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Lord of End of WorldChapter 169


Warning: Cliff

In the huge green tent, the leaders of major bases gathered together, revisiting their strategy around a map of Wucheng. Gong Lixin sat at the front with a blank expression. His eyes were slightly closed and he seemed to be listening attentively, but also seemed to be dazed. s2Ct17

In this battle, other people were responsible for fighting the tide of zombies in order to delay them for as long as possible. He was responsible for going deep into the zombie’s homeland and looking for the zombie emperor to kill it with one blow. This was a special battle for which the success or failure depended on one person. The pressure that Gong Lixin had to bear was unimaginable to ordinary people.

However, in these days, the young man, as usual, had never shown the slightest sign fear or anxiety. They had been infected by him and the uneasy people had gradually calmed down and carried out the preparations for war in an orderly manner. Whenever they saw Young Master Gong with a faint smile, they felt relieved. Young Master Gong’s invisible influence had exceeded the scope of Ningcheng and had spread to the whole Country C.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Alright, let’s start the watch. It’s 7:36 in the morning. Half an hour later, that is 8:06, the battle will officially start.” Song Haoran looked down at the watch as he explained.

Everyone adjusted their wrist watched as they agreed. S9v1QE

Seeing that everyone was ready, Song Haoran waved his hand. After everyone withdrew from the camp, he took his beloved young man into his arms and hugged him before whispering, “If you can’t find the zombie emperor, come back quickly. I’ll organize everyone to evacuate quickly. If we don’t succeed, we can attack again. Even a second time, a third time. We will capture the fog city one day. You must not force yourself, understood?”

“Got it.” His jaw rested on Song Haoran’s shoulders as his ears listened to the others deep and hoarse voice full of love and uneasiness. Gong Lixin’s heart felt sour and he rubbed his cheek to the other’s neck as he agreed.

“You must do it since you promised!” Song Haoran sighed and kissed the top of his soft hair lovingly. Although he knew that the young man was very strong, his heart still suffered. Many times, he wanted to stop the war and was almost overwhelmed by this selfish thought.

If Lixin really had an accident, he would also die in this land. He swore he’d never leave Lixin alone, and he’ll stay by his side even if they were to go to heaven or hell.


Thinking of it, Song Haoran felt pain in his heart and squeezed the young man harder against his chest. The two hugged quietly when Lin Wenbo lifted the curtain and came in. He immediately approached with quiet footsteps and hugged the young man from behind, kissing the other’s white and delicate neck.

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“If you can’t find the zombie emperor or the situation changes, come back right away. Don’t force yourself, okay?” Lin Wenbo whispered his instructions along the young man’s neck.

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“That’s right.” Gong Lixin twirled a golden needle between his fingers to check before nodding.

“What do you want to do with them?” Lin Wenbo frowned, his tone sounding extremely uneasy.

“It’s just in case something unexpected happens. Rest assured; I have my priorities straight.” Gong Lixin didn’t explain in detail about their uses and properly put away the gold needles in his arms.

Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran had to ask again, but the agreed time for the war had arrived. When they heard the bells, their faces were solemn and they immediately went out of the tent and to the fort. 3RPBZx

“Major General, everything is ready. We await your orders.” A soldier in camouflage uniform saw him coming and stood up straight to salute immediately. Rows of artillery men held their heads high and aimed towards the foggy city not far away.

Song Haoran raised his hand and counted down silently in his heart. When the last second fell, he shouted loudly, “Fire!”

The rumbling sound of artillery shattered the sky and shells rushed towards the city of fog with powers of destruction. The orange-red fire and black plume of smoke rose into the sky like a giant dragon looming amongst the fog. Towering skyscrapers fell down one after another. Even without a close up, one can imagine the miserable sight in Wucheng right now.

Groups of zombies were crushed into mud by collapsed buildings and zombies directly hit by shells instantly turned into ash. However, the advantage of zombies laid in their large numbers and their strong and fearless bodies. Although the casualties were serious, many zombies escaped the city center smoothly, avoiding the fate of being cannon fodder. clwzIv

They had just ran out of the fog city and into the suburban plains when they stepped into the minefields pre-laid by humans. One by one, mines detonated one after another, exploding and sending them into the sky. The dense crowd of zombies fell not too long after.

Without waiting for the zombies to break through the minefield, humans hidden in the trenches and fortresses started a round of intensive firing with machine guns, giving the group of zombies not a single chance to breathe.

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More than twenty minutes passed since the launch of the attack and 70% or 80% of the zombies of Wucheng city had been killed or injured. Since the remaining zombies could withstand the damage of artillery and stray bullets, their levels were naturally very high and thus were still alive and kicking. This showed that the zombie emperor also luckily escaped.

Seeing a large group of senior zombies attacking, the soldiers in the trench immediately retreated, leaving the battlefield to the ability users. The trenches were dug very deep, criss-crossing the plain like a spider’s web. The zombies jumped into the trenches and crawled out, approaching this abominable group of human beings. But their way of moving forward was obviously very laborious, making it so that they haven’t been able to move very far. d5BkpW

In the fortresses surrounding the trenches, the ability users had gathered and were preparing their moves to greet them.

Colourful abilities spread across the plains, followed by a violent return from the zombies. This war had officially been launched at this moment.

