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I'm Not HumanChapter 70


His eyes were kissed and the cold light in them seemed to flicker slightly. Gu Huai noticed this so he suddenly felt it more clearly…

Alves was really obsessed with him. It wasn’t a normal level of love. It was a love beyond what he could’ve imagined. Due to this, Alves’ heart would be easily shaken by him. Although more intimate things had been done, Gu Huai still blushed a bit when he saw Alves’ slightly shaking eyes. Gu Huai’s somewhat pale face was covered in red and looked better. JRydqF

Alves didn’t respond. He gently pushed Gu Huai sitting up in the bed back down. “Don’t move.”

Alves’ attention had always been on Gu Huai. Even if Gu Huai was patient, he found that Gu Huai’s body still wasn’t comfortable. Gu Huai wanted to say that he was fine but he received Alves’ silent gaze and had to lie down.

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Alves called the medical team that had been on standby to the room in the mansion. The other Zerg arrived immediately after receiving the news that Gu Huai woke up.

On the day when Gu Huai had been unconscious, the Zerg on Tuser weren’t in a working state at all. Even if they were at their respective posts, their minds were worried about Gu Huai’s physical condition. 3E7PO9

In fact, it wasn’t just the Zerg on Tuser. All the Zerg living on other planets reacted the same way. The entire Zerg race was wilted and they didn’t want to receive any trade orders. On this day, all the companies that came to ask the Zerg about trading the black stone were met with a wall. They were all blocked by one sentence.

The companies who asked the Zerg about the black stone trade. “About the export of black stone on the planet…”

The Zerg worried about the king didn’t want to. “We won’t sell.”

The medical team went into Gu Huai’s room. Gu Huai received another physical examination under the worried eyes of the group of Zerg.


“Just like the results of the previous examination, His Majesty is health…” However, looking at Gu Huai’s apparent discomfort, the Zerg in charge of medical treatment couldn’t say it in a certain tone.

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Perhaps it was that their examination wasn’t detailed enough and there were some parts they hadn’t checked that was the cause of their king’s discomfort…

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The Zerg in the medical team blamed themselves. Gu Huai saw their expression and spoke in a warm voice. “It isn’t your problem.”

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Gu Huai rested for a few days but he found that during these days, there was still a faint pain in his body. Gu Huai didn’t want the Zerg to worry so he persuaded those who had been watching him to go rest.

Once the room was empty, Gu Huai got out of bed to look at his face in the mirror and ensure that it was normal. Then he breathed a sigh of relief. His face looked like nothing had happened and didn’t show how pained he felt. Gu Huai could still ignore this slight discomfort. VsbHc6

It happened just as Gu Huai relaxed a bit. He suddenly saw his eyes in the mirror become gold. It wasn’t his active switch. Once his eyes became gold, Gu Huai stared at the mirror with a face that seemed cold and was close to expressionless.

Gu Huai found that his appearance in the mirror was a bit strange. Previously when he showed golden eyes, Gu Huai had felt a small change in his mood, as if he was affected by something. His mood would become very calm. This was the effect of the apathy of the Zerg genes.

After Gu Huai completed his spiritual advancement and really awakened his ability on the Fields planet, Gu Huai’s Zerg genes became more prominent while this ability was integrated with him.

In the fusion period, Gu Huai and the integration of his ability wasn’t so easy. After all, his ability was too strong and there would be bad times during the process of integration. It was why Gu Huai suddenly collapsed yesterday. Jz8SqP

Gu Huai looked at the golden eyes in the mirror and blinked to change them back to their original state, but he didn’t succeed. It didn’t return. Realizing this, Gu Huai tried several more times only to get the same result. He was forced to temporarily give up.

In this state, Gu Huai’s expression subconsciously became more and more indifferent. His eyes gradually lost emotion and he was like a Zerg. In the eyes of outsiders, they might not feel that Gu Huai’s situation was abnormal and would think it was actually normal.

Originally in the imagination of the interstellar people, the Zerg as a whole were cold. As the king of the Zerg, Gu Huai should be colder than the average Zerg and Gu Huai’s current state was in line with their imagination.

