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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 55


Xiao Li’s feelings might be rational but the ghost head wouldn’t give it because of a bottle of shampoo. It didn’t move and maintained the image of the ghost hanging from the door handle. This led to the other reincarnators staying away from the door. The ghost head might currently look ridiculous because of the bow knot but it was still a murderous ghost.

Xiao Li saw that it didn’t speak and picked up the ghost head. The door handle on the other side moved and the door opened. He released the ghost head and let it float in the air, looking like a human head balloon. C90ikV

The moment the door of the office opened, the rest of the group rushed out. The small room was tenser than a wide environment. Therefore, once the rest of the group arrived in the corridor and felt they escaped the ghost attack, they stopped in the corridor and turned back to look at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was dressed in a white coat and combined with his temperament, he looked a bit like a doctor. He stood at the door and looked at the ghost head, the normal doctor’s abstinence giving him a strange Jack-like horror feeling.

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The self-proclaimed Guan Yu pressed down his cap and touched his heart that had been beating violently because of the human head he saw below the table. “You… aren’t you afraid?”

Xiao Li closed the door and shut the ghost head in the office. He thought for a moment before answering, “I’m okay. The hair was a bit oily but I only touched it a bit and can barely tolerate it.” u9DZ5a

Guan Yu, “……”

No, his ‘fear’ didn’t mean this!

The outside sun had slowly weakened over time and the hospital’s gloom spread even more after losing the suppression of the sun. Xiao Li took out his phone and checked the time. “We should explore as soon as possible. I have to go to the emergency department at night.”

Hu Li’s mouth twitched. This guy, what was his origin in the end? Why did he hear expectations from this person’s tone? Why did he seem like he was looking forward to seeing ghosts at this ghost hospital? He wanted to ask but he was afraid to ask. JLYOjl

Hu Li felt like he had passed through the wind and waves. He touched his bald head, quickly adjusted his mentality and tried to stabilize the team. He decided to start with checking the small room beside the office. “Given our experience just now, we won’t go in and will open the door to check the situation. If there is nothing then don’t go in. If there is something valuable… a few people will stand at the door while a few people will enter.”

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Hu Li took a deep breath and as the captain, he was the first to open the door next to the office. It was a small room similar to a lounge and was filled with a microwave oven and a bed. There seemed to be no clues in it.

The group sighed with relief, closed the door and started to check the next room. There weren’t many rooms on this floor and all of them were offices and so on. Apart from the ghost head, there were no other ghost appearances, giving the reincarnators time to calm down. Taking advantage of the initial safety time, they explored the outpatient building all the way down, from the fourth floor to the third floor and finally to the second floor.

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Hu Li reached a door and it had a sign stating ‘electrocardiogram’. After opening the door, there was a circle of blue curtains, a small bed and an instrument for detecting the ECG. ZStKO9

“Ktfgf lr cbatlcu—”

Lf tjvc’a olclrtfv rqfjxlcu ktfc rbwfatlcu tjqqfcfv. Lf rjk atja atf bglulcji vjgx fifmagbmjgvlbugjw revvfcis aegcfv bc jcv ragjluta ilcfr jqqfjgfv bc atf qjuf, pera ilxf atf fifmagbmjgvlbugjw bo j vfjv qfgrbc. Lbkfnfg, atf fifmagbmjgvlbugjw vfolclafis kjrc’a qieuufv lc!

“Eec!” Le Ol mjiifv bea ibevis jcv gertfv ab atf vbbg, atf batfgr obiibklcu tlw. Jtjbalm obbarafqr bcmf jujlc rkfqa atgbeut atf Mfctej Jfcagji Lbrqlaji.

At this time, another sound that shouldn’t be there was mixed in with the footsteps. It was like the sound of a roller sliding. Far behind them, Xiao Li captured the subtle movement and turned towards the source of the sound. LnsZcy

As the rest of the reincarnators reached the junction of some stairs, the ethereal voice of a woman sounded in their ears, humming a strange nursery rhyme. “Bang, chirp, bang, chirp, laugh, cough, growl, grumble, growl… split open.”

“Bang, chirp, bang, chirp, laugh, cough, growl, grumble, growl… break and fall.”

