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Lord of End of WorldChapter 84


Warning: :blobnosebleed:

It was an adventurous decision that was made on August 4th to go to Long Snake Island. Without strength it would be impossible if one wanted to gain a foothold on the island. Not to mention that they didn’t know what kind of dangers they would encounter in the coming days. KHiJUd

After the meeting, Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo, who were at the peak of second-level high-grade, unanimously took out the crystal nuclei collected in the past two days and prepared to breakthrough the third-level. A third-level ability user was currently a rare sight in the apocalypse and they became the well-deserved top dogs. If there were two third-level ability users in their team, it would shock the enemy into silence.

The two men let out pressure that were coming from their tents. The pressure showed that they were currently breaking through to the third-level and their group would soon gain two third-level ability users. After the pressure dissipated, a wave of visitors flooded Gong Lixin’s tent.

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Wang Tao, Gu Nan, Ma Jun and Sun Jie all visited him and donated several second-level high-grade crystal nuclei to the teenager. This was all for the sake of quickly upgrading their boss’s strength. It had been a year and all the ability users in the base had all upgraded. Only their boss had never upgraded. They were in a hurry!

Gong Lixin strongly rejected their crystal nuclei. Just as he sent them away, Father Gong and Grandfather Lin came in. They also brought along with them four second-level high-grade crystal nuclei collected by the military. They also realized how abnormal it was for Gong Lixin’s strength to not be promoted by a certain level. But they thought that Gong Lixin was a four-system ability user and the number of nuclei required for promotion was four times that of others, so they didn’t think much of it. 7NiPK

This time, he couldn’t refuse so Gong Lixin accepted them.

Sending away the two old people, he could feel the warmth from the faint light of the setting sun and rubbed his pink lips. He thought to himself: ‘In order to cover up his martial arts, should he also advance?’ The kind of pressure he released was almost the same as the pressure released by ability users that broke through to the next level. It should be easy enough to imitate. In his previous world, martial artists would often release pressure before fighting to annoy their opponent, and he had tried it before.

When he thought about it, he released his firm control over his Dantian and the overwhelming pressure from his body rushed out and slammed against the curtains of the tent. At the same time, a thin layer of cloud condensed. First being transparent before the cloud turned tangible as it slowly circled around him, causing his figure to look ethereal and otherworldly.

Everybody in the tents around him were either members of a team or were related to an ability user. Feeling this unusual oppression, they had difficulty breathing and were unable to stand. Those who were further away were forced down on their knees, but still rushed over to check the situation. They weren’t able to even approach the tent that was ten meters away from Young Master Gong’s tent. They could only wait and see. Even Gong Xiangyi, who was downtrodden, was influenced by this vast pressure. ZdutPB

“It’s Young Master Gong’s breakthrough! With such a strong pressure, I can’t even stand anymore! What is Young Master Gong’s level!” One of the ability users’ face was flushed and could barely speak. All of his strength was concentrated into his legs, just to prevent himself from falling over and looking ugly in front of Young Master Gong.

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“We don’t know.” Obviously, his companions were also trying to keep standing.

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“Llr jylilas mbnfgr tlr ktbif ybvs klat fcfgus ab atf qblca ktfgf yeiifar mjc’a tega tlw, jcv tf mjc mbcagbi lmf jcv olgf. Lf’r jigfjvs j obegat ifnfi ibk-ugjvf? Lbk lr atja qbrrlyif? Pa tjr bcis yffc j sfjg, tbk mjc tf ifnfi eq rb ojra?” Obbxlcu lc Xbcu Olzlc’r vlgfmalbc jcv atf qgfrregf gfifjrfv ys tlw klatbea yilcxlcu jc fsf, Xbcu Wljcusl wlrajxfcis atbeuta atja la kjr atf ecldef qgfrregf gfifjrfv ys j obegat ifnfi jylilas erfg jcv rtbbx tfg tfjv lc vlryfilfo.

Without a high-grade crystal nucleus, how did Gong Lixin get up to his level? But the facts were in front of her and she couldn’t bring herself to doubt it. The enemy was getting stronger and stronger. Her fate was approaching her last life’s. Gong Xiangyi lost her soul and mind, stunned by the double blow that had been delivered by Gong Lixin’s display. wo0Z C

Her whispers were heard by several people around her. In a short time, the news that Young Master Gong had been promoted to the fourth-level quickly spread among the people. Fourth-level! Such heights had not been reached thus far, making it so that Young Master Gong was the first person in C country! Pride soared in their hearts. They were more determined than ever and more confident about the path ahead of them. As long as Young Master Gong was there, the path forward would always be safe! No one doubted this!

When Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran finished meditating after their breakthroughs, Gong Lixin had just retrieved the pressure he had released. The trepidation of the violent pressure disappeared in an instant and the ability users around him were relieved. Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo, who knew of the situation were also relieved.

Lixin grew up and matured, knowing when to show his strength when people needed stability and reassurance. His means were very effective. It seemed that soon, he would be a qualified base leader. The two licked their lips and agreed on this in the darkness of the night.

The following day, Gong Yuanhang announced the news of going to Long Snake Island and undoubtedly received strong support from the people. Although Long Snake Island base was notorious and the living environment was quite bad, Young Master Gong had just been promoted to a fourth-level ability user. Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo had both been promoted to third-level. If they went to Long Snake Island, the future days they faced would not be miserable. sEQl4P

With great confidence, the people packed their tents and climbed onto the trucks to prepare for the long journey to Long Snake Island.

The trucks were full of supplies and the space left for people was very limited. They needed to crowd together and pile up over one another to be seated. Although Gong Lixin was riding the Gong’s military Hummer, the driver was removed from the car. Father Gong, Grandfather Lin, Lin Wenbo, Song Haoran and Gong Xiangyi sat in there. They also brought along the three people in charge of the first, second and third districts. Thus they were all squeezed together in the car with no space left.

“Lixin, you sit on my lap.” Song Haoran put Gong Lixin on his lap and sat in the rear corner of the car. Lin Wenbo saw this and his brows quickly raised up. He naturally sat next to Song Haoran and held the youth’s hand tightly.

Grandfather Lin sat alone in the passenger seat. Father Gong and two of the district leaders were tall and burly. After they sat down, they occupied the entire front row. The other big-bellied, bloated district leader had to squash into the back row with the four juniors. As soon as he sat down, he took up half of the free space, causing Gong Xiangyi’s face to darken. wMBSpH

However, Song Haoran was very satisfied with this situation. He tightened his hold over the youth’s slender waist, and lowered his head slightly to smell the faint fragrance emanating from the boy’s neck. The sensations were so wonderful to the point that he was feeling somewhat high.

Gong Lixin sat comfortably on Song Haoran’s lap, he looked at Lin Wenbo’s pale golden eyes and was very surprised.

“Big Brother Lin, your eyes are golden! They’re so beautiful!” He said as he reached out and touched the narrow corners of Lin Wenbo’s face, his voice full of obsession and admiration.

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Lin Wenbo was handsome and with his temperament,- cultivated by his family and living environment- made him elegant and noble. Now, with the pale gold radiance in his eyes, the indifference and ambiguity seen at first glance made him look like a godly being. 8Q6vnH

Lin Wenbo felt numb at the warmth of the youth’s fingertips. He heard the admiration in the boy’s tone and felt even more hot in his heart. The indifference in his golden eyes was replaced by an uncontrollable tenderness and joy.

“Is it really beautiful? I’m still not used to it.” He bent his lips slightly upwards and whispered  whilst holding the teenager’s fingertips to his face. He gently gripped the youth’s palm. Lin Wenbo’s actions were barely visible to others, but he knew the meaning of the hidden caress. But even with such a small display of intimacy, he was cautious in his actions, and quickly released the youth’s fingertips before the beast in his heart began to scream.

“Good-looking.” Gong Lixin didn’t notice the struggle in Lin Wenbo’s heart, but focused on his words instead.

When Lin Wenbo heard this, the smile on his lips deepened. Song Haoran’s heart felt a little uncomfortable. He turned the teenager’s head to face himself and asked him, “Lixin, my eyes also changed. What do you think?” XaVZeA

Song Haoran couldn’t compare to Lin Wenbo with his rough, sharp knife-like face that made him look wild. And with a pair of pale red eyes, it made him look evil, even demon-like causing others to not dare look straight at them.

However, Gong Lixin was not an ordinary person. He had truly met an evil spirit before. He stared at Song Haoran’s red eyes for a while. Song Haoran saw the other’s eyes and the fascination in them. His eyes were full of admiration and the other obviously liked his eyes. He felt a sense of superiority in his heart. He smiled, scratched his nose before pushing the other into his chest more vigorously.

