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Lord of End of WorldChapter 86


The seeds fell onto the giant snake’s body and made a slight squeaking sound. They fell to the ground and disappeared into the grass where it did not attract the giant snake’s attention. However, after Luo Dahai waved his hand to boost the seed’s growth, the giant python finally realized it was in trouble.

It saw the gray-green vines burst out like crazy. It went from thin to thick, from sparse to dense, instantly covering the giant snake and wrapping around it tightly. The giant python wanted to struggle, but the seemingly fragile vines were tougher than they seemed. Instead, all the struggling made the vines even tighter and wanted to pierce the flesh. Fortunately, the giant python had a hard and heavy scale armor, otherwise it would have been pierced through several times and would have died. F8W0ca

When struggling didn’t work, it would use its teeth to bite and burn the vines with fire. The giant snake was not discouraged, and continued to struggle so that it could eat a dozen or so prey. The fierce battle that had been in full swing just a moment ago seemed like a joke now and the tense and terrifying atmosphere from before instantly became more relaxed.

“Good man, thank you for coming in time!” Members of group two patted Luo Dahai’s shoulders and looked at him with gratitude for saving their lives.

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Luo Dahai felt embarrassed and waved his hand, saying that he came late and almost killed everyone, and that he should eat faster next time.

Hearing his straightforward and sincere answer, the members of group two were stunned. Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran bowed their heads and laughed together as they both agreed: Did he really come after eating? Those people and Lixin (Xiaoxin) have been together for such a long time that his character is rubbing off on them. n62BN9

Among the four people rescued by the two groups, the man with wood ability stared at the vines wrapped around the giant python and he opened his mouth in horror. “Is that the steel diamond vine? How did you get your hands on the steel diamond vine seeds? No, no! How can you use steel diamond vine when fighting? After we leave, this wild forest will become a land of death!”

Steel diamond vine, as its name suggests, was a vine that was as tough as steel and a knife couldn’t cut it. Fire wouldn’t burn it and it loved to entangle itself around living things. The more the living things struggled, the tighter the vines would be, until the living thing was choked to death. The corpse would rot and turn into nutrients that the vines would absorb through its roots. But the real horror was not its vines which were unusually tough, but because of its aggressiveness. Its roots developed fast and, when it was plunged into the ground, it would absorb the nutrients in the soil to stimulate itself. Therefore, its vines tend to stretch for hundreds of kilometers, killing all plants around them and turning the rooted area into a grey-green hell. Any living thing passing through would be strangled to death and turned into fertilizer that nourished its roots. Just like the giant python in front of them.

As a wood ability user, the man naturally knew about mutant plants, like the scutellaria and the steel diamond vine that were the king of mutated plants. Their killing power was better than that of a thousand horses. Improper use of them could cause irreparable damage to human beings. Therefore, this was the reason that he was as frightened as he was and even had a condemning tone. He could imagine that after they left, this forest would certainly be completely occupied by this steel diamond vine and the already precarious human race would have one less land to survive off of.

Luo Dahai understood his concerns and he was not angry because of the other’s sharp tone. He only passively patted his shoulder and sincerely opened his mouth. “Don’t worry, my boss will deal with this steel diamond vine before it grows further and endangers people.”


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“Don’t overwork yourself. Your ability was overused, you need to rest. We’ll handle it from here.” Song Haoran appreciated the righteousness he saw in the other’s eyes.

The man saw his light red pupils and his expression changed in an instant. The woman who took the lead also showed a slightly surprised expression. The man shook his head towards him indicating that he would not argue anymore. In this barren forest, he could still meet a third-level ability user, they felt like the situation was very unreal.

Lin Wenbo ignored the four people and looked at the giant python who was still struggling. He asked, “Is it a fire system user? Can we kill it without having it swallow our attack? Do you know if we can make it swallow this?” Taking out a huge steel ball full of spikes, like an anemone, he threw it into the mouth of the giant snake. VJyPWZ

The steel ball quickly slid into the throat of the giant python, causing it to gag. It tried rolling around, but it couldn’t as the steel diamond vines smothered its body, making it impossible to move. The steel ball went down its abdomen and smashed its intestines. Under the double torment, the strength of the giant snake decreased and its blood was also coughed out of its mouth, forming for a miserable scene.

After four or five minutes of suffering, it was better to die. When the audience felt it was almost unbearable to watch it, the giant snake finally fell to the ground and died.

Lin Wenbo looked at his masterpiece with cold eyes and the monster that kept screaming in his heart gradually went silent. He could only use such cruel means to reduce the feelings in his heart, but he knew that if he continued to endure, he would go crazy sooner or later.

“It’s finally dead!” A member of the ability user teams let out, looking at Lin Wenbo with a trace of fear. The team leader of the third group seemed gentle, but in fact, was actually a sly character. GLys2v

“It’s dead. What do we do?” The steel diamond vine only likes to kill living creatures. Now that the giant python is dead, its target would immediately turn to the people present. The hot woman looked at Lin Wenbo and asked with dissatisfaction, but saw his glamorous golden eyes and her heart shrank a little. She was shocked and stunned; this person turned out to be a third-level ability user! To have recruited two top players, this team was not simple!

