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I Have A Pair of Yin-Yuan EyesCh5 - My Straight Guy’s Credit Rating Has Been Reduced to Zero


Translator: Callis

Xu Xing’s eyes were wide open; the red string had disappeared completely before his eyes. He looked everywhere in a panic, and found that the red strings that had connected the other people were also gone.  nj06dr

It seemed as if everything had been a dream. 

Xu Xing’s mind became blank in a split second. Distracted, he started to wonder if he had been dreaming. However, his mind was torn back to reality by the sharp pain coming from his wrist —

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Xu Xing’s hand had already been reaching for Lu Che’s □□, but was caught red-handed at the scene by the other party. 

This is the reality that he now needed to face.  V6Mf17

No matter who looked at it, it seemed that his intentions were to harass him, the kind where the word “sex” would be slapped on his face.

His hand was numb from Lu Che’s grip, and even his nerves hurt until they became paralyzed. 

Lu Che had clearly just woken up, and still seemed groggy. His cold gaze brought along a probling chill that slowly locked onto Xu Xing; the sleepy haze completely faded from his deep eyes. He suddenly laughed, saying: “I say, when you were persistently hating my embrace, it turned out to have this meaning, en?” 

Lu Che’s voice was a little rough, with a seductive intonation. 


Xu Xing’s entire body was in a state of confusion. For a little while, he couldn’t understand what Lu Che meant by “this meaning”. 

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Lu Che adopted a teasing tone: “Class Monitor, you’re this hungry and thirsty?” 

Hungry and thirsty enough to openly sexually harass him in class. 

Xu Xing’s mind interpreted the entirety of Lu Che’s words to mean “You’re gay”, and his fighting spirit immediately burst out. From a straight man’s rejection of ‘gay’, he lost his cool and carelessly exclaimed: “I’m not! I haven’t……don’t misunderstand! I can vouch for it! I absolutely didn’t mean it like that! I, I just……” buCcJi

Xu Xing’s mood had been somewhat stirred up, and his voice raised in pitch, causing the students in front of them to turn their heads again.

Xu Xing wanted to say that it was because he wanted to untie the yin-yuan string between the two, for his and everyone else’s sake. It wasn’t at all that he was lusting after Lu Che’s area, and especially not because he was hungry and thirsty.

However, don’t mention that Lu Che couldn’t see the yin-yuan string, there would be ulterior motives if he had blindly believed what he said. What’s more, the red string had completely disappeared at this time, leaving Xu Xing to fall into chaos. 

Xu Xing became listless. Even if he wanted to explain, there was no way to bring it up.  y2aEe6

Lu Che ignored Xu Xing’s familiar defense and wasn’t interested in hearing his explanation. He coldly glanced at him and said: “Leave.”

It was over; Lu Che’s expression cleared up a bit and he added: “If you’re still sticking to me next time, I might beat you.”


Xu Xing’s expression turned bitter and embarrassed the moment he heard the words: Sticking to Lu Che was a passive and inevitable event; before the red string between the two could be undone, it wasn’t something that others could control.  d0Ijof

Xu Xing could only pray to the incorporeal red string that pushed him to Lu Che to allow him to disappear like it. 

The pair sunk into silence; it was so awkward that they didn’t even dare to breathe at the same time. 

Lu Che had told Xu Xing to leave. Their conversation hadn’t resounded so that everyone could hear, but the students in front of them still overheard. 

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Xu Xing thought, ill-timed: Lu Che told me to leave, this would also be considered a good thing. At least it showed to Lu Che that he wasn’t gay, and also proved that Lu Che hadn’t become gay because of the red string’s influence.  UaJ dL

Xu Xing was next to Lu Che, but he couldn’t sit down. He couldn’t switch seats with Fu Dai either, so to avoid piquing the other students’ attention, he quietly moved to sit at the empty desk in the last row. 

Lu Che glanced at him, then turned his head back around and leaned against the wall, rubbing his temples.

Xu Xing looked at the blank sheet of looseleaf paper in front of him, dizzy for a long while. He shifted his gaze and settled on Fu Dai, who was lying on his side on the desk and teasing Wang Zicong, the short, chubby person. Even if the red string no longer existed, Fu Dai’s fingers were still curled around Xiong Huan’s hair.

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Xu Xing shivered, still fearful of the crisis that the red string brought. After all, it was impossible to say that the absence of a red string meant that there was no love.  mJ1U0V

Qtfc tf olcjiis mjiwfv vbkc, We Wlcu’r tfjga rxlqqfv j yfja jcv jc ecmbwobgajyif defralbc jgbrf: Qtfc tf tjv aeuufv bc Oe Jtf’r gfv raglcu pera atfc, vlv tf offi jcs qjlc?

Qtfc We Wlcu qeiifv bc tlr bkc gfv raglcu, la cba bcis vlvc’a ibbrfc lc atf rilutafra, la jirb tega tlw afgglyis. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How could Lu Che have such a loose and carefree expression, like nothing was wrong?

Xu Xing couldn’t bear the curiosity scratching at his heart. Though he risked being beaten, he still couldn’t help poking Lu Che in the back: “Hey……” IOWlwX

Lu Che indifferently turned his head around. 

Xu Xing’s expression was complicated, asking: “Just now, you……did you feel something?”

For instance, had that hurt?

Having heard what was said, Lu Che glanced at Xu Xing oddly.  s0o9xI

It didn’t matter if he had just been taken advantage of or not, probably no one would be happy to be then chased after by a suspect and asked this type of question. Of course Lu Che wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t disgusted either. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But Lu Che wasn’t in the mood to look into the subtleties of his own emotions right now. Instead, he marvelled at Xu Xing’s expression; he really felt that this Class Monitor was excellent. The corner of his lips pulled up into a mocking smile and he laughed: “Class Monitor, do you still want feedback? I can’t give you a good evaluation, I don’t feel like it at all.” 

The last few words were spit out one by one. 

Lu Che was ridiculing Xu Xing’s lack of skill, but when Xu Xing heard it, he was even more relieved — Lu Che hadn’t felt anything. He didn’t have to worry about undoing the bow on Lu Che’s crotch in the future.  axCALI

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the red string right now. 

Xu Xing had a subconscious look of regret on his face. If he had known earlier and been a bit more ruthless, he would have been unable to untie the bow! 

Lu Che looked at Xu Xing: “……”

What was with the instant sense of “give me another chance”? RU8iut

Xu Xing was distressed and heard Lu Che scoff: “Have some face.”

Xu Xing: “???”

Xu Xing felt extremely wronged.

But after all, he had just been a suspect of “attempting to harass” Lu Che. His straight guy’s credit rating had been reduced to zero, and even if he vowed to the heavens, it would be difficult for a person to have faith. Xu Xing very quickly realized the situation, then recounted the key points to himself — before he would untie the bow, his top priority was to stay away from Lu Che. If he fell into Lu Che’s embrace again, he would be thoroughly unwashable bev9U2


Although the red string couldn’t be seen, Xu Xing was still optimistic and held onto the hope that “if he went to sleep, perhaps he would be able to see the red string again”. 

The next day. 

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The morning sun rose in the east and the alarm clock rang as usual. When Xu Xing opened his eyes, he ripped the covers off to check the space between his legs, but against his expectations, the red string did not appear.  LXKkIJ

Xu Xing was distraught with anxiety. Like he was sitting on pins and needles, he waited a morning, his hopes in danger of being shattered. 

“Class monitor —”

In physics class, Xu Xing was absently propping the side of his face up, and was suddenly pulled back to reality when the physics teacher called his name. The entire class’s gaze was focused onto him, and the teacher standing at the podium asked him: “What is the formula on the blackboard expressing?” 

Xu Xing stood up with a dumbfounded expression. On the dark green blackboard was written the formula F = k · x in white chalk with a rough, grainy feel. uF7mDT

Xu Xing dithered for a while, but was fortunately able to get his bearings. He coughed and answered: “This is the formula for Hooke’s Law. The definition is that, within the elastic limit, the spring force is directly proportional to the spring shape variable. The shape variable includes the elongation and compression value.” 

The physics teacher said with a smile:” The concept is very easy to recite, but we still have to apply what we have learned. It’s too early to think of spring, so hurry and pull yourself back.” 

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Xu Xing quickly said: “Teacher, I’m not thinking of spring, summer, autumn, or winter. I was just thinking that it’s Tuesday, so there should be fried chicken wings in the second stall of the cafeteria on the first floor.” 

Xu Xing had a good relationship with the physics teacher and wasn’t apprehensive when he started joking. h8MXs3

The finishing bell rang at just this time, and the physics teacher didn’t drag the lesson out. He followed Xu Xing’s words and said: “Then I won’t interfere in your fight for fried chicken wings. Let’s end the class.”

The class laughed and applauded. 

