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Lord of End of WorldChapter 156


When Gong Xiangyi walked to the door to Lin Wenbo’s room, she found that the door was slightly ajar. Gong Xiangyi was startled and pushed the door in.

There was no one in the living room. Several clothes were thrown on the clean wooden floor. The bed in the bedroom was also as equally messy. The futon pillows had fallen onto the floor. It was not unlike Lin Wenbo’s clean and tidy temperament. Gong Xaingyi frowned slightly. She put the food container in her hand on the coffee table in the living room before she stooped down to pick up the clothes thrown everywhere, and then went into the bedroom to make the bed. WP21Ep

An ambiguous gasp came from the bathroom. Gong Xiangyi stiffened and looked at the source of the sound in disbelief. She slowly approached it and the panting and moans became even clearer, but a thin piece of frosted glass blocked her way. She didn’t dare push it away, as if there was a human-eating beast imprisoned on the other side, ready to just swallow her…

“Someone’s here.” Lin Wenbo whispered into Gong Lixin’s ear as he bit his earlobe. They had heard Gong Xiangyi’s footsteps before she even entered the door. But in the end, his hand around the waist of the youth didn’t relax at all. The burning fire of lust in his gold eyes couldn’t wait to burn him and the youth in his arms to ashes.

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“I know.”  The young man’s voice was full of lust, with a hint of hoarseness and casualness. “It’s Gong Xiangyi. After a year, she should know about our relationship. Didn’t you say so at the beginning, that you’ll tell her and grandfather know when the base stabilizes? Do you regret us?”

The young man opened his misty eyes and stared straight at Lin Wenbo, waiting for his answer. His slender white legs tightened around the other’s sturdy waist and abdomen in an obviously provocative move. CTzs5D

Lin Wenbo’s member was squeezed by the youth’s buttocks and he grunted, smiling slowly, “How could that be. Now’s the time she needs to know.” As his words fell, he held the youth’s cheek and kissed the other’s beautiful thin lips deeply.

The glass door was slowly pushed open and, in the bathtub, the two men kissed as the water covered their red, nude bodies tightly intertwined together. One was an oily bronze colour and the other, a luminous porcelain white, making for a very beautiful contrast, but it deeply hurt Gong Xiangyi’s eyes.

“Gong Lixin?” Seeing the young man in Lin Wenbo’s arms, Gong Xiangyi murmured, her face covered itself with an unbelievable expression.

Gong Lixin changed the angled of the kiss and hooked glanced at her from the corner of his reddened eye, but did not intend to stop his actions. Instead, he held Lin Wenbo’s body tighter and declared sovereignty. Lin Wenbo gasped, clasped the back of the youth’s head with his big palms and vigorously invaded deeper into the other’s mouth.


Watching dumbfoundedly as the two entangled together, Gong Xiangyi froze. After a few minutes, she recovered and left; walking as if she lost her soul.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“She’s gone, when are you two going to finish? It’s time to eat.” Song Haoran returned from Sun Tiantian’s room with tonight’s meal and happened to run into Gong Xiangyi leaving like a wandering soul. He put the food on the table, walked to the bathroom door and helplessly reminded the two who had forgotten the whole affair.

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“Qf’gf mbwlcu.” Olc Qfcyb gfqilfv qfgoecmabglis jr tf ifa ub bo atf sbecu wjc’r ilqr.

Ktf akb vgfrrfv eq cfjais. Vbcu Ljbgjc kjr gfjvs ab fja jcv rja ja atf ajyif, kjlalcu obg atfw ab fja. XYPJvM

“Pa rffwr atja la lr cfmfrrjgs obg atf akb bo er ab ifjgc ab mbbx, batfgklrf, la klii yf agbeyifrbwf obg bcf bo er ab ub ufa obbv jcv ifjnf atf vbbg bqfc, bcis obg rbwfbcf ab kjix la. Vb fwyjggjrrlcu.” Olc Qfcyb qea j qlfmf bo ygjlrfv weajca qsatbc wfja lcab Xbcu Olzlc’r ybki.

“I think so too.” Song Haoran gave the youth a bowl of mutant vole soup as he nodded in agreement. These mutated beast meats that contained highly poisonous meat in the eyes of the outsiders were ordinary food in Ningcheng.

Gong Lixin buried himself in his meal and didn’t respond. He only had the enthusiasm to eat, but no talent for cooking. The charred kitchen in his suite was the best proof of this.

Looking at the young man who was particularly attentive at the table, Lin Wenbo’s and Song Haoran’s lips parted into a smile. They gave him a few more chopsticks worth of dishes, only for the other to return the favor towards them. WXmxrE

“Gong Xiangyi may bring the matter to Uncle Gong and your grandfather. You have to be mentally prepared.” After a few bites, Song Haoran reminded him.

“I know. After dinner, I’ll go see my grandfather and Uncle Gong to confess.” Lin Wenbo’s expression did not change and he spoke lightly as well.

“Good luck!” Song Haoran patted his shoulder.

“You’re wrong, I wish you good luck!” Lin Wenbo glanced at him calmly. sTK9Dj

Song Haoran chocked and buried himself in a meal.

Gong Xiangyi didn’t do as Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran imagined and run to find Father Gong and Old Lin to complain. Instead, she swayed a few times around the building before returning to her room in dismay.

“What’s wrong with you? Who bullied you?” Liao Fan, who had been waiting for her to come back for dinner, saw the woman’s pale face and flushed eyes and asked worriedly. He hesitated for a second before he held the woman tightly in his arms, his dark brown eyes taking on a fierce light. Who made her look like this? Lin Wenbo?

