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Lord of End of WorldChapter 130


The growing eagerness in her heart prompted Gong Xiangyi to want to repair her relation with her broken family, friendship and love. She looked up and tried to find a topic to use to join in. After a while, she hesitantly said, “That, I always wanted to ask. Why did Zhao Ying betray the Eastern District?”

“Zhao Ying?” Song Haoran showed confusion in his eyes and Lin Wenbo raised his brows, feeling that the name was a little familiar, but he couldn’t place it in the moment. But it was not surprising they had a poor memory; there was so many people in the Eastern District and with Zhao Ying’s strength, weak character and usually silent self, no one noticed his existence. Dogs can’t bark if they bite people. That is a truthful statement. CFrLnw

“Ah, he liked Brother Song and kissed Brother Song and he was taught a lesson.” Gong Lixin’s memory was superb and his face showed his anger.

“That was him.” Lin Wenbo sneered. He glanced at Song Haoran and teasingly said, “It turned out to be a case of love and hate.”

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Song Haoran’s face turned black and his eyes turned a darker shade of red, but not from shame, but from anger. He pierced his friend with a glare, warning him not to use this to provoke a rift between him and Lixin.

Lin Wenbo narrowed his eyes and didn’t say more. Father Gong, felt confused and asked, “Isn’t Zhao Ying a man?” DdSZEz

“Haha, this old man is sure out of date. Now, in this world, men like men, women like women. Relationships are chaotic!” Grandfather Lin said with a smile.

Father Gong smoothed his brows before stretching out and sighing, “True, the world now is chaotic and such things are not unusual. Old man, aren’t you very avant-garde!” The two elders talked amongst each other and laughed. They started ranting about children these days, but seeing the children sitting nearby with exhausted faces, they hurriedly stopped.

Gong Lixin walked to the door and paused. He looked back at Father Gong and carefully worded his next words, “Dad, what if I also like men?”

Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran stopped at the same time and held their breath, barely pressing their anxiously beating heart as they pretended to look at Father Gong with ease.


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Father Gong faltered for a few minutes before returning to reality. He also cautiously replied, “As long as you are happy, Dad won’t stop. In these apocalyptic days, people live very hard lives and struggle every day between life and death. Happiness is still possible and I’m willing to exchange everything for it. Of course, the same applies for Xiangyi. Everything else doesn’t matter, father just wants to see you two happy and happy forever.”

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Grandfather Lin also thought the same at Father Gong and gave a meaningful glance at Song Haoran, but ignored his grandson’s slightly dim look.

Lin Wenbo was not a fool. Father Gong can accept Haoran, but it doesn’t mean that he could accept him, let alone accept the three of them together. Therefore, even though his heart felt bitter, he didn’t speak. His face didn’t show his emotions though and the corner of his mouth was tilted into a gentle smile. He only slightly looked down, covering the look in his eyes as he moved away. YSXGEe

Gong Xiangyi looked shyly at Lin Wenbo after Father Gong spoke and felt hope in her heart. Song Haoran on the other hand, couldn’t control his emotions and met Father Gong’s eyes. He smiled heartily. Gong Lixin slowly calmed down his anxious heart, pressed his pink lips together and smiled.

The adopted son became a daughter-in-law. Father Gong twitched at the thought and waved his hand, “Go, go. Let this old man be. I have a headache!”

“Um, have a good rest. Lixin and I will come back later.” Song Haoran responded quickly, leaving while generously hugging Gong Lixin’s shoulder. As last, he passed the steep road known as parental approval. He felt kind of outstanding, as if the spring breeze was pushing him on and even his strides became lighter.

Out of the prison building where the infirmary was located, Gong Xiangyi sped up her pace, walked up to the two and asked after a moment, “Um, are you two together?” KIzf4p

“Yes, do you have something against it?” Song Haoran pulled the youth further into his arms and asked while raising an eyebrow.

“No.” Gong Xiangyi had long been accustomed to Song Haoran’s indifferent attitude when he faced her so she simply smiled and sincerely said, “I just want to say congratulations.” Her little brother had always loved Wenbo so seeing him with Haoran was a great changed and she felt really stupid. She had been so confused by her previous life!

“Thank you.” After hearing her words of blessing, Song Haoran glanced at her before slowly walking away with Gong Lixin. He bowed down and placed a kiss on the young man’s forehead. The youth’s dark, star-like eyes overflowing with mist as he looked at him. It made him look extremely cute and he chuckled, clasping the back of the youth’s head and capturing his pink lips with his own.

