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I'm Not HumanChapter 39


Bonus ko-fi chapter

His mouth was stuffed with a rag. Royce hesitated with confusion for a moment when he heard his companion’s words and his eyes immediately widened. YHkrd


This damn thing! Royce’s eyes were full of fire and he angrily wanted to raise a hand to his mouth to pull away the rag. He didn’t expect his companion to see his movements and raise a hand to cover his mouth tightly.

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The Star Alliance members watching on the side, “…”

This was a standard example of dealing a heavy blow to a comrade-in-arms. He had seen many big scenes but the leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch was still amazed at the scene. The Zerg genes were really poisonous. The leader only had this thought at the moment. xbyzMk

“I can only tell you that there are many strongholds of the Grey Tower. It is impossible for you to remove them all at once. The most important stronghold of the Grey Tower isn’t in the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance. I don’t know the location of the Meteorite.” Cullen clutched his struggling companion’s mouth and finished his words in a flat voice.

After that, Cullen reached out a free hand directly to the man sitting opposite him, expressing a clear meaning. The leader was delighted that the Grey Tower soldier had loosened his mouth but he couldn’t help his mouth twitching. Then according to the promise, he handed over the doll. After getting the doll with black hair and black eyes, Cullen nodded to indicate that the deal was done.

At this time, Royce finally pulled down the hand covering his mouth, pulled out the rag in his mouth and threw it to the ground.

“Cullen, you damn thing!” Royce finally succeeded in letting out these curses and he was furious to death.


Who told him just now to wake up? The other person wasn’t awake?! He was shamed just now. The fact that he didn’t immediately kill the shameless man in front of him was due to the companionship.

Cullen was indifferent to being scolded. He stood aside with the doll in his hand with an expression like he couldn’t hear.

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“P jw mifjgis atf bcf ktb jmafv olgra. Xlnf wf ktja sbe tjnf lc sbeg tjcv.” Ebsmf rajgfv ja atf batfg qfgrbc.

Jeiifc gfwjlcfv wbalbcifrr, rtbklcu j olgw jaalaevf. “Lbkfnfg, P bqfcfv ws wbeat yfobgf sbe rb la lr wlcf.” 6G3aXR

“Tbe tjnf cb rtjwf.”

“P vbc’a kjca la.”

Lf kjr gfragjlcfv ys tlr mbwqjclbc’r rtjwfifrrcfrr jcv Ebsmf mbeivc’a rqfjx obg j ibcu alwf. Ktf vbii mbeivc’a yf byajlcfv jcv Ebsmf vlvc’a gert ab gby la. Ca atlr alwf, tf aegcfv ab rajs ja atf Vajg Ciiljcmf’r qfgrbccfi bqqbrlaf tlw. “Pc jvvlalbc ab atlr atlcu, sbe rjlv sbe mjc ifa er rff jcv ajix ab atf batfg qfgrbc. Ktlr rtbeiv ralii mbeca.”

The leader nodded knowingly. “If you want to see someone and talk to them, I will try and arrange it.” d5jRwl

Cullen and Royce quickly glanced at each other, the latter pretending not to care. “The person you mentioned before, the Zerg king.”

“We are just doing it out of curiosity. It is something you promised yourself and this meeting doesn’t mean anything.” Royce added.

You can convince yourself.

The leader didn’t want to tear down the other person and maintained his usual expression. “This matter might be a bit difficult. I will go and talk to the king about it but whether he can meet you or not depends on the other person’s wishes.” 6yWbKB

“Even if we can’t see him, it isn’t particularly important.” After saying this, Royce casually closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, showing he didn’t intend to pay attention to the other person, silently indicating that they could go.

Once he heard the footsteps of the Star Alliance people leaving, Royce opened one of his closed eyes and watched the backs of the people leaving. Once the shadows disappeared completely, Royce’s expression collapsed.

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What if the other person didn’t want to meet them? Royce was troubled when thinking about this possibility. Cullen didn’t think of this possibility. He looked down at the doll in his hand and felt calmer than Royce.

The leader left the prison and rushed to Gu Huai’s office, explaining the matter. “This is how things are. If possible, I hope you can agree to this meeting. If you show up, I’m sure they will be willing to provide more in-depth intelligence.” vlfQq1

“Yes.” Gu Huai mused for a moment before nodding.

The meeting was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Gu Huai felt that he really needed a meeting to determine what attitude he should use to face the Grey Tower soldiers with Zerg genes.

“Why are you so hesitant about these two Grey Tower soldiers.” Aiyi looked at the black-haired young man caught up in his thoughts and asked.

Gu Huai was pulled from his thoughts and told the truth. “It is because they give me a very similar feeling to you.” 4pKadT

Gu Huai didn’t want his Zerg to be hurt. When he faced the Grey Tower soldiers with integrated Zerg genes and felt their emotions, there was no way Gu Huai could treat them as ordinary people. This sentence showed the king attached great importance to them and the Zerg were suddenly happy.

“Tomorrow, you don’t have to go in with me. I’ll meet them alone.” Gu Huai added.

Hearing that they couldn’t follow the king tomorrow, the happy Zerg suddenly felt disappointed again. The next day, they stared until Gu Huai left their line of sight. However, not all the Zerg were obedient. The disobedient one was Alves, who lowered his eyelids and followed Gu Huai with a blank expression. Since this big silver cat’s performance was too good and the other person rarely acted like this, Gu Huai couldn’t bare to open his mouth and refuse.

It might be a prison but the white prison used by the Star Alliance’s branch to hold important prisoners had good conditions. It was close to a simple small room. It was just that the walls were specifically constructed and those locked inside had to wear a gravitational ring of suppression, depending on the situation. SJx3cC

After entering through the prison gate, Gu Huai was guided by the staff toward the place where the two Grey Tower soldiers were being held.

The moment they went inside, Alves moved forward silently from Gu Huai’s side to in front of Gu Huai. The tall, handsome and indifferent figure stood in front of the young man, blocking half of Gu Huai’s body with an obvious protective posture. Then he narrowed his eyes at the two Grey Tower soldiers not far away.

This was the original reason for the big cat following him, Gu Huai realized.

“They have gravity rings on and can’t hurt me,” Gu Huai stated clearly. In fact, he felt that the two Grey Tower soldiers didn’t want to hurt him. His current perception of their emotions basically confirmed it. 1b5LKn

However, Alves just lowered his eyelids and didn’t get out of the way. Thus, Gu Huai simply followed while staying in the protective circle made by Alves. It wasn’t impossible to stay in this circle of protection and talk to outsiders.

Compared to Gu Huai’s clam, Cullen and Royce were stiff the moment the other person entered. The closer Gu Huai got, the stiffer they became. This was an indescribable feeling. It wasn’t due to some instinctive attraction they didn’t understand but due to the way Gu Huai was looking at them.

The young man’s expression was very gentle… even a bit soft. He wasn’t looking at them like they were experiments or monsters.

Both Cullen and Royce couldn’t remember what it was like to be treated normally. Since they were forced to undergo genetic modification, their Grey Tower soldiers had always been looked at strangely in the eyes of outsiders. oU671F

In fact, it wasn’t only outsiders. Sometimes they looked at themselves in the mirror and couldn’t help feeling nausea.

“You… don’t you think we’re strange?” Why could he look at them with such eyes? Royce couldn’t help opening his mouth and asking carefully.

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They were strange and felt like monsters, but the young man in front of them was looking at them with normal eyes despite it being the first time he saw them.

“Strange? What does that mean?” Gu Huai asked with little understanding. XnFQtG

Royce swallowed. “It’s just… our appearance.”

Appearance. Hearing this key word, Gu Huai looked over the two Grey Tower soldiers in front of him from head to toe. Gu Huai had been learning about the characteristics of the races present among the stars. Gu Huai saw a mixture of multiple races in the two Grey Tower soldiers in front of him. Multiple ethnic characteristics being placed in one person would inevitably look different but Gu Huai saw the two pairs of amber Zerg-like eyes and replied, “It isn’t strange. I think it is very cute.”

Due to the similarity felt, Gu Huai’s answer wasn’t a lie. It was like the low-grade Tak who couldn’t advance to humanoid form. They were terrible in the eyes of other races but in Gu Huai’s eyes, these Tak Zerg were cute.

Gu Huai’s works sparked a reaction. The two Grey Tower soldiers found something to believe in and their vertical pupils brightened. They were just empty words but this type of acceptance without barriers was a very precious thing for them. CfG7Vm

On the other hand, since Gu Huai was heard saying ‘cute’ to others, Alves’ silver-grey tail shook behind him as his face remained blank. The tail struck the ground and smashed a large hole into the floor built of special materials.

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    I tried to coax him, and my arm is still covered in very deep scars… he was really pissed at me. He forgave me after I showered though. I admit my wrongs, and never tried to hold another cat in front of him. At least, I won’t in around a hundred meter radious of my house that he conquered.

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