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I'm Not HumanChapter 38


The atmosphere in the prison became a pleasant silent… wait, no. It was getting subtly weird.

Gu Huai first blinked and then gave the leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch a look of doubt. Didn’t he say that they wouldn’t open their mouths no matter what? There was no way to pry out the information? dwpWrL

The person in charge was now full of question marks and couldn’t react for a moment. Then he noticed Gu Huai’s gaze and his spirit recovered. The leader hurriedly explained, “Previously, they really didn’t open their mouths. They weren’t even willing to show us any reactions. They completely refused to negotiate. We would never deceive you on this matter.”

The person in charge was afraid Gu Huai would misunderstand him and his forehead was covered with sweat. Gu Huai believed this. He didn’t think the other side would make such a low level lie. Thus, he nodded to show that he didn’t have any distrust.

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The other Grey Tower soldier was also shocked by his companion’s remark. He originally hadn’t even bothered to open his eyes to look at the outside people. Now he couldn’t help opening his eyes to scold, “What are you talking ab—”

He didn’t have time to finish his last words. Cullen opened his eyes and saw a young man with black hair standing outside the transparent wall. His brain was suddenly shocked by some indescribable feeling. His throat was blocked and his voice disappeared. YGPeDE

Despite his unusually strange reaction, Cullen continued to glare at his companion after the shock. At this time, the Grey Tower soldier finally reflected on what he had just said and his expression changed.

Gu Huai watched the reaction of the two Grey Tower soldiers and felt a sense of familiarity when he noticed their eyes. It was the same amber vertical pupils as the beta-class Zerg standing behind him. This discovery caused Gu Huai to feel slightly stunned and a guess appeared in his heart. “You…”

Gu Huai didn’t say anything else. He just stared silently at the two Grey Tower soldiers. His expression and silence made the two soldiers feel like they were sitting on needles. They were uncomfortable.

They…? What were they?


The two Grey Tower soldiers didn’t show these emotions on their faces. After the silence, Gu Huai spoke to the chief of staff behind him. “Let’s leave first. We will see these two soldiers tomorrow or another time.”

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Gu Huai gradually walked away and the two locked up Grey Tower soldiers involuntarily watched him. Even when they couldn’t see his back, they stared at the place where the back had disappeared in a daze for a moment.

Gu Huai casually found a seat in the guest villa. He didn’t directly avoid the leader of the seventh division and declared after sitting down, “The two Grey Tower soldiers have Zerg genes fused with them.” VS3cIu

Gu Huai slowly revealed his discovery. It was a possibility he hadn’t imagined before he came to the Covey Galaxy. Once he saw it, his mood slightly fluctuated. Gu Huai determined this matter not just because he saw the eyes of the two Grey Tower soldiers. The vertical pupils might be one of the ethnic characteristics of the Zerg race but the Zerg weren’t the only race to have this feature.

The real reason was that when Gu Huai stood near the transparent partition, he found himself able to sense the emotions of the Grey Tower soldiers. This should be an ability that only worked on the Zerg. He hadn’t made an attempt but Gu Huai was almost certain that he could establish a spiritual link with the two Grey Tower soldiers.

The Zerg around him didn’t react to Gu Huai’s words. They continued to be expressionless and didn’t have any emotional fluctuations because of this incident. However, it was different for the leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch opposite them.

Combined with the obviously strange reaction of the Grey Tower soldiers just now, the leader showed an enlightened expression. What type of meaning did the black-haired youth in front of him have for the entire Zerg race? It was clear from the events that had shocked various planets. qGcOQj

This group of Zerg had no principle in front of their king. There was not only instinctive surrender but also a very obvious love. The young man’s eyes or expressions were enough to shake their mood.

The Grey Tower had some Zerg genes in him. Was he also affected by these genes and had the instinct to surrender to Gu Huai? The more the leader thought about this problem, the more his eyes lit up.

“If so, I think… the interrogation should have a different outcome.” The leader found an unexpected breakthrough and suppressed his excitement.

Gu Huai didn’t immediately answer and slightly frowned. The two Grey Tower soldiers had qualities similar to the Zerg around him and he could form a spiritual link with them. Thus, Gu Huai didn’t know how to treat them. 9QnXTc

“An interrogation is very… don’t punish them. If they still won’t talk then tomorrow I’ll find a way.” Gu Huai thought for a while before finally saying to the person in charge.

