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I Have A Pair of Yin-Yuan EyesCh2 - Have You Been GAY Today?


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker & Dragon

Xu Xing sat blankly for a study period. His thoughts were full of the numerous strings, and his head full of the gently swaying bow.  a8urhf

During that time, he ran to the restroom twice —

First, he held his phone with an ashen face and endured the feeling of shame, torturing himself. He bent down below his crotch to take a private photo. The result was that the photo couldn’t capture the image of the red string. For as long as he had lived, it was actually the first time he had peeped at his own chrysanthemum. With extreme shame, he immediately deleted the photo. 

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In an uncomfortable situation, he went back to the classroom and dawdled for a while. In the end, he couldn’t help himself and borrowed a small mirror from Tang Mian. The second time he ran to the restroom, he used the little palm-sized mirror to clearly see its essence — a faint red string emerging from his chrysanthemum — and it was exactly as he had guessed!

However, even though he could currently see it with his yin-yuan eyes, he was sullenly unable to touch it. He particularly regretted his previous astonishment and that he hadn’t immediately pulled out the red string. x0kIut

Xu Xing’s head was blank, completely afraid to think carefully about it. His current situation didn’t tolerate his unwillingness: It didn’t matter that the red string had bound itself in a new way; what mattered was where it was bound to. To him, the meaning of the red string was somewhat deep, but there was no harm in preventing things from being left to chance — what did the red string represent? Could it be that he had been turned ‘gay’ today because of the red string? 

Was Lu Che ‘gay’?

Was Xiao Shun also ‘gay’?

There was also that brother who had appeared by the back door. Could it also be that he was ‘gay’? StEFOH

Once these rhetorical questions burst forth in his mind,  Xu Xing was finally able to push aside the dense fog and clouds that had disrupted his mood Xu Xing didn’t know if Lu Che and the others were ‘gay’, but he was certain that he was as straight as the v-t image of uniform velocity, moving at a constant speed. 

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After Xu Xing cleared his mind, he gave a heavy sigh. From the day he received the special ability of the yin-yuan eyes, it was the first time he had felt such a great desire to be ‘solo’, so that he could lie down alone in a wooden coffin without a single complaint. 

That day was the first official day of the new school term. Though it just so happened to be Friday, they also had another day off after the weekend. For the students of Class Seven, it was like a reunion, and they couldn’t restrain their desire to carelessly have fun. 

The preparatory bell for the first class rang, and all the students returned to their seats one-by-one. The whispers from his deskmate and the seats around him rose and fell in succession, chattering incessantly.  908MAs

At this time, everyone glanced at the tall and rigid figure walking towards the podium out of the corners of their eyes. They all believed that the teacher had arrived, so the vast majority of the students quieted. There was a brief death-like silence in the classroom, only for them to be confused by the low, magnetic voice that had difficulty muffling a laugh and the sound of a blackboard eraser smacking against the podium: “Hey, to occupy a bit of time before class starts, there’s something that I must say.” 

The boy at the podium looked handsome and bright, and the smile that quirked up at the corner of his lips was like a frivolous rogue’s. 

The boy in the back who was familiