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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 118


Ri Yan started to doubt life.

He had experienced too much today. From an ordinary small anchor, he had his first contact with a spiritual event. In the middle of the night, he was chased by a pair of legs and in the midst of despair, he was saved by others. Now that he saw this funny scene, he couldn’t help being stunned. X5Nrud

It wasn’t just him. Even the livestream channel blew up.

[6666666, a goddamn split.]

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[Who can tell me if this is a special effect or real? I originally came in to watch Ri Yan’s tour only to find myself watching a horror movie. Halfway through, it changed tones?]

[Wait, am I the only one who noticed the beauty of that little brother? The black-haired one. I didn’t see too much of his face but the glimpse I got was really beautiful. This is a grand beauty.] 3gd04M

In the eyes of countless people in the live broadcast, the split legs moved like they were trying to stand up However, they were just a pair of legs. Without the help of hands or an external force, it was a bit difficult. The legs had to move on the ground bit by bit, trying to close up.

Xie Zeqing just felt pain in his ligaments.

He tried to sense the ghost’s emotions and called out, “Ow.”

Xiao Li looked at him. “Why are you selling meng?” tYCh2

Xie Zeqing said, “…It is a translation. This is the mood of that thing right now—”

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“It feels so hurt that it can’t speak.” Xie Zeqing added, “Still, it’s good. Let’s hurry up the stairs.”

He spoke these words and pulled at the collar of Ri Yan, pulling the anchor toward the stairs.

As Xiao Li passed the legs, he stopped and bent down. 8KRAro

The legs were visibly trembling.

Xiao Li didn’t speak. He just picked up the banana peel that had been stepped on and got up, walking away. As he passed a garbage bin, he threw the banana peel inside.


“W-Who are you?” Ri Yan stammered once Xie Zeqing had taken him to the ninth floor. fGdWDh

Xie Zeqing replied, “The person who can help you.”

Hull and the others had returned to the room by this time and surrounded them.

“What did you see when you entered that room?” Xiao Li didn’t enter the room. He leaned against the door frame and half leaned out of the corridor. He could see the Mona Lisa at the end of the corridor.

Room 909 had disappeared again. RqjAdF

“How do you know I entered that room?” Ri Yan looked at the other people in the room. He had recovered from his panic and was now afraid of what he was caught up in.

One hand grabbed his selfie stick from behind and forcibly turned off his livestream. It was done by Hull. The tall reincarnator approached Ri Yan and asked him in English, “What did you see?”

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“Qtja jgf sbe vblcu? Qts rtbeiv P afii sbe?” El Tjc’r gfyfiilber wbbv gbrf jcv tf vlvc’a rtbk kfjxcfrr jr tf obeuta yjmx.

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“Fw.” Eflxb rabbv eq ab rwbbat atlcur bnfg. Vtf aegcfv tfg tfjv jcv rqbxf ab Wlf Ifdlcu. “Zs Jtlcfrf lrc’a nfgs ubbv. Jjc P agbeyif sbe ab mbwweclmjaf klat tlw?” GMe7id

Xie Zeqing didn’t resist and explained to Ri Yan, “Calm down. We saw it in your live broadcast room. You opened the door and was involved in a spiritual event. We are also involved in strange stories and are responsible for solving this incident. Thus, we can cooperate.”

Taotie added, “You can leave now. We won’t stop you. However, I hope you understand that the things you encounter won’t end. If we aren’t around, you will encounter those events again and again until you die.”

For ordinary people, it would be hard to understand the words of the reincarnators but Ri Yan had just experienced a thrilling chase. He still had a lingering fear so although he was depressed, he accepted it.

“I just opened a door. Why is this happening?” Ri Yan cried out. “What do you want to know?” d07Y52


“Okay, let me think about how to say it…” Ri Yan sighed, his voice shaking as he explained.”Due to the audience watching the live broadcast, I opened the door but I didn’t dare to go in. Thus, I stood at the door and looked inside. In fact, there was nothing at the time. It was exactly the same as other rooms. I just looked at it and left.”

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“I was troubled when leaving but I didn’t see anything terrible, so I thought nothing would happen. I went downstairs to eat a meal. Since it was peak hour and the elevator took a long time and I also ate a lot of food, I wanted to walk up the stairs to digest.”

