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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 5


This time, Xiao Li bit the pen and asked curiously and seriously, “Who are you?”

Little yellow book:【 Directly asking the task answer is illegal. 】 awexP3

“…How do you know me?” Xiao Li changed the question. He was very curious about how he obtained this female ghost.

【 This is also illegal. Baby, you have to find our yourself. 】  There was a long silence before a line of handwriting appeared on the pale yellow paper,【 In addition, there is a hint. The time to do this paper is limited. 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He said this and Xiao Li instantly shifted his thoughts from the real identity of the female ghost back on the test paper. The black-haired boy’s pen turned around in his slender fingers but he couldn’t write something. He had the strange feeling that he was selling his body…

At this moment, he wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I won’t sell myself!” fFCuTK

Then Xiao Li raised his head from the test paper and looked at the female teacher behind the podium. The teacher smiled at him and saliva flowed out, her greedy appearance making her look like the legendary monk Tangseng eating meat to Xiao Li.

The teenager immediately bowed his head and looked at the yellow book’s first question 【 What do you like to eat most? 】. The answer was written below in smooth black handwriting. 【 Recently, my favourite is chocolate. 】

If he could go back safely then he would prepare to carry a few pieces of chocolate on his body. They were high in calories and easy to carry.

The moment Xiao Li wrote his answer, the little yellow book showed a sentence. 【 Oh? 】


【 It suits you very well. 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Why?” Xiao Li wrote under these two lines.

The little yellow book wrote briefly. 【 Sweet. 】

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Wljb Ol, “………” G8J4Ik

Llr qfc rabqqfv lc wlvjlg jcv tf vlvc’a xcbk tbk ab gfrqbcv. Qjr atlr rwjii ybbx gfofgglcu ab mtbmbijaf bg… tlwrfio? Wljb Ol ilmxfv tlr ilqr, vlvc’a gfqis jcv kfca ab atf cfza defralbc.

H: 【 Qtja asqf bo rqbga vb sbe ilxf? 】

Wljb Ol’r atbeutar gjcufv ogbw obbayjii ab yjrxfayjii jcv ybkilcu ktfc tf fnfcaejiis kgbaf: 【 Uijslcu ujwfr. 】

The little yellow book laughed. 【 Sure enough. 】 CnTY5i

Question 3: 【 What do you usually like to do? 】

A: 【 Sleep. 】

Little yellow book: 【 Next time we will sleep together.  】

It was an impassable logic. Xiao Li’s face was dark as he turned the paper. Then he saw the fourth shameful question 【 What type of kiss do you like? 】 and the fifth question with no lower limit 【 Where do you want to get married? 】 v9smko

Xiao Li took a deep breath, closed the test booklet and his pen cap. He raised a hand to his forehead as he recalled the original questions. After approximately 10 minutes, he pulled out the little yellow book and wrote in it. “Can you change back to the original paper?”

Xiao Li had a rough guess about this test paper and would rather try it then the questionnaire about himself. At Xiao Li’s request, the little yellow book used two question marks to show his shock.

【 …?? 】

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【 Why? 】 o9Oljz

【 Slightly hurt. 】

These sentences appeared in succession before the little yellow book lost its heat. The Xiao Li personal questionnaire disappeared and the paper returned to its original appearance.

Xiao Li knocked on the cover of the yellow book twice with his finger before stuffing it back into the textbook. He picked up his pen again and wrote the first word on the test paper. As he wrote this word, his tip shook and left a twisted watermark on the white paper. Then he controlled himself and wrote his own answer.

“Regarding communication with humans, I think we can be open-minded. After all, they were very delicious. I once met a group of humans downstairs in the laboratory building…” Gd0zIn

This was Xiao Li’s conjecture.

The teacher would use the questionnaire to check f the students below weren’t companions i.e. weren’t ghosts. It was obvious that the main point of this test was to let the teacher believe he was a ‘ghost’ and write the answer from the perspective of a ghost. Thus, Xiao Li merged himself into the experience of the laboratory building and made up such an answer.

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The black-haired teenager filled out the five questions in the same way. Then he closed his pen and his eyelashes slightly quivered, covering the boy’s beautiful dark eyes.

Perhaps there was crazy blood flowing in his bones but he chose to believe in himself. He would be able to survive even if he chose another test paper. Px0Dq6


Xiao Li was sitting in the classroom for the test while on the other side, the rest of the group was experiencing a big escape in the experimental building.

Thanks to the support of the person with small sideburns, Qian Yiwei and the others started to search the laboratory building.

Compared to the teaching building and the dormitory building, the laboratory building had relatively more glass. The moonlight outside the window was projected through the glass, making them feel relatively safe. They searched slowly from the first floor of the laboratory building to the second floor with no harvest. Then Huang Nina wondered, “Let’s just not go up anymore and stop taking risks. Shouldn’t we act as before and find a place to stay?” OVs8Hb

The sideburns person walking beside her glanced at her. “Let’s go on. Maybe we will discover the truth.”

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Qian Yiwei didn’t stop and headed straight up the stairs. “You can stay on your own.”

Zheng Yi hesitated and patted Huang Nina’s shoulder before moving. The girl gritted her teeth and followed.

The turn of events happened on the fourth floor. GjN6P8

Their group had just walked into the first laboratory and Qian Yiwei opened the door, turning on the flashlight of his phone to sweep inside the laboratory. He hadn’t yet had time to observe when he saw the white shadow in the corner again. This time, the shadow gradually changed colour and became a female student in a school uniform.

The female student held a bloody sharp knife in her hand and was madly stabbing the person underneath her. Fresh blood splashed on her face but she ignored her, her expression showing madness.

Qian Yiwei carefully adjusted his body and saw the face of the female student as well as the nameplate on her body: Tan Li.

The female student frantically stabbed a few times then picked up the legs of the person underneath her, dragging this corpse out of the lab and towards the stairwell window on the fourth floor. She broke the window and threw out the body. D L9wX

Once this was done, the female student’s figure gradually disappeared. Then the person with sideburns standing next to Huang Nina grabbed Huang Nina’s arm and dragged her to the window, falling straight from the broken window. The two people fell straight into the pond!

Huang Nina in the pond was soon covered with mud while the person with sideburns slowly raised her body slowly and stiffly, walking back to the first floor of the laboratory.

Oh my god!

Zheng Yi’s heart trembled and his pace of escape was synchronized with Qian Yiwei. gFQIjw

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Why did he only do half my test paper? So cold, so ruthless?

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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