning. However, just at that time, the floor owner who hadn’t appeared for a long while brought another timely input of new and breaking waves.

7432 | Floor Owner: I’m back!! I’ve returned!! Just now, I was busy gossiping with my dorm mates happily!! We chatted for the entire night and I almost died from excitement hahahahaha! I’ll share a huge melon with all of you, according to my dorm mate, there was one night a while back where You-xuezhang brought the little giant who had a mouthful of blood to run out of the dormitory to take a taxi to the hospital. There were not a lot of people then and they had suspected that a fight might have broken out, but because they were afraid that it would cause a negative impact, no one shared it on the web forums. Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of hidden meanings in it!!!! wO tcd

As soon as the floor was posted, a new round of waves started churning and the melon eating bunch were brimming with never-ending energy. When it was related to You Liangxing, there were countless people who hated the fact that they could not use up their entire lives to gossip about him. Without needing much time, a large amount of data was distributed to the masses and they started venturing deeper into the bits and pieces of You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe’s relationship, and some of them even desperately wished that they could heft a camera up this instant to broadcast the ‘love journey’ of the two.

While everyone was eating melons happily, Liang Chulin almost wanted to smash the bed he was lying on in his Liberal Arts College dorm. When he saw the ongoing discussion about You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe’s relationship, he was so angry he almost vomited out a mouthful of old blood.

Dream on! Brother Liang Liang will never look well upon that big bastard Kang Shengzhe! It was obviously Kang Shengzhe being stinky and shameless!!

Absolutely! No! Sense! Of! Shame! KDP82x

Liang Chulin had another bout of insomnia that night and fuelled by his rage, he turned on his laptop and pulled out a document and started recording down the events with a staccato of typing.

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Other people might not know, but he was more forward looking than they were. He definitely would not allow the times to bury Kang Shengzhe’s brazenness!

Catalysed by emotions, Liang Chulin’s thoughts were akin to a gushing spring, and it did not take much time for him to record all that he had seen and experienced while substituting in the pseudonyms of Spiritless and Stately accordingly. After he was done writing, he flipped to the novel forum from before and posted it as per usual.

After publishing it, Liang Chulin’s spirit was still somewhat stimulated so he simply stayed on the forum for a while. However, he did not expect that in the short span of a night, there would be more than a dozen of comments. PUEC85

In the midst of his shock, Liang Chulin was surprised to find that the previous chapter – a work that had ran through his brain and later embellished – that scripted out how Spiritless had his tooth knocked out after he tried to steal a kiss from Stately had already exceeded a thousand comments, and the accumulation of the comments for the chapters prior to that were even more incalculable.

Liang Chulin was so shocked that he could not find his senses in the moment.

However, he could not be blamed for being taken aback by surprise. Liang Chulin had written it out of an impulse of emotions and he was merely jotted it down as a form of record. As for looking at his audience’s reactions on the forums, that was something he had never paid attention to. Thus, he spent some time scrolling through the comments and realised that his own casual writing had been solemnly pinned and highlighted in red, becoming the most popular post at present.

Just as he clicked on the latest content he had published, the comments below had already grown to over a hundred. v8fbBk

【!!!! Holy crap!!! Front row! First! It was me???? Did the forum choke?!!!】

【An update!? What did I refresh myself into! There’s actually an update! Inconceivable!!】

【Placeholder!!! Hugging the dada that suddenly appeared tightly!!】

【Fainting from the sudden late night blessing.】 FKiOdz

【It’s here it’s here it’s here!! I’ve been waiting for the continuation of Spiritless and Stately for a long time!!】

【???? Out of nowhere!!!】

【Being able to occupy the basement is also a good thing, feeling blessed.】

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…… jhNPdr

After scrolling through several comments that welcomed the new update, there were quite a few that had swiftly jumped into the discussion of the plot content below.