After all, the two Grey Tower soldiers were captured by the Star Alliance. Gu Huai couldn’t interfere in too many aspects. He had to consider this matter carefully. The leader simply nodded. “We don’t want to punish them.”

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Rather than using torture, the leader thought he had come up with a method that might be more effective. Before returning to the prison, the person in charge called his secretary and asked the secretary to acquire an item for him.

Once he got what he needed, the leader took the interrogators to the prison where the two Grey Tower soldiers were being held. This time, they went inside for a face-to-face interrogation. The reaction of the two Grey Tower soldiers was very normal this time. They didn’t show a good face to the leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch and the interrogators. Their expressions were as cold as an iceberg. gwkrHp

The previous abnormal reaction could be considered their mistake. The two Grey Tower soldiers in the white prison had now calmed down and suppressed the previous feelings in their heart. The person on the Star Alliance’s side opened his mouth first.

“Your previous words weren’t so certain. This means you have the idea of giving us some information on the Grey Tower, right?” Sitting opposite the Grey Tower soldiers, the interrogators started their work.

Royce looked at the gravity rings the interrogators were wearing and sneered. “Don’t even think about it!”

It was the expected answer and the leader interjected at this time. “Or we can make a deal as long as you are willing to give us any information about the Grey Tower.” 2gcFTK

“Say it and we’ll let you see the person you want to see again. For example, the Zerg King you just met.” The leader spoke these words with an ordinary expression but he secretly observed the reaction of the two Grey Tower soldiers.

The moment the leader said these words, the vertical pupils of the two Grey Tower soldiers slightly narrowed. It might be invisible to others but they felt the strange emotion they had suppressed rising again.

This unusual feeling was unusually strong when they heard the words ‘Zerg king’ and matched the words to the black-haired youth they saw not long ago.

They inexplicably wanted to see him… SmRDPT

“We don’t want to see anyone.” Cullen declared coldly in the place of his companion.

Royce had reflected on his previous behavior. This time, he was expressionless and made himself adopt the same attitude as his companion. Once was enough. He must’ve been braindead to say those type of words. This type of thing would never occur a second time.

“Maybe… not only can you see the person you want to see, you can also talk to that person.” The leader added a bit more weight to his words.

S…speak? It was unknown which point in his heart was stabbed. Hearing this sentence, Royce felt a bit shaken but his companion’s words poured a basin of cold water on his head. I1V0 N

“Wake up!” Cullen saw that Royce was wavering and became even colder. After this, Royce calmed down a bit. He couldn’t help feeling some shame when he compared himself with his companion’s steadfastness.

It didn’t work so it seemed like they had to use their best weapon. After observing the reaction of the two Grey Tower soldiers, the leader took out a small doll with black hair and eyes from his pocket.

“It will be combined with this.” The leader continued. “Since there is only one, I am willing to give it to the person who provides information first.”

If it was anyone else being interrogation, the leader wouldn’t have imagined that this trick would work. However, these were two soldiers with the genes of the Zerg. The leader felt that this method would really be successful. QyY4aC

The moment that the leader of the Star Alliance’s seventh branch pulled out the small doll, before anyone could react, Cullen directly grabbed a rag from the table next to him and stuffed it into his companion’s mouth. Then he responded without any expression, “I can say it.”

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  1. pfft…haha

    cullen: i’m tough! i’m unshaka–

    interrogator: *pulls out chibi gu hai*

    cullen: *pounces like a cat* alright, let’ get talkin!!

  2. Oh my God, this chapter was very funny. Thank you for the translation.

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  4. ROFL!

    I honestly thought he was going to say “talk or the doll gets it!”

  5. Hot to interrogate the big bad Zerg:

    Interrogator: “Talk and we give you chi I king doll”

    Zerg: “Deal”


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    Royce: yeah I won’t talk at all

    Cullen: shut up!


    *brings out the doll*

    Cullen: … If you dare to talk you are dead!!!



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    Human-Zerg hybrid: 😍 I will sell my soul. No really. Give me the doll.

  8. That interrogator deserves a medal for figuring out how to adapt to that realization so fast!

    King: They’re part Zerg.

    Interrogator: Excuse me, I know what to do now. I need to buy a doll of you.