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If You Don't Fall in Love, You'll DieCh47 - A Woman’s Sixth Sense.


Editor: Amaris

Th…this question was too poignant! 7cD6na

The four men were fixed in place for a moment.

In this situation, it was unsuitable for Ren Jing to talk, Ye Chen couldn’t be counted on, President Yu was almost drowned because of grievance, and so Gu Xi could only summon up his courage.

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Gu Xi had come out of the closet long ago anyway, Mother Ye also knew about that. The point at this moment was whom to drag along with him.

One could be Chen Chen. q 0IWV

The other one could be Old Yu.

Father Gu had an unavoidable obligation to protect his son, and thus he sold his teammate out.

This could also be considered as a revenge for the grudge that time!

Gu Xi ‘helplessly’ stated, “Auntie, you’re really perceptive even of the tiniest details, you could even find out about this.” ZXcdi0

Mother Ye blinked at Gu Xi.

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Gu Xi was a bit embarrassed when he said, “…You’ve tried it, my true skill is very bad, but A Zhe just came back from far away, so I wanted to show what I could do.” Finishing his words, Gu Xi shot a glance at President Yu. Old Salted Yu was terrified every single minute because of Gu Xi that he trembled.

Gu Xi deserved to be called a top student who had just graduated from the Film Production major. This would be one of his top three directing acts. “Therefore, I went to the restaurant and ordered some dishes. Then, I worked on it so that it looked like I made it and asked Chen Chen to help me hide it… I thought of making it a surprise for A Zhe.”

President Yu experienced such great ‘surprise’ that fear had completely conquered him. eS0tP2

Gu Xi continued, “But doing it like this feels a bit too insincere, so I cooked a dish. Look, it’s this…” The stir-fried eggs with tomatoes played the greatest leading role today.

Since he had created a ‘beginning’, it should be easier to make a ‘smooth’ ending. Gu Xi said, “But everyone has tasted this dish, A Zhe has also tried a bite. He must’ve noticed that something was wrong, thus I regretted serving it and secretly asked Chen Chen to take care of it… But in the end, Chen Chen was probably soft-hearted, he thought that I’ve worked hard to make that dish, yet A Zhe didn’t get to eat it. Hence, he shared a tiny bit of it to each of us…”

That ‘tiny bit’ was enough for Yu Xingzhe to ‘uncover the truth’.

Hearing Gu Xi’s words, Ye Chen was dumbfounded. If he wasn’t the protagonist, he would have definitely believed it. It was 100% logical! 8uiaOd

Queen Mother looked at Gu Xi then Yu Xingzhe and asked, “So, you two…”

Gu Xi evaded her sight ‘awkwardly’.

Yu Xingzhe, “…”

Queen Mother looked at them again. tM6nYs

Yu Xingzhe thought that Ye Chen had been really sticky with Ren Jing and the two had probably exposed their relationship. Ye Chen would also ‘fight to the death’ to be together with Ren Jing. Seeing how Father Ye and Mother Ye doted on their son, they would most likely support what their son wanted. When the time came, Ren Jing would really enter the inner chamber already!

That won’t do! I won’t let him go that easily!

Father Yu was indeed a god, he wouldn’t hesitate to give up his life to feed the tiger so that he could push his ‘love rival’ into a pit.

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All that could be heard was his words to Gu Xi, “How could I dislike the food you made?” ELH7Xc

Gu Xi felt goosebumps all over his body that he jumped.

Yu Xingzhe thought inside his heart: ‘I shall let you gross me out for now, but let’s see how I would fucking gross you out in the end!’

Yu Xingzhe looked at Gu Xi ‘with tenderness and love’ as he earnestly said, “The only thing I’ve regretted is that I didn’t get to finish up the dish you made.”

It seemed that everyone except Queen Mother had experienced what it meant to be ‘crispy on the outside and soft on the inside’. This was like being struck to death by a real thunder! IzFgpm

Queen Mother cleared her throat and asked, “So you two…”

Father Gu and Father Yu turned their heads at the same time, then spoke in unison, “Auntie, could you keep this secret for us?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Queen Mother paused for a moment because she still felt a bit confused. After all, she watched these children grew up with her own eyes, but to her surprise, they were gay… She didn’t discriminate against them, she was just rather distressed. This path they had chosen wasn’t an easy one to walk on.

But this wasn’t something she could insist on. The children’s happiness was much more important. r8KESG

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Heffc Zbatfg rlutfv. “Gbc’a kbggs, P kbc’a afii jcsbcf.”

Xe Wl jcv Te Wlcuhtf ibbxfv ja tfg ‘ugjafoeiis’.

Heffc Zbatfg gfaegcfv atflg ujhfr klat j rluta oliifv klat reqqbga jcv fcmbegjufwfca.

Yiv Xe jcv Yiv Te ktb gfmflnfv atf rlucji ofia…gfjiis ecmbwobgajyif atfs kjcafv ab mgs. AmVSHa

It seems that this problem is finally over? Ye Chen simply breathed a huge sigh of relief, feeling that he had finally survived this night.