“Just as I was walking to the second floor, I heard footsteps behind me. At first, I thought it was a guest of the hotel but no matter how fast I walked, it maintained a certain distance from me.” MDaJB7

“I was a bit scared so I looked down through a gap in the stairs. The result scared me silly because I saw a pair of legs with no body! I started to run but it kept getting closer and closer to me. Then I ran out of the stairwell toward the elevator. You know what happened later.”

Xie Zeqing heard up to here and turned to look at Xiao Li. “Is it that the ghosts are locked in this nonexistent room? Then once someone opens that door, they will all be released, just like Pandora’s box?”

Xiao Li was still looking at the painting at the end of the corridor. He heard Xie Zeqing’s question and was silent for a moment before saying, “It is possible.”

The anchor Ri Yan had good feelings toward Xiao Li due to the tragic ending of the legs. He leaned carefully to the other person and asked consciously, “What should we do now?” jriWKd

Xiao Li didn’t speak like he was waiting for something. Finally, he was tired from standing and moved away from the door frame, entering the room and sitting on the bed. “Wait for that room to appear again. We will go in and see.”

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Xie Zeqing took an apple from the fruit basket on the table and bit it. For them, eating irregularly was a normal thing. At present, no one was in the mood to eat. Xie Zeqing moved around the room and finally replaced Xiao Li to stand beside the doorframe, looking at the end of the corridor.

Ri Yan’s experience had little use except to let them know there would be a ghost attack. For more detailed clues, the reincarnators could only go inside to visit.

After approximately three minutes,  Xie Zeqing sensed the outside light darkening again for a moment. In the blink of an eye, the end of the corridor was no longer the smiling Mona Lisa but a room. 6bm4Lj

Room 909 reappeared.

Xie Zeqing stood up straight. “It came.”

Xiao Li who had just sat down, “……”

He pressed his arms to the chair’s handles, got up and headed for Room 909. This time, he succeeded in opening the door. The moment the door opened, the closely following Ri Yan suddenly asked, “Brother, can I open the live broadcast? I want to see the barrage.” V7dFOq

How could he still think about live streaming at this time? It was hard enough.

Xie Zeqing wanted to scold this person only to hear Xiao Li say, “Suit yourself.”

Ri Yan was given permission and couldn’t wait to reopen the live broadcast. There was still an audience in the room and he said, “There was a little accident but we are now live again. We were talking about the strange room that doesn’t exist. Now this handsome guy will take up to have a look.”

[Anchor, you’re finally back! I almost went to bed.] c19S I

[Watching this type of supernatural broadcast late at night, sob. I am watching through my fingers. You go on.]

It had to be said that Ri Yan was very resilient. He had the potential to become a reincarnator. At the very least, he wouldn’t be paralyzed by encountering a ghost.

On the other side, Xiao Li and the reincarnators entered the room like it was an enemy.

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As Ri Yan said, Room 909was no different from the other rooms. There was a queen bed, carpet, chandelier above the head, wardrobe… pNUQxj

It was all the same. The only difference was that there were no windows here. The other rooms had windows while this room only had a white wall. Perhaps it was due to having no air circulation but the room was very stuffy, like a stove.

Xiao Li stepped on the carpet. He first tried the TV and found he couldn’t turn it on. Then he crouched down and pulled open the drawers one by one. It was okay if they didn’t know this was a strange place but once they knew, they would suffer a lot of pressure. Ri Yan subconsciously imagined some things from the drawer.

Like a ghost hand or even… a ghost’s upper body squeezed in? The ghost’s legs were chopped off and the upper body stuffed into this room…

Due to the images in his brain, his breathing was short and he was covered with sweat. This overflowed from his forehead and the sweat on his back made his t-shirt wet. apyRiA

On the other side, Maybach was brave and decided to go into the bathroom. He carefully picked up the shower gel on the sink and looked at the date. They displayed time showed it was recently purchased and it wasn’t expired. It was no different from the furnishings in this room and it was like someone was really living here.

Maybach put down the shower gel, opened the toilet and the shower curtain to carefully check. The toilet was clean and the drain in the bathtub was also dry. A ‘person’ hadn’t bathed here for a short time.

