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I'm Not HumanChapter 41


Bonus ko-fi chapter

The planet’s broadcasting room was for professionals engaged in the broadcasting industry and it was a very exclusive place. The broadcast from this room, which was usually only open during certain annual festivals, would be heard by all the inhabitants on the planet. 3yqVif

Once the Grey Tower launched an attack and the planet’s alarm sounded, Gu Huai asked the leader if there was a way to convey his voice and he was invited to this room. Gu Huai told them to put down their weapons through the microphone. This sentence reached every corner of the planet through the broadcasting equipment. Everyone on the planet heard it, including the Grey Tower soldiers who just landed on the planet and were ready to move forward.

This was obviously just a voice and it wasn’t sharp at all. It was gentle and no threats could be heard. It sounded like an ordinary conversation. Normally, the Grey Tower soldiers wouldn’t take these ridiculous, pointless remarks seriously.

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Stop? Drop their weapons? Did the people of this Star Alliance branch have problems? Their defense was so weak and they couldn’t fight at all. Why should the Grey Tower soldiers listen to them? Their first reaction was this thought but at the same time, most of the soldiers in the ground troops on the planet had another indescribable impulse in their subconscious mind.

The Grey Tower soldier who first had the impulse suddenly dropped his weapon. He watched the beam weapon in his hand crash to the ground and was stunned. What was he doing? 3XQHEs

“What are you doing?” The companion next to him asked him with amazement.

He didn’t know! The Grey Tower soldier who dropped the weapon screamed loudly in his heart, ‘I should pick it up now to remedy the mistake.’ Then his brain rejected the idea and his mind remained still.

Body: I think I should go and pick up the weapon.

Brain: No, you don’t want to. QPOWq9

Not only did he not want to pick up the weapon, the Grey Tower soldier also made a standard upright posture. His shoulders were back and his fingers rested tightly by his sides. This posture was like a soldier waiting for a superior in a military parade.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“What are you doing…” Before he could finish his sentence, the companion stared in amazement as he heard the sound of weapons falling around him. The guns were thrown to the ground and the Grey Tower soldiers who threw away their weapons also looked bewildered, completely unaware of what was happening.

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“It must be the broadcast just now. The broadcast must have some type of control ability. We have someone on our side who can resist. The people who are fine, take their weapons and come with me to solve that ability user…”

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“Put your weapon down.” A Grey Tower with amber vertical pupils ordered.

Suddenly, a group of people pointed their weapons at him. The soldier asked incredulously, “Are you crazy?”

“Drop your weapon.” The Grey Tower soldiers accentuated their words, vertical pupils contracted into a thin line.

The Zerg couldn’t tolerate people trying to harm their king. For the Grey Tower soldiers with the integrated Zerg gene, they all had the same subconscious mood. The other side couldn’t say anything and could only drop their weapons. A control ability couldn’t do this… jb70Hz

Was this a spontaneous, collective mutiny?

In this confusing situation, the Grey Tower soldier watched the other soldiers in the team throw away their weapons more and more. Those who still had their weapons didn’t hesitate to put them on the ground after watching the situation around them.

“Why aren’t the ground forces moving?” The commander of the attack force frowned.

The next person hesitated. “Maybe… it is an ambush.” mEoYHW

“Would they send us a message for an ambush?”

Being asked like this, everyone had nothing to say.

This wasn’t the case but the Grey Tower soldiers on the warships couldn’t think of a reason for why the ground force’s operations were stalled.

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Gu Huai used words to stop all the ground troops of the Grey Tower fleet. He saw the pictures sent back by the reconnaissance soldiers that these Grey Tower soldiers were really obedient to the order and stayed in place. At this time, he spoke into the microphone, “Just don’t move and I’ll see you soon.” g5quRp

Could they see this person speaking to them on the radio if they didn’t move? Most of the Grey Tower soldiers who already laid down their weapons couldn’t help feeling a bit happy, expectant and nervous. The ground troops were done and there were only the soldiers left on the warship.

The broadcast could communicate with them as long as the warships got closer to the planet’s sky. In fact, Gu Huai didn’t require the use of a radio. He could directly establish a spiritual link with all soldiers with the Zerg gene and transmit his thoughts to them.

