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Lord of End of WorldCh16 - Animal Mutation


Lin Mao was a man of his words. Since he had promised to do something, he would definitely do it. The size of Lin family’s business empire was huge and the main industry was firmly grasped in his hand. He was going to make a big move in private, and nobody would be able to stop it. Though that didn’t matter since nobody would be able to find a single clue about what he was doing anyway.

After all, the Lin family was centuries-old. This eminent family had a large network of influence. The family had a high population. But because not everyone was close to Lin Mao or his grandchildren, the news about the apocalypse was concealed from them. Even if they did tell them, nobody would believe their words because it sounded ludicrous. The news was simply too sensational to be true. Other family members would be too afraid to gamble the Lin family foundation on Gong Xiangyi’s unconfirmed prophecy. However Lin Mao was taking action now because it would’ve been too late to do anything when the prophecy did come true. 6XNg0j

Therefore, after Lin Mao returned to Lin family household he called his accounting team directly in order to integrate all of Lin family’s assets into one place so they could use it at any time.

When the accounting team received the order, they were so surprised that they repeatedly confirmed whether Old Lin’s mental condition was alright. After they confirmed he was not joking, the elite team immediately began calculating. After two weeks, an astronomical sum was sent to Lin Wenbo’s private account. And Lin enterprise became an empty shell from then on.

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Lin Wenbo purchased weapons from various channels and focused on purchasing a large number of helicopters and heavily armored vehicles. He also announced that Lin Enterprise was entering the food industry. He borrowed huge sums from the bank and quickly set up a food processing plant; a large number of agricultural products from all over the world were purchased.

Gong father and Song Haoran also didn’t dare slack off and took control of A province’s provincial army. They didn’t think about releasing news about the apocalypse because it would cause public unrest. But really, who would believe such unbelievable nonsense? They would also be dismissed from their duties for disturbing the social order, then they would be replaced by a leader who knew nothing and would then be unprepared. This in turn would cause casualties to skyrocket when the apocalypse did begin. That situation would be even more difficult to control. vno Im

Instead, all the preparations were carried out in an orderly manner as time passed by. On the third to last month before the apocalypse, what Gong Xiangyi prophesied as the trilogy of things that would change with the coming apocalypse; changing weather, mutating animals and finally the mutation of humans, the second of the three came to be.

Perhaps it was because animals having a body structure that was much simpler than humans, which made them more susceptible to the increasingly poisonous atmosphere, thus exhibiting anomalies in behavior and appearance earlier than humans.

Some animals’ fur changed color overnight, whilst some grew wings and horns when they didn’t have them before. Some animals had a sudden increase in size. It was as if many of the mythical creatures that had only existed in legends and stories began appearing due to the gradual change occurring in the world.

This anomaly attracted the attention of many scientists. Many TV media-outlets launched an exploration and discovery program and their ratings were phenomenal. Many hot debates took place but people had not noticed that a disaster capable of extinction was approaching step by step. 25 9VB

After eight months of exhaustive work, all preparations were complete. The end of the world was nearing. Song Haoran, Lin Wenbo and Gong Xiangyi seldom had a day off, but now they stayed at home to rest, relax and loosen their bodies which hadn’t had much rest for nearly a year. Everything had been done and everybody was exhausted, but thanks to  God’s will they were able to finish everything in time. [1]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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It was the weekend. Gong Lixin didn’t have to go to school. After getting up and having breakfast, he turned on the TV to watch a discovery show. These programs were very cleverly set up so that many questions were asked which would make people doubt whether it was real. Even modern people who were very knowledgeable and well-informed couldn’t stop questioning themselves, let alone the “clueless” person who came from ancient times, Gong Lixin.

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“Song Big Brother, good morning!” Gong Lixin turned his head to say hello before pointing to the title on the lower right corner of the TV screen, “The show is about Cat Demons.  Very interesting!”

Gong Xiangyi was slowly descending the stairs because Lin Wenbo had called and he said that he would be bringing breakfast. She waited for awhile before getting bored. She went to the living room and sat down to watch TV. However, she sat alone in a corner, away from Gong Lixin. Song Haoran was unhappy as he looked at her beautiful yet emotionless face.

Gong Xiangyi’s temperament had changed since she gained the ability to tell prophecies and her spatial ability. She had been becoming colder and colder; the way she viewed the world had completely changed. Not only that, she also treated her relatives and loved ones somewhat ruthlessly. Song Haoran was extremely disgusted by her ambitious arbitrariness and sense of superiority. People would change, especially after a major accident but these changes could be good or bad. In Song Haoran’s eyes, Gong Xiangyi’s changes was obviously not a good thing.

Although Song Haoran formerly had a closer relationship with Gong Xiangyi, Gong Lixin had already surpassed Gong Xiangyi’s position in his mind. Moreover, Gong Xiangyi had long been his friend’s, Lin Wenbo’s, responsibility. He doesn’t want to interfere too much. So he no longer bothered paying attention to Gong Xiangyi.  He held the cute lovely child in his arms, and shifted himself into a comfortable position to watch TV. WGs4uk

Lin Wenbo arrived quickly. Ten minutes later, he came in carrying a large bag of Xu Ji’s soybean milk. He saw the people in the living room and greeted them before hurriedly inviting them to eat. He was going upstairs to invite Gong father, but stopped when the servants told him that Gong father had already left for the army camp at dawn.