When Gong Lixin saw that the time was ripe, he jumped into the group of zombies with light steps, evading the intense abilities while looking for the figure of the zombie emperor. He came and went like a flash of lightning. He moved too quickly for zombies to see him as he looked over the heads of the zombies even as blood that splattered everywhere.

The ability users on the fort saw that the zombie group came and went easily and Young Master Gong was running rampant. The fighting intent in their hearts grew even stronger and they pressed fiercely in their fight against group of zombies. It turned out that they had been afraid to inadvertently hurt Young Master Gong and were all subconsciously reserved. When they saw that they couldn’t hurt Young Master Gong at all, they let go of all their reservation. Yy 0mU

The zombies that had been gradually approaching were repelled again and the balance of victory began to fall on the human’s side. The zombies started to feel anxious as they senses the change in situation. Walking among the group of zombies in the midst of launching violent attacks, Gong Lixin was not affected by the pressure they radiated and continued to search with eyes wide open.

The body was only the size of a baby. Even if the other’s head was very large, it was difficult to find it among the masses of corpses. Fortunately, Gong Lixin was so skilled that it wasn’t long before he had discovered the other.

Squinting his eyes, Gong Lixin raised his hand and waved it to release a palm of wind. The palm of win was extremely fast and full of sensational killing intent, but it was this trace of killing intent that revealed this heavenly opportunity. The fifth-level high-grade fire system zombie beside the zombie emperor became aware of the danger and released a strong fireball to block the attack.

The palm of wind collided with the fireball and exploded in mid-air. The zombie emperor was frightened and shrieked loudly before quickly hiding among the group of walking corpses. How was Gong Lixin willing to let have a chance to escape. He chases its small figure sending out one bombardment after another. BoNZs

The fifth-level high-grade fire system zombie quickly kept up with its protection. The fire and wind intertwined, helping yet eliminating each other. The scorching heat waves were more lethal than artillery fire. The surrounding zombies collapsed one after another. Some died on the spot, some seriously injured their limbs and could no longer stand, even the zombie emperor surrounded by moving corpses was inadvertently burned at the back from the graze of a fireball where the distance between them was as thin as a wing. The skin on its scalp broke and black venom spilled onto the ground.

The zombie emperor was delicate and had never suffered such harm since birth. It squealed and the baby-like, childish cry was filled with hatred. Gong Lixin pursed his lips as he easily flicked the fireballs sent by the fire system zombies and shot the head of fire systems zombies with a palm attack. The zombie from the fire system screamed and flew back. Its whole body became surrounding by thick ice crystal. When it fell to the ground, it immediately shattered into a pile of black and red powder.

The leader died. The zombies around it froze for a few seconds and their siege of the young man stagnated. Grasping these few seconds, Gong Lixin’s five fingers came together to form a knife and stabbed the zombie emperor’s huge head. The zombie emperor’s black and white pupils suddenly turned into two black holes and evaded this killing move with lightning-speed move. Without showing any hint of its previous weakness, it ran away.

It quickly jumped onto the back of a wind system zombie and its thin limbs hugged the other zombie’s neck. It’s ribs opened and his head settled on the other’s head as he connected with the other. nHW6Dk

Gong Lixin’s eyes widened in amazement. He hurriedly attacked, but didn’t expect that the wind system zombie who connected with the zombie emperor would suddenly surge in strength. A strong wind blew around him and swallowed Gong Lixin’s palm of wind attack.

Gong Lixin managed to stabilize his body by re-balancing his weight, but the zombies around him suddenly fell to the ground and died on the spot. There were more and more dead zombies. Within a 500 meters radius, the area turned into a restricted area where zombies died. Gong Lixin also clearly felt that his own internal forced was being drawn by an invisible aura. After gathering up his internal forced from the main points of his body, he moved towards the wind system zombie and the zombie emperor.

Fortunately, human beings gathered in the fortress that were fighting zombies were more than a500 meters away, otherwise, they wouldn’t be spared. Their abilities weren’t controlled by their Dantian, so their abilities and their life would easily be taken away by the zombie emperor.

After a while, Gong Lixin became afraid. He quickly stabilized his mind and pressed the lost internal force back to his Dantian. The whirlwinds around the wind system zombie were getting stronger and stronger and its terrifying pressure was spreading in the air, leaving others breathless. myTAFz

The zombies and humans who were more than 500 meters away stopped fighting and looked towards the black hole-like whirlwind.

“No, the situation has changed! Lixin, come back soon!” Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran ran down the fortress and ran towards the center of the whirlwind.

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“You can only go to your death if you go. Not only won’t you be able to save Lixin, but you’ll also drag him down! Stop now and calm down!” He Jin snapped Song Haoran out with a glare and pushed him to the ground in anger. On the other side, Dou Heng also subdued Lin Wenbo. He held up Lin Wenbo’s jaw and forced him to look at the young man and coldly said, “Look clearly. He’s still standing! Don’t let him get distracted, otherwise I will kill you first!”

The two calmed down and their eyes that were a deep red and gold colour gradually recovered their clarity. MEJhye

Jin Shangyu couldn’t stop Jin Shanghui, so she repeatedly released several powerful blessings to comatose him in a frenzy.

The change of the wind system zombie continued and everyone’s heart went up to their throats, especially Gong Xianyi. She didn’t expect that the zombie emperor still had the ability to absorb. If her brother had an accident, she would definitely become the ultimate sinner and wouldn’t be able to forgive herself in this lifetime!

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