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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 39


Tan Li was currently in the form of a doll. At first glance, she seemed like an ordinary horror doll hung on the window sill but the other person’s hair was gradually growing longer and headed towards him in five seconds.

This was also a ghost! She had disguised her breath… was it a ghost? Or an evil spirit? Mr Ye’s lost ghost connection was broken here. Did it mean that this female ghost had swallowed it? Who was the owner of this villa? Was it a family living here? Y1spW5

The middle-aged man immediately reacted, pulling away from the other person while staring at the doll cautiously.

Tan Li didn’t look at the man. Her eyes were only on the ‘food’ under his feet. She jumped off the window sill and quickly fell, long hair approaching the dark shadow.

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The dark shadow didn’t keep its mind. The ghost imprint on its body meant it only obeyed the words of its master but some instincts remained. Now that it faced Tan Li, it felt the other side was very strong and subconsciously backed away.

“Wait.” The middle-aged man reassured the dark shadow and tried to stop Tan Li. “Take it slowly. I… I’m here to—” CxGreK

He hadn’t finished talking but Tan Li didn’t want to listen. Her long hair wrapped around the prey and she was about to open her mouth to directly swallow it when a little black cat came out of nowhere. He raised his head, shook his tail and slammed into Tan Li.

Tan Li’s actions stopped. She closed his mouth and looked down at the black cat who was eager to try. Then she glanced at the black shadow in front of her and a trace of emotion flashed through her eyes.

The little black cat called out, “Meow meow meow.”

Tan LI listened with bright hairs and then her hair grabbed the sides of the shadow, actually splitting it in half. She swallowed half while the other half was given to the black cat, who ran away to the corner to enjoy it.

u shO5

Tan Li remained in place, staring blankly at the middle-aged man. The man had groaned after the shadow was swallowed. Apparently he suffered a light injury due to the breaking of the contract. There was anger and hostility when he looked at Tan Li but that soon faded away. He couldn’t help imagining the end of the shadow and then changing the shadow to him…

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The middle-aged man quivered and backed away from Tan Li.

Tan Li had no interest in humans. As long as the person didn’t come to provoke her, she wouldn’t take the initiative to attack. The middle-aged man saw that he wasn’t pursued and his heart relaxed. He turned to run outside.

The doll looked back at Xiao Li’s window. Shen Chenzhi hadn’t left so she couldn’t go back. Tan Li walked to the black cat, shrank down and plunged into the cat’s soft fur like a real doll. QbBP78

They lay on the lawn like this for a long time, from the sun setting to the moon appearing, before Shen Chenzhi came out of the Xiao house.

Shen Chenzhi said that he would help Xiao Li review schoolwork but they played games for almost an entire night. It wasn’t until Xiao Li felt tired that the threw his game controller to the said and gazed at the face of his classmate. This person was quite mysterious and with some curiosity, Xiao Li raised a topic he had been thinking about. “You said before… you have seen a ghost?”

This was in his room so Xiao Li’s posture at this time was in a rare state of relaxation. He slightly leaned his head and his arms were on the carpet, creating a sexy sense of curvature from the neck to the shoulder.

Shen Chenzhi also put down his controller and looked at this person. huNKBS

Xiao Li raised his body. “Where and when?”

Shen Chenzhi stared at him deeply and asked in a cold voice, “Do you want to see?”

Xiao Li pretended to think but he actually spoke without thinking, “I really want to.”

He didn’t know what ghosts of a haunted place in reality would look like. 7 ZtbS

“I’ll take you next time.” Shen Chenzhi’s lips curved in an invisible arc.

Not being afraid of ghosts… was this person a reincarnator as well?

Xiao Li’s eyes were fixed on the other person’s face. The teenager’s eyelashes were very long and the colour was very deep. Once he focused on a person with such concentration, it was easy to give them the illusion of affection. However, it was just an illusion. He didn’t love anyone yet.

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Shen Chenzhi’s body froze for a moment before he seemed to get up calmly, patting Xiao Li’s shoulder. “Since you are tired, go to bed early. I will leave first.” 945yda

Xiao Li didn’t suspect him and waved. The young man turned away. He looked at his hand for a second before retracting his gaze and walking out of the Xiao house.