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However, it was a different story for the Zerg. The Zerg who listened to Gu Huai’s words about resting actually just pretended to rest. They were waiting outside of Gu Huai’s sight. They didn’t want to refuse Gu Huai’s request but they really couldn’t feel assured. Thus, this was the result. t1dn4l

They thought the time was almost over and couldn’t wait to enter the room. The king’s body wasn’t well and they had to be around to care for him.

In the past few days while Gu Huai was in discomfort, the Zerg took care of everything for it. If it wasn’t for Gu Huai insisting that he could eat on his own, they probably would’ve fed him. The moment the chief of staff and several other Tuser executives entered the room, they saw Gu Huai standing by the window and rushed forward.

“Your Majesty…!” The chief of staff hurried over. “Why are you standing here? The window is still open… the weather outside is a bit cold for you. Your body isn’t comfortable and you shouldn’t be blown by the cold wind.”

The chief of staff thought that once he said so, Gu Huai would soon return to bed. It was because it went according to this in the past. Gu Huai found it difficult to refuse the Zerg’s concern for him. The chief of staff was well aware of this point. Their king was gentle to them, as could be seen from Gu Huai’s response to their concerns or the way he often compromised with them. 49adt2

However, this time after speaking words of concern, the chief of staff received Gu Huai’s cold eyes. “Leave me alone.”

Gu Huai’s answer stunned the chief of staff for a moment. Just then, the chief of staff saw Gu Huai’s cool golden eyes. The eyes that appeared were very indifferent. Clearly visible cold flooded it and it was completely without the original softness. This common discovery made all the surrounding Zerg freeze and they didn’t know how to react.

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“I didn’t allow you to look straight at me.” Gu Huai didn’t move his eyes to the Zerg next to the chief of staff as he added in an expressionless manner.

The surrounding Zerg heard Gu Huai’s words and failed to react. It wasn’t until they really understood Gu Huai’s words that the Zerg slowly lowered their gaze. NuEzGU

Previously the king… clearly allowed them to watch…

It was unknown why he suddenly didn’t give permission but the Zerg in the room still acted according to Gu Huai’s order.

“Your Majesty, you better go back to bed and rest. The scenery outside can be seen when you’re well…” The chief of staff whispered.

Gu Huai was unmoved. “Go out.” I jxMb

Hearing the indifferent words,  the eyes of the surrounding Zerg suddenly lifted as they stared at Gu Huai. Such a look made Gu Huai’s body suddenly shake, This shaking was very subtle but ultimately couldn’t influence Gu Huai’s decision.

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“Go out.” Gu Huai repeated his words again.

The golden vertical eyes appeared calm and without any fluctuations. The Zerg in the room looked at the young man’s cold side profile. They saw that their eye attack had no effect and had to obediently leave the room.

The cold-hearted Gu Huai made these Zerg feel overwhelmed. When they first discovered Gu Huai’s gentle attitude toward them, the Zerg were unfamiliar with this tenderness that was rare in their race but at the same time, they were very happy. This joy and happiness lasted a long time and they had become accustomed to the gentle Gu Huai. Now in front of Gu Huai’s indifferent side, the Zerg felt low and sad. gdNh6V

Once the door closed, Gu Huai’s eyes trembled slightly. Even if he was affected by the prominent gene, he couldn’t be completely indifferent to the low and sad feelings that he sensed from the Zerg.

He shouldn’t have done it, he shouldn’t have said that.

Gu Huai heard another voice in his heart telling him this.

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Zerg (low and sad): Want to see the king…

Cool Bao (expressionless but faintly shaken inside): ……

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  1. My heart hurts. Why is our baby Gu acting this way. Is this his puberty period.. Thats why his hormones are on work?

    😣😣😣 pls be better now

  2. Yikes! It seems that the Zerg genes are trying to overpower Gu Huai’s “humanity”, the part that gives him empathy and emotions… I wonder if the is the result of the rules of the universe trying to force his transmigrated soul into behaving the way a Zerg king is supposed to be? Thanks for the chapter!

  3. It seems like Gu Huai’s human side is fading away. Although this is how he should have been from the beggining since he is a zerg. I wonder what will happen once the zerg genes fully integrate.