“Thank you, Lin Big Brother! I’ve already eaten in the morning! I ate two bowls of steamed dumplings and a bowl of porridge. I am already full!” Gong Lixin’s posture straightened as he held onto Song Haoran’s strong arms, looking at Lin Wenbo. His brows twisted into a ball as he rubbed his round belly, regret written all over his expression. If he knew that Big Brother Lin would bring delicious food from Xu Ji in the morning, he wouldn’t have eaten so much.

Gong Lixin’s thoughts were displayed all over his face. Lin Wenbo couldn’t help but walk over and touch the boy’s soft hair with a big smile on his face. “That’s a pity. I wanted to give some to Xiaoxin so I made a call in advance. Xu Ji’s breakfast is hard to buy and Lin brother queued for a long time.”

Gong Lixin bowed his head, his delicate eyebrows were knitted together and his big eyes revealed his inner struggle as he blinked. “Oh, actually, I can still drink a cup of soy milk.” His stomach should still be able to fit in a cup of soy milk. Xu Ji’s soy milk was mellow and sweet and had a slight aftertaste of soy. Gong Lixin stuck out his pink tongue to lick his small, tender lips as he smiled. tM65Bl

Lin Wenbo’s eyes sparkled when he saw the boy salivating over the drink. His eyes lingered on Gong Lixin’s pink tongue and red lips for a few seconds. His heart seemed to have been struck by a weak electric current; for a fleeting moment, numbness and crispness flooded his body.

“Hn, Big Brother Lin will give you a cup of soy milk.” Lin Wenbo thoughtfully said when he saw the child staring at the TV whilst sitting on the sofa, with no intention of moving to the dining room at all.

“Give me a cup of soy milk too. I don’t have much of an appetite today. I don’t want to eat much.” saying that to Lin Wenbo, Song Haoran once again took the satisfied child into his arms He didn’t have an appetite, but he felt so comfortable with this child in his arms that he couldn’t bear to let go.

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Gong Xiangyi’ glared at Song Haoran who was holding Gong Lixin. After a few months, she had finally realized that Song Haoran and Gong Lixin became a lot closer, always lingering in each other’s company. The atmosphere generated around the two could not be ignored. QMzacA

However, something even more unexpected still awaited her.

Lin Wenbo’s eyes darkened slightly at the intimate sight but with thin lips and a gentle voice he said, “Come and eat breakfast while you watch TV.” He gestured to the maid to bring a few cups of soy milk and various breakfast foods who then placed everything on the marble table in the living room.

“Wenbo, the living room is not a place for eating!” Gong Xiangyi looked at Lin Wenbo and the indifference in his eyes surprised her greatly. She knew how much her fiancé paid attention to rules and etiquette. He never let her go whenever she was watching TV as she ate in the living room. Which was why she couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what Lin Wenbo said.

“Why bother thinking about it? No one knows how many days there are left until the apocalypse. We won’t be able to live so comfortably in the future. Why should I care where I eat?” Lin Wenbo raised his brows as he smiled. His wild and unruly faces showed all of the deeply repressed emotions in his heart. His beautiful face looked evil. E iuOP

“Wenbo is right!” Song Haoran laughed. He reached for two cups of hot soybean milk and handed one of them to Gong Lixin while he slowly drank the other one.

Lin Wenbo hooked his lips and went to the other side of Gong Lixin to sit down and eat the cakes.

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Gong Xiangyi frowned and looked at the three men sitting together. Her heart was filled with doubt. The three people ate, had no eye contact with each other as silence prevailed in the room. They somehow exuded an air of tacit understanding which created a relaxing atmosphere. This and the scenes from her previous life were simply polar opposites..

Perhaps this was due to predicting the apocalypse in advance, causing a butterfly effect. In the previous lifetime, Gong Lixin and Wenbo didn’t get specially trained by the army, so their relationship was a bit cold but now, they practically lived together so the intimacy was natural. kMDGxL

After thinking about it, Gong Xiangyi suppressed her suspicions to the bottom of her heart before picking up a piece of chestnut cake and ate it without thinking too much about it.

On the TV screen, a large, mottled wild cat was tied up to the CT machine and screamed, it’s three furry tails standing straight up revealed its fear. A group of scientists wearing white coats kept walking around the wild cat, staring at its tails.

The picture was a bit strange. Lin Wenbo swallowed his food before turning to look at Gong Lixin. He asked, “Is that a cat? Why does it have three tails?”

“It’s a cat!” Gong Lixin nodded with a straw in his mouth, his tone excited and amazed. “The scientists said that this cat may be the legendary eight-tailed cat demon!” zhm8Jd

These days, Gong Lixin was fortunate enough to see legendary beasts, such as the phoenix, the winged snake, the hydra, the nine-tailed fox, the fire cow and etc. [2]

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Gong Xiangyi heard this and quickly glanced at Gong Lixin, ridicule filling her eyes. What was so exciting and amazing about this? No matter how you look at it, it was a mutant animal infected with the zombie virus. When the apocalypse came, their changes would be completed and these miraculous creatures would become violent demons that harvested life using their sharp claws. This made them more difficult to deal with than zombies. By then, no one would think of them as magical creatures but as humanity’s punishment from mother nature.

[1] Editor’s Comment: Nice timeskip ._.

[2] Translator’s Comment: I want to see a fire cow. How come there’s no fire cow in all the Chinese webnovels I’ve read thus far. *disappointed* 2VkQbz


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