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I Wasn't Born LuckyChapter 105


Park Soojin showed a brief moment of consternation and subconsciously opened her mouth to speak. Before a single syllable came out, Xiao Li standing opposite her directly covered her mouth with his hand. Of course, he didn’t directly touch the lips of the other reincarnator and left a little distance.

After stopping Park Soojin from violating the taboo, Xiao Li let his hand go and mouthed: Sorry. T5H1in

This was one of the difficulties of ‘keeping quiet’. Normal people were accustomed to speaking and in some unexpected moments, such as being frightened or when a teammate had died, they would forget this taboo and directly speak.

Park Soojin was just one line from death. She wasn’t an unintelligent person and soon understood the causes and consequences. She was so scared that she wanted to use transparent tape to stick her lips together.

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Shimizu placed his task book in front of him. He considered his words, searching for the right words before finally writing in English: [Seriously?]

Sherlock, are you serious? KU3 1F

Xiao Li also thought about it before writing: [Why would I lie? If you’re not certain then go over there and look first?]

Shimizu and Lance exchanged looks. They were still unable to completely trust Sherlock. His behaviour and actions were too different from other people. What if this person wanted to trick them into a desperate situation and kill all of them?

Lance looked down at his cross. He didn’t feel the fluctuations of a ghost. Thus, he hesitated for a few seconds before nodding. The rest of the team also agreed. In the absence of a goal, they weren’t opposed to going over there to look.

Xiao Li led the way while the other reincarnators warily followed him, observing their surroundings and tightly holding their items. Shimizu was the closest to Xiao Li and was almost walking side by side with him. As he walked, he observed Xiao Li. His intuition was very interested in this person called Sherlock. 4lGrFC

In his experience, a person who acted his absurdly yet could live to this day meant there must be a great secret. If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t talk and writing while walking was too troublesome, Shimizu would directly want to talk to him about life.

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A few minutes later, the reincarnators subconsciously slowed down as they stepped across the threshold into the mourning hall.

The scene inside the mourning hall was exactly like Xiao Li said. The white curtain that symbolized death blew due to the wind from the door. The black memorial tablets stood on the high platform and the coffin that should be frightening just looked funny.

The coffin lid was tightly closed and there was a chair pressed on top of it in a manner that it wouldn’t fall. Xiao Li looked at his masterpiece and pulled out the little yellow book. [He is inside. Either he can’t overcome the weight of the coffin lid and chair or he is afraid of making a sound after forcibly opening the coffin lid, creating bad luck.] hImlRa

Shimizu glanced at Sherlock’s words and then the coffin lid. For the first time, he had the urge to laugh. AK47 pulled out his gun and pointed it at the coffin. He crouched in an alert manner in case the other side suddenly attacked. An ordinary person would be worried about the sound of firing the bullets but AK47’s gun was a special item with a silencing array engraved on it. There was no need to worry about noise.

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Xiao Li democratically asked everyone. “[What do you say? Do you want to let him out?]

[If you want to do a sound test, why not use your mobile phone?] Shimizu suggested before taking the initiative to reject it. [However, there are uncontrollable factors. If the volume limit of a person and a ghost are different, it will mislead us.]

[Then ask him after letting him out.] Xiao Li wrote. Ah5kXy

Shimizu: [No, wait—]

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With some effort, an old man sat up from the coffin. He was very old and full of wrinkles. His flesh was stiff and it was hard to sit up, like a zombie. YZAcfB

Xiao Li wanted to go back and ask the opinion of his teammates but the others were filled with a sense of crisis and retreated to the door. He shrugged and wrote on the little yellow book: [You are?]

The ghost looked at him from the coffin. After a while, he put his hand back into the coffin and fumbled for a long time before taking out a mirror. The mirror was very round and carved with a beautiful pattern. Looking carefully, it appeared to be an image of a mysterious woman flying.

The ghost in the coffin naturally couldn’t write. He couldn’t speak but the hand caressed the mirror like it was a lover’s cheek. The mirror seemed to ripple like water and then a word emerged. [Unknown.]

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Xiao Li bowed his head and wrote: [What are you doing here?] pjc5NT

[I felt the smell of bad luck. This isn’t a place where you should be. You should leave as soon as possible.]

