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Lord of End of WorldChapter 111


Dou Heng leaned back and forth even as the slaves drifted away. Gong Lixin, who had sharp five senses, didn’t have the attention to pay attention to him as his whole mind was attracted by Gong Xiangyi’s words.

Although the hatred in her heart had diminished, Gong Xiangyi was still unable to directly face the culprit behind her death in her previous life. She tugged Gong Lixin’s sleeve and when the other person turned to look back at her, she quickly let go before she whispered, “I know someone who can save father.” SwnkX0

The sorrow on Gong Lixin’s face disappeared instantly and he urgently asked, “Who?”

“I don’t know her name. I only know her nickname, Little Demon. She’s an ability user that can heal any trauma with her mental ability. Dead cancer cells shouldn’t be difficult for her.” Gong Xiangyi frowned as she struggled to recall everything about the Little Demon from her last life.

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The Little Demon was an ability user that Song Haoxuan accidentally rescued. Her ability was very useful. It only took her only a single thought for her to kill without even needing to move a finger. She had the best position on the base. Even Song Haoxuan couldn’t command her and she also lived in the most remote part of Xiangcui Base alone, so that she could live as she wished without being disturbed. Song Haoxuan was thus only able to see her when he was injured or need to buy psychotropics. She was not only a powerful psychic-ability user but also a medical genius who knew a lot about mutant plants and used them to make potions with various magical effects.

“Little Demon? Where is that person now? What do they look like?” Gong Lixin continued to ask. F0qT5d

“I only know that the Little Demon is a woman about 1.65 meters tall, very thin, but I’m unsure about her appearance. You might be able to find her in Fenghuang.” Gong Xiangyi said so hesitantly.

The little demon was very low-key and mysterious. She never left her own place and occasionally came out once in a while, wearing a heavy robe and covering her head and face with a hood. No one except Song Haoxuan had seen her true face. Six months later, Song Haoxuan, who was out looking for food, would rescue her from Fenghuang. She wanted to try her luck there. If they can’t find her to take care of her father, they can still wait half a year for the little demon to come out.

“Fenghuang?” Gong Lixin mulled over the name, feeling that it was familiar.

“There’s a rumour that Fendhuang has a large warehouse full of food going around recently. Many people are rushing to Fenghuang and the Little Demon is expected to head there as well.” Gong Xiangyi reminded him. WdILbP

“Alright, I’ll go to Fenghuang right away. You stay here and take care of dad.” Gong Lixin’s eyes brightened and his spirits rose.

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“Be careful. Little Demon is a psychic ability user and is very solitary and very sinister. If she thinks you’re not pleasing to the eye, she can kill you with a thought, unless your mental abilities are higher than hers. Even if the mental strength of power ability users is higher than most other ability users. Even if you’re a fourth-level, low-grade ability user, against her, you won’t have any advantage. So you must speak carefully and invite her without fighting with her.” Gong Xiangyi kindly reminded, her voice felt a bit uncomfortable. She hadn’t cared for this brother of hers for a long time.

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“Apart from being solitary and sinister, does she have any other characteristics?” Gong Lixin asked with a frown. It’s the apocalypse and the living environment was getting worse. Human nature was also becoming more distorted and solitary people could be found everywhere.

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“Alright, I know. Take care of Dad.” Gong Lixin nodded and cautiously ordered Gong Xiangyi. After that, he went into the infirmary and told Father Gong that he was going out for a bit to make Father Gong feel at ease. Naturally, after hearing this, Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran decided to go with him without any further thought.

The three waited for Father Gong to fall asleep before returning to their room to prepare for travel. Tan Mingyuan and the others received the news and rushed to see them off. A large group of people crowded into Gong Lixin’s narrow suite, rushing to help him pack.

“Boss, are you going? What should we do about Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan? Should we wait for you to come back to clean them up?” Tan Mingyuan, like a five-year-old, stacked several sets of clothes for a change.

“You don’t have to wait for me to come back. Think of a way to kill them. Just be quiet about it, don’t make your movements too loud and disturb my father’s health.” Gong Lixin took the Pigu Dan out of his drawer and stuffed it into his backpack. m3qKs0

“Boss, do you mean that we should assassinate everyone who should be killed?” Gu Nan wiped a dagger carefully and, when he felt it was bright enough, passed it on to Gong Lixin as he asked with excitement. The wind blades he used were invisible and was perfect for assassination.

Obviously, the other members of the team also thought that their power was the most suitable for assassination and all of them showed an eager expression. They almost wanted to roll up their sleeves and crack their knuckles in preparation.

“Un. Don’t move against the crowd and don’t involve the ordinary people. My dad doesn’t like to see too many people die. Also, I don’t want to see any of you missing when I come back. Do you understand?” Gong Lixin took a few sets of clothes from Tan Mingyuan and stuffed them into his backpack before looking at the crowd with a serious expression.

“Understood.” Everyone replied with warmth in their hearts. InKLsy

“Aya~ a third-level mid-grade and a third-level low-grade clamouring in the base all day, posing with a solemn look as if they were so amazing. Let’s grab the three-level mid-grade user and stop them! I have been low-key for so long and can’t hold myself back! Young Master Gong, you can rest assured that we will clean them up for you.” Cao Yanan stood up and cracked her fists, her violent and rude movements formed a huge contrast with her glamourous face, making it hard to watch.

Wang Tao and the others echoed her words, but in their heads looking towards the handsome and distinguished Young Master Gong and wailed in their hearts: Oops, he’s been disillusioned! Quickly, wash your eyes!