In the scene of the kiss, one was tall and the other was slender and cute, but both were enthusiastic and had loving expressions filled with infinite longing for one another making for a beautiful picture. Gong Xiangyi smiled and looked toward Lin Wenbo who walked toward them slowly and slowly said, “They really look good together.” VlT4zF

Lin Wenbo looked down without saying a word. He wanted to rush forward to separate the two, to embrace the youth tightly, to kiss those red lips and to loudly announce who he really loved. But he reasonably told himself that he couldn’t do such a thing. The look of Uncle Gong in the ward was joyful, but if caught wind of this, he would not be smiling anymore. Now that Uncle Gong was still sick, Xiaoxin’s question was abrupt and reckless enough. In order to not stimulate Uncle Gong further, he could only tolerate it.

For so long, he had suppressed himself. No matter how upset he was, no matter how unwilling he was, as long as he could be with the teenager, he could choose to ignore it all. Hiding his clenched fists in his trouser pockets, he pretended to calmly say, “How long are you going to kiss for? That’s enough kissing, let’s go.”

Song Haoran reluctantly let go of the young man’s lips. He repeatedly pecked and kissed the corners of the others lips before Song Haoran proudly looked at his friend and nodded at him. The three walked side by side to the eastern ward. Gong Xiangyi looked at Lin Wenbo’s upright back and, finally couldn’t hold back the longing in her heart, shouted, “Wenbo, I want to talk to you.”

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Lin Wenbo stopped before resuming moving forward. Song Haoran glanced at him and persuaded him, “Go, tell her clearly once and for all and let her get over it.” jkhroz

Lin Wenbo looked at the youth and saw that the other nodded in agreement. There was no displeasure in the other’s face, so he stopped where he stood and waited for Gong Xiangyi to approach. This was a private matter between the two and it was difficult for others to be present. Song Haoran and Gong Lixin quickly left them behind to deal with it.

“What do you want to say?” Lin Wenbo frowned after seeing Gong Xiangyi blushing and opening and closing her mouth without speaking.

“Wenbo, the last time that I said to break up, it was my fault and was because I was too angry, so let’s get back together. I know I’m selfish and hasty, but I can change. I promise I won’t do it again and won’t let you down.” Gong Xiangyi quickly said after taking a deep breath. After that, she eagerly looked up, wanting to see Lin Wenbo’s expression filled hope in her heart. She expected to see the gentleness and love that he knew on his face.

But she was disappointed. Lin Wenbo’s expression was calm and indifferent. His deep golden eyes were smooth and clear and she couldn’t see the slightest emotional change. After carefully considering his words, he finally opened his mouth and carefully said, “Xiangyi, we are completely over. Even if you change back to the original Gong Xiangyi, we will never be together in this life.” AB1xIb

Lin Wenbo did love the original Gong Xiangyi and was willing to shield her from all wind and rain and bear all her pain. But after falling in love with the youth’s independence and frankness, he knew that he had never fallen so hard before. It turned out that Gong Xiangyi was a sweet burden to him, but a burden was a burden. Even if good feelings were involved, it was still a burden. It would always crush him and make him feel tired at the end of the day. But the youth was different. He was resolute and decisive. He could be frank and pure, but also fight alongside him or even drive out the fear and darkness in him. Unconsciously, the youth had already become his motivation and his drive to live. He used to think that he had loved Gong Xiangyi deeply, but after falling in love with the teenager, he knew what it meant to love more than one’s own life. In this way, he could no longer accept others in this life except for his teenager.

Gong Xiangyi was as pale as paper. She forced down the pain in her heart and asked, “Why? You’re joking, right? We have broken up so many times and you never cared before.”

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“No.” Lin Wenbo shook his head, his tone showed his seriousness, “Xiangyi, listen well. I’m not joking. I’m no longer in love you, I’m in love someone else.”

“In love with someone else? Love with someone else…” After repeated murmurs, Gong Xiangyi looked a little lost as if she couldn’t believe her ears. “Who are you in love with!?” When her reaction came, her eyes were red and she asked fiercely. ypxzCt

Seeing her fierce, distorted expression, Lin Wenbo frowned. He said in a deep voice, “You will know in the future. Either ways, it’s impossible.” Then he turned and slowly walked away.

Gong Xiangyi said that she would change, yet immediately after showed her true form. If she was telling the truth, Lin Wenbo believed that her first reaction would be to run and complain to Uncle Gong, making everyone restless. But right then, if he told her who it was, she would resent Xiaoxin and put everything on Xiaoxin’s head. So, immediately after seeing her face change, he immediately gave up all thoughts of confession and let her slowly get over it in her heart. Time was the cure for all heartache. She would let go one day, sooner or later.

