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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 71


The water ghost’s head fell back and the mouth covered with dense fangs opened slightly, as if it was gasping with pain. Then the next second, it showed the ferocious nature of a ghost that wanted revenge.

The ghost born in water opened its mouth and the arc exceeded the limits of humanity. It was like a prehistoric giant crocodile that could swallow a person’s upper body in one bite. A great deal of seawater poured from its mouth. The water ghost leaned down, green eyes flashing with a bitter light as it tried to swallow Xiao Li. 9V54Hd

Xiao Li took a step back and threw away the hair stuck on the king crab. He pulled one of the claws and stuck it into the mouth of the incoming water ghost. It was too late for the water ghost to retreat. The claws directly punctured its mouth and it stepped back. It pulled the claws out of its mouth and covered its mouth with both hands.

The weakness of the ghost led Xie Zeqing to feel its emotions more deeply. The young man stared at it incredulously before expressing the thoughts he sensed.

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“It…it hurts. It feels like its mouth is going to be broken and it doesn’t want to come to this ship anymore.”

Xie Zeqing finished translating and felt like a bit of his three views had been destroyed. Normally, if humans encountered ghosts then they would just cry out and say, “I don’t want to come here anymore” qrexpS

Why did he feel like he was translating the wrong person?

Xiao Li was unmoved. He looked at the crab claw soaked in seawater. It had been pulled out of the mouth of the water ghost and couldn’t be eaten anymore. He turned his gaze to the water ghost. His usual indifferent or curious eyes were now carefully examining the water ghost from top to bottom, like it was a seafood feast.

Xiao Li’s left hand held the king crab and he first looked around in a circle. Then his right hand pulled out a scalpel. It was the scalpel he received from the hospital and he pondered on where to start.

Xie Zeqing gulped. In this situation, he shouldn’t have an appetite so he stopped Xiao Li. “Wait, you really want to eat it?” kZLCrj

Xiao Li raised the fat and beautiful king crab to Xie Zeqing, wondering, “Why can’t I eat it?”

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“It… it is a ghost. Won’t there be germs?” Xie Zeqing nervously speculated. Then Xie Zeqing sensed that after his remark, the water ghost stared at him in a gloomy manner, making Xie Zeqing shrink back.

Xiao Li replied, “There are layers of shell. It shouldn’t be infected.”

He also had such concerns so he gave up on the octopus hot pot and chose the king crab. Xiao Li spoke while tapping on the shell of the king crab with a scalpel. He had just knocked on it three times when a shadow appeared. 81upov

The sudden appearance of the shadow caused even the water ghost to be startled. The ghost looked like a normal human apart from the long scarf that covered most of her face. She was the split mouthed woman from the hospital instance.

Xie Zeqing at first thought she was a reincarnator summoned by Xiao Li to this world but the large ghost energy accompanying her made him realize that she definitely wasn’t human. His brain exploded and he subconsciously tried to hide.

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The split mouthed woman raised her eyes to Xie Zeqing and slowly took off the scarf, revealing her torn mouth. “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

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The split mouthed woman turned back and was silent as she faced Xiao Li. She abandoned her usual question and replied, “Didn’t you summon me?”

“I didn’t—” Xiao Li looked at the scalpel in his hand, the blade reflecting the side of his face at a downward angle. He paused and asked, “Is it this scalpel?”

Xiao Li handed the king crab in his hand to Xiao Li, pulled out the little yellow book from his pocket and turned to the introduction of this knife.

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【 This is the scalpel from Fenhua Hospital. The former owner is the evil spirit Doctor Fang Qi and it has been used for at least a dozen human to monster surgeries. In addition to cutting objects, there are more uses waiting to be discovered. 】 z21xdj

The so-called useful means was… calling the hospital ghosts?

Xiao Li turned the knife in his hand. The split mouthed woman realized that Xiao Li had called her by accident and she looked around the ship curiously. “This is another world…”

Her eyes finally fell on the water ghost. The water ghost was still covering its mouth and its lower body had sunk into the water. Only the upper body was left and it could slip away in the water at any time.

The split mouthed woman asked, “What happened to its mouth?” RtVU1A

The water ghost had a touch of human-like fear in its head. It raised its head, messy hair parting to reveal terrible eyes that swept over Xiao Li before it melted into the water. The split mouthed woman stared at the disappearing water ghost and then Xiao Li. Xiao Li also looked at her and handed her the scalpel.

