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Lord of End of WorldChapter 104


Warning: Mature Content

Two days after He Jin and his party left, Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan were promoted to third-level mid-grade and third-level low-grade ability users. They seemed to want to confirm that their leadership position had not wavered, so after being promoted, the two jointly hosted a grand dinner and invited their subordinates to celebrate together. This was to show-off and give a demonstration that they were not worried about Gong Lixin’s previous ironic words. dAIaMC

Lin Wenbo, Song Haoran and Gong Lixin also received invitations. When Tan Mingyuan came to the Eastern District to notify the three, he had an anxious expression on his face.

“Boss, pay attention tonight. I heard that Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan wanted to deal with you.” The scar on the bridge of Tan Mingyuan’s nose twitched for a moment and he whispered, “After what you said last time, one of Kang Zhengyuan’s men challenged him the next day. The man was a second-level high-grade ability user and his skills were good. Kang Zhengyuan didn’t dare accept the challenge. Now, the news spread all across the base and everyone is calling Kang Zhengyuan a soft egg. There are also a few people on Bao Long’s side who are very dissatisfied with Bao Long and want to make a move. This is all because of what you said and they must hate you very much right now. So they might have something planned for tonight’s feast.”

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“No matter, there’s no need to take action for something that didn’t happen.” Thinking of his father’s teachings, Gong Lixin repeated what he learned back then and sold his teachings. Then, his expression suddenly became cold as he added, “If they really want to deal with me, it won’t be troublesome to kill them all. In such a situation, Dad won’t blame me.”

“Ah~ Chief Gong is so soft-hearted. I want to take a bunch of people and hack them all up already! Forget the countermeasures, infiltration and investigation of inconveniences!” Tan Mingyuan said so from the heart. OG6XgU

Looking at the two’s impatient expression, Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran couldn’t help but smile. Sure enough, the same kind of people gathered into the same group. Lixin’s people were mostly straightforward and violent. Those that were initially elegant and gentle all ended up converting, such as Li Dongsheng. Even the young Sun Jie was becoming more and more like a mobster.

Lin Wenbo pressed down the smile that threatened to spill out and he chided, “Be patient. Right now, we don’t need to do anything as some people naturally won’t be able to hold back. When the time comes, we will come out and pick up the baton when they both fall.”

“Right, this saves us a lot of effort.” Song Haoran echoed. They sat down and talked about the situation about the base and the external situation as well. As Gong Lixin was about to feel dizzy from such talks, the night gradually covered the earth and dinner time came.

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To avoid suspicion, Tan Mingyuan took the lead and left. Song Haoran, Lin Wenbo and Gong Lixin sat for another ten minutes before walking towards the main building of the prison. wtiLEr

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The clang of cups hitting together and cheers came one after another and the thick scent of alcohol filled the room. Some people laughed in a low voice and some people drunk and ordered more. This lively and extraordinary scene made the three people who just entered the hall as if they had entered a different dimension.

“Hey, hey! Sit here!” Tan Mingyuan, who had already drunk a little alcohol, saw the three and beckoned them quickly. The three walked over and took a seat next to him. On the other hand, Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan hadn’t arrived yet.

Smelling the alcohol in the glass in front of him, Song Haoran pushed it aside as he didn’t have any intention to drink it. Gong Lixin, because of his martial arts practice, had always had been alcohol-free and Lin Wenbo had no habit of drinking, not to mention that it had been over two years and the shelf life of these had already expired. WLftuy

Tan Mingyua saw the three of them without a drink, he hurriedly brought over glasses and placed them in front of them as he said with a smile, “Come on, drink! Although the taste is indeed worse than the original, the alcoholic taste is still there. And drinking this kind of drink makes me forget the desire to punch someone!”

“It’s all for you!” Gong Lixin frowned slightly and shook his hand to refuse.

As some people laughed at their antics, Kang Zhengyuan and Bao Long finally arrived. The two saw Gong Lixin who was smiling happily and both their eyes darkened and held a hint of gloom on their tight expression.

Quickly putting away the emotion that leaked through, Bao Long laughed and briefly said a few words for the opening of tonight’s feast before clapping his hands to indicate the start of the banquet. A group of skimpily-dressed, sexy women walked into the open space and surrounded the long table and moved with the dance music playing on the old speakers. Yrnixe

When they were put into prison, it could be said that these women were stubborn and hard-headed. But now, to survive, they left all their dignity behind just to win the eyes of a strong person and eat a few meals. They spared no effort to show their seductive bodies, posing in various sensual poses and finally, taking off their clothes and fluttering in front of every man present to catch someone’s eyes.

When the first woman took off her shirt and rubbed her bountiful chest against the nearest man, the room began to boil. The men sitting behind the long table shouted loudly, urging them on. Some people even put their hands into their pants and masturbated as they faced these naked women.

When all the women took off their top, the scene finally reached its climax. Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan couldn’t it in and, with flushed eyes and heavy breath, pulled one woman each into their arms, fingers reaching down to their crotch and f***ing them. The two women weren’t shy and moaned loudly.

