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Lord of End of WorldCh7 - Revenge


Gong Lixin went to Gao Yi’s Class A, which was the classroom on the first floor of the teaching building, making it very easy to find. The young master followed his memory and quickly found Gong Lixin’s seat and brought out the language textbook from within his desk.

When he was still living in the underground palace, he had listened to stories that the servants would recite in “private” about their childhood. At times, they would also sneak in learning materials, but now that he looked at the Chinese textbooks printed with small characters. The young master’s eyebrows shot up and his expectation was instantly disillusioned. k5YDzH

The young master found that he had to read a lot of books so, he could not turn a blind eye to his illiteracy. He tried to read the whole page but aside a few simple words such as “one, two, three”, the other words he didn’t know.

Fortunately, there was the Gong Lixin’s memory. Thanks to that, the young master knew that this world’s text had gone through revolutions, greatly simplifying traditional Chinese characters used in ancient times and only keeping half of the words and some of the radicals instead. Because of this, the young master had to compare his memories with Gong Lixin’s and read extremely slowly.

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It was so difficult to read Chinese textbooks, not to mention chemistry, biology and mathematics textbooks. The knowledge of those subjects had undoubtedly increased astronomically since the ancient times that the young master came from. Even with Gong Lixin’s memories, the youth had no way to understand.

Forget it, if he can’t be a top student, couldn’t he just join his father’s army as a soldier? Would soldiers need to learn these? The young master was frustrated and stunned while staring at the pile of textbooks. mlq8hI

When the youth felt troubled, a handsome teenager stepped into the class and walked to the desk in front of him before turning around. His eyes kept staring at the youth. His desk mate was an ordinary, short-sleeved teenager. When he came to see him, the other would smile in a flattering manner and consciously helped organize the stationery on his desk and take out the textbooks he needed for early self-study.

Seeing that youth’s brows were crumpled and he was leaning onto the desk, the young boy slightly licked his lips with a sly glimmer in his eyes.

“Lixin, how was it, last night? Was it cool?” The teenager quickly hid his real emotions and approached the youth, asking like he was concerned. His desk was at his back and he was facing the other but he didn’t bother looking at this young master.

“Hn?” Hearing this juvenile’s question, the little master looked up at him and fixed his eyes on the other person, hesitating before asking, “Are you Fang Fang?” Were you the one who tricked Gong Lixin into eating that medicine? JeTnvd

Fang Hao was stunned and smiled. “How come you don’t even know me? Was it too intense last night, your brain can’t function?”

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He tried to look good for this brother but, in his heart, he despised him. Gong Lixin had been fooled a thousand times. This youth knew about Gong Lixin’s obsession with Lin Wenbo. He knows that this relationship won’t bear any fruit. If he continued to do so, it would only cause harm to others. He would not stop it from happening but rather help him thus he tricked Gong Lixin into swallowing K pills to tempt Lin Wenbo.

He knew that Gong Lixin would not succeed but would make Lin Wenbo even more disgusted with him. If the situation were more serious, Gong Lixin might not be able to wait until Lin Wenbo rushed over and would be raped by a man at the club. Who told him to have such a seductive face?

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Imagining Gong Lixin’s unbearable plight last night, the smile on Fang Hao’s face was real and his follower couldn’t help but laugh.

Fang Hao was superficially well-prepared but they didn’t not know that this young master had already seen the ridicule and contempt in their eyes and classified them as his enemies.

Although he was imprisoned in the Underground Palace for 16 years and had never touched the outside world, making the youth not care about the world. Because of that, his temperament was simple but he was still raised by the devil, Xiao Lin. He was by no means a pure and harmless little lamb. He had his own unique set of principles on doing things. Others were good to him, he will use his true heart to return the goodwill; others hurt him, he must double the pain.

In Xiao Lin’s eyes, this innocent nature had already been implanted with his cruel torture methods. If this factor was not triggered, he could be the most perfectly innocent child in the whole world, but once it was stimulated, he could immediately become a beast that ate people whole. Ec4xqH

“Nasty people forcing him to eat medicine” was one of those few taboos of the youth. Obviously, Fang Hao’s action touched his bottom line. He stared at Fang Hao, his face a little gloomy as he asked coldly: “Do you think it would be comfortable to take that medicine?”

Fang Hao stared uncomfortably as he explained: “I heard people say that it was very comfortable, makes you very high.”

“Yeah.” The young master nodded slowly and said, “Since you like it so much, then I will personally give you medicine that will make you even more comfortable and then find them for you. Ten sturdy, big men who would sleep with you for a night.”

In the past, Xiao Lin forced him and those that lived with him to swallow the Spring Dan, he had always wanted to do this to Xiao Lin. Unfortunately, Xiao Lin is dead. He could only make up for this regret with Fang Hao. d4t21u

Fang Hao’s smile froze, he stuttered and asked: “You…are you kidding? Last night, you went on your own, you can’t blame me!” Gong Lixin told him, didn’t he? How come he was angry this time?

Fang Hao’s little follower didn’t dare look at Gong Lixin, his eyes were filled with fear. He found from Gong Lixin’s serious attitude that his threat towards Fang Hao was not simply a joke, he was serious.

Sure enough, Gong Lixin replied with seriousness: “I don’t joke. When the medicine is ready and the big men are ready, I will contact you.”