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When she was alone, Gong Xiangyi could suppress herself. But once there was someone there to comfort her, the sorrow that had accumulated in her heart was like a floor with its gates wide open. Gong Xiangyi hugged Liao Fan’s waist and clenched her teeth as she sobbed. XJYSuM

“How can this be? How could Wenbo be with Gong Lixin? It shouldn’t be like this!” She choked, her voice filled with sorrow and confusion.

Because she was so close, Liao Fan heard her words clearly, and he felt her sorrow, which upset him. “Don’t cry.” He gently wiped the tears from the woman’s face and said dryly, “Didn’t you break up with him long ago? He has nothing to do with you, and you should have let him go by now.”

However, she was pricked by her own brother, no wonder she was deeply hit. Thinking of the extraordinary youth who Liao Fan had met only once, he had to admit that, with the other’s charm, it was not difficult to capture a man and make them indulge him.

“I can’t let it go. Gong Lixin has everything, why does he have to grab my Wenbo? He and Haoran are a pair! How can the three of them work?” Gong Xiangyi shook her head and retorted with a pale face. koQaRv

“You’re so simple!” Liao Fan sneered. “This is the apocalypse. This kind of relationship is common. They love each other and that’s their freedom. Lin Wenbo is not yours anymore. Wake up. In the world, there are so many good men and not worse them him!”

“But I don’t want anyone, only him!” Gong Xiangyi shoved away from Liao Fan’s arm before sitting paralyzed in front of the table.

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Liao Fan heard her words and it felt like his heart was struck with a needle, but didn’t feel angry. “He will be yours just because you want him? Stop dreaming! You can’t influence his decision, let alone Gong Lixin. Now what, you want to compete with Gong Lixin? He has strength, looks and I heard that his personality is also quite good. If you put the two of you side by side and ask Lin Wenbo to choose with his eyes closed, you know who he would choose. Don’t think about it anymore. Come over to eat dinner, the dishes are getting cold!”

Liao Fan said as he helped Gong Xiangyi fill a bowl of rice and placed a pair of chopsticks in her hand. mBzMlU

Gong Xiangyi chewed on his words carefully and smiled bitterly. Two lines of tears finally flowed down her flushed eyes. Yeah, what was she compared to Gong Lixin? Standing together with Gong Lixin, who would be ashamed? Although her heart felt as thorny as she was, she didn’t have the slightest desire to retaliate. After so many years of dealing with him, she had already seen that Gong Lixin was better than her.

Thinking of that, Gong Xiangyi wiped her tears and took a few bottles of Johnnie Walker whiskey out of her space. This was what she specifically collected for Lin Wenbo. Lin Wenbo doesn’t like drinking, but he couldn’t refuse Johnnie Walker’s deep and delicate taste. But during the apocalypse, these things weren’t used by Lin Wenbo at all. Now, it doesn’t make sense to save them anymore, so she wants t drink them all!

“Come, drink with me!” She placed the bottle on the table and told Liao Fan to join her.

“Alright, eat before drinking.” Liao Fan sighed and placed many dishes into her bowl. QwXWqN

Gong Xiangyi smiled miserably. She pushed away the rice bowl, unscrewed the bottle and poured the whiskey directly into her mouth. Liao Fan had no choice but to grab the bottle and go find two glasses to drink with her.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Half and hour later, Gong Xiangyi was drunk and slumped in her seat. Liao Fan, who felt dizzy, held her in his arms and sent her into the bedroom.

“Do you blame me for not being able to share a room with you? I can! After watching Ma Zhihong getting killed, I’m not afraid of anything! I dare you to try!” Liao Fan struggle to leave as Gong Xiangyi grumbled drunkenly. Her slender legs stubbornly wrapped around the other’s waist.

Liao Fan also felt slightly sullen. Looking at the beauty under him, his body became hot and his mouth closed on hers when he lowered his head, so that her words unconsciously spoken would not have the chance to sting his heart. A man and a woman rolled together, undulating rhythmically. The rough gasp in the room were swallowed by the sound of the thunderstorm outside the window. AjX2FL

In the middle of the night, the pouring rain showed no sign of stopping. Liao Fan listened to the thunders outside the window and looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms with a bitter expression on his face. Another deafening thunder came and Liao Fan quickly covered Gong Xiangyi’s ear before hugging her tightly into his arms.

After a few minutes, the thunder stopped and he reluctantly let go. He carefully pulled his arm out and laid in bed as he watched Gong Xiangyi for a while. Then he put on his clothes and quietly left.

Liao Fan was a fourth-level mid-grade earth ability user. He can’t fly in the sky, but he had no problem moving under the ground. He integrated into the wall and escaped the notice of several patrolling guards, going down to the first floor smoothly. The tip of his toes seemed to enter the water like fish which dived into the polished marble floor as he walked out of the building while hiding in the ground.

Liao Fan came out after traveling a certain distance, because the ground was full of the king kong vine’s roots. Although some of them were dead and he could handle the others, but it was an extremely labor-intensive work to break through the entanglement of the dead vine and move to the suburb. What’s more, the suburbs were full of living king kong vines and the roots under the ground were not vegetarian. Even if Liao Fan’s strength was good, he couldn’t make it out of the city alive. He still needs to find Gong Xiangyi to spray him with the vine repellent drug. But after rummaging through Gong Xiangyi’s room for a long time, he found no such medicine. Liao Fan realized that it much be in her space. So, he could only steal it from the patrolling guards at night. Thinking of that, Liao Fan began to sneak below ground once again and carefully listened to the movements above ground, looking for the right target. jo1Kl0

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  3. [They love each other and that’s their freedom. Lin Wenbo is not yours anymore. Wake up … He will be yours just because you want him? Stop dreaming! You can’t influence his decision, let alone Gong Lixin…]

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