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Lord of End of WorldChapter 134


The guard quickly brought back two bowls of rice porridge and placed them in front of the Bao Long and Zhao Ying. The two struggled to sit up, groaning while holding their bowl and pouring it into their mouths. Their eating was so intense that they coughed while drinking the porridge down, for fear that Gong Lixin would regret his action and take their meal back.

“Are you full?” After the two finished eating, Gong Lixin stepped in front of them and asked while leaning over. ukDF0G

Zhao Ying shrank his neck and didn’t dare to answer. Bao Long wiped his mouth and opened his mouth with a big grin, “No. How could we be full with such little porridge?” Seeing that the young man had a mild attitude and that there was no trace of killing intent in his clear eyes, the boldness hidden in Bao Long’s bone had risen up again.

“Give them more. Let them have enough to eat.” Gong Lixin waved.

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The guard heard his words and looked at Dou Heng with a painful expression on his face. Dou Heng nodded, his expression remaining the same.

The guard learned his lesson this time and directly brought two small buckets of porridge, placing them in front of each of them and letting them finish eating their fill. Bao Long picked up the bowl and ate happily. Zhao Ying was hesitant about eating until he was full. How did it look like a final meal? Thinking of that, he felt scared. He crawled on his knees to Gong Lixin and banged his head to the floor, begging him. “Young Master Gong, please don’t kill me! I was forced! If you let me go, I will go far away and never come back to Long Snake Island!” UbBrMS

“Don’t worry and eat. I won’t kill you.” Gong Lixin glanced at him in disgust as he spoke coldly.

Zhao Ying not only scratched his head in confusion, but turned to Song Haoran and began to talk about his powerlessness and compulsion. Lin Wenbo’s lips hooked up and his eyes showed his ridicule at his friend’s dark expression. Song Haoran took a tense look at the teenager next to him before kicking away Zhao Ying who had crawled to his feet. Cursing fiercely, he turned and walked out of the cell, so as not to let Zhao Ying entangle him further and make Lixin upset! He leaned back against the wall outside and pulled out a handmade cigarette and smoked it with an annoyed grunt.

In the cell, Gong Lixin crouched down and stared at Zhao Ying. He slowly said, word by word, “What nonsense are you saying? Just eat!” The clear voice of the teenager became extremely deep and the thick, evil aura hidden in his bones was released to its full potential. The cell’s coldness became more profound and caused the audience to shiver from the cold. They never knew that such a cute and lovely youth could look so serious and so frightening.

Zhao Ying looked up at him with imploring eyes.


“Eat.” Gong Lixin ordered him coldly as he kicked the barrel in front of him.

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Bao Long alone glanced at Zhao Ying with contempt before drinking another bowl of porridge. Even if he was going to die, he would go down as a satiated ghost. Not to mention that he had already seen that the youth really wouldn’t kill them. Either ways, he was a third-level mid-grade ability user. As long as he was alive, there was a chance to make a comeback.

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After more than ten minutes passed, the two barrels of porridge were completely drunk. Gong Lixin said light, “Are you full?” IupcHZ

“I’m full.” Bao Long and Zhao Ying replied in unison.

“Do you feel strong?” Gong Lixin asked again.

Zhao Ying didn’t dare answer, but Bao Long almost laughed as his head was filled with sly intentions. In his opinion, Gong Lixin was a paper tiger; innocent and kind, weak and deceiving, and blindly possessing superb powers.

“It’s good that you have strength. That means you can live for a long time with that strength.” Gong Lixin’s lips hooked up. He stretched out his right hand and, with his five fingers stretched out, took Zhao Ying’s neck into his palm. LAr5QY

“What do you want to do?” Zhao Ying exclaimed, struggling fiercely and forgetting all about his abilities.

Gong Lixin didn’t answer his words. His eyes flashed with cold light and he closed the index and middle finger of his left hand as he passed his internal energy through Zhao Ying’s large acupoints all over his body. Zhao Ying first felt that the energy in his body suddenly skyrocketed and rushed to several parts that had been touched by the teenager. The energy overflowed from his body with an unstoppable force and dissipated into the air. When he felt like his body was about to explode, the sensation gradually diminished. He stared and found, in horror, that his body felt empty, like a drained pond.

“What did you do?” His heart raced and didn’t dare know but had to ask.

“Destroyed your ability.” Gong Lixin dropped him as he said lightly. Vx3bAg

As soon as the youth talked, Zhao Ying felt shocked. Could his ability be abolished? How was that possible? In the past, he had injured his tendons and hamstrings during battler and thought that he would become a waste but with nourishment, his broken meridians gradually recovered on their own. When ability users were injured, they recovered ten times faster than they usual would. Because of that, some ability users believed that abilities were a gift from the Heavens to the people and could never be abolished.

However, what the young man did broke their belief and made them feel fear in their hearts. Seeing Zhao Ying’s continuous attempts to summon his ability without success, Bao Long also became afraid. He kept crawling to the corner and wildly shouting, “Don’t come, don’t come any closer…” Where was this a paper tiger in front of him? He was a demon straight from hell!