“Stand in place and don’t move. My boss will come over soon, after eating his instant noodles.” Seeing how Lin Wenbo didn’t care about the woman, Luo Dahai didn’t care about the others’ opinion and stood leisurely with his hands in his pockets.

Hearing his words, the members of group two who were still nervous immediately relaxed and stood still. Although the four people who were rescued were suspicious, they couldn’t help but stand rigidly and wait for this ‘boss’ of the irresponsible wood ability user to appear.

The steel diamond vine felt that the giant python was dead and the vines that hung around its body slowly loosened. Inch by inch, it spread to the surrounding grass and trees and the roots plunged deeply into the earth, madly sucking the nutrients in the soil. Within a few minutes, the thickness of the vines has grown to be the thickness of a wrist and large swaths of green leaves with fine fluff spread out as it paved the earth, making for an amazing growth rate. oD5Cmh

They felt the thick vines moving around their ankles and expanding across the ground to the surrounding area. To the wood ability user’s experienced eyes, the situation looked really bad and glared at Luo Dahai. Luo Dahai felt embarrassed and hung down his head as he shouted in his heart: Young Master Gong, come and help me! I’m almost killed by someone’s death glare!

As if he heard Luo Dahai’s call, Gong Lixin appeared quietly at the edge of the woods and gradually approached. The vines felt that there was a living creature approaching and madly rushed towards him.

“Little brother, run fast! Danger is coming!” Seeing that the person was actually a young man with delicate brows, the hot woman yelled for him to run. The other three were also pale with worry. Their attention was all placed on Gong Lixin and they didn’t notice the expression of relief from the people around them.

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Gong Lixin quickly glanced at the woman, and drew knives from his waist, greeting the cobweb-like steel diamond vine. The hand holding the knife imbued powerful internal force into the blade such that it cut the tangled vines into a number of small sections, as if cutting through tofu, making the four people who were worried, stunned and horrified. wdnHR

This, this was the so-called blade-resistant, fire-resistant steel diamond vine? Was it wrong? The woman’s eyes questioned the man next to her. The man shook his head strangely, indicating that he was also confused.

Gong Lixin waved his blade in his hand and unimpededly attacked the roots of the steel diamond vine. His left hand summoned a white flame over the thick core of the vine. The gray-green vine first froze into ice and soon, it burned into ashes. Losing the main root that provided it with nourishment, the vine that had continued to spread around like a virus, lost its host. It didn’t move for a moment before the large expanse of green leaves curled up, showing signs of defeat as they grayed out.

“It’s okay now.” The knife was placed back at his waist as Gong Lixin softly spoke.

Everyone stretched out their stiff legs and greeted him one by one. Their attitude towards him was respectful, with both reverence and caution. The four people who were rescued were a little dumbfounded. They stared at the youth with stunned expressions. This person wouldn’t be the boss that the wood ability user mentioned? The other’s age was so young, still not an adult, right? oumKBk

The four people were struggling with their uncertainty before the broad-eyed Luo Dahai stepped forward and opened his mouth. “Boss, can you help me get a bag of steel diamond vine seeds? Just wait until I’m promoted to fourth-level low-grade, then I will control its growth completely and I won’t have to ask boss to help me out.”

“Hn. I can do it for you. Naturally, I’ll help you with the aftermath, no need to worry too much.” Gong Lixin nodded and reached out for the main vine. The roots embedded deep into the ground were pulled up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The strong core that had plunged into the ground hundreds of meters deep had been pulled out by this thin teenager like a radish. How much strength did he have?! The four people who’d just returned to reality was once again dumbfounded and stared at the youth holding the root, crushing and plucking out the seeds inside.

The seed was in the sac of the vine and the shell surrounding it was several times harder than the vine. Unless it matures and bursts, no one could get the seeds inside. But they didn’t think that it could be easily crushed like a balloon by this teenager. vq dmx

The hot woman repeatedly gulped and revealed her most charming smile as she softly asked, “Little brother, which line of abilities are you?”

His strength seemed infinite. It seemed he was a strength ability user, but he could freeze the steel diamond vine, so he should be an ice ability user. After freezing though, the vines burned into ashes, so he’s a fire system user. The beauty was thinking hard and her mind became chaotic.

Gong Lixin handed the seeds to Luo Dahai, who was smiling stupidly. He turned to look at the beautiful woman. He smiled and didn’t bother answering her. Both Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran frowned. They flanked his right and left sides to protect him. They raised their hands and asked the group to leave as they ordered their own group to head back. Obviously, they didn’t intend to take the four in. Nowadays, in this chaotic world, help is limited, but it was not popular to save people, because the person you saved might stab you in the back.

The hot beauty’s eyes flashed with light as her line of sight traveled between the three people who walked side by side. She secretly thought: ‘red eyes, gold eyes and a seemingly multi-system ability user whose level must be in the third-level or above. The strength of this team was too strong and they seem tight!’ dSyIW4

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