However, he feared this spiritual link would do harm to the Grey Tower soldiers. Gu Huai didn’t want to do so until he tested and confirmed it was okay. Since his well-equipped ground troops inexplicably stopped and didn’t respond to inquiries or instructions, the commander on the warship finally issued the order to continue the advance. As a result, part of the airforce in Lorda’s sky suffered from the same thing.

“Turn off the weapons system of the warship and land the warship on the ground.” VQ2xc4

The temporary announcer Gu Huai sat upright and enunciated the sentences clearly. The moment Gu Huai spoke these words, it was like the pause button had been pressed for the warships in the sky.

The warships that had been ready for chaos and fighting all turned off their weapon systems one by one the moment Gu Huai finished talking. The situation had reached this point and could be called stabilized. The whole battle from start to finish didn’t even last 10 minutes. Gu Huai alone ended the attack of the Grey Tower members.

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I-It was over…? It was too fantastic to lie down and win. The leader of the Star Alliance branch was immersed in this easy victory for a moment.

The Grey Tower soldiers didn’t move and maintained a soldier’s attention posture after listening to Gu Huai’s words. Once the warships in the sky landed, Gu Huai went to see the Grey Tower soldiers as promised. k0dNMo

After the previous meeting with Cullen and Royce, Gu Huai knew that none of these Grey Tower soldiers had voluntarily undergone genetic modification.

Through their story, Gu Huai thought that the Grey Tower soldiers wanted to destroy the Star Alliance because they weren’t accepted and couldn’t find a sense of belonging. They had nowhere to go and were full of anger, so they just wanted to destroy.

In fact, this was what Gavin wanted to see after he defected from the Star League’s scientific research department. He couldn’t have expected such a big change would happen to the things he imagined.

Thousands of calculations missed Gu Huai’s appearance. The Grey Tower had been subjected to experiments several years ago and Gavin certainly took into account the Zerg’s ethnic nature when he fused the Zerg genes with them. 0oMdY6

He had solved this problem almost perfectly. The Grey Tower soldiers with the Zerg genes could be considered in the beta class but they didn’t have the instinct to obey the higher-grade alpha class. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t completely eliminated but it was weakened.

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However, once the person located at the top of the Zerg pyramid was born this instance couldn’t be resisted, even if it was weakened. To describe it using numbers:

The beta class and lower grade Zerg had a full submission score of 100 toward the alpha Zerg. Gavin reduced the submission instinct by 99 when he fused the Zerg genes, leaving only 1 point.

As a result, the Grey Tower soldiers weren’t affected by alpha Zerg. However, the Zerg’s surrender instinct towards their king was at least 200 points. It was in a full state even if 99 points were deducted. hGTSk6

The results were predictable.

Once Gu Huai really appeared in front of these Grey Tower soldiers, not a single sound was heard. The Grey Tower soldiers with Zerg genes tightened their bodies and subconsciously adjusted their upright posture to something more standard.

In fact, their upright posture could no longer be considered standard. Gu Huai came to the scene and happened to see these people standing to attention because of him. He coughed, “There is no need to stand at attention. Just stand at will.”

The Grey Tower soldiers only relaxed a little bit. They were still confused about their current strange state but Gu Huai’s present itself and his gentle eyes and attitude made them want to subconsciously obey his words. Js9LGe

“Go back with me.” Gu Huai casually glanced in the direction of the residence provided to him by the Star Alliance and spoke directly to the Grey Tower soldier in front of him.

Go back? They didn’t have a place of origin to go back to. Thus, the Grey Tower soldiers were stunned when they heard this. Once Gu Huai started to leave, many Grey Tower soldiers subconsciously followed him.

Defecting so easily to the enemy?

For the few Grey Tower soldiers who didn’t have the Zerg genes, they were full of thoughts. However, watching their surrounding colleagues really moving forward to follow, the few Grey Tower soldiers left behind glanced at each other with amazement and followed with ignorant faces. 1SvtWU

The Grey Tower soldiers attacking Lorda Star joined Gu Huai so easily. The leader of the Star Alliance branch saw this and suddenly understood. With the Zerg King here, what did it matter if the Grey Tower kept sending people? If the Meteorite was a weapon for planets, Gu Huai was a weapon for the Grey Tower.

The leader felt that their side was more powerful. The Star League’s headquarters seemed to be saved!

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Grey Tower soldier: My body has its own ideas. wN6ZzB

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