Stimulated by this kind of extravagant, exhibitionistic scene, the remaining women were also caught in other men’s arms and were f***ed. When the other was too impatient for their turn, the women pulled down the zipped down their pants and pulled out their hard-on, giving them oral sex. Some people even pulled out plugs, dildos and other kinky objects and plugged them in, making for an unsightly scene. 2Qg9V

Tan Mingyuan flushed and felt some excitement as well, but he glanced at Gong Lixin, Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo who were all expressionless. His eyes felt cold and he felt as if he had to hold it in and sit properly.

“It’s really boring! Can I leave first?” Xiao Lin hosted similar banquets quite often in his previous life. Gong Lixin was already very tired of this kind of scene and, coupled with his lack of interest in women, he frowned and asked so to Lin Wenbo sitting next to him.

“Alright. You go on first. Haoran and I will stay for a while then leave.” Lin Wenbo smiled and squeezed the young man’s earlobe. He was also worried that the teenager would be bewildered and entranced by this scene, but seeing the teenager’s eyes were clear except for the impatience they held, the little bit worry that moved into his heart was eased away.

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Gong Lixin nodded slightly and didn’t even say goodbye to Bao Long and Kang Zhengyuan before he got up and left. FLv3tJ

Song Haoran saw him go and the blue veins on his forehead suddenly eased out and he leaned back relaxingly onto the back of the chair to talk with Lin Wenbo in a low voice. Since the two had clearly realized their feelings for Gong Lixin, they could no longer be interested in others. Even faced with such an exciting and sensual scene, the two could still face it with any feelings in their hearts. Tan Mingyuan was impressed by their resolve and felt a tickle in his own heart.

Although Bao Long buried himself in a woman’s body, his head bowed licking her full breasts, from the corner of his eyes, he’d been paying attention to Gong Lixin. Not only was the other not entranced by the scene, but he even got up and left. Bao Long hurried and signaled one of his subordinates. The subordinate knew the sign and left to follow behind Gong Lixin.

“Young Master Gong, please stay for a while longer.” Once the two walked to the edge of the main building and the subordinate saw that no one was around, the man quickly called out to Gong Lixin in front of him.

“Why does it matter?” Gong Lixin stopped and looked at the person from the side. His white and delicate face flowed with the glimmer of light under the silver moonlight making his beauty look almost ethereal. Y3eXTZ

The man’s eyes flickered. No wonder the boss would rather offend Gong Yuanhang and to get his hands on this young man.

After two years of life and death situations, both men and women looked much older than their actual age and their skin became dark and rough due to the sun and rain. For Gong Lixin who still looked young with radiant white skin, it was particularly eye-catching, like pearls dropped in mud.

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The man looked at him with a little bit of enthusiasm and his heart thought about how after his boss had his way and once he was tired of him, maybe he could take a turn with the youth. With this in mind, the man looked at Gong Lixin’s slender body wantonly and reached out to touch his face.

Gong Lixin frowned and avoided it before glaring at the man coldly. Finally, he pressed down his intention to kill before he turned to leave. EGs Y2

“Wait, don’t go! Our boss asked you to sit in his room for a while.” The man opened his mouth with a smile. Acting gentle, he took out a syringe from his pocket and went to pierce the other’s neck.

In close combat, the power of other ability users didn’t stand a chance against power ability users. Bao Long still thought that Gong Lixin was just a power ability user. For his plan to be successful, he had a subordinate that was also a power ability user go grab this person and inject him with a muscle relaxant. The plan was well-laid out. Unfortunately, he thought he was grabbing a little white rabbit. In actuality, the opponent was a T-Rex in rabbit skin. The person he sent was destined to meet his end.

Gong Lixin moved faster than the man. He lifted his arm and gripped the other’s wrist, applying a little force as well. A crisp, scalp-tingling crack rang out. The man’s wrist bone broke and the syringe in his hand fell to the ground.

The man was already a second-level high-grade. He thought it was a matter of course for him to capture and subdue this teenager, but he didn’t expect that the strength of the teenager exceeded him so much. He was horrified at first before he opened his mouth to scream. But before he could, Gong Lixin grabbed his throat and broke his neck, ending his life silently with a slight twist. From beginning to end, it didn’t take even half a second. URtlSA

Throwing away the dead man in his hand, Gong Lixin flicked his fingers and threw a white spark, the size of a soybean, towards the body. The flame quickly wrapped the body and burned it into a mass of ashes. Under the light of the fire, Gong Lixin picked up the syringe from the ground and looked at the light-coloured liquid in it in the moonlight before turning to look into the shadow of the main building of the prison. He asked light, “Have you seen enough?”

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A tall, erect figure slowly walked into the moonlight, revealing his rugged face. The person was Dou Heng, the same person that had attracted much of Gong Lixin’s attention. Gong Lixin had been long aware of this person’s presence and distinguished his identity from his unique breathing. It was precisely because it was Dou Heng that Gong Lixin let him see the scene from beginning to end as he killed someone.

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