After class, Xu Xing and Tang Mian went to the carfeteria together, standing in line in front of the second stall. Tang Mian liked to eat their fried chicken wings, while Xu Xing liked to eat their palm-sized braised fish

The two lines in front of the second stall were very long. It wouldn’t be their turn even after a while. Xu Xing was looking down at his cell phone while Tian Mian stood beside him and chattered about idle gossip, deeply moved at Wang Zicong being a good man. When class ended, he had eagerly run to the school’s gates to wait for a take-out for his girlfriend.  kvE5TO

As soon as Xu Xing put away his cell phone, he looked up and saw Lu Che directly coming over in his direction. Xu Xing subconsciously retreated, his gaze shifty. He was still frightened by the forced effect of the red string. 

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Fu Dai, Ke Di, and Zou Mang were also walking with Lu ChHe. The several of them were tall and long-legged, all with an attractive face. Tang Mian called them “Our Class Seven’ s Healing Light”. 

In fact, Xu Xing was also good-looking. He had thick eyebrows and large eyes, and the bridge of his nose was tall. Although his appearance wasn’t head-turningly heavenly, it was better than average. When he appeared in a group photo, he would brighten before their eyes, and be spontaneously praised with, “Wow, this man doesn’t look bad at all” and so on. The faint praise gave the audience a feeling of “unfulfilled expectations”, rather than a part of the background that would be forgotten after being looked at.

The main reason Xu Xing couldn’t enter Tang Mian’s eyes was because they had known each other for too long. As soon as Xu Xing was mentioned, Tang Mian’s head would be filled with his wailing, the scene of him having been chased by Xu Father with a feather duster down an alley sticking to her. Even if he was more handsome, it could be said that he no longer had an image.  gHRAYM

There were many people all around them who were openly and covertly looking at Lu Che and the others. 

Xu Xing used Tang Mian to block his body and looked at Lu Che’s group: First, he was wary of being caught off guard by the uncontrollable force; Second, Xu Xing’s gaze was fixed on the white dish in their hands — the four people’s plates were piled with a small mountain golden and dazzling fried chicken wings, while Lu Che’s had two. 

At this time, Lu Che also noticed Xu Xing, who was waiting in line.

When the pair’s gazes met, Xu Xing could clearly see the self-satisfied look on Lu Che’s wooden face.  fK5sAN

Xu Xing: “……”

It ought to just be an illusion.

Lu Che directly walked far away, with Ke Din lagging behind him. When he saw Xu Xing and Tang Mian, he enthusiastically greeted them: “Hi, Class Monitor. How have you just arrived here? Just now, Chu Gē treated us and forced each of us to get a fried chicken wing. This guy really is crazy hahaha.”

After listening, Xu Xing was speechless. It was really too difficult to judge whether Lu Che was childishly pushing the limits, or if he had contradicted him excessively, this affecting Lu Che’s behavior and judgement.  dQGs0M

Ke Di’s face beamed with brilliant sunshine. Tang Mian looked at his plate, then sighed with sincere regret, feeling that today’s fried chicken was especially golden and large. 

When the time came for Tang Mian and Xu Xing to order, the fried chicken had already sold out.

Tang Mian sighed, saying that she had missed the large chicken wings. Meanwhile, Xu Xing was eating his braised fish, like he was distant from worldly affairs. 

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September down in the south was out of season with autumn. The noon wind was hot. It wasn’t the kind of rare, warm autumn-winter breeze, but the disgusting heat wave in the middle of summer. dSRY4O


Xu Xing and Wang Zicong stood in the corridor to cool off and watch the students downstairs play basketball to relieve their boredom. In the morning, the sunlight from the east hadn’t heated the front courtyard. In the afternoon, the sunlight from the west was blocked by the teaching building and the shade of the trees, so that the corridors and the courtyard were still cool. 

Wang Zicong was lying against the corridor’s railings. He wasn’t afraid of the dirt; his delicate and smooth chin was on the railing, and his lips were pressed flat, murmuring: “Hey, I’m envious that they can play basketball in such a carefree manner, and of those over thereose who are playing jianzi and badminton. I can envy, but I can’t play or love, but I need to restrain myself. This is what being a third year is.”

Xu Xing rolled his eyes — Wang Zicong had the typical whiny mentality: When they called for him to play before, they couldn’t get him to move even if it was a matter of life or death, but now he was given sincere advice to “study hard” and his careful way of thinking had began to stir. However, he understood the grave guilt of wasting time during his third year. Wang Zicong was nervous when he heard the words “third year”, but he was calm and unhurried. He took his precious booklet containing the table of Chinese literature everywhere he went. It was something that put him at ease. With the booklet in hand, he didn’t need to worry about being a third year. zPQmR9

Just like now, Wang Zicong was lying around the corridor with a clear conscience, watching the other people play basketball. The booklet was still stopped at the first table, but there was the sense of satisfaction from a full stomach.