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During this whole time, Gong Xiangyi was stunned by the scene before her. She had doubts in her tone as she asked, “Lixin, were you not promoted to fourth-level? How come the colour of your eyes didn’t change?”

“Little brother-in-law is a four-system ability user, thus the pupils are obviously black. How can it still change colour?” Lin Wenbo glanced at her and faintly opened his mouth to answer. lqKJgV

Gong Xiangyi was in a cold war with him and thus, no longer asked questions. She wore a cold expression and didn’t seem like she wanted to talk. Her body exuded an aura that refused others from a thousand miles away. Lin Wenbo didn’t say anything and didn’t open his mouth to coax her. He only raised his brows and closed his eyes.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, the district leaders felt somewhat uncomfortable, trying to talk to Gong Yuanhang and Grandfather Lin. The few chattering people had thrown aside the awkward juniors.

Song Haoran said nothing. He simply concentrated on enjoying the feeling of holding the soft body in his arms. But when the car drove over a few bumps, he had difficulty sitting comfortably, because his lower body constantly rubbed against the boy’s round buttocks. Because of this, it gradually swelled up and hardened.

Gong Lixin also felt a hard object between his legs and it kept getting harder as the car moved. His ears became slightly red and he turned to face Song Haoran as his hips moved unconsciously. r0Y8tC

“Lixin, don’t move. Give me a hug.” The hard place slowly tented up and went straight in between the youth’s legs as it kept rubbing, pumping, moving, bringing feelings of pleasure. Song Haoran took the risk and resisted his release as blue veins popped out. He whispered in the youth’s ear with heat.

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Gong Lixin touched his red cheeks and sighed with a low voice. He clamped his legs, trying to make Big Brother Song feel more comfortable.

The youth was simple and straightforward, but the tightening of his legs around his private part made Song Haoran’s situation even more difficult. The hard giant had expanded a few more times under the friction of the youth’s legs and he suddenly wanted to jerk off. Because the car was full of people, Song Haoran could only clench his teeth and the light red pupils turned into a darker shade. He looked like a hungry beast wanting to swallow its delicious prey. He felt like swallowing him whole.

Fortunately, after his last loss of control, he learned to be more careful and just buried his head in the teenager’s neck and breathed in the youth’s fragrance deeply. He did not dare to abruptly move. wWpX 2

Gong Lixin was numbed by his sniffing nose and his body gradually reacted. A cluster of small flames spread from his lower abdomen to his whole body. His black eyes were tainted with lust, showing a few charming colours. His small hands were covered by Song Haoran’s hand at his waist, gently stroking up and down. His butt also moved with the car’s swaying and the movement stroked the object between his legs, subconsciously bringing it closer to release. The innocent reactions of the youth was tempting, so tempting that Song Haoran couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The car bumped up again and the two closely interlinked bodies slammed together, bringing an even more pleasurable feeling. Song Haoran, who had already been sweating, sighed and then hung his head, trying to bury himself in Gong Lixin’s neck. Gong Lixin was also red eared and red faced as his eyes glazed over before his body fell back softly against the broad chest.

It was only body friction, but it could bring this kind of pleasure. Gong Lixin felt that it was a very novel experience and closed his eyes, focusing on remembering the pleasure he felt.

Lin Wenbo who was sitting next to Song Haoran, didn’t miss his friend’s growing aggravation and discomfort, and looked at the blushing youth in his arms. The beast in his heart struggled fiercely, letting out a cry of sorrow and tears, tearing his lungs apart. 6yDQlx

When they finally stopped for a rest, Lin Wenbo finally managed to suppress the violent turmoil in his heart. He took Gong Lixin’s small hand and got off the car with a cold expression on his face. When he came out of the car, he looked back at Song Haoran, who was still sitting in the corner. He asked, “Aren’t you getting off of the car?”

“My legs are numb. I’ll sit here for a while!” Song Haoran’s expression was stiff.

Lin Wenbo let go of Gong Lixin. When he was far away, he looked at his friend and whispered a warning. “Haoran, you should also look at the location, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to face anyone afterwards.” He glanced at Song Haoran’s crotch to show what he meant.

Song Haoran’s face was black, the white. He gritted his teeth and watched his friend stride away. Motherf***er, profiteers are profiteers, don’t get so cocky! Even this Laozi knows this! XwGS7H

Touching the dampness and the scent that exuded from his pants, Song Haoran felt that he was truly wretched for the first time! Fortunately, his pants were gray-green camouflage pants, and one couldn’t see the wet patch. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face anyone in the future.

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