The split mouthed woman looked down at the scalpel. “?”

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Xiao Li told her, “Help me cut open the crab. That is the first thing I called you to do.”

“…You can’t cut it yourself?” jzKu V

“I’m not very good at cutting crabs. You are a professional knife-wielder.” Xiao Li motioned to the corners of her mouth.

The split mouthed woman, “……”

Professional her ass, she was playing with scissors! Speaking more calmly, even if she was good with knives, she cut a human mouth. She couldn’t fight the king crab at all!

She roared crazily in her heart but she was stable as she took the king crab. Rather than accepting the scalpel, she tore open the king crab with her bare hands and left the shell behind. wJYuKE

After seeing the crab’s claws, she wanted to ask why there was only one. Then she thought of the water ghost covering its mouth and was inwardly glad. She was fortunate to only receive spiritual suffering rather than physical torture…

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The summoning time of the scalpel wasn’t long. Three minutes later, the figure of the split mouthed woman started to fade. She returned the separated crab to Xiao Li and completely disappeared.

Xiao Li held the separated crab and turned to give half to Xie Zeqing. Xie Zeqing took it in a trance. He was still immersed in the emergence of the split mouthed woman. “Just now, that was…”

“The split mouthed woman.” 2sDAhg

He walked forward with the crab in his arms and Xie Zeqing followed suit. “You and her…?”

From the pen fairy to the split mouthed girl, how did Xiao Li know so many big evil spirits?

“I know here.” Xiao Li couldn’t find the right words to describe his relationship with the split mouthed woman and simply chose the most conservative statement. “A passersby.”

Xie Zeqing, “……” Pd0Mvr

This was clearly a lie. He detected fear and a bit of joy from the split mouthed woman.

Xiao Li was busy with the king crab and had no time to care about Xie Zeqing’s doubts. He took his half of the king crab and put in on a table. He used a kettle to fill a pot of water and started boiling the king crab.

The kitten had been sitting outside the door and once he heard footsteps, his ears pricked. He gently jumped on the table near Xiao Li to be petted. However, Xiao Li alertly held him down. “I will give you a leg later. You can’t touch it now.”

The kitten, “……” E5QG Z

Did he look like he was heading for the king crab? He was clearly heading for the people? The kitten shook his long fur and meowed loudly at Xiao Li. He jumped straight onto the boy’s shoulder and tied his tail around Xiao Li’s neck to maintain his balance.

Xiao Li’s heart was focused on the king crab. He knew the cat would just jump up again. Therefore, he just supported the kitten with an empty hand while waiting for the water in the pot to boil. After a while, a seafood smell floated out of the pot.

Xiao Li used disposable chopsticks to fish out the king crab and put it on the plate to cool it down. There might be no seasoning but the crab meat itself was delicious, making it a rare delicacy. He took a few bites before feeding some to the kitten.

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Perhaps it was just to the steam from the pot water but Xiao Li’s back eyes were wet like mist. The kitten didn’t look at the crab meat but stared at Xiao Li’s eyes for a few seconds. He raised his front paws to Xiao Li’s pocket and wanted to kiss this person’s eyes. Then his mouth was stuffed with crab meat and he failed. 96XwNc

Xiao Li nodded his head. “How does it taste?”

The kitten looked at him and didn’t blink for a moment. “Meow.”

The king crab looked very big but it was mostly shell. Plus, he had given half of it away so he soon ate all of it. Xiao Li threw the shell into the trash can, went to the bathroom to wash his hands and lay on his bed.

The kitten lay on Xiao Li’s chest. He wasn’t big and looked like a plush toy. Xiao Li played with his fur. Perhaps it was because Xiao Li didn’t sleep enough last night and he woke up early today. He was a bit tired and his eyes lowered. STWNH2

The kitten saw this person was about to fall asleep and groped him on the chest. He was grabbed by Xiao Li and his face buried into Xiao Li’s chest. This time, the kitten didn’t dare to move. It wasn’t until Xiao Li’s breathing gradually became even that he slowly relaxed his body.

It was unknown how much time passed but there was the sound of people outside the door and someone was approaching Xiao Li’s room. The kitten opened his eyes. There was no sleepiness in the beautiful eyes as he stared into the distance before closing his eyes again.

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The young man standing at the door knocked on it with his fist. No noise was made and it was like knocking on cotton.

Xie Zeqing, “???” SxLVWD

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