After Shen Chenzhi’s departure, Xiao Li flipped through the little yellow book and found that the other side was strangely quiet. Perhaps it was due to Xiao Li’s illness but the little yellow book didn’t say any yellow words as usual. This made Xiao Li feel a bit awkward. Based on his understanding of the little yellow book, he should say something like ‘When you are sick, your body is particularly hot and red. I want to kiss you.’ Now he learned the saying ‘silence is gold’ and Xiao Li felt very good.

Xiao Li covered his mouth and yawned. He closed the little yellow book and then lay back on the bed.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ycmf tf ofii jriffq jujlc, atf ilaaif sfiibk ybbx rqbxf ilutais: 【 …Tbe mjc’a ibbx ja batfg qfbqif ilxf atlr. Yatfg qfbqif vbc’a tjnf ws rfio-mbcagbi. Ciatbeut P kbeiv ilxf ab qgfrr sbe vbkc vlgfmais jujlcra atf mjgqfa, P ralii tfiv yjmx. 】 pASqr3

Ktf rfmbcv sbecu wjrafg bo atf Wljb ojwlis ilnfv j ofk iflregfis vjsr ecali We Zfl gfjqqfjgfv jcv ygbeuta yjv cfkr klat tfg. Ktf Wljb ojwlis’r wjrafg jcv Wljb Ol’r ojatfg, Wljb Tehtfcu kjr gfaegclcu.

Xu Mei had been very busy these days. In addition to leaving the main house, she invited many Feng Shui masters and exorcists to exorcise evil spirits.

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Since the day she encountered the female ghost again, Xu Mei took Xiao Ming from the main house and moved to another property belonging to the Xiao family. Now that Xiao Yuzheng was returning, she was forced to move back. This made her frightened and she crazily tried to find a famous master.

She was busy over there and Xiao Li was also busy. He was busy wondering if he should leave and hide for a few days in order to avoid Xiao Yuzheng’s return. 3ErPew

However, his idea hadn’t been put into practice when the next instance world was ushered in. This time, Xiao Li had adjusted to the initial transmission.

[This is a fast-moving luxury train with a fixed destination and five stops along the way. No one knows where it comes from but everyone knows its destination—the place where the passengers come from and your end. Reincarnator, for the next period of time, enjoy your train journey. Believe me, there are dangers and opportunities! Of course, the danger is far greater than the opportunities.]

Below this was a description of the tasks, the little yellow book showing the tasks for this instance world.

【 Remaining safety time: 3 minutes. 】 TGhAb6

【 Mission:

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1. Survive and arrive at the train terminal.

2. Keep at least one passenger alive until the third stop.

The above tasks can be optionally completed and after completion, you will be randomly transmitted back to the real world. 】 yYPMQO

【 Hidden tasks:

1. Shyly kiss me.

2. Voluntarily kiss me.

3. Warmly kiss me. JHrZGB

All the above tasks must be completed. 】

This time, the little yellow book got rid of the first two tasks used as camouflage and change all three hidden tasks to be a kiss. Xiao Li closed the book without looking. At the start of this instance world, dozens of reincarnators were standing at the train station. In front of them was a red ad black luxury train.

The station platform was empty and at this station, only the reincarnators were ready to board the train. The reincarnators in the platform observed each other for a moment. Then a young man in a white shirt suddenly made a stunned expression. “Wait, you are Tian Ji (top secret)?”

Thanks to his tone, the two words he spoke sounded like ‘Tian Ji.’ (TL: Different characters. This one means frog) 6koCxr

Xiao Li followed the young man’s gaze and found a reincarnator wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked quite educated. How was he called ‘frog’?

The young man with gold-rimmed glasses was dressed very formally. He wore a suit that fit well and was in good shape. He looked at the other person for a while, as if wondering who this person was. “That’s me. You are?”

The young man in the white shirt smiled like the spring breeze. “We were together in the wild mountain instance. Did you forget? I am Jiang Yishe.”

