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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 143


Zheng Yi paid attention to not talk about the instance world in front of ordinary people but Shen Chenzhi was a reincarnator who appeared in the last world instance, so Zheng Yi didn’t cover anything up. He immediately closed his book. “Nothing, just chatting about the forum.”

He thought that the cool-looking, most handsome student Shen Chenzhi wouldn’t look at the forum. nR8P9e

In fact, he had been curious about Shen Chenzhi in the last instance. He imagined that the other person would scream and be scared when encountering ghosts but the actual situation was completely different. Shen Chenzhi was unlike ordinary people. His calmness toward Xiao Li was quiet like Xiao Li but Shen Chenzhi stayed on the edges of the task. He didn’t care about ghosts and even deliberately restrained his sense of existence. The only thing he cared about was…

Xiao Li.

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For this point of view, Zheng Yi rarely united with Ye Zeqing. If Shen Chenzhi liked Xiao Li then Zheng Yi could only wish him good luck because in his opinion… Xiao Li had never spoken well to any girl or boy. He seemed asexual. However, the two men were well matched in terms of appearance.

Zheng Yi consciously turned around and returned to his desk in front of Xiao Li. He sat in his seat and organized his textbooks and homework. Shen Chenzhi saw Zheng Yi leave and pursed his lips before looking at Xiao Li. 53syjY

Xiao Li was a bit overwhelmed by his gaze. That night, he had felt a bit of pain when Shen Chenzhi held him and pushed this person away. As a result, the young man didn’t pester him. Shen Chenzhi just let go and smiled.

At this time, Xiao Li bowed his head and said good night. Shen Chenzhi had opened the door without speaking a single word, just letting out a low hum.

Xiao Li didn’t mention last night’s events and he just said, “Talk.”

Shen Chenzhi got to the point. “Do you want to eat at my place tonight? I’ve learned a few new dishes.”


If it was the previous Xiao Li then he might agree. However, he was now a family person When he left in the morning, the little black cat was still sleeping and there was only enough cat food to eat lunch. Although the singer in the painting could feed the little black cat, he also had to buy the flowers for Tan Li. Thus, Xiao Li refused. “Forget it.”

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Shen Chenzhi refused to let him go. I can go to your house to cook for you.”

“…No.” Xiao Li refused. “I have to go to the flower market to buy flowers. If I’m late then the flowers will be gone.”

“I’ll go with you.” Shen Chenzhi paused. “I like it too.” RjdJs9

His gaze moved to the teenager opposite him and eventually stopped on the other person’s lips. The boy’s lips were beautiful and warm.

…He touched it very lightly yesterday.

Xiao Li wondered, “…What?”

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Shen Chenzhi stated, “Flowers.” 4UB8G

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“P xcbk atfgf’r j ylu oibkfg wjgxfa jgbecv tfgf.” Vtfc Jtfchtl rqbxf mjrejiis.

His behaviour made Xiao Li somewhat doubtful of his judgment. Shen Chenzhi’s appearance was too restrained and indifferent. He didn’t force his way through the door last night and even his confession was… tolerable.

If he was really the little yellow book then Xiao Li always felt that this person wasn’t right. The little yellow book was the very sticky type. He would always stick to Xiao Li and would try to get more with every inch given. At first, he felt there was a 80% possibility that Shen Chenzhi wasn’t a person—he was a ghost… FUITzx

Xiao Li retracted his thoughts. “…Yes.”

In the instance, the day passed by very quickly but at school, the day slowed down.

Xiao Li was accustomed to the fast pace of the instance and suddenly slowed down. However, it was a memorable thing to be able to return to school again. He obediently finished a day of classes.

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Once the school bell rang, Zheng Yi didn’t have time to speak to Xiao Li again. Shen Chenzhi left the classroom with Xiao Li and headed to the flower market in the suburbs. As Shen Chenzhi stated, this was a large flower market. It was filled with a variety of flowers, from roses to Baby’s Breath. They were inserted into beautifully shaped glass bottles. tx7yqf

The air was rich with the scent of flowers. Now was the peak work hour so many people were coming and going from the flower market. Shen Chenzhi walked by Xiao Li’s side and blocked the crowd heading in the opposite direction.

Shen Chenzhi asked, “What flowers do you want to buy?”

…It wasn’t he who wanted to buy it.

Xiao Li bowed his head and opened his pocket with his fingers. To prevent attracting attention, he brought a Bluetooth headset and asked softly, “What type of flowers do you want?” RODMkL

Shen Chenzhi was also a reincarnator and he didn’t shy away.

Tan Li had originally stayed in his pocket like a real doll, only her eyes moving as she observed the flowers around him. In fact, if someone knew Tan Li very well then they would find…

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The doll’s body was trembling slightly and the eyes that looked dull weren’t the same as Tan Li’s usual daze. Rather, they were staring straight out of excitement. So many flowers, so many good-looking colours, every colour under the sun, rich and diverse.