[There are the task constraints and we can’t leave. Do you know what is going on here?]

[I don’t know.] The old man manipulated the mirror. [However, I an do a divination for you. I can let you know what your future will be like if you don’t leave here, whether it is life or death.]

There was a subtle smile on his face. [Do you want to know?] NFBLwd

Xiao Li’s cheeks bulged up and he blew at the bangs that had fallen down. Then he silently snorted. [It is great that you waited so long in the coffin just to dedicate yourself to our divination.]

The ghost in the coffin slowly turned his head, ignoring Xiao Li. He raised the mirror high and turned to the reincarnators at the door. […Do you dare?]

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Shimizu and the others gave over and he gave a real-time translation for his teammates who couldn’t understand Chinese. Before the reincarnators could respond, the coffin ghost already started the divination.

[This is your future. It is irresistible.] 9u3k2I

The mirror trembled and then flew automatically into the air, playing a silent scene like a CG.

The first to appear was Park Soojin. The image showed Park Soojin walking, her face serious. Her original lipstick had completely disappeared and her lips were white. Park Soojin had apparently encountered something. She looked to the left and right while walking, her left hand also covering her mouth to prevent any sound from coming out.

Then the scene became dark. Once it was light again, Park Soojin had quietly fallen to the ground, her lips wide open and her face stunned. It was unknown what she saw but she was unable to tell the truth.

Her death was the coffin ghost’s prophecy of the future. N3YMgB

Next was AK47. There was no way to tell his death in the mirror. The only scene that appeared was when he was dead. He hand had fallen to one side and bullet shells were at his feet. The place where his face should be was only flesh and blood. He lost his face.

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Then there was Shimizu, Lance, etc. Every reincarnator died in the prophecy of the coffin ghost. To everyone’s surprise, when it was Thai’s turn, the image only showed one arm. It was unknown if he was dead and lost his body or if he had successfully escaped the threat of death.

Xiao Li was the last one. The mirror looked at Xiao Li and the first scene that appeared was Xiao Li’s back. He walked through the streets of the town like he had a goal. He was walking briskly as he headed towards a house.

The perspective of the mirror belonged to a ghost. It was close behind Xiao Li and just as he was reaching out to touch the other person, Xiao Li suddenly turned around. Countless hairs shot out from his pocket and caught the ghost. QwheGm

Next, there was a reversal. In the mirror, a doll stopped the ghost’s attack. A mobile phone was handed to a pale-faced ghost and the caller ID on the phone was from the phone ghost. Bloody Mary also emerged. The blonde woman with a pretty face appeared in the mirror and reached out to break the mirror.

In the last scene, the image in the mirror gradually zoomed out and a figure appeared. The man’s face was handsome and the colour of his eyes were like blood condensed into red gems. It was Pseudo-Logoi. He looked to be in a bad mood as he floated in the air and looked at Xiao Li.

Then Pseudo-Logoi seemed to find something. He turned his head and looked directly in the mirror, his red eyes narrowing. The prophecy was broken. The mirror floating in mid-air shook and fell straight into the eyes of the coffin ghost.

The coffin ghost whose prophecy was overturned, “!!!” EMBf a

What was this man?

Among the reincarnators, Lance the exorcist was the only one who recognized Pseudo-Logoi, the god of lies, and was in shock. He was a worshiper of Western religion and no one knew more about the god of lies than him.

Why did Pseudo-Logoi appear in the mirror’s prophecy screen? If these prophecies were true that it meant that if Sherlock was in danger, he had a way of summoning the god of lies and getting a response…

Lance muttered in his head, ‘Excuse me?’ e5wxfW

Had the world changed? Or did Pseudo-Logoi want to save Sherlock and then kill him? That would be in line with the character of the god of lies…

Xiao Li looked around, raised the pen to the little yellow book and wrote something. Then he handed it to the coffin ghost to see. [This is your future. It can’t be resisted.]

The coffin ghost, “…”

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The author has something to say: 2SHjnl

Coffin Ghost: Quickly close my coffin lid. I will wash my hands in the golden basin and not make prophecies anymore.

Thanks to SpicyChicken for fanart of the split-mouthed woman.


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