This was Wang Zicong’s third year. 

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— It can’t be helped. 

Xu Xing left the sentimental Wang Zicong. He turned to return to the back door of the classroom, but just so happened to be stopped by the teacher who was coming down the stairs.  yileLb

“Xu Xing, I was just looking for you.”

Xu Xing stopped and looked at her: “Ah, what?”

The teacher said to him: “Go to B Building’s printing room right now. There’s a batch of teaching materials there, and you can go find another classmate to help you move them up.

Without hesitation, Xu Xing promised: “Alright.” 0Yc6Ga

The teacher looked for someone to give Xu Xing a hand, and happened to see Lu Che coming up the stairs towards Class Seven. 

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The teacher’s glance caught him, and she said: “Class Representative, perfect timing. Go downstairs with Xu Xing to move the books. I’ll be troubling you.”

Xu Xing: “……”

Lu Che had an indifferent attitude, but Xu Xing only shrank back in the face of adversary.  PTCu6F

Under the teacher’s gaze, Xu Xing begrudgingly walked in front of Lu Che and waited at the first corner around the stairs. Xu Xing just happened to meet the labor committee member, who was in the same class, as he was walking up. Xu Xing stopped him at once and grasped his shoulder in both hands, entrusting him with a heavy responsibility: “Kai Gē, help me. Go with the Physics Representative to B Building’s printing room to move the teaching materials for our class. The teacher is asking us to go right now, but I’m in a rush to use the bathroom……”

Xu Xing’s brows were furrowed, and his teeth were clenched. He pretended to be a solemn man, especially one with the momentum of a thousand flowing rivers. 

When the labor committee member saw that Xu Xing was not doing well, he quickly and straightforwardly agreed. Xu Xing patted him on the shoulder and didn’t dare to look at Lu Che, who was behind him, in the eye. As soon as his plans had changed, he hurried down the corridor on the second floor. 

The labor committee member naively smiled at Lu Che, “It seems that the class monitor is really in a hurry, Maybe he ate something during lunch  time that gave him a bad stomach ache.” MV8aby

Lu Che looked at Xu Xing’s fleeing figure and calmly sighed, not exposing Xu Xing’s clumsy acting.


When Xu Xing finished using the bathroom and returned to the classroom at the pre-class preparation bell, Lu Che and the labor committee member had already brought over the teaching materials.

Lu Che was personally handing out the books. When Lu Che coincidentally sent one to Xu Xing and placed a gold physics exam paper in front of him, he stopped by his desk and stopped walking. NPWCxE

Xu Xing’s heart skipped a beat. He looked up and saw Lu Che looking down at him and said in a lukewarm manner: “Class Monitor, you should pay attention in class, otherwise, you’ll have diarrhea.” 

The tone was endlessly mocking. 

Others couldn’t hear the meaning of this sentence, but when it entered Xu Xing’s ears, it had directly translated to the cold taunts of “Don’t be concerned with me anymore, alright?”, “The excuse of a stomach ache that you thought of is so bad”, and so on. When he heard him, he knew that Lu Che was ridiculing him for being lost in thought and being called on in class by the teacher.  

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Xu Xing’s face burned — he wasn’t blushing in shame, but purely from anger.  zDov3N

When Lu Che finished distributing the books, he returned to his seat. Wang Zicong asked Xu Xing curiously: “Xing Xing, when did you become familiar with Lu Che?” Familiar enough to be graced with the school grass’s concern.

Xu Xing unhappily said: “Not familiar! Not familiar at all!” 

Wang Zicong sighed regretfully: “Oh, I thought that you were familiar with him and wanted to ask you about him.”

Xu Xing asked: “What do you want to ask about him?” U9sn0y

Wang Zicong stealthily stuffed a chip into his mouth and said vaguely: “My girlfriend asked.” 

When Xu Xing heard, he felt that it was even more baffling. He frowned: “Then your friend asked you to ask?” 

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Wang Zicong chewed on the tasty chips and said: “I don’t know, she ought to be asking for her friend.”

After a perfunctory “oh” and another thought, Xu Xing knew nothing more about Lu Che’s situation.  ISZELD

This should be the last of the 5k chapters for a while O(≧∇≦)O

Translator's Note

Also means “craving”

Translator's Note

In the sense that his reputation wouldn’t be able to be washed clean

Translator's Note

思春 -> be lovesick

Translator's Note

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