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Seeing the gentle smile of the other person, Tian Ji immediately had a thought. RGKfH5

In the wild mountain world, he and Jiang Yishe were both present. From the beginning, there was nothing special and it couldn’t even be described as ‘fate bringing them together.’ It was just that in the instance, Jiang Yishe fooled him once.

Their task was to avoid the stones falling from the mountainside. Anyone hit by the stone would be entangled in the ghosts hidden in the stones. Tian Ji originally guessed the way to live through the hints hidden in the trees. He found a cave and hiding inside allowed him to perfectly avoid these stones and live to the end. Tian Ji was the first to the cave and Jiang Yishe was the second.

At the beginning, Jiang Yishe had smiled and acted with Tian Ji to avoid the stones in the cave. During the process, Tian Ji had a slight change in the cave. He asked Jiang Yishe if it was moving and Jiang Yishe made a listening expression before saying no.

Tian Ji wanted to check but Jiang Yishe shifted to the location and examined it, repeating that it really hadn’t moved. Tian Ji was quite naive at the time and believed him. It wasn’t until the end of that mission and during the rewards settlement time that Tian Ji saw Jiang Yishe suddenly rush to a place in a cave and withdraw a vase from a hidden location. This was obviously a special item! 1rRmgN

Tian Ji was the first one to enter the cave but he lost the item to Jiang Yishe. This made him grit his teeth. It was this person again! Tian Ji gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “It is you. What item are you looking at this time?”

Jiang Yishe replied, “Item? It seems you still remember that instance. I have many items now. If you’re still concerned about that, I can give it back to you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Oh no, I don’t need to use items now.”

After that world, Tian Ji had gone through pain, rehabilitated and relied on his own reasoning ability. Now he had also entered the reincarnators leaderboard. He had many items on his body which would only be used at the most critical juncture. me6sW4

Tian Ji then looked at the other reincarnators and they introduced themselves one by one, Xiao Li among them. Once it was his turn, Tian Ji had returned to normal and he praised. “Sherlock, I like your name.”

Xiao Li smiled back. “Thank you, I also like your name.”

Frog, this was down to earth.

After the forum post, Sherlock’s name was well-known among a few reincarnators but he wasn’t on the leaderboard after all. His popularity wasn’t high and none of the people present had heard of him. Zb5l A

The initial exchange of names passed and the safety time ended. The entire train station trembled, as if a switch had been turned on. An image in the sky trembled and a CG movie began.

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The video showed a carriage with upper and lower bunks. One car had four beds with two lower bunks. There were four people sitting, two men and two women.

One of the girls was playing with a mobile phone. She pressed a few keys and said, “Really boring. The mobile phone signal is gone and we have to be on this train for a long time. Shall we find a game to play?”

The boy sitting next to her suggested, “How about Fight the Landlord? Or Mahjong? I can do it all.” nIduvR

“Isn’t that too conventional?” The girl sitting opposite him asked, “Do you want to have some excitement?”

The first girl raised her head. She had her hair tied in a high ponytail and had light makeup. She looked full of youthful vitality. “Xuan Xuan, it seems you have thought of a good idea?”

“You must’ve never played this. It has recently been super popular on the Internet.” Xuan Xuan laughed excitedly and winked at her friends. “Pen Fairy! Haha, Jia Yi, how about we play Pen Fairy?”

The opening CG got up to here and there was a fuss among the reincarnators. “Oh my god, the pen fairy. This big ghost, these guys are dead again.” YUEv2D

The girl called Jia Yi frowned. “What is fun about this? This type of thing is fake. It is a person who manually manipulates it.”

“Oh, you can ask about the boy you like or even if you will get the top score in the final exam! Even if it is fake, you have to try it.” The more Xuan Xuan spoke, the happier she was and the more she acted spoiled. “Come on, I have everything ready.”

She looked at the two boys. They looked at each other before nodding their consent. Since it was three against one, Jia Yi had to join in.

Xuan Xuan took out a piece of paper from her backpack and laid it on the small table of the car. She took out a pen and explained, “Use our left hands to hold the pen and remember to place it perpendicular to the table. Your wrist can’t touch the table and there can’t be any direction or force. We can’t let the pen move. Only the pen fairy can control this pen.” iKQnqk

The other three people acted in accordance with her words. They stood around the table and stretched out their left hands to hold the pen.

