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If You Don't Fall in Love, You'll DieCh53 - Ye Chen Looked Cute, but Who Would Have Thought That He Was Actually Such a Scum!


Editor: Amaris

That man isn’t Gu Xi. P4QlWU

Ye Chen is being intimate with another man on the elevator!

Shen Jiaze felt like there was a buzz in his head and he immediately thought that Ye Chen had betrayed Gu Xi.

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If it were his old self, he would probably have rushed up to them and beat the crap out of this ‘cheating couple’, but now he only tightly clenched his fists and stood in place.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Ren Jing let go of Ye Chen’s hand. Ye Chen’s cheeks were slightly red as he averted his gaze. t1Sd7J

They weren’t holding hands anymore nor were they doing anything more, but anyone who saw how they were acting right now would be able to sense the atmosphere between them; it had a hint of passionate love.


Shen Jiaze wasn’t ruffled. He followed his business partner into the restaurant.

Interestingly, their seats weren’t that far apart. Even though they were separated by flower shrubs, Shen Jiaze could still catch sight of the couple if he wanted to.


Shen Jiaze was watching Ye Chen, but Ye Chen didn’t know that Shen Jiaze was there at all.

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Our Brother Chen wasn’t a cautious person even when he wasn’t in love. Now that his mind and eyes were completely filled with Ren Jing, he really couldn’t see everything else anymore.


Because it was a public place, they didn’t do anything which would cross the line. They were just eating properly. MjGcFp

Shen Jiaze on the other hand, had noticed too many details instead.

The atmosphere between those in love as compared to ordinary friends was just too different.

The expressions in each other’s eyes, their lips which couldn’t help but have a glimmer of smile, and that sweetness which they assumed had been concealed very well but had been undoubtedly exposed instead…


Ye Chen tried his best to keep calm and normal. Of course, it wasn’t because of Shen Jiaze. He was simply worried because this was a public place, he didn’t want to inconvenience Ren Jing.

But with his acting skills that the entertainment circle recognized as -100, it was okay if he wasn’t pretending, but when he did, it was awfully fake.

Ye Chen acting this way made Old Ren feel that his big darling was extremely adorable instead. Movie King Ren could pretend well at first, but it was revealed bit by bit because he couldn’t hold it in.

Thus, what fell into Shen Jiaze’s eyes was: ‘This cheating couple is trying to deceive the public, but everyone could definitely see and understand what’s going on between the two of them!’ XiHYKb

While Ye Chen and Ren Jing were savoring the sweetness, Shen Jiaze had no idea of whatever he was eating and what the hell his partner had said instead.


When they had finished their meal, Ye Chen and Ren Jing got up and left.

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Shen Jiaze almost stood up in a rustle. SreVJR

The middle-aged Mediterranean man who sat in front of him was startled. “President Shen?”

Shen Jiaze said with a gloomy face, “Please enjoy your meal, President Wang. I have a matter to attend to, so I’m leaving first.”

President Wang was confused: ‘I’ve never heard about Shen Jiaze getting a girlfriend, so why did he look like he had been cuckolded and was about to catch adultery in the act???’


Shen Jiaze took the other elevator and went to the basement parking.

As soon as he arrived, he was so angry he clenched his fists.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They are freaking kissing again!

Ye Chen looked cute, but who would have thought that he was such a scum! 5sf31c

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Pa kjr j vjaf jcskjs, la kbeiv yf lwqgbyjyif obg tlw cba ab yf tjqqs.

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The time was still early when they were done with their meal, so Ren Jing asked, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Ye Chen promptly replied, “Sure!” Gu Xi’s new movie was screening recently, so they could directly contribute to the box office.


As Ren Jing fastened his seatbelt, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sneak a kiss.

Ren Jing looked at him and chuckled. Ye Chen kissed him again.

Finally, Ye Chen was being earnestly kissed in return until his face reddened to his ears.

Once they were done kissing, Ye Chen felt guilty and asked, “Will someone see us?” yYFXKs

Ren Jing said, “No one will, don’t worry.”

There was actually someone who saw them, someone who was so angry he wanted to explode right there.

Somehow, this scene felt familiar? Not long ago, Ye Chen also kissed Gu Xi just like this. Who would have thought that he would be doing this with another man in just a few days!

Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen. I didn’t know that you were such a slut before!  MT0hy


After the car drove off, President Shen was still not over it so he chased after them. He kept on feeling that these two would go to a hotel.

If it was true…if they really went to a hotel, then he really wouldn’t be able to hold his rage anymore!

