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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh102 - Gossip.


Kang Shengzhe might have said that he just wanted to touch it but his hands were not obedient in the slightest as it stroked his back. Rather, they slid down the line of his spine and his fingers dipped below You Liangxing’s belt.

Through a thin layer of fabric. Kang Shengzhe’s appendages rested on the meat of You Liangxing’s waist and it was neither painful nor itchy. Truthfully speaking, it was terribly hot. vlhtP1

Angrily, You Liangxing said: “What are you doing.”

Kang Shengzhe: “I’m checking if you’re standing straighter than I am.”

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Even as he was saying that, he did not withdraw his hands which made You Liangxing snort coldly, “Who checks like this?”

Bragging unblushingly, Kang Shengzhe asserted, “I check it like this.” nKd4sy

You Liangxing: “……”

When it comes to having a thick face and skin, You Liangxing could never win against him; even if he wanted to hit him, he could not exert too much strength and he could only resort to kicking him away with moderate strength.

“Kang Shengzhe, can you speak seriously?”

Kang Shengzhe smiled and giggled, “Am I not being serious?”


It would be stranger if you were serious; if you were being serious, then all the serious people in the world have to be dead. Other than giving him a light kick that was fuelled by his irritation, You Liangxing gave Kang Shengzhe a vicious slap to his back. Once he was impacted by the blow, Kang Shengzhe’s body stiffened and it straightened up for a moment.

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… He abruptly succeeded in standing upright.

You Liangxing was startled and he forgot his irritation at once as he hurriedly said: “Commit to your memory that this is the posture you’re supposed to keep.”

Kang Shengzhe responded with an “oh oh oh”, but he did not manage to keep it up for more than two seconds before he reverted back to his old posture. Even if he said that he did not deliberately do it, no one would have believed him. FdNIph

You Liangxing: “… Do you want to die.”

Sincerely, Kang Shengzhe replied: “You have to believe me, I really don’t want to.”

You Liangxing really wanted to kill him on the spot.

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You Liangxing: “Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?”

Kang Shengzhe thought about it: “En.”

You Liangxing was a little worried. “Where do you feel the discomfort?” 8cxJZy

Kang Shengzhe pondered, “My entire body feels tired when I stand up and I want to either lie on my stomach or lie on my back. I really can’t handle it and it happens even when I’m sitting.”

You Liangxing: “……” That was just laziness, wasn’t it?

Letting out a cold snort through his nasal cavity, You Liangxing did not even blink as he used one hand to fiercely and merciless correct Kang Shengzhe’s posture.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He would have been fine with it had it been under any other circumstance. But as the bearer of the national flag, You Liangxing could not allow Kang Shengzhe to go to battle like this. After he adjusted Kang Shengzhe’s posture by means of kicking and slapping, he walked him through everything, starting from the standing posture to how he should walk and carry the flag. L07MFw

In just ten minutes, Kang Shengzhe deeply experienced what finding pleasure in pain meant.

Struggling and coquetry was completely useless. Kang Shengzhe could only sigh, “Liang Liang, what reward do I get if I do it well?”

Where did the reward even come from? Coldly, You Liangxing retorted, “You can’t even do it well.”

Kang Shengzhe’s facial expression collapsed and he was about to burst into tears in the next second. However, knowing that no one would coax him even if he pretended to cry, Kang Shengzhe feigned it a little before he quickly said: “Are you going to attend the military training ceremony?” Ple3sd

You Liangxing said: “Attending.”

Kang Shengzhe thought about it for a second before he immediately said, “Then I change my mind, I want to make the entire audience think I look handsome.”

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You Liangxing stared at him for a while. As he was smiling internally about Kang Shengzhe’s general adamance to live up to his own words, he was unexpectedly teased into laughter when he saw his solemn appearance.

While his smile still lingered on his visage, Kang Shengzhe pressed closer again: “I want to touch it again. I’ll be serious this time.” Vkfium

Startled, You Liangxing could not avoid the figure who had moved closer all of a sudden, and his person accidentally – albeit firmly – knocked into Kang Shengzhe’s frame.

True to his words, Kang Shengzhe no longer messed around. Both his hands roamed around You Liangxing’s back but because the taller man was plastered onto him too tightly, You Liangxing subconsciously felt like some part of him was being intruded upon.

As the two big men started a reciprocal and intense dispute, it did not take long before Liang Chulin’s trembling voice rang out from behind them, sounding anxious and angry.