Xuan Xuan continued, “Everyone, repeat after me. Pen Fairy, I am your past life, you are my life. If you want to continue with me, please draw a circle on the paper—remember to be sincere and summon the pen fairy without any distractions.”

Jia Yi looked at the cheerful face and inexplicably felt some panic. However, if she didn’t play now then Xuan Xuan would certainly be furious. Forget it, she would chat it. Jia Yi repeated it and was followed by the two boys.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They finished the spell and there were no movements. Jia Yi sighed with relief in her heart. “There’s nothing. Forget it and play something else.” FrOwV0

“D-Don’t move! Wait, look, the pen fairy is moving!” At Xuan Xuan’s roar, the pen drew a circle on the paper.

Jia YI’s pupils instantly enlarged. She looked at the pen in her hand and stuttered. “R-Really, you’re not moving it?”

“Of course not!” Xuan Xuan’s reaction was the exact opposite. Her eyes were full of brightness. “It must be the pen fairy. Pen Fairy, Pen Fairy, please tell me, can I get my favourite boy?”

The pen drew another circle. Xuan Xuan almost jumped up with joy and she glanced at the other three. “You ask try and ask a few questions. Ah Wei, you come first.” 3E7AmT

Ah Wei gulped, his throat moving up and down as he asked, “Pen Fairy, please tell me if our team can win the basketball game in a month?”

This time, the pen wrote a cross on the paper. It was no. Ah Wei’s face instantly became gloomy but there were girls present, so he didn’t vent his anger.

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The other boy asked with interest, “Pen Fairy, please tell me, can I live for a hundred years?”

Pen: Cross. zakR8e

The boy let out a dirty word. He looked at Jia Yi in an agitated manner. “Jia Yi, do you want to try it? Didn’t you want to learn the piano? Why don’t you ask if you can learn it well?”

Jia Yi somehow felt nervous. She seemed to sense something as she looked around and uneasily shook her head. Xuan Xuan smiled and repeated the words of the previous boy. “Pen Fairy, can you tell me if I live to be 70 years old?”

Pen Fairy: Another cross.

The girl frowned. “Then… what about 60?” wW0dlf

The pattern on the paper was still a cross.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“50 years old?”

The same answer. She asked about 25 years old, which was almost her age and the answer was still a cross! She was completely unhappy as she cried out, “Are you telling me that I’m going to die tonight?”

This time, the Pen Fairy drew a circle on the paper. It was a yes. pR3dM5

Xuan Xuan, “……”

She threw away the pen angrily. “I won’t play anymore! This isn’t the pen fairy at all! I know it is you!”

Jia Yi didn’t expect this girl to suddenly lose her temper and couldn’t hold onto the pen. She could only watch the pen fall to the ground and roll two laps. Her heart shook sharply and her voice wasn’t right. “Xuan Xuan, you didn’t send the pen fairy back…”

Compared to Jia Yi’s concern, Xuan Xuan wasn’t worried. Once she shook off the pen, her mood had been restored. She saw that Jia Yi was so uneasy at this time and immediately appeased her companion.”You are thinking too much, it is nothing, This isn’t the one fairy and is the inertia of our movements.” 1TtqdP

She lay back on the bed and turned on her phone to take a selfie. Then she turned on an album and started singing. The two other boys also shook their heads and didn’t take this matter to heart. They left the car one after another to go to the toiler. Jia Yi bent down to pick up the pen and put it back on the table. The girl looked at the paper full of crosses and didn’t know why, but she was a bit uneasy.

The opening CG ended here. It finished and the train made a whistling sound. The sound was shrill and reminded the passengers to board the train. The reincarnators followed the sound and walked onto the luxury train.

The author has something to say:

Tian Ji: I like you— MpU85R

Little yellow book: 【 Alert. 】

Tian Ji: Name.

Little yellow book: 【 Relax. 】

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

*** T7c5lW

Xiao Li: I also like you—

Little yellow book: 【 !!!  】

Xiao Li: Name

Little yellow book: 【 I’m going to change my name. 】 2RoINQ


Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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