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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 38


Xiao Li ended the Gathering Soul Village instance and returned to reality. The original blank note fell from the air to the table with a wet paw print on it.

The little black cat emerged from the little yellow book, falling lightly to the ground and jumping flexibly onto the desk, shaking its fur. 0irZ s

Originally he was soaked by the rain and then copied by the little yellow book. Now his fur was actually dry and stood vertically, like a small coal lump. He looked around curiously and sniffed the piece of paper before extending his right paw just over the paw print on the blank note. The shape fit perfectly.


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Meanwhile, the little yellow book returned to the desk and shook a bit, a translation emerging simultaneously. 【 Thank you. 】

Xiao Li was stunned by the sound. He had also been worried that the little black cat caught in the rain wouldn’t be dried in time and would catch a cold. He didn’t expect that these plot creatures would return to their original state after leaving the instance world. d3ciNt

He looked at the little and reached out to touch the plush head.

First, the little black cat allowed him to touch. Then the little black cat twisted his head and Xiao Li’s fingers passed over the tip of his ears. The cat meowed again before jumping to the window and sitting next to the Tan Li doll. He sat on the balcony watching the downstairs night flowers, big mouth exposing his two small fangs as he yawned.

Xiao Li turned his attention away from the little black cat back to the little yellow book, seeing the large confession section. Xiao Li, “…Shut up.”

The rain that remained on his fingertips fell on the little yellow book and were sucked in.


Little yellow book: 【 Do you want me to shut up? 】

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【 You can kiss me so that I will be busy feeling the heat and sweetness of your lips. Just like drinking a spoonful of honey, I will devote myself wholeheartedly and not want to say anything extra. 】

【 If this is maintained, it doesn’t matter if I don’t talk for a lifetime. 】

Xiao Li, “???” UuzAH

One second wasn’t bad. He still wanted to kiss for a lifetime?

The little yellow book felt the raindrop, though of something and immediately changed his direction. 【 You were just drenched in the rain. Go and take a bath or you will be sick. 】

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The temperature of the hot water successfully warmed up Xiao Li. He directly entered his quilt and slept with the warmth from his bath.

In that long-lost dream, the unknown man appeared again. Xiao Li vaguely found that the shackles around his wrist had been untied and he could move from the bed to the entire room. However, he was currently very sleepy and didn’t want to get out of bed.

Therefore, he just turned over and moved into the other man’s arms. The other side adjusted his posture so that Xiao Li slept better. While patting him on the back, the man leaned against the bed and watched Xiao Li. He didn’t know how long it time but Xiao Li was almost asleep when the man’s pleasant voice rang in his ears “You really don’t remember me, do you?”

“But I still remember you.” kh5AsR

“You might’ve forgotten me, forgotten our first encounter and these things might be trivial to you.” The man’s tone was smooth but somewhat depressed, like an iceberg under the sea. “Still, I remember it.”

He remembered a lot. He lowered his head and his forehead touched the boy’s forehead. They were very close but he didn’t kiss it. The man just watched, pressed his fingers against the teenager’s lips and smiled. Then he didn’t bother Xiao Li any further.

This dream soon passed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next morning, Xiao Li not only forgot the dream of last not but he even forgot where he was—because he had a fever. dr6ysS

The Xiao family’s young master wasn’t as good as sports athletes but it had been extremely difficult for him to get sick from a young age. This time, the Gathering Soul Village was extremely cloudy and rained for a long time. After returning, it was enough to heat up his forehead.

He lay in bed in a groggy manner. The doll stood on the table, rolling a towel from the bathroom and covering Xiao Li’s forehead with it. The mobile phone where Zhou Ying resided automatically opened the WeChat interface and sent a message to Zheng Yi’s WeChat, asking for leave. The sleeping black cat woke up and licked his paws. He pushed against Xiao Li’s face and felt the hot temperature, before placing his relatively cold nose against it.

The little yellow book on the table: 【 …Are you really sick? I didn’t expect humans to be so fragile, like a porcelain doll… but the face is red, very weak and very cute. 】

【 Still, it is distressing. This emotion has the upper hand. Very distressed. Why didn’t I give him the umbrella last night? I have to take care of him. 】 OCIAep

These words only appeared for a moment before self-erasing.

Xiao Li opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling above him. His head felt like it was spinning and he closed his eyes again, ready to sleep. Only, his sleep didn’t last long before there was a knock on the door. The man knocked lightly three times on the door.

