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Live Action Murder Mystery

Live Action Murder Mystery 真人剧本杀

RAW Source
Author: 木尺素
Total Chapters: 192 Chapters (+25 Extras)
Genre: Morality, Unlimited Flow
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Translators: yuuki
Release Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


《 Live Action Murder Mystery 》Case File:

A live script acting, deductive reasoning game.

Poor performances result in death.

If you draw the Deceased Card, please follow the script accordingly and die;

If you draw the Murderer Card, you might be the real murderer, please ensure that you conceal your identity;

Detective, please try your best to guide the players and find the real murderer, or else you will be met with the death penalty.

Have you drawn the Murderer Card this day?


———【System Reminder 】———

Please obey the character design set by the script during enactment, by no means OOC;

Inferences should be made with the script settings as the norm, by no means diverge your thoughts;

The system has the final right to interpretation, have a happy game!


Gong + Shou: “A pair of As.”

System: “Can’t afford it.”


1, 1v1, it is 1v1 from beginning to end; mutual doting;
Yang Ye Gong, Gu Liang Shou; HE

Yang Ye was born bent;
Gu Liang is an iron and steel straight man, the “drink more hot water” type of straight;

2, Supporting character (foil) Ming Yue is not the second male lead;
He is not a cannon fodder to either the gong or the shou

3, With regards to the content about the deceased, murderer and methods, plot spoilers are prevalent in the comment section (of JJWXC), please browse through the comments carefully;

4, Murder mystery is a type of game, similar to that of Werewolf, there are a lot of apps with such games, offline and physical products included.

[Translator’s Note: This story is not necessarily for the faint-hearted, viewers’ discretion is advised. There are mentions of self-harm and suicide, and this story has the tendency to contend with the topic of morality.]

Please consider supporting the author by buying the novel itself!

English Guide on How to Purchase Novels on JJWXC

Response to those who want to translate this English Translation to another language

Any requests made to translate Live Action Murder Mystery into another language will not be allowed for the following reasons:

1. Due to the nature of this novel, one of the writing implements that the author likes to employ is wordplay that lead to contextual clues or it is used as a means for various characters to lie. Personally, I am already hard-pressed to capture all the meaning that the author is trying to convey – to say nothing of the fact that the author sometimes inserts poetry and cultural references and has a Xianxia arc later than the road – and to translate this rendition further would be to lose more meaning, and do an injustice to this novel.

2. Translation-wise, I go into each arc with eyes wide open; as in, I already know the ending, what leads the characters to come to the conclusions they do, and in turn, and I specifically look out for any foreshadowing/hints/cues from the text itself correspondingly  for the benefit and enjoyment of the readers. Additionally, while the novel might seem like its on a “case by case” format, there is an underlying plot where the cast is trying to understand the game and system itself, which also funnels into how the system speaks and addresses things in specific ways. Hence, I would prefer if any other translation goes into the novel with the same clarity.

3. (Written as of the first arc) It is not immediately apparent now, but the novel length is actually pretty daunting because the author ramps the word count up to a 7-8k average once they hit Chapter 30. It can be a daunting project, and it is something you should be informed of. Consequently, it will also take the translation quite some time to get to the end.

Hence, I would genuinely prefer if you use the original source material instead of the english translations. Thank you for your understanding!


Introductory Script:《 Death of Boss Bai 》

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  1. Hi, Yuuki. I am Paperu. The story is amazing. I really enjoy with your translation, so i wanna share it into my language (Indonesia). Before of that. I wanna ask your permission to use your translation. Is it ok? I will wait your reply. Thank you.

    • Hi Paperu!

      I apologise, but I will not allowing any one to translate this novel from the English translated version to another language, for various reasons, but the main ones are:

      In the later arcs, there is a lot of language contextual/wordplay clues that I’m finding myself hard-pressed to translate (to the point where some of my translator notes are pretty long for the sake of explanation), and quite a bit of information is already being lost. To do another rendition from my translation would mean that Indonesian readers would grasp even less.
      While I’m not trying to downplay your ability to commit, this is a daunting novel in terms of word count; don’t let the first arc deceive you because the author ramps up the word count to a 7k average per chapter once its Chapter 30. Personally, I hesitated taking up this project when I saw the numbers as well.
      Translation-wise, I go into every arc knowing the ending so I can catch any subtle hints or clues (likes cues from the characters when they notice something, or when something is distinctively off that allows the character to later realise the flaw), which the author does throw down. Hence, I use specific words in an attempt to capture that, though limited in success. Even if you made this request when I’m further into the translation, I still wouldn’t feel as comfortable, simply because this novel is “case by case” on the surface but it also hints at the overall working of the game throughout.

      Hence, I would prefer if the translation is made from the source material itself than my translations, I hope you understand!