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The medicine from his past was very easy to the young master to make, but he had just attached to Gong Lixin’s body and he was unfamiliar with this life. Buying medicinal herbs and finding the ten big and burly men would take some time. He waited for the first class to start. cLUJjx

He was threatened by Gong Lixin? Fang Hao kept asking himself that and seriously suspected that his hearing had a problem. And the look in Gong Lixin’s eyes made feel him more and more uneasy. A cold shiver climbed from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

Fang Hao’s scalp felt a little numb, turning away to avoid facing Gong Lixin’s sight. He wanted to explain but the class bell rang just in time.

The young master knew the meaning of the ringtone and immediately picked up his book to study, no longer paying attention to Fang Hao. When Fang Hao saw the teacher coming in, he closed his mouth, his face gloomy and his mood heavy.

When Gong Lixin first started, he was really flattering to him and nowadays, he was out to ruin him and make his life miserable. If Gong Lixin really wants to retaliate, with the strength of the Gong family, the words he just threatened with could easily become a reality. fcay2X

Imagine ten burly men taking turns to torture him. Fang Hao’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat, his chrysanthemum began to feel threatened. His desk was obviously in front of the other and he tried to widen the distance between them, secretly praying that Gong Lixin wouldn’t take his revenge.

After a whole day, Fang Hao spent it frightened in his corner. Every time the school bell would ring, he immediately apologized and explained to Gong Lixin. However, Gong Lixin didn’t even bother paying attention to him. At a glance, his attitude was obvious on his face.

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In fact, the youth was also having a difficult day today. Fang Hao’s harassment was nothing but what was upsetting him was the academic problems. In addition to the language, he couldn’t understand any of the other subjects either. He stubbornly persisted for two classes before the young master finally gave up his intention to study hard, turned his attention to his dantian and simply practiced his internal forces.

Finally, the school ended and his dantian was filled with a bit more with internal force. 3zZ8e9

If he went on like this, he would be able to break through the top of “Reverse Spirits” within two months. The youth thought that depressing thought while packing up his bag. When he was out of the school, he saw that Song Haoran, who was waiting across the road, was slightly depressed.

The youth walked towards Song Haoran but was blocked by Fang Hao.

“Lixin, wait, I want to talk to you.” For his family but mostly, for himself, even if it wounded his pride, he had to reconcile with Gong Lixin as soon as possible.

“Song Big Brother said you weren’t a good person. If you come close to me from now on, he will personally take care of you. He’s just in front, you’ve met him in the past.” The young master pointed to Song Haoran’s land rover. For Song Big Brother’s pride, he remembered his words firmly. uJZEB9

Fang Hao turned and saw that Song Haoran was staring in their direction. Seeing Gong Lixin pointing at him, he immediately turned off the car and opened the door before walking towards the two of them.

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Song Haoran’s name was big and was simply a slap in the face. His hot temper was legendary in the C country. Only someone who was not afraid of death would provoke him. He broke a man’s hands and feet with four shots without saying anything and ruined the man’s life. However, the power of Song family was so powerful that others couldn’t help the poor man.

Song Haoran’s hot temper reputation didn’t emerge from the Song family. His military strength was not built up by Gong Yuanhang, but was piled up with his and his enemy’s blood. No one knows how many secret missions he performed, but it was a well-recognized fact that he lived a dangerous life. It was not an exaggeration to say that he might have even committed murder.

In the face of his mighty power, even the older generation would avoid meeting Song Haoran’s gaze. How could Fang Hao not be afraid? His legs were quaking and he quickly ran away. Thinking of Song Haoran’s evaluation of him as “not a good person”, thinking of how he framed Gong Lixin last night, Fang Hao sadly realized that Fang family’s good days were over. tZpbiJ

“That was Fang Hao?” Going to Gong Lixin, Song asked confidently.

“Hn, he is very afraid of you.” The young master nodded, seriously looking at Song Haoran. He didn’t think Song Haoran was that scary. He couldn’t help but frown, the other party was very rude.

“If he’s afraid of me, then it’ll stop him from approaching you.” Song Haoran smiled, very naturally taking the teenager’s soft hand and guarding him while walking towards the land rover across the road.

“He doesn’t need to come to me, I will go to him. He forced me to eat that pill, I have to force him to eat Spring Dan, and also find ten burly men to sleep with him for one night.” The young master calmly explained his revenge plan to his most trusted Song brother. dE3ekq

Song Haoran’s footsteps stopped and he looked down at the serious-looking teenager. The determination in his face showed that the boy was not joking. His brow twisted and he leaned forward, onto the teenager’s should and laughed.

The well-behaved and lovely child certainly made him like him, but honestly, this child who dared to love and hate was obviously more suitable to Song Haoran’s taste. Because “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” was Song Haoran’s principle for being a man. Gong Lixin’s method of handling this incident without remorse hit his heart and gained a little more of his approval. Besides just pitying him, he appreciated him.

He certainly was the son of uncle Gong! He has uncle Gong’s willpower! Song Haoran secretly said in his heart while laughing out loud for a long time before letting go of Gong Lixin’s shoulder. He patted his chest assured him: “Is it necessary to find ten burly men? Let Song Big Brother take care of it!”

T/N: So I got word that Xiao Shaozu is not actually a name but mean young master. So I’ll be changing that in the future. lphdVH


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