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I'm Not HumanCh11 - 11th Day of Not Being a Human


For the Zerg who could adapt to low-temperature environments, cold clothing didn’t exist on their planet because there was no need. Thus, they gave some ready-made clothes to Gu Huai while rushing to make some.

Gu Huai was now staying indoors. He was wearing a clear military jacket but didn’t feel too cold. In this large coat, the young man stood looking out the window, black hair slightly messy and skin looking whiter and transparent in the falling sun. BC5sGP

On the abandoned planet, Gu Huai had passed by a small pool formed by the rain and saw his appearance. Gu Huai felt quite surprised. His face and appearance weren’t much different from his original world. If he had to say what had changed, it might be that he looked a bit better?

Gu Huai hadn’t paid much attention to his own appearance so he wasn’t sure. In fact, his appearance was already very clear and interesting, making it easy to get the good feelings of others. Now his facial features hadn’t changed much but they were more eye-catching.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Zerg’s efficiency was probably the highest among all the interstellar races. Gu Huai didn’t have to wait long before his winter clothes were sent over.

The one who gave him the clothes was the high-grade Zerg who previously used his ability to warm Gu Huai up at the airport. Gu Huai remembered that his name was Leo. The Tuser high-grade Zerg had a pair of grey and sharp horns on his head, making him easy to recognize among the seven executives. yoOMrn

“These are cold-proof clothing for you. The style references the daily clothing of other races. Do you like it?” The high-grade Zerg seemed a bit nervous when asked this question. His pupils slightly constricted and he seemed worried that the young man in front of him would say he didn’t like it.

In the Zerg race, from the head of the army to the ordinary soldiers, they all wore black uniforms. However, when preparing clothes for Gu Huai, they felt that the dark and cold uniform wasn’t suitable for their king.

The military uniform was something related to the battlefield.  As long as they thought of this, the high-grade Zerg were suddenly extremely unhappy. They would never let their king go to a dangerous place like the battlefield. If there was any race among the stars who wanted to fight with them, they would end the war in a place out of sight of the youth and never allow the enemy to approach their king. They couldn’t stand the thought of this young man getting hurt.

Gu Huai perceived the tension of the high-grade Zerg in front of him and quickly nodded, giving a positive answer, “Yes.”


Gu Huai always had no requirements for his clothes as long as they were comfortable. The main thing was that he had his face to support him and it wouldn’t be difficult to wear ugly clothes. Gu Huai looked at the new clothes and felt the style was quite normal. It was similar to the ordinary winter clothes in his original world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Huai nodded and the slightly tensed pupils of the high-grade Zerg instantly returned to a more relaxed state. A bit of light appeared in the amber vertical eyes. Like a small star falling in the darkness, the flash of light wasn’t dazzling but was a continuously existing light.

The king liked the clothes they sent. Leo happily left the room after receiving such a response. The moment he went downstairs, he couldn’t help calling the conference room of the military headquarters to tell the story.

“The king likes it. Next time, it is my turn to see the king.” J0jt7C

“The Pubano tree sap is ready. When does the king want to eat?”

“Stay at the bottom and wait for the king to come out, asking him what else he needs.”

The four armies of the Zerg had shunned the other races in this interstellar era. The seven Zergs who made up the Supreme Council of Tuser were the core of the First Army and their position of power was inconceivable.

Now in the conference room of Tuser’s Supreme Council, these Zergs were discussing matters completely unrelated to government. The discussion was extremely careful and focused. EuwgWi

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Gu Huai had the new clothes so he changed out of his uniform.

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Xe Lejl abbx boo atf yijmx wlilajgs pjmxfa jcv atf Kjx Ifgu rajcvlcu yfrlvf tlw lwwfvljafis ujnf j ibk tlrr. Po atf yjys vlvc’a kfjg wbgf mibatfr atfc tf kbeiv yf mbiv lc atf meggfca fcnlgbcwfca. Gef ab atlr ecvfgrajcvlcu, rfnfgji Kjx Ifgu gjlrfv atflg obgfjgwr ab qlmx eq rbwf bo atf atlmx-ibbxlcu mibatfr jcv mjgfoeiis jaajmtfv atfw ab Xe Lejl.