【AHHHHHHH this chapter is so sweet!! Spiritless is as shameless as usual today!】

【This character design is way too cute!!! I feel like Spiritless is going to anger Stately to death lalala.】

【Although Stately is very cool and cold on the surface but he’s actually quite doting. Don’t you think he has an extremely high tolerance for Spiritless?】 XHz4mL

【Deeply sympathetic. In actuality, Stately probably likes Spiritless a lot, right?】

【Spiritless managed to successfully survive past today, applause!】

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

【Initially, when I first picked up this novel and saw the two names Spiritless and Stately, I was cringing, but now… dada, you’re really something.】

【I’m telling you, this novel is poisoned.】 Pjd oN

【Looking forward to the next chapter. Truthfully speaking, if the two characters were to get together at any time, I wouldn’t find it weird. In an inexplicable way, I just find that they’re quite suited to each other, your face….】

【Just ate the latest update and I went back to review the previous chapters, and I really want to praise dada’s brain hole to the point it explodes! How did dada even think of this character design, it’s so delicious. Smacking my lips.】

【Weakly urging for a new chapter…】

【Dada, when on earth are you planning to let them get married.】 w524Es

As Liang Chulin did a rough skim through to the end, he became more aghast the longer he looked at it. He originally recorded Kang Shengzhe’s brazen and unreasonable behaviour in order to pull everyone together to scold him. He did not expect that everyone would pick up on the CP in his novel and agree that Kang Shengzhe was very cute, very coquettish and ridiculously adorable. Worse still, they were actually urging them to get together quickly…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Like hell they will get together!

His big title stated that he would live broadcast himself eating his keyboard if Spiritless and Stately got together, alright?!

… Could it be that there was something wrong with his writing method? hQSOzB

Liang Chulin sunk into a period of self-doubt that reached an intensity that made him wanted to die.

Heart akin to dead ashes, he checked his messages in the passing because there was a red dot notifying him on the web novel forum that he had quite a few personal messages. Liang Chulin picked the one with the most messages and realised that the other party was an editor on a website and they were interested in signing a contract with him.

The name of the website sounded a little familiar. While Liang Chulin was a frequent reader of novels, discovering that the large-scale reading website mainly catered to a female

… But he’s a man ah. 7YrbzU

Confused, Liang Chulin replied: “… Romance website?”

Despite it being in the middle of the night, the other party still replied.

— No, no, we specialise in danmei! Darling, would you like to take it under some consideration? For full disclosure, our website does not have the practice of taking the initiative to recruit people. I was the one who slinked into this novel forum secretly and I was startled to find a man of great talent, darling, no, dada!! According to my many years of experience, your skeleton is definitely quaint and attractive; it is a timber that can be used and it would be a pity if you did not venture into danmei!

Liang Chulin, who had recently taken a blow from the readers: “……” 6XS1Dg

A short while later, Liang Chulin replied, “Really?”

The other party was fast and enthusiastic.

— It’s absolutely true!! Honestly speaking, I have been working overtime for the past few days because I wanted to reach out to you. I am very confident in my own vision.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

After the brief restoration of his self-confidence, the editor threw another olive branch at Liang Chulin: — Do you want to join our website? The eyes of the readers at our website are extremely accurate and exceedingly poisonous and spicy, and the material benefits we provide are phenomenal. Not only do we provide a basic salary, the contribution fee we give is very high as well. dhBykM

As they said that, they sent a link of to the benefits page on their website.

Liang Chulin came from a middle-class family and he did not lack money, but when his eyes swept over the four words ‘eyes of the readers’, Liang Chulin was inexplicably moved.

Should he…. Try it?

Either way, he was idle and he had nothing to do. Z WoRz

Then, only after he roughly inquired a few more questions to ensure that he was not being cheated, did Liang Chulin reply with an “Okay.”

The other part was overjoyed and immediately sent him the link to the website and personally taught him how to register for an author account. After bustling about for a while and ensuring that Liang Chulin would publish his content in a few days, the editor, pleased with themselves, retired for the night.

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When those matters came to an end, Liang Chulin caught a glimpse of several comments asking for reposting authorisations again. His heart was already irritated by the reader’s comments, so he simply opened all the authorisations across the floor to avoid being asked again.

The people who had asked for it was numerous and as a natural consequence, he did not notice that amongst the people who had asked for the opening of the reposting authorisation was one line of inquiry: Ahhh, dada, your character design is very similar to a school senior and freshman in my school, so can I have the permission to repost it in our school web forum? Iwk9pY

For at that moment, Liang Chulin only had one question: — What is danmei?

Translator's Note

直言不讳 (pinyin: zhi yan bu hui; idiom) – speaking without reservation; calling a spade a spade.

Translator's Note

老子 (pinyin: lao zi) a colloquial albeit rude way of saying ‘I’, usually for males.

Translator's Note

It means great author.

Translator's Note

Okay, so 一脸 (pinyin: yi lian) is a chinese internet slang that came from Douluo Dalu (a popular cultivation web novel) which either means “very” or its used to express dissatisfaction or just to be playful.

Translator's Note

Or a woman of great beauty.

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