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In the end, instead of going to a hotel, they went to a cinema. dMnKmQ

Shen Jiaze didn’t go in, he only looked at the listing of the movies. Suddenly, he became so unbearably angry.

How could Ye Chen have the nerve to watch Gu Xi’s movie? How could he have the nerve and took another man to watch Gu Xi’s work?

This is too much of an insult!


Ye Chen booked the whole cinema. Firstly, it was to contribute to Old Gu’s box office. Secondly, with Ren Jing’s status, he would certainly book the whole cinema, too.

Since there were only the two of them inside the cinema, he felt somewhat nervous…

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They certainly behaved really well before the lights were turned off. After all, there were surveillance cameras around them…

After the lights went off, they didn’t do much. They simply held hands, leaned closer together, watching the movie with their whole hearts filled with honey. lLEg6y


Gu Xi’s recent work was becoming more and more exquisite. The way he interpreted love wasn’t dark and gloomy like his earlier movies. On the contrary, it had become increasingly radiant, enchanting, and warm. The interaction between the male and female lead was more direct.

It did not have to be heartrending for it to show the nature of love. Love grew more vigorously as the couple became more open with each other. It could give people in despair a force to keep on living, bringing warmth and motivation to those who were worn out, and even made two completely unfamiliar hearts beat in sync.

This movie was really suitable for Ren Jing and Ye Chen. rqQVWS

Their relationship was bubbling with sweetness in the first place, so their hearts warmed up after watching the movie.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Brother Chen was in a good mood. With a wave of his hand, he had bought 50 more tickets.

Shen Jiaze who was observing him silently become even angrier: ‘Is he afraid of being found out? Does he feel that he has betrayed Gu Xi and is trying to use this to make up for it? What does he consider Gu Xi as!?’ 


Shen Jiaze who was so angry he cracked and exploded continued to ‘track’ the couple.

What made him feel ‘relieved’ was the fact that they didn’t go to a hotel. Ren Jing sent Ye Chen back home. When they arrived, they kept dawdling inside the car for quite some while. When Ye Chen came out, his lips had partly turned bright red and his eyes were watery. One can imagine what they had just done.

Ren Jing said, “I’ll leave now.”

Ye Chen nodded, his voice soft and husky when he said, “Be careful on your way.” KP12k

Ren Jing smiled. “Mn.”

Ye Chen was still reluctant to part with him. “Tomorrow…”

Ren Jing said, “I’m free anytime.”

How can he be free anytime? But Ren Jing would surely be available anytime and any hour for his Ye Chen. TFL1cR


Ye Chen’s lips were lifted up, he said softly, “Let’s discuss it later!”

But Ren Jing still hadn’t left. He said, “You should go upstairs first.”

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Ye Chen said instead, “I’ll go after you leave.” GJQ3pL

Ren Jing, “I’ll feel relieved once I see you go up.”

Ye Chen dawdled for a while.

Ren Jing said, “You should go now, don’t let anyone take a picture.”


This was still much more important than anything so Ye Chen reluctantly had to move his feet. “Then I’ll leave first?”

That was what he said, but his feet only moved by five centimeters.

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Ren Jing smiled gently as he shook his head. He opened the car’s door, got off the car, then approached Ye Chen.

Ye Chen blinked. WZsRJg

Ren Jing caressed Ye Chen’s neck, then kissed him as he leaned his head.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to move. He simply let himself be kissed just like this.

After letting go of Ye Chen, Ren Jing moved closer to his ear and whispered, “Could you go now?”

Ye Chen blushed furiously. He turned around, took a step, and ran away! EdqRLG


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Shen Jiaze who watched them from beginning to the end was simply about to be driven mad!

Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen, you truly just let me understand what ‘cute bitch’ means!

Thinking back about how Gu Xi had liked this kind of person for years… l3tYSM

Shen Jiaze saw his own heart being trampled in the mud until it was dripping with blood after his rage explosion.


Ye Chen made his way upstairs cheerfully. After he took a bath, he exchanged a few messages on WeChat with Ren Jing.

It couldn’t be helped, they were people in love, right? They were basically showing little signs of being ‘boneheads’, specifically displayed by the contents of their WeChat. uLjROk

The contents which people usually considered boring, repetitive, troublesome, and not beneficial.

It seemed that Ye Chen could fall asleep just by taking a look at their chat record. He was simply very happy. Every single word in it felt like they were being enveloped in honey and were brimming with sweetness no matter how you look at it.


Ye Chen thought of going to sleep a bit earlier, but then, he received a message from an unknown number. abu7IC

The content of the message made him jump out of his bed in a flash!