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Heffc Zbatfg ibbxfv ja Tf Jtfc jujlc, atfc jrxfv jcbatfg vfjvis defralbc, “Vjs, Jtfc Jtfc, kts vlv sbe tjnf ab rtjgf wbra bo atf ralg-oglfv fuur klat abwjabfr ab Olaaif Efc?”

Ye Chen, “!!!”

The two fathers who had committed themselves for their son’s integrity, “!!!” QGYeV7

Ren Jing, “…”

There was a saying called ‘a woman’s sixth sense’ that could describe this situation perfectly. The question was absolutely too poignant this time!

I’m finished, I’m finished! Could it be that all these talks are useless?

How could Gu Xi and Yu Xingzhe, who had already been forced to have an ‘arranged marriage’ be reconciled with this? f7V4dh

At this very moment, Gu Xi perfectly showed the best state of the words: ‘The best buddy ever existed in China’.

Gu Xi reacted quickly. He said with a bitter laugh, “Auntie… It’s pretty obvious why.”

Ye Chen who was involved in this had a shocked expression all over his face: ‘Brother Xiii, what do you want to do!’

Gu Xi didn’t feel like looking at Ye Chen. He only said to Mother Ye, “You should know, Chen Chen is sometimes…very childish.” HtxdA

Ye Chen still couldn’t keep up with the pace, but Queen Mother already showed a look of ‘so this is the case’. She stared at Ye Chen, then also looked at Ren Jing in a flash and explained, “This child of mine really hasn’t grown up, he always likes to pull such pranks on people.”

Ye Chen had butterflies in his stomach: ‘What is the situation?’

Queen Mother had already begun to entertain her guests enthusiastically, “Well, well, as an old woman, I won’t bother much about you youngsters’ affairs! Let’s dig in, try the dishes made by auntie! Eat a lot!” Finishing her words, she began to continuously serve the meal for Ren Jing, as if he had been wronged the most.

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Gu Xi had done a lot, Yu Xingzhe had kept his son’s integrity, yet the one who got the benefits in the end was no other than Ren Jing. huN1UQ

They felt crushed!

Ye Chen still didn’t understand what was going on until after they had finished dinner and he was sending his mother home.

Queen Mother blamed Ye Chen, “You too, how could you cause so much trouble? That stir-fried eggs with tomatoes was really unpalatable, but you actually shared most of it with Ren Jing! Ren Jing is a polite and good kid, how would he have the nerve to say that it doesn’t taste good? He certainly forced himself to eat it. He even ate that much, I’m afraid he’d die because of discomfort!”

Ye Chen, “…” 6NYMDC

Queen Mother said, “I know you dislike Ren Jing, but you don’t have to bully him like that, right?”

Ye Chen had finally understood thoroughly. His mother thought he deliberately fed the food that didn’t taste good to torment her idol.

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Queen Mother scolded him all the way. Brother Chen stayed quiet like a chicken from beginning to end.

He didn’t know what to say anymore thanks to Old Gu, Old Yu, more thanks to Ye Chen himself for ‘blaming’ Ren Jing many years ago. vuLdnt

It was because of these that he could steadily walk from one end and reached the other end tonight!

After sending Queen Mother back, Ye Chen pondered over what had happened.

Was the stir-fried eggs with tomatoes he made tasted that bad?

It was a pity that the dish had disappeared thoroughly, not even a tiny bit of it could be found. d07K9B

Xiao Liu had already asked someone to help him clean the house up, thus he couldn’t find any of the stir-fried eggs with tomatoes or the soup.

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Ye Chen sent a message to Gu Xi. [Did the dish I made taste that bad?]

Gu Xi replied. [It’s not that bad.]

Just when Ye Chen felt reassured, another message came from Gu Xi. [It was awfully, extremely, terribly unpalatable. In short, I would never eat another stir-fried eggs with tomatoes ever again in my whole life (Goodbye).] PgdCAH

Ye Chen, “…”

Gu Xi who only ate a piece of tomato and half piece of egg even said so. Then what about Ren Jing who ate most of it…

Ye Chen whined. “I really seem to have pushed him into a pit.”

Death System thought. ‘Pushing him into a pit my shit, he was so happy tonight he almost flew to heaven.’ vP2tNa

After a good night’s sleep, Ye Chen didn’t have anything to do the next day. It was a rare chance for him to be able to dawdle in bed, so he played some games while still wrapped inside the blanket. When he looked at the time, it was almost nine o’clock. He asked the Death System, “What’s today’s mission?”

He had always asked it this way, he knew to take the initiative and asked about the mission.

However, Death System unexpectedly said, “No mission for today.”

Ye Chen was confused. He suddenly sat up and said, “What? No mission? Haven’t we come to the agreement that the mission would be released daily?” Taygpr

Man, this guy… When there was ‘work’ for him, he would complain and say that he was tired, when there wasn’t any ‘work’ for him, he panicked… It was too hard to accommodate both demands.

Ye Chen really went into a panic. “How come there isn’t any mission?”