Gong Xiangyi stared at Lin Wenbo’s back, hoping that she could stare a large hole through him, directly into his heart. How could he not love her anymore? Why did he fall in love with someone else after just a few months? She didn’t believe it! Her distorted face gradually returned to peace. Gong Xiangyi wiped off the tears in the corners of her eyes even as they shone with unwillingness.

CrazedCookies: Delusional b**ch doesn’t get that it was in between the few months that they broke up that he fell out of love. It was with her attitude that he fell out of love with. tMOdY0

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

CrazedCookies: AWWW! PAPA GONG!!!

Translator's Note

CrazedCookies: Remember Gong Xiangyi’s previous life, Lin Wenbo grew more and more distant while Gong Xiangyi simply stayed at the base and did nothing…

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  1. That’s quite a pity, I really hoped se would realise her mistakes and use it for the better, to turn into a better person 😔

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  6. Thanks for the chapter! Well, she improved slightly and then backslid… what she doesn’t realize is her attitude was pushing LW away even before the apocalypse. The few months after their official breakup was actually a relief for him, because he had already fallen out of love with her, and was only being responsible. But yeah, she really needs counseling of some sort.

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  8. I actually appreciate Xiangyi’s character, I don’t LIKE her but I appreciate the realism in her sometimes being unable to differentiate between two timelines, and her psychosis. She basically has ptsd and has to relive the situation all over again. Her reactions are realistic, her refusal to reflect on herself is what makes her a b!tch

    • +1 ❤

      Gong Xiangyi is quite an interesting character and I’m glad to see someone else express nuanced thoughts similar to the ones I have. It surprises me from time to time just how much thought the author has put into Xiangyi’s situation and reactions considering the overall degrading/dismissive way they tend to write their women haha (an ouch I try to ignore). When faced with the kind of person she used to be (kind, compassionate, thoughtful), Xiangyi’s desperate yet self-destructive nature makes her a complex character I can appreciate despite not liking personally.

      I just find it a shame how the author seems to have made their intentions clear regarding Xiangyi’s character (ie. that she is little more than a recurring source of/outlet for antagonism). Especially considering their capacity to write her in a constructive way (as proven in her recent appearances). This nth relapse in her character feels less organic to me and more like a setup for her to take the brunt of everyone’s negativity. I hope I’m proven wrong.

      • I wouldn’t call the character relapse inorganic. From what I understand of how the brain works and the bodies fight/flight response Ziangyi has lived years in the apocalypse adapting to survival there. When you couple this with her ptsd and determination not to be left behind her lapses into mania when things don’t fit her expectations are actually reasonable. Xiangyi understanding, even if it’s just lip service, that her erratic behavior can drive others away is the first step toward breaking that habit, unfortunately she has no therapist, no real sympathetic ear, and at heart doesn’t think her behavior is necessarily wrong even if she does acknowledge that others find what she does unacceptable. So she relapsed to manic anger which I found realistic, her change is only skin deep because she is only trying to meet societal expectations to fit in again, not because she thinks her own behavior abhorrent.

        She also did another time splice in her convo with Lin Wenbo. She said “we’ve broken up so many times” that happened in the alternate timeline, they only ever broke up once in this timeline, so during their arguments she was also operating on d habits of throwing a tantrum and Wenbo tolerating her due to marriage and responsibility, forgetting that in the current timeline their relationship is vastly different. So to me Xiangyi relapsing to bad behavior is normal.

        • Actually I can see what you mean. Even as I wrote my previous comment I sort of paused. There is sense in her relapse and I think it continues with the trend of my surprise at how much thought is given to her situation.

          • She’s frustrating and we’ve been spoiled. Most of the time when a rebirth story happens the MC seems to be fine despite having died from trauma. So while Xiangyi is realistic she’s a little outside my comfort zone in that because it’s told from the MC POV and is BL she seems to do stupid antagonistic things all the time. This story is atypical in that the MC really doesn’t care and is not out to actively destroy her. In a way their relationship is really refreshing

        • (Replying here bc we reached thread limit) Yeah I get what you mean. We really were spoilt with how well Xiangyi’s story could be told. In the end, while it is an interesting supporting story that adds more character to LEW as a transmigration story, LEW overall has a clear focus and perspective. I really don’t even have an attachment to Xiangyi haha, I guess I was just disappointed things went the way they did BC of how unique her circumstances were.

          Gong Lixin’s 100% neutrality/apathy to her despite her wronging him really is already a change from the active antagonism/suppression route I see in some BL😅. I really rather this I guess.

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    She’s scum but also a traumatized rape victim.

    She deserves some peace of mind.