Gong Lixin didn’t care about him. He simply bent his finger on his hand and pushed them against the acupoints. Broken meridian? Recovery from serious injury? In the eyes of Gong Lixin, what everyone thought as an indestructible power was nothing more than a vulnerable ant.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bao Long was thrown to the ground by the young man. Before he even stood up, he closed his eyes and tried to feel the energy in his body. Empty, f**king empty!! He really was a waste now! With a loud scream, Bao Long rushed towards the young man, but was blocked and kicked by Dou Heng. RxM7Q6

Dou Heng’s cold and stern face showed a trace of joy. He was extremely satisfied with the teenager’s approach. Wasn’t Bao Long very fond of human meat? Didn’t he love to torture and abuse? This time, let him have a taste of how that feels like.

“Didn’t you save more than 2000 slaves last time? You can throw these two to them. But don’t let them die. Keep them alive and make sure they stay alive.” Gong Lixin seriously said as he looked at Dou Heng.

“Okay.” Dou Heng nodded and looked deeply into the serious-looking teenager’s eyes. The purple eyes showed a little bit of his appreciation.

The slaves hated being unable to dismantle Bao Long’s bones and devour his flesh! So what kind of life would Bao Long live in the future? He could guess without thinking. It must feel like falling through eighteen floors of hell. And Zhao Ying, even though he didn’t raise any hate, but his handsome appearance and fair skin was considered beautiful and was enough to attract others. With beauty but no strength, how he would end up, no one needed to ask. czBdKo

“No! Young Master Gong, please! Please let me go!” Bao Long and Zhao Ying were taken to the infirmary by the guards brought by Dou Heng. Both of them struggled and begged for mercy. Only now did they know that the teenager’s actions were not out of kindness. But it was too late to regret and now, no matter how long they waited, they would not see a bright future.

Gong Lixin flicked his fingers and shook away the dirt on his fingers. He looked at Dou Heng and said, “Let’s talk?”

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The two subordinates behind Dou Heng shuddered, holding their chest with both of their hands as if to protect several large acupoints on their person. Young Master Gong had the strength to abolish their ability at his fingertips. How stupid could anyone be to even try and kill Young Master Gong. They couldn’t help looking at Dou Heng, hoping that he wouldn’t do something stupid. No matter what Young Master Gong wanted, just give it to him!

Dou Heng nodded and made an inviting gesture. hCdHM4

Seeing the respectful attitude of their boss, the two subordinates were relieved and led the way with a smile on their faces.

Walking to the guest room of the Western District, the two subordinates took a few dishes of seeds and peanuts and placed them in front of Young Master Gong. This was already the highest standard of hospitality in the Western District.

“Mr. Dou is now the leader of Western, Southern and Northern Districts. I don’t know what Mr. Dou thinks about the management of Long Snake Island?” Song Haoran asked openly. Dou Heng was not Bao Long or Kang Zhengyuan. A slow opening was useless and armed confrontation was even more disadvantageous. To coexist peacefully, their current plan was to seek common ground while shelving their differences.

“I’ve no interest in management. We live how we live. You can count us as an ability group and let us join your team and let us work with you. Or we can follow your rules. The material stored by Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan, leaving a small part of us, the rest can be given to you. There’s only one condition. You are responsible for the livelihood of those two thousand slaves and give them the same treatment as the civilians of the Eastern District.” Dou Heng said slowly. uz2xpS

He had also been a slave and knew how difficult their lives were. Because of his superb skill, he could have fought with ability users before he awakened. The slaves at that time, took care of him, often gave him food and help bandage the wounds caused by torture. Although those were done due to their selfish motives, he would never forget the gestures. He was a killer, but he was not cold-blooded. He simply held grudges.

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Unexpectedly, Dou Heng’s attitude was so simple. Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran felt a little confused and didn’t answer immediately. They stared at Dou Heng’s expression, trying to confirm the motive behind his words.

Gong Lixin didn’t think too much. He knew that Dou Heng was a proud person and disdained lying. So he smiled, exposing his row of shiny, shelf-white teeth, stood up and shook hands with Dou Heng. “I agree to the conditions. Welcome to our team.”

Dou Heng’s deep purple eyes were dim. He held the teenager’s hand in his big palm, secretly savoring it and quickly releasing it. His fingers rubbed against each other, as if to savour the aftertaste of the incredibly soft palm of the teenager. Feeling irritable because of this uneasy thought, he slightly raised his brows and his already grim face became more tense. HJSdTK

Seeing his increasingly serious expression, Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran reassured themselves by thinking that it was possible that Lixin (Xiaoxin)’s action in the cell had frightened him, so he had to comprise. After all, losing one’s ability was more unbearable than losing one’s life.

Lixin (Xiaoxin) really made the correct move! They secretly laughed and, after a brief conversation with Dou Heng, they left with satisfaction.

On the other hand, the followers around Dou Heng also felt very satisfied. What could they do besides follow Young Master Gong? Wait to be ruined? Knowing Boss Dou’s decision, they never thought he could be so handsome! You know, Young Master Gong, this big tree, not anyone can touch it! They also didn’t dare to turn against Young Master Gong and offend them. Now, they are tied to Young Master Gong indirectly. Young Master Gong hasn’t refused them yet, so they thought they were successful.

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