“Hold the heart in the right hand, the small intestine in the left hand, put down the head, put down the liver, pick up the black eyeballs, look at you…”

“No, where are my eyes? Where is my nose? It’s mine… where is my head?” yw4o01

The moment the last question emerged, the girl standing on the outermost side, Bai Yun felt her back become cold. She stiffened and something hairy attached tightly to her behind her. The rest of the reincarnators stayed away from her, watching the scene with horror.

The strange, ethereal voice was close to her ear. “Have you seen my head?”

“I, I… I don’t know…” Bai Yun was crying and wanted to run, but a pair of cold hands were pressed against her head.

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The female ghost leaned towards her ear. “Since you can’t find my head, lend me your head. Let me try it with your head.” wYjJK5

Her hands were about to use strength when a cold voice was heard abruptly behind her. “Your head, is this it?”

The ghost looking for her head looked back, to be precise, it went backwards. Above her neck was empty. The source of her voice was coming from the navel, not the throat. Xiao Li held the ghost hair from the office on the fourth floor, pulling the hair like it was a balloon string. He handed it over to the female ghost looking for her head.

The female ghost opened her mouth wide, the previous things she went through unknown. The figure of the ghost somewhat shook as she took the ghost head and placed it slowly on her neck.

Xiao Li continued, “Since you got your head back, you should wash your hair or it will escape.” 2ZHJrN

The female ghost, “……”

The others, “……”

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The reason why this head left the ghost wasn’t because she didn’t love to wash her hair… right? The headless ghost moved away after finding her head. The girl who narrowly escaped the ghost went limp and fell to the ground, sobbing as she stared at Xiao Li. “Thank you, thank you.”

Xiao Li waved at her. 2VMt1u

Guan Yu looked at him like seeing a new continent. “How can you go back there to get the head?”

In addition, how did he dare bring it all the way over?

Xiao Li simply said, “I heard some movements and it was too late to ask you to go and look. You ran too fast that I couldn’t catch up. The head can fly high and its eyes should be good. I wanted to use it to chase after you and as a result, I saw you stuck here.”

Guan Yu, “……” 2vJ8QF

You used it as a telescope? No wonder why the ghost’s face changed and became lifeless once the head returned. This solution to the ghost head simply couldn’t be copied. He thought of the people he knew on top of the reincarnators leaderboard and they would never use such a simple and brutal method to return the head. Most of them would make use of an item to escape or promise to help the ghost recover her head.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xiao Li saw his strange expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” He saw Hu Li’s expression and Guan Yu’s strong desire to survive caused him to shake his head. “Very… very strong. You saved Bai Yun, hahaha.”

After such an experience, it was no longer early in the evening. The window outside the sky was dark and mixed with the setting sun, it looked like blood. Right then, the entire hospital’s lights turned on. It was as if someone in the lighting control room was manipulating it. The sudden lights made the group squint uncomfortably. Xiao Li came to the window at the end of the corridor and glanced at the emergency room building next door. “I have to go. You can explore by yourself.” dDLZV1

The moment Xiao Li left, Bai Yun had a desire to follow but her sense of reason told her there would be many dangers in the emergency department at night. She hesitated before giving up the idea and choosing to follow others.

He walked out of the outpatient building like a real emergency doctor and went to the emergency building, finding a seat in the centre of the first floor. The emergency department was empty except for the ‘emergency’ sign above his head in bright red lights that seemed to guide certain creatures in the darkness.

As time went back, the outside world became completely dark and night shrouded the Fenhua Central Hospital. The noise of the outside world also disappeared and it seemed like only the emergency building was open in the entire world.

The doll climbed out of Xiao Li’s pocket, hands and feet landing on the consultation table. Tan Li seemed to have never come to the emergency building before. She raised her little head and looked around curiously. The little black cat was also released. He lay against Xiao Li’s feet and occasionally swept over the teenager’s knees with his tail. FPie1c

Tick, tick, tick—

The time was nearing midnight. In front of Xiao Li’s bored eyes, the door of the emergency building finally moved and there was the sound of footsteps. Xiao Li raised his spirits and looked over.

A man came in through the door. He was tall, had a good building and was presumably very handsome. It was just that his face was covered with a layer of fog and his appearance couldn’t be seen. The man came straight to Xiao Li and sat opposite him, speaking in a low voice. “The person I like told me the other day that something was wrong with my mind and suggested I get someone to correct it. Therefore, I came.”

Xiao Li, “………” 9tINlb

The author has something to say:

Scheming little yellow!

Little yellow book: You didn’t expect it? I will be your first patient.

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