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Lord of End of WorldChapter 112

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Song Haoran wasn’t a ruthless ability user. Besides, these people just wanted to hijack their car and didn’t intend to kill them. Therefore, he just scared them a bit and didn’t intend to do anything about them.

Seeing these people retreat to the side of the road very obediently with two words engraved on their face, ‘Quickly leave!’, the corner of his lips hooked up and he was about to step on the gas. hBa5r

“Wait,” Lin Wenbo stopped his movement and turned to look at the four people outside the window and asked, “Are you going to Fenghuang?”

“Yeah!” The man carrying the rocket launcher was as arrogant as a quail when he leaned back to answer, “There’s a strategic granary in Fenghuang. I heard that the warehouse was full and enough for ten thousand people to eat for several years. We’re going there for the food.”

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Although there were many strategic grain silos throughout the country, because of the government system and the huge cost of grain preservation allocated by the Central Government, many grain silos were empty with no grain at all. Because of this, the news that the granary in Fenghuang was full would attract many people’s attraction.

Lin Wenbo nodded and asked, “Where did you hear the news?” WPRs5f

“I don’t know where I heard it from, but everyone seemed to be saying so. Xiao Shui was originally from Fenghuang and knew it well. He said that the news was likely to be ninety-nine percent true.” The man pointed to a youth standing behind him.

The young man nodded, quickly adding, “My dad used to work at the Fenghuang Grain Bureau. They went to the countryside to collect grain every year. It was very hard. The strategic granary in Fenghuang must be full then.” Mention his father, the youth showed a bit of nostalgia and sadness.

Gong Lixin was touched by the young man. No longer in a daze, he glanced up at him. Lin Wenbo immediately reached out and hugged him, lovingly patting his back before he turned to look at the four people outside the window, secretly thinking: Fenghuang is a big medium-sized city. The appearance is unknown, the age is unknown and only the fact she’s a woman and her height was known. The woman must be heading for the grain silos. If we stationed near the granary, we would run into her sooner or later. The roads in Fenghuang must be blocked by vehicles in panic from the beginning of the apocalypse. At most, our Hummer can only drive to the suburbs and the rest, we must walk on foot. Without a guide, we could only move around blindly in the city, but Uncle Gong’s illness can’t afford us wasting a second, let along a minute.

Thinking up until there, he beckoned the four of them, “Come one, let’s go to Fenghuang together. When we enter the city, you take us to the granary.” uV9B0M

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The four had different expressions on their faces. Going with two third-level high-grade ability users, they had no idea what would happen. In this current world, a master’s temper was generally volatile. When he killed, he killed without blinking.

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“The we’ll trouble you. Thank you.” The man carrying the rocket launcher bowed and thanked him. He sat beside Lin Wenbo after stepping onto the Hummer, his attitude much more restrained than before. The three other people quickly followed and, after sitting, they did not dare breathe nor speak were stiff as wood. There were two third-level high-grade ability users! They hadn’t heard about them before, yet they both appeared in this car at the same time. r3URxn

After the car drove for a certain amount of time, the four of them finally became less stiff and their hearts were curious. They secretly took glanced from the corner of their eyes to look at the three. They didn’t dare to look at their golden and red eyes, but the teenager being clung tightly within the golden eyed man’s arms attracted most of their curiosity.

It’s better to not look at him. At first glance, their envious heart all hurt. This boy was very beautiful. It was no wonder that two elder brothers with such outstanding strength were guarding him. Look at his delicate skin, pale white cheeks, silk-like black hair and compare it to their thick and rough skin and pale, yellow face. Him and them were from two different extremes. At a glance, they knew that he hadn’t suffered at all and was a Little Master soaked in a honeypot.

The four looked more and more jealous and lamented their suffering. At this time, a ringing phone interrupted their thoughts.

Gong Lixin took out their satellite communicator from his pocket and pressed the answer button. An enthusiastic male voice came from the microphone. The other was very loud as they asked, “Young Master Gong, have you arrived at Fenghuang?” noeOZX

“Just arrived, driving at high speed right now.” Gong Lixin’s tight face slightly loosened, it was Wang Tao.

“Nothing happened along the way?” Wang Tao continued asked. Noisy mobs loomed nearby, as if saying ‘what can happen to the three of them? Don’t speak such nonsense’ or something.

Gong Lixin couldn’t hold back and the corner of his lips raised slightly.

Lin Wenbo saw him smiling and lovingly rubbed his cheek, with his arms wrapped tightly around him as he wished he could rub himself into his body and protect him preciously. Xiaoxin, who had always loved to laugh, had been expressionless along the way. He was either in a daze or distracted which made Lin Wenbo feel nothing but heartache. AGCz4E

Gong Lixin naturally snuggled into Lin Wenbo’s arms. Curving up his eyes, he glanced at the four people in the car as he said, “It’s all right, I just met a few strangers and planned to go with them.”

“Alright, you know what’s best and know what you’re doing. Young Master Gong, stay vigilant though and don’t be fooled by them.” Cao Yanan snatched the phone and warned very seriously. Although Young Master Gong had superior strength, but after knowing his personality, they knew he was actually a bit careless.

The four heard Cao Yanan’s words clearly and had awkward expressions of their faces. Gong Lixin agreed and asked about Father Gong’s condition carefully before hanging up.

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“How’s Uncle Gong?” Lin Wenbo asked softly, pushing his lips against the teenager’s fair and lovely ears. VKnu29

The hot breath had blown against his cheek and the man’s low voice scratched at his eardrums, causing his to feel an uncomfortable itch. Gong Lixin’s ear tip turned slightly red and he hid uncomfortably in Lin Wenbo’s arms as he whispered “His condition’s stable now. We have to hurry up. Dad’s waiting for us.”

“Alright, we’ll find her. Don’t worry.” Lin Wenbo’s face showed a distressed expression and he kissed the tender cheek and smooth forehead in silent comfort. Song Haoran saw his friend’s intimate behaviour from the rearview mirror and his crimson eyes gradually turned a darker shade of red. He was reluctant to continue sharing.

Seeing the extraordinary interaction between the three, the eyes of the four flickered slightly, knowing the truth in their hearts. He’s not a brother, but a lover. When you grow up looking like that, you have to take advantage.

The four who thought they had seen the truth were even more afraid to speak, afraid of disturbing the relationship between Golden Eyes and his little lover. Thus the atmosphere in the car became a little stagnant. After finally driving into the suburbs, the car was blocked by a boundless sea of cars in front and the four of them got out of the car quickly, feeling relieved. c0iQPm

Running along the roofs of the car, the seven people harvest the beginner or first-level zombies as if they were chopping melons and vegetables as they quickly approached the granary.

“This is the eastern suburbs. The granary is in the western suburbs. We have to cross the entire city to reach it while avoiding getting sieged by zombies along the way. It would take us four or five hours. Now, it’s getting dark and it’s not a good time to do. I suggest we find a safe place to stay overnight until tomorrow.” Xiao Shui said with a black blood-stained machete in his hand. After he said so, he glanced quickly at the restless teenager with a surprised expression on his face. He didn’t expect that the young man who looked clean and clear like a crystal doll to be so sharp with his hands to the point that his whole temperament changed, like the blade of a peerless sword. Both golden and red eyes stood next ti him.

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Zombies were more active at night than during the day and their visions were not affected by the darkness. However, if an ability user wants to see things at night, he must condense his mental energy into his eyes, which was extremely mentally exhausting. Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran knew how to operate their meridians and were able to manipulate their mental energy freely without much trouble, but the other four didn’t.

If they insisted on hurrying, these four would drag them down. Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Because of the nature of the situation, Gong Lixin had to press down his stubbornness and reluctantly agreed. XKo4xe

“There’s a five-star hotel just two streets away. The soundproofing and security of the hotel rooms were all really good. How about going there to rest?” Xiao Shui slayed a first-level zombie while consulting Golden Eye’s and Red Eye’s opinion.

Song Haoran dealt with a zombie with a stab and casually answered, “Any where’s fine”. For primary and first-level zombies, he didn’t need to use his ability at all.

Lin Wenbo rushed to the front, focusing his metal ability to his hands. His ten fingernails turned into ten cold, shimmering, thin blades. They looked more threatening than the poisonous black claws of the zombies. He broke open the zombie’s skull with his base hands and pulled out the transparent nuclei. The scene was bloody and brutal. He didn’t have any fear of fighting close-up with zombies because his whole body had been toughened and could not easily be attacked. He could attack and defend with his ability. This was the biggest advantage of being a metal ability user.

Lin Wenbo made a path and the group was fine to walk through it. They approached the hotel without being stopped and, after turning a corner, they reached their destination. A hurricane from somewhere blocked their way on their arrival. Qu2d0n

The wind was very fast and fierce. It emerged from the alleyways from in between the surrounding buildings in all directions and, wrapped in rags and papers, slapped people here and there. The dust covering the sky completely blinded everyone’s sight. The sound of the wind and even the group of zombies that had been constantly coming their way, inexplicably disappeared within it.

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The last glimpse was of the setting sun before the cover of dust and wind took over their vision in the next second and the sky could no longer be seen. How strange of a situation this was! What’s even worse was that this sudden hurricane was very wide and covered almost the entire area. The surrounding neighbourhood couldn’t be seen nor the third-level high-grade wind zombie that caused it.

What on earth happened? Such doubts emerged from the hearts of everyone. They clenched the knives in their hands and entered a state of high alert.

“Be careful, above us!” Gong Lixin, who had been quiet since he got off the car, used his inner strength to send out a warning to everyone. Everyone heard his words and looked up, but they could see nothing but dust in the sky. 7mwZv6

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