Tan Li couldn’t choose. The doll thought for a long time. Tan Li originally wanted to tell Xiao Li that she wanted roses but at this moment, she hesitated. She wanted to exclaim the famous saying, “…I want it all!” IbxgFu

Then Tan Li thought about Xiao Li’s wallet and thought about how the other person had just moved into a small house. He couldn’t afford to spend so much money, making her reluctant to make a decision.

Tan Li didn’t speak and Xiao Li didn’t urge her. She just patiently went forward.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t make a sound. All his focus was on the young man next to him.

Xiao Li had just passed by one of the stores in the flower market when Tan Li shivered with excitement! The doll even forgot her fear of Shen Chenzhi as she danced excitedly, stretching out a small hand and pulling at Xiao Li’s sleeve. “This, I like this one. Xiao Li, can you buy this for me?” nWoGNV

Xiao Li followed Tan Li’s eyes. It was a hydrangea flower, light blue and light purple clusters. They were placed in a glass bottle and small four-leaf petals wove into a large group of flowers.

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“It’s lovely,” Xiao Li stated.

Shen Chenzhi casually glanced over and couldn’t see the beauty of this thing. “En.”

Tan Li stretched out his neck and watched Xiao Li take the hydrangeas from the store owner. She was already thinking about where this pot of hydrangeas could be placed… vIjnyd

She finally got rid of the cactus.

Shen Chenzhi wanted to go to Xiao Li’s house to cook for him but Xiao Li opposed it so Shen Chenzhi didn’t insist. Instead, before he left, he proposed to form a team with Xiao Li. Xiao Li agreed.

After returning home, he placed the hydrangea on the window and gave it to Tan Li to care for.

The little black cat saw that something new had been added to the house and curiously came over. He sniffed and then raised his front paw to grab some petals to play. As a result, the doll guarding it grabbed the little black cat’s tail and swung him away. MJkdc6

The sound of meowing and Tan Li’s defense of the hydrangeas was constantly heard. Xiao Li didn’t watch it. Instead, the singer emerged from the painting with the stick person and stood beside the hydrangeas to watch.

Xiao Li sat on the sofa of the living room with the little yellow book in front of him. He was wondering if he should ask the little yellow book about its current situation but he always felt that he would be caught and troubled by the other being…

He thought about it before writing something.

The next day, the weather became cold and Xiao Li had to add a few more clothes. FEwj9N

His last instance was entered through a ghost bus and this gave him a bad hunch about the ‘sub universe’ mentioned by the god of lies. If the ghost bus could enter the sub universe from reality then did it mean… that reality was actually parallel to the sub universe?

So where was the so-called main universe?

Before Xiao Li could think of anything, the next instance arrived.

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[Lingxi Mountain is a beautiful mountain. It often becomes a team building site for nearby companies but outsiders don’t know about its legend. I can’t tell you more but I can remind you… watch out for everyone! Don’t believe anyone! I will repeat it, don’t believe anyone!] KI1b9d

[In this world, there is a ghost who will replace a real person entering Lingxi Mountain. It can’t be resisted and it might be anyone. It has a nearly perfect disguise but the rule it has to follow is to kill one person every night.]

[Remaining safety time: 3 minutes.]

[This task: Identify the true identity of the ghost in seven days. If the identification is wrong then you will die on the spot.]

[Tip: Close your eyes… maybe it can help you. If you choose this road, please remember not to open your eyes halfway. there is something you fear in the deepest darkness but there is also something you want.] aM6xF2

[It is detected that you have the plot item ‘Eternal Soul Umbrella’ that is related to Lingxi Mountain. You can open a side plotline and lift the seal. Tip: Your clue might be in the east.]

By the time Xiao Li opened his eyes again, he was already standing in front of Lingxi Mountain.

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It was a very beautiful mountain with beautiful scenery. Water went around the green mountain and it was covered with clouds and dog. It was a type of mountain forest where a good photo could be captured in one go. He was currently halfway up the mountain and facing a hotel.

The hotel was dilapidated and the signboard had fallen down. The character in the middle was erased and the hotel had three floors. The wooden railings at the door were all damaged but fortunately, they looked clean. There was no one at the door to pick up guests. GfPKI3

The people present, apart from his teammates he formed a team using the Team Symbol, consisted of four Asians and two Caucasians. There were no acquaintances.

The task prompt this time was quite strange. Due to the existence of that reminder, no one rashly introduced themselves. It was because they didn’t know if the ghost had disguised itself as a reincarnator.

The three minutes of safety time passed quickly and the sky above the reincarnators changed and started to play something.

The author has something to say: vAJFi7

Ghost: Weeping. Can I not come?

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Sorry, I keep forgetting to update IWBL since it’s only once a week. I’ll probably change it to sporadic rather than a certain day. As for updates, author does seem to be sticking to regular updates so I’ll probably increase the chapter release rate once I’ve completed Very Happy, which should be a month or two.

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