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I'm Not HumanChapter 57


The room was so quiet that the sound of breathing could be heard. The Zerg who entered the room had completely settled their bodies. Their vertical pupils shrunk to the limit and their eyes were all fixed on the black cub huddled on the bed. They stared into the golden eyes that were like glass balls for a few seconds before the scene in the room became completely out of control.

Dying dying dying dying— 6lew4d

Extremely bright eyes, extremely bright eyes, extremely bright eyes—

If they could project their inner thoughts into words, the entire room would probably be filled with these two phrases on an infinite loop.

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The black cub huddled on the bed and looked at the Zerg who entered his room with round, golden vertical pupils. For a moment, the Zerg in the room seemed affected by a confusion debuff. Their brains couldn’t wake up and at the same time, their bodies tensed, showing difficulty breathing.

The chief of staff fell straight back. Aq38Qk

“C-Chief of staff—!”

Seeing the cub in front of him, the second in command on Tuser held his breath and fell straight down. The other Zerg in the same state of disorder couldn’t help but follow him. Although they noticed the second in command, the reaction of these Zerg was to only make a sound and step forward. Their eyes were still fixed on the black plush ball on the bed like they were attracted by a magnetic force. They were completely unable to move as their eyes lit up.

Even the Tak Zerg, who had made a sharp sound because they thought their baby was gone, were now frozen in place while they let out several low hisses. The cub huddled in bed made a sound when he saw the chief of staff fall and instantly moved.

“Chirp!” tECyLx

This was a  cry of concern and inquiry. Synchronized with this call, this round Zerg finally started to move forward out of his concern for the chief of staff.

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It was just that he was caught off guard by the immediate situation. He had just changed into this form and wasn’t just to walking in it. The golden eyed Zerg cub had just taken a few steps when he fell on the bed due to his poorly coordinated limbs.

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Gu Huai was speechless at this scene.

The king in cub form…

Originally, apart from Alves, these Zerg had a type of parental mentality toward Gu Huai. In the eyes of these Zerg, although they knew that Gu Huai was actually an adult but physically and psychologically, they were stubborn in counting Gu Huai’s age as when he was born and continued to look after him like he was a baby.

The Zerg on Tuser Star always felt a bit of regret that they hadn’t seen Gu Huai’s true cub form. Now this regret was fulfilled too suddenly. The parental mentality and protective desire both climbed to the top. ebBHUT

As for Gu Huai, he was still confused. He didn’t know why he woke up like this. He was originally sleeping under the quilt and transformed into his cub  form when sleeping. Then when he woke up, he noticed his own physical changes and was so surprised that he immediately established a spiritual link.

Now that his body had shrunk, he started thinking about the cause and found out that it might’ve been done by himself. In the battle against the rebels, Gu Huai completed his second spiritual advancement. It could be said that he had finally completed awakening his ability.

When he looked at Alves after the battle, Gu Huai saw himself in Alves’ eyes and found that he had vertical pupils of a similar colour. Thus, he fell asleep in a slightly surprised mood. Previously, his body didn’t have any ethnic characteristics of the Zerg so Gu Huai was often mistaken for a human. It wasn’t easy to have these vertical pupils as a common feature. In his sleep, Gu Huai couldn’t help wondering why he had no other racial characteristics?

The Zerg had other characteristics. For example, among the four army leaders, Alves retained his silver-grey tail, Capalia returned her sharp knife-shaped left hand and bone wings, Aiyi had his facial veins and horns while Simodo retained armor that protected himself. EPgdbB

In the adult form, only some features were retained. If it was the cub form then all features could be seen at a glance. Thus, Gu Huai thought about using Alves’ reversal ability. If he took advantage of this reversal ability, he could return to his cub form to see if he had other racial characteristics.

Gu Huai thought so but he hadn’t expected his casual idea to become reality. He also accidentally launched the spiritual link and attracted a group of Zerg to become his onlookers. Gu Huai wasn’t able to walk in this cub form. He tried to turn back to an adult but it didn’t respond, so Gu Huai was stuck.

They didn’t know why their king had shrunk like this. The Zerg who entered the room were now holding their breaths. They scrambled to get closer to the bed and then they sat beside the bed in a half-kneeling position, staring at the cub without blinking.

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Gu Huai had just fallen when walking in front of onlookers. Now the Zerg approached with wide eyes and continued to watch closely. Gu Huai couldn’t hold back and made a sound. zrtOAJ

“Chirp.” A clear and audible chirping sound was heard when he opened his mouth. He might be back in his cub form but Gu Huai could still use the spiritual link. His ability hadn’t diminished because of his form. Gu Huai just hadn’t done so before because of his ostrich mentality of wanting to bury his head. It was a bit embarrassing and shameful.

“——!!” All the Zerg who heard the cub chirp at them weren’t fine at all. The cub’s voice was very soft. Due to this chirping, the Zerg who were unable to squeeze into the round were about to tear down the house.

The space in the bedroom couldn’t accommodate all the Zerg of the army so once the room was full, the Zerg soldiers could only crowd outside the door and the door was now completely blocked. People who didn’t know anything might think that the Zerg were gathering troops to do something but in fact, they were just watching their king who had changed into a cub form.

“Chirp…” KeYtM6

There were so many Zerg onlookers in the room. If he walked and fell again, how could he have any face to see them afterwards? Gu Huai was hesitant about this matter. Alves had been silent and standing beside the bed since first opening the quilt. At this time, he used his reversal ability to bring himself back to his period as a cub.

Then the next second, in front of all the Zerg in the room, there was another small Zerg cub with a silver-grey tail on the bed. One black and one white, two fluffy round cub stayed together with similar golden vertical pupils. This scene was too harmonious.

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“Chirp, chirp—!” yY2LlA

The two cubs chirped together like they were communicating in a way only the two of them could understand. Although the Zerg didn’t understand the chirping language, this didn’t prevent them from opening their eyes wide and watching.

After such communication, the Zerg in the room saw the black cub on the bed finally move. Since it was clear that Gu Huai hadn’t adapted to the method of walking in this form, Alves had brought himself back to his cub form and started to teach him by hand.

In fact, learning to walk wasn’t difficult. Gu Huai just hadn’t adapted to his sudden strange form. It was fine as long as he made a few more walking attempts. Whenever the cub next to him was about to fall over, Alves would balance the other cub with his silver-grey tail.

Escorted by Alves tail, Gu Huai learned to walk back and forth between the head and end of the bed a few times. He finally almost adapted to this method of walking with his front paws and hind legs. jvBxnJ

There was a pair of Zerg cubs on the bed with small horns and small tails. One was learning to walk very seriously. After learning, the cub looked up with glass-like golden vertical pupils and met the eyes of countless parents. Their eyes were bright and full of visible love, care and concern as well as the obvious feeling of joy.

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Gu Huai, who was in the form of a cub, suddenly fell into a moment of silence. He thought of the reasons for the joy of the Zerg in his room. For the Zerg present, their thought at this moment was:

The king learned to walk!

The author has something to say: 2Kfdoi

When Huaibao learned how to walk:

Zerg (stand up and clap): Clap clap clap clap—!

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