Gu Huai didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he was covered one by one with the clothes. The Tak Zerg thought that he wouldn’t be cold if he was covered up. Gu Huai didn’t move, allowing the Tak Zerg to give him the clothes. Once they were finished, he pulled out the head covered by the clothing and told the Tak, “It isn’t worn like this. I don’t have to wear so many pieces.” 5Bg6xm

The Tak Zerg cocked their heads at Gu Huai, not understanding. In any case, as long as this young man didn’t feel cold, the Tak Zerg’s thoughts were very simple.

In order to avoid the Tak Zerg worrying about him being cold again, Gu Huai changed clothing at the fastest speed. Once he finished changing, he stood in front of the Tak Zerg. “This is good.”

The cold scarlet eyes of the low-grade Zerg eyed the youth. Any other race facing this scene would probably feel fear but Gu Huai could sense feelings from the cold, vertical pupils. It was an incredible love and caring that other races felt. These Tak Zerg thought of him as a baby and wanted to treat him as one.

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The black military jacket was placed on the bed. Gu Huai reached to pick up the jacket since he had to return it to its owner. Gu Huai went down the stairs to see the Zerg who just sent him the clothes waiting. It was good since he needed to find someone to ask questions. HEt0cf

“Where is Alves now?” Gu Huai asked the other side.

Leo bowed his head and thought for a second before replying, “Lord Alves should be in the study now. If you want to see him, your subordinate can…”

His words didn’t finish because the silver-haired Zerg they were talking about was already in view.

Due to the removal of his jacket, the silver-haired man was currently wearing only a white shirt over his upper body. Therefore, his smooth and beautiful muscle lines were visible. They weren’t too exaggerated and had a sense of power. As an adult Zerg, Alves was tall and his straight body was like a cold, sharp knife. An awe-inspiring atmosphere could be felt from him. The blindfold gave his beautiful appearance a type of unspeakable, strange beauty. JIlgwo

Gu Huai saw this person and approached with the military jacket in his hand. He handed the jacket to the other person. “Your coat.”

Alves took the uniform jacket and silently wore it again. Gu Huai looked at him and found that something seemed to be missing. Gu Huai’s gaze moved to Alves’ waist and he remembered the outer belt was missing.

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Leo noticed it and was quick to say, “Your subordinate will get it.”

Leo came back with Alves’ outer belt. Gu Huai saw the other side’s blindfolded eyes and took the belt from Leo’s hand. Since he couldn’t see, it would be a hassle to buckle the belt. Gu Huai took this outer belt close to Alves. The blindfolded Zerg didn’t move and allowed Gu Huai to get close to him. ObxjG0

Such a distance was enough for Alves to attack. Anyone familiar with him wouldn’t dare to get this close. However, this distance was clearly allowed for the young man in front of him.

Gu Huai helped the silver-haired Zerg in front of him with the belt and inevitably had to make a motion similar to hugging. However, this was only for a short moment. Alves remained silent but as the young man was leaning close to him, the silver-grey tail behind him seemed stiff for a second.

“Okay.” Gu Huai took a step back to look at his finished product and his eyebrows bent with satisfaction. Then he noticed the silver-grey tail and suddenly had a whimsical thought. Would Alves feel cold when his tail was naked?

The Tak Zerg accompanying him weren’t dressed but since they were the most primitive form of Zerg, their ability to adapt to the environment was a bit stronger than the humanoid form. The silver-haired Zerg in front of him was humanoid but the tail was exposed to the cold air without any cover. Therefore, Gu Huai had such an idea. TKPqsm

Once this idea crossed his mind, Gu Huai unwittingly asked it directly.

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Of course not.

Leo, who wasn’t far away, tried to answer for his leader when he heard the other person respond.

“En.” It was a low voice and Alves definitely didn’t nod or shake his head. 8Y9rAU

Gu Huai automatically understood this response as a positive. He thought of how he borrowed the other side’s coat and took out the hands he just inserted into his jacket pocket. Then he pressed his hands against the icy, cold tail.

“I will warm you up.”

Since the tail was too cold, the temperature of Gu Huai’s hands soon decreased. The silver-haired Zerg perceived this and removed his tail. Alves didn’t want the temperature to be lost, even though he was willing to be touched. In winter, he couldn’t touch this man with his tail.