Death System repeated, “Daily mission: No mission.”

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Ye Chen, “…” l2Tjn

Death System yawned. “If there is nothing else, I’m going to sleep.”

Ye Chen would really like to catch it and shook it violently right now. “Mission, mission, mission, where is the mission? Give me the mission!”

If there was no mission that meant he wouldn’t get any life points. Without any life points, he wouldn’t have a sense of safety!

And also… Ye Chen suddenly felt at a loss. If he didn’t do any mission, did that mean he wouldn’t be able to meet Ren Jing today? FjhpGz

He wouldn’t ask this question even if he was beaten to death. Ye Chen could only endure it himself.

He had nothing to do for the whole day. It was a good chance for him to play games, but after playing for a while, Ye Chen actually felt really bored.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He took a look at his cellphone. Ye Chen wanted to send a message to Ren Jing, but he couldn’t send anything in the end.

There wasn’t any reason for Ye Chen to call Ren Jing, either… 28B9Xr

He thought of looking for Ren Jing, but… Hm, why did he need to look for Ren Jing?

While staying at home being lost in his thoughts, he unexpectedly received a phone call from Yu Xingzhe.

“I’ll go pick you up?”

Ye Chen was pulled back from his train of thoughts because of proper business. Yesterday, he had made an appointment with Yu Xingzhe at noon. MIFTL

Ye Chen kissed his little kitten and said, “Stay obediently at home, I’ll go out for a bit.”

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The little kitten lazily stretched its body and went to sleep in another place.

Ye Chen stroked its forehead, feeling much better.

Nevertheless, he had to meet Yu Xingzhe. It was only the two of them this time. They had chosen a place suitable to hold a conversation. ZoDUm

If it was him from before, Old Yu would most likely be excited and look forward to it. Why did Chen Chen suddenly ask to secretly meet him, only the two of them? Would Chen Chen confess to him?

But now…haha… Old Salted Yu knew that he was probably up to no good.

Ye Chen didn’t send him another message, either. He asked straight to the point, “Brother Zhe, could you help me to get in touch with Brother Xinghai?”

Hearing his question, Yu Xingzhe immediately became grim. “Why? What happened?” W85P3h

Ye Chen said, “It’s my family’s problem. Er… I want to ask Brother Xinghai for help.”

Yu Xingzhe was really shrewd. “Does it have something to do with Ye Lan?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Yu Xingzhe didn’t ask further. He said, “He’s away for duty for a few days already. I’ll tell you when he comes back.” U4WvMH

Ye Chen responded, “Alright.”

Yu Xingzhe looked at him anxiously. He knew thoroughly about what happened in Ye Family. He also knew that cousin of Ye Chen.

Ye Lan had been growing really well these days, but truth be told, it was somewhat going above his head.

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It always made people feel uneasy when they were around him. v7pN4m

Ye Chen didn’t mention the accidents that had happened to him twice——because it was useless. It was too abstruse to be mentioned. It was related to the system. If Ye Chen said it, Yu Xingzhe would probably think he was joking.

Still, he said vaguely, “I may know some of Ye Lan’s secrets, and I want to confirm if they’re true.”

Yu Xingzhe knitted his brows. “Does Ye Lan know about this?”

Ye Chen paused. hbDdpe

Yu Xingzhe went into a panic. “What in the world is it? Ye Lan himself is very unscrupulous. If you know something really important about him, he might…” He didn’t finish his words, since he was afraid he might frighten Ye Chen.

After thinking for a while, Ye Chen said to Yu Xingzhe, “I suspected that there was something fishy with his mother’s death back then.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Xingzhe’s heart sank. “What is it?”

Ye Chen stated, “I want to ask Brother Xinghai to help me investigate this problem. I think…Ye Lan might have killed his own mother.” Y8mUBw

Yu Xingzhe’s eyes shrank suddenly. “How old was he back then!?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “Which is why I want to ask Brother Xinghai to help me investigate this.”

What Yu Xingzhe thought about was the other problem, “You have to be more careful. I’m worried that Ye Lan might…”

“I have been really careful,” said Ye Chen. “I always bring someone with me wherever I go.” ucgApe

Yu Xingzhe was still anxious, but he didn’t say anything. He simply thought of assigning a person to secretly protect Ye Chen under the table.

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Ye Chen said again, “I have to ask you a favor regarding this problem.”

“Why do you need to be so formal with me?” said Yu Xingzhe. “Don’t let anyone else know about this until my brother has gathered all the evidence, so as to avoid arousing any suspicions.”

Ye Chen, “I understand.” CHABoQ

After talking for a while, Ye Chen’s cellphone rang.

The call was from Gu Xi. Ye Chen promptly answered it.

“Chen Chen,” the voice of evildoer Director Gu from the other side was so gentle it might drown people.

Ye Chen, “…” What the hell is this!? 8OH3S4

Gu Xi added, “Did you miss me already? Good boy, I’ll pick you up right away.”

Ye Chen almost threw his cellphone away!

The author has something to say:

The slag man is back *waves hand* dfRyDJ



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