[Break up with Ren Jing!]

Ye Chen stared at these five words for a long time, feeling really guilty. ‘Oh no, were we seen by paparazzis? Or was it Ren Jing’s fan? Is this going to be the headline news? Are big problems going to rise very soon!?’

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Following that, another message came. [If you don’t break up with him, I’m going to make you pay the price!] qEvckT

Ye Chen, “!!!” Ren Jing’s fan, it must be his hardcore fan!


This was fine, this was fine. This type of fan would usually take their idol’s reputation into account and wouldn’t just expose everything. It shouldn’t be a big problem as long as they were appeased.

But how should Ye Chen appease them? Brother Chen whose number of fans could be counted with a single hand really didn’t know what to do. vrisdD

Should I ignore it first? Or should I pretend to keep a distance from Ren Jing?

After thinking for a while, Ye Chen had an epiphany. He responded, [Me and Movie King Ren are recently working on a new movie together, so it’s not like what you think of.] He even put a smiling emoji at the end.

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Shen Jiaze almost threw his cellphone to the wall! JnS Cu

Spicy chicken, spicy chicken, spicy chicken! How could this spicy chicken have the nerve to say that!

With how sticky they are, they could still work together on a new movie? I’m afraid they have developed serious feelings for each other in the course of it and been hiding the truth from Gu Xi since long ago!

Shen Jiaze kept his cool. He sent another message. [I’ll give you three days. If you don’t break up with him, don’t blame me for stopping at nothing to make it happen!]

Stopping at nothing? How scaaary… Brother Chen put the number on a blacklist, then sent the number to Xiao Liu, getting him to properly investigate it. cszh7B

He still had to keep his guard up to avoid the other party to be driven to desperate action.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Shen wolf… Tsk… It was Shen Jiaze on the other side throwing his cellphone and kept his eyes wide open as he stared at the ceiling for the whole night.

I can’t let Gu Xi know. wLQOFD

The feeling of being betrayed is too painful.

I can’t let Gu Xi know.

I can’t let him experience such pain. 


On the next day, Ye Chen completed the daily mission with joy: to have breakfast with Ren Jing.

When noon came, Ren Jing already had an appointment. At first, Ye Chen was going to go home, but Ren Jing said, “It’s alright, let’s go together.”

Ye Chen felt quite embarrassed and asked, “Is that alright?”

Ren Jing said, “Of course.” ENydL5

Ye Chen didn’t feel like going home either, hence he stayed at Ren Jing’s workplace and played some games.


When it was time for a meal, he unexpectedly ran into Old Gu.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Xi looked at them, then rolled his eyes. “Ren Jing is doing his work, why are you following him?” 7sLEdD

Ye Chen, “I’m happy to.”

Gu Xi, “Right, right, right, Brother Chen is the best, I surrender!”

They met in a restaurant, not a banquet, so they parted right once they exchanged some greetings.


Coincidentally, Shen Jiaze, who didn’t get a pinch of sleep, also went to this restaurant. After returning home, he had to take care of a lot of things. Some of his relations had to actively move around for them to feel free, so he had been eating out these days.

Today, he was going to have a meal with his old friends, it was a casual meal. Because there were only two or three of them, he chose this place.

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As soon as he arrived, he noticed Gu Xi’s car first. When he had just started to feel happy, he caught sight of the ‘cheating couple’.

The author has something to say: Ahahaha! d oalx

T/N: I know this is late but pls don’t hit me… I’m just so, so tired orz… Sorry for being weak and useless >_>

Translator's Note

In English, the meaning stay the same, but in Chinese, the raw is actually a bit different. It was originally ‘cheating (man and woman) couple; 狗男女 [pinyin: gǒunánnǚ]’, but author changed it into ‘cheating (man and man) couple; 狗男男 [pinyin: gǒunánnán]’ because they’re gay, obviously LOLOLOL.

Translator's Note

So the raw (黑男问号脸 [pinyin: hēirénwènhàoliǎn]) refers to this black guy meme. The most popular one is the Nick Young guy (just search for ‘Nick Young meme’ or ‘Black guy meme’ and you’ll see lots of them).

Here are some GIFs to make it better.

Translator's Note

The raw used 绿茶婊 [pinyin: lǜchábiǎo], literally “Green tea bitch” which means a girl who seems innocent and charming but is actually calculating and manipulative. (Pleco)

Translator's Note

A slang of 垃圾, which means garbage.

Translator's Note

Apparently this phrase is used by girls to describe guys who are seriously hot and domineering… Kind of? There’s this thread on Baidu Zhidao regarding this.

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