The Zerg was a race that followed its own desires. Since Alves didn’t want to hurt Gu Huai, he restrained his desire. He clearly didn’t have the instinctive surrender like the other erg but he still wanted to cherish this person… EhBVnb

It wasn’t just because the world became quieter when he saw the other person. It was that when he heard this person’s voice, there were feelings more profound than instinct.

Want to see, want to be close, want to touch.

However, the idea couldn’t be allowed from the first point.

Gu Huai’s hands became empty. He blinked at them moving tail and saw the silver-haired Zerg in front of him bow his head and purse his lips. Gu Huai once again thought of Alves as a big silver cat wanting to approach. As a result, the cat found that his claws were too sharp so he lowered his ears and tail, not touching Gu Huai. 4KzM5C

Very good. Gu Huai had this idea and couldn’t help coughing. “Then it should be fine if I wear gloves.”

This sentence caused the silver-grey tail behind Alves to suddenly rising. Alves noticed the young man’s noun used and took off the black gloves he was wearing and handed it over. He was also good at being coaxed.

Gu Huai saw the upright tail behind Alves and accepted the gloves, putting them on. The gloves were a bit big… Gu Huai compared his own body shape to that of the silver-haired Zerg and couldn’t help admiring the latter’s height and explosive body.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The world might’ve changed but Gu Huai found that he wasn’t tall. He was still 178 cm and might only reach 180. The silver-haired Zerg in front of him must be 190 metres and was at least half a head taller than Gu Huai. e47sgZ

Gu Huai spent several hours in his room and now it was almost evening. The sky outside had darkened and he was taken to the hall of the first floor.

For the Zerg who didn’t pay attention to material enjoyment, eating and sleep were just physiological needs. Therefore, most Zerg would directly use nutrient solutions to solve their daily feeding needs.

As they prepared food for Gu Huai, these high-grade Zerg suddenly thought that… they might need to learn to cook or find chefs.

The first meal was hurriedly prepared. The chief of staff, who was supposed to be in his private office, stood in the makeshift kitchen and stared at the ingredients through a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. r4Skhi

These glasses were a technology product that allowed him to view the Star Web and scan all types of documents anytime and anywhere. The chief of staff was currently browsing through some simple and easy recipes.

He didn’t know if the nutrition of these combined foods were rich or balanced enough. After putting the food on the table, the chief of staff looked guilty as he knelt in front of Gu Huai. “I’m very sorry that I can only prepare such food for you at this time. Your subordinate will improve it as soon as possible.”

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Gu Huai looked at what could be called an extensive table of dishes. Although there were several that just looked like boiled water, Gu Huai had been eating an eggshell for several days and felt it was very appetizing.

“It is already good.” Gu Huai quickly shook his head and spoke earnestly. “Thank you.” stQahW

“If you like it then it is the biggest compliment.” The chief of staff got up and bowed to the young man sitting in the main seat. “Your staple food will be delivered immediately. Please wait.”

Staple food? This wasn’t his staple food…?

Gu Huai was puzzled. Then within half a minute, he saw a high-grade Zerg come over with a jar made of pure black crystals and a bottle of transparent liquid. The black crystal jar was opened and Gu Huai smelt a familiar smell. In front of him, the high-grade Zerg used a spoon to extract white powder from the crystal jar.

At this time, Gu Huai became aware of something. kR52sx

After scooping three spoonfuls of powder into the cup, the other side poured a portion of clear liquid. It filled two-thirds of the cup, the high-grade Zerg stirring the liquid with a spoon. It didn’t take long for Gu Huai to be looking at a glass full of a milk-like cloudy white drink.

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Gu Huai, “…”

“The jar is filled with eggshell powder made from your eggshell. The eggshell powder is mixed with the juices of the Pubano tree. Mixing them will have more nutritional value.”

At this point, the glass was moved to Leo’s hand. The other side precisely controlled the temperature with his ability. He determined there was no problem with the temperature of the glass and pushed the glass that contained a milky liquid to Gu Huai. f9E6Cg

The chief of staff stated, “It is the best ratio and temperature. Hopefully, it will suit your taste.”

Looking at this cup that looked like baby’s milk and then the Zerg’s expectant eyes, Gu Huai felt slightly stuck. He had previously known that his eggshell would be turned into milk powder but Gu Huai didn’t expect to have a group of Zerg as onlookers or to…

Drink… drink milk??

Gu Huai looked at the cup of milk with a subtle silence. 5JfdSb

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