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“Be careful, I feel that… a light ghost energy has appeared.” Xie Zeqing was checking the wardrobe when he suddenly looked up and spoke.

Bang! Xie Zeqing had just spoken when the originally open door of the room slammed shut. The one closest to the door, Reiko immediately rushed and frantically held the door handle, but she couldn’t open it. N1bmi4

“I can’t open it. Perhaps I should use an item.” Reiko let go of the handle, her chest moving up and down as she spoke to the others.

Ri Yan was startled. He took two steps back and breathed like a fish who was drying up. “Do you feel… it is getting hotter in here?”

His cheeks were an unnatural red and he was sweating. The other people didn’t need to say it. They were naturally aware of it but didn’t speak. Standing at the door, Reio took out a jade pendant and pressed it to the door, trying to open it.

Xiao Li let them try it. He just bowed his head and continued his previous inspection. He picked up the pillow on the big bed and picked up a thin hair from the white sheet, holding it between his thumb and index finger. 0dCML

Ri Yan gasped as he fanned himself with his hand and asked, “What is it?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Li stated, “Hair.”

Ri Yan muttered, “…I know it’s hair… why are you looking so carefully?”

“The owner has good hair.” Q3Zd7D

Ri Yan, “……”

He scratched his head without any interest. However, just after turning his face, Ri Yan suddenly felt a cold breeze at his ears. It was like the breeze was blowing a stinky smell toward him.

He was puzzled. “How can there be wind?”

There were no windows, the door was closed and there were no electric fans or air conditioning. Where did the wind come from? Ri Yan couldn’t understand it and subconsciously looked at the barrage on the screen. Ip8jwR

[Anchor, it is terrible. Look at the back of your head. There is a face behind your head. It is opening its mouth and blowing wind at you!]

[A ghost head blowing.]

[I want to pee. Look at the door. There is a ghost holding the door handle and your friend is actually holding the ghost’s hand!]

[Show me the handsome guy. I want to wash my eyes and I’ll be fine.] uTMUXc

Ri Yan nearly dropped the selfie stick when he saw this. He turned his head stiffly and looked in the direction mentioned. He didn’t see anything but the wind continued blowing toward him. It was wet, smelly wind.

He lowered the camera in a trembling manner and looking through the camera to see a face. It was a dark green face with bulging pustules that looked like a giant toad.

In the camera’s footage, it was bulging its cheeks and blowing towards Ri Yan.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah!” He jumped up high. 6uM9o1

Xiao Li was very close to him and was startled. He turned around and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ri Yan rushed desperately in the other direction. He huddled in the corner and pointed the live broadcast at Xiao Li, signalling Xiao Li to watch for himself. He was completely frightened by the ghost face near him. Xiao Li frowned slightly. He took the camera and gazed at the image and the screen. Before he could finish watching, he heard a knock on the door.

Boom boom boom!

The reincarnators in the room were all tense. It stood to reason that no one could come visit this strange room. Was there a place where a ‘person’ lived and now that person was back? This speculation had just emerged when Xie Zeqing dispelled it. The reason was very simple. Who would knock when returning to their room? Did that mean… a friend of the room’s owner? 32c6Wm

Xie Zeqing was ready to pull out an item. The knock on the door continued for a moment. Once no one answered, the person opened the door from the outside. The door opened and a ray of light from the corridor entered. The light was dim but also bright.

There was a young man standing under the light source of the door. The light dyed his hair golden and his pupils seemed white. Shen Chenzhi looked at Xiao Li. “The meal time is almost over. Do you want to eat?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The others in the room, “……”

This guy knocked on the door of the strange room just to ask this? 0rI39D

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Isn’t it enough to ask this?

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  1. I just realized… the system is trying to set this up as a horror story but MC is trying to turn it into a comedy while ML is going for romance. In other words, everyone of importance disagrees on genres.

  2. “To capture a man’s heart, you need to first capture his stomach” The little yellow book/Shen Chenzi just needs to put this into full effect to win over Xiao Li

  3. “Not hungry?” 😶

    “Hungry. Let’s go eat.” 😑

    Everyone scrambles out of the room. 😱

    Ghosts: “Ah! Our dinner ran away!” 🥺