“Kang Shengzhe! What are you doing to Brother Liang Liang!” jJCdUA

Liang Chulin’s appearance was that of an old mother hen trying to protect her baby chicks from the grips of an eagle. Had it not been for Liao Su holding him back, he probably would have pounced on Kang Shengzhe and knifed him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Meanwhile, Liao Su looked like he was enjoying the commotion as he guffawed. “Could you please pay attention to the passers-by angle of view? Your photos have already been taken by the ordinary masses and its really shaming the Journalism Faculty.”

You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe only managed to react after they ended their dispute with much difficulty, “Someone took a picture?”

Liao Su: “Yeah, there were several in fact.” XVJqvy

You Liangxing was frequently photographed. Although he did not really care for it, he still tossed out another question casually. “Why didn’t you stop them from taking photos?”

Liao Su said: “Why should I stop them? I even started twisting their arms into photographing it, considering how I’ve been watching from the sidelines for a long time now.”

You Liangxing: “……”

Slowly, You Liangxing: “Let’s go and fight at one side.” cftUM7

Liao Su: “Father! Even a tiger, though cruel, does not devour its cubs!”

You Liangxing: “… Do you even have any future prospects?”

Liao Su spoke in a frank manner: “What kind of future prospects can I have when I’m sharing a dorm with you in university? It’s already laudable that I get to live.”

Each and every one of them were poisonous and it rendered You Liangxing mute. In that moment of silence, Liang Chulin had already run to You Liangxing’s side and used his bodily strength to pull him far away from Kang Shengzhe. QDgMq

Liao Su was still laughing at the side as he said: “It’s fine, just let them photograph it. At worst, it’s just people construing a male to male friendship from the perspective of rot.”

Liang Chulin glared at Kang Shengzhe and sneered. “And what if there really are people who think from that perspective?”

Liao Su: “Unlikely, my Brother Liang and God K are not that kind of people.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Once he said those words, the three other people at the scene looked away silently. wRWUid

Liao Su, who was still oblivious to the previous happenings, was at a loss. “Huh? What’s wrong? Why aren’t any of you speaking?”

Liang Chulin calmed down and gave Liao Su a gaze that was full of sympathy. Initially, he had thought himself to be pitiable since he had to witness Kang Shengzhe attempting to dip his fingers into Brother Liang Liang with his own eyes, but he did not expect that there would be someone who was more pitiful than him and he could not help but empathise with him as a fellow sufferer. Thus, he said, “Brother Liao, let’s have a meal together tonight.”

Although Liao Su was still confused, it did not deter the joy from spreading across his face as he cheerfully replied: “Okay.”

In the span of time that took them to make plans for dinner, Kang Shengzhe was akin to a malevolent thing that made its return to haunt someone surreptitiously as he started to paste himself on You Liangxing again, all of which Liang Chulin saw when he turned his head back. He was like a gigantic and obnoxious bear as he leaned on him, and it looked annoying no matter how he stared. LkYQl3

“You, this person, stay further away from Brother Liang Liang!”

Kang Shengzhe did not listen to him at all and he continued to rest his head on You Liangxing’s crown, unmoving. You Liangxing did try to throw him off at first but he allowed him to do as he pleased in the end.

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Not far away, Liang Chuhan was absentminded as she looked at the pair that were stuck together.

Someone at the side asked her: “What are you looking at?” K2sezL

Liang Chuhan replied, “It’s nothing.” When the group left, Liang Chuhan returned to her senses. She guessed that they probably had plans for dinner because the backs of those four – men who had rises and falls in height as they stood together – gradually grew distant as they walked away.

Staring deeply, Liang Chuhan unconsciously chanted to herself: … They should probably be friends.

* * *

How terrifying a woman’s intuition was could be disregarded first. When the location was shifted to another place, there was an abundance of female comrades that were more sensitive than Liang Chulin, and they had already set a pot to boil at full heat. Lg5deR

Liao Su might have been laissez-faire in his choice of non-intervention with regards to how many people had taken photos, but he did not know that there were actually a lot more people who had photographed the scene than he had thought. Just as You Liangxing’s group stepped into the cafeteria, photographs from all angles had already been uploaded to the latest sticky thread in A University’s web forum, and its momentum was growing stronger.

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【Hold!!!!! What kind of relationship does You-xuezhang and the new little giant of the Liberal Arts College have exactly!!】

Translator's Note

Can I give this dispute a lenny face?

Translator's Note

 染指 (pin yin: ran zhi) – take a share of something one is not entitled to.

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    Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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