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The knocking on the door was really weak. Xiao Li was awake for three seconds before falling asleep again. The door opened by itself and a handsome young man came in. It was Xiao Li’s deskmate, Shen Chenzhi.

It was unknown how he came in while the servants and housekeeper in the hall turned a blind eye to eye. Once he entered, the three ghosts in the room quietly retreated, hanging on the lawn outside the village to see the scenery. F4xKdU

Shen Chenzhi’s hand reached out and touched the forehead of the teenager on the bed. His body temperature was very cold, as low as a ghost. For Xiao Li, the effect was similar to an ice pack and it completely calmed down Xiao Li’s discomfort.

Shen Chenzhi closed his eyes and it was unknown what he did but a faint black air was sucked out from the young man’s eyebrows. In almost an instant, Xiao Li’s original face changed back to its usual nature and his breathing became a lot smoother.

Look for a bit… then go before he woke up.

Shen Chenzhi made an excuse for himself. He tucked Xiao Li in the quilt and adjusted the angle of the pillow behind the head. Then he stayed by the bed and took the teenager’s hand. It was a real touch. JenMhg

Shen Chenzhi happily thought that this was much better than the feeling in the dream. Even if the dream he created was real, it wasn’t the same as a finger in this man’s reality. Even watching from a distance made him want to smile all the time, as if someone had poured countless sugars into his heart.

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This led to Shen Chenzhi wanting to watch for a while. He would leave before Xiao Li woke up. As a result, he didn’t pay attention. The sky outside the window was becoming dark when the man on the bed opened his eyes but Shen Chenzhi was still here.

Xiao Li felt that he had been sleeping for a long time but the treatment effect seemed to be good. His head wasn’t dizzy at all and he could now play five games! Then the person beside his bed came into view and Xiao Li was stunned for a moment. “…Shen Chenzhi?”

Why was this guy at his bedside? The opposite young man pursed his lips. His face was as cold as always as he nodded at Xiao Li’s question. 38HGnf

“Why are you here?” Xiao Li sat up halfway on the bed and asked incredulously.

Shen Chenzhi’s indulgent words were like gold. “Looking for you to review.”

Xiao Li, “…?”

Was this person always such a keen learner? DZeOMI

Shen Chenzhi stated, “It is almost the final exam. We are a the same table so the teacher asked me to help yo.”

Xiao Li picked up his phone from the pillow and saw that it was filled with messages Zheng Yi had sent on WeChat. [Oh my god, Xiao Li, what happened to you?]

[Why did I suddenly see a message on my phone? There was no source, no mobile number, no WeChat and no avatar. It just said to me, “Help Xiao Li apply for leave!”]

Xiao Li, “………” BZhwqH

He put down his phone, adjusted his expression and asked Shen Chenzhi, “How did you get in?”

The young man rolled up his shirt sleeves. “I said that I came to find you. I just came in.”

Xiao Li thought that Xu Mei was at home and let Shen Chenzhi in. He didn’t think much as he relaxed his body and casually wondered, “When did you come?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was just that his actions caused the collar to his robe to fall wide open, revealing a slender collarbone and shoulders. j4IVTs

Shen Chenzhi moved his eyes. “…Just now.”

Xiao Li didn’t doubt the answer. He got out of bed and didn’t hide from Shen Chenzhi. In his view, a strange existence like the little yellow book was one in a million. Shen Chenzhi was his classmate and there was no connection between the two. As boys, playing basketball, having arms around shoulders and even bathing together was a very normal thing. Xiao Li said, “If you are a tutor then you can still play games.”

He didn’t know why but Shen Chenzhi’s voice was a bit hoarse. “Okay.”

Xiao LI’s room had many games but no one came over so he only played online games. Now there was Shen Chenzhi and these games finally had a use. As Xiao Li and Shen Chenzhi played games in the room— 0F1Qjd

Outside the Xiao family’s villa.

A middle-aged man with a shadow at his feet appeared. The shadow pointed straight to the window of Xiao Li’s room.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He was someone who practiced Daoism and could naturally see the abnormality of the room. It wasn’t like a ghost and was more like an immortal. The dark shadow under his feet wrapped around his body and brought him into the backyard of the Xiao family’s villa.

The connection belonging to Mr Ye’s ghost was nearby and seemed to be covered by something. The middle-aged man passed a flower bed and looked into the window, locking eyes with a doll. OCTEr6

The man, “???”

There was a faint black light in Tan Li’s eyes and her hair became greedily as she stared at… the shadow under the man’s feet.

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