Gong Lixin glanced at Cao Yanan with a weird look. He really didn’t understand how she looked like a woman when her mouth was closed, but as soon as it was open and she referred herself as ‘Laozi’ and behaved like a tough man. Sure enough, modern people’s behaviour was very difficult to understand, especially modern people in these apocalyptic days.

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Shaking his head and thoughts away, Gong Lixin once again saluted them with their special that they had come up with together. Then he, Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran took the military hummer and drove on the national road to Fenghuang. GeSLz6

His team members watched the car of their boss disappear at the end of the road and stood there for a long time with a surprised look before leaving.

“Dahai, Young Master Gong and the others, where are they going?” Zhao Ying who had not appeared in the Eastern District for a long time suddenly came over and clung to Luo Dahai’s arm as he curiously asked.

“Chief Gong is ill. They went to Fenghuang to find a doctor.” This was no secret and Luo Dahai and Zhao Ying had been together when the apocalypse happened so he answered with putting up any defence.

“Fenghuang’s more than 2000 kilometres away from here. It takes two or three days to just go back and forth. In addition, they have to find someone. Wouldn’t that mean that they wouldn’t return for more than half a month? Chief Gong is sick again, who will take care of us in the Eastern District?” He asked, pretending to be anxious. ZHsdF5

“Young Master Gong arranged everything when he left. You don’t need to worry about that.” Among the brother and sister pair, Sun Tiantian was not too far away and waited impatiently for him. Luo Dahai didn’t say any more, pulling back the arm held by Zhao Ying and striding over to them in a run.

Looking back to the three intimately and enthusiastically interact, Zhao Ying stroked the red marks on his clavicle as the corners of his lips rose sinisterly.

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Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo took turns driving as they rushed to Fenghuang. Fortunately, with the increase of their ability level, the two’s physical fitness had gotten stronger and they felt energetic after taking a rest for three or four hours each day. Because of that, they drove non-stop, day and night and it took them only a day and a half to reach Fenghuang and were currently following the signs on the highway towards the exit.

“Someone’s parked on the side of the road in front of us, can you take care of them?” Song Haoran angled his head towards the back as he asked Gong Lixin and Lin Wenbo from the driver’s seat. 83Hxgb

They opened their eyes and looked straight ahead. Sure enough, they saw an off-road vehicle parked on the side of the road. The front cover of the car was open and white smoke came out of it. It was obvious that their car was done for. Four men of different heights were not too far away from it and waved their hands towards them, calling for help.

“Their intention is unknown, don’t stop. Speed up and drive past them.” Although the four of them were smiling, their eyes held other intentions in them. Lin Wenbo immediately cut off any intentions to stop.

Song Haoran obeyed and stepped on the accelerator and sped forward. When the four saw the car speeding up, they rushed towards them quickly and the smile on their faces immediately changed. The tallest and most physically fit man unravelled the rocket launcher from behind his back, inserted a bullet and pulled it over his shoulder. He aimed at the Hummer coming straight towards them and was about to fire.

“F**ck!” Song Haoran clearly received the silent threat from the four and had to press the brakes hard. The sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground suddenly sounded, piercing their eardrums. 59UDsi

A long, dark mark was drawn on the road. The military Hummer stopped a few centimetres in front of the four. Song Haoran, Lin Wenbo and Gong Lixin hit against the car walls because of the inertia before falling back into their seats.

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“Speeding up without stopping to help, this kind of brother must be punished!” The tall man carried his shouldered rocket launcher forward and leaned down by the window of the car and said so in a bad tone.

“What do you want?” Song Haoran raised his brows as he looked at the man without showing any hints of weakness.

The man’s brown eyes looked at Song Haoran before he scanned Lin Wenbo and Gong Lixin sitting at the back seat. He estimated the strength of three and there was a hint of contempt in his eyes. sOmLdA

Gong Lixin wasn’t interested in these people. He only glanced at them before looking away. Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo observed these four calmly.

The other three were nothing special, but the eyes of the man carrying the rocket launcher were brown. Although most the people of C Country had brown eyes, his brown eyes were different. They were very pure, clear and vivid. There was a change in iris colour for soil-type ability users after being promoted to the third-level low-grade, which was exactly the same as that of Sun Tiantian’s eyes. In the outside world, a third-level low-grade could be regarded as one of the top masters within a hundred-mile radius. No wonder this man was so unbridled and proud.

“I was only going to ask for a ride, but you didn’t even stop, so I changed my mind. Get off, take off your backpack, food and weapons and leave them all for us.”

Were they being robbed? Song Haoran laughed angrily. He let go of the suppression of his eye colours and stepped out of the car, forcing the man to look at him as he said in a deep voice, “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you clearly, so say it again.” 9TBLl7

Lin Wenbo smirked. His brows flew up as he looked at the man, a pair of dark irises gradually turned into a deep golden colour. He and Song Haoran had been promoted to the third-level high-grade and were now at the peak of the high-grade. They could break through to the fourth level any time now. The colour of their iris changed from dark to light, showing the ability and power to the people before them.

From seeing the golden and red eyes of two, the man’s arrogant expression was instantly replaced by horror and he shook his head again and again. “No, no. I said nothing! Please, go on!” He said as he retreated carefully. He lowered his head and gave way with an extremely humble attitude.

Seeing this unpromising grandson, the other three people felt wronged and hurried forward to check the situation. When their eyes ran into the two red iris which was flamboyant to the point where they seemed to burn them, their heartbeat sped up and they wailed inside: Aya!! The legendary third-level high-grade ability user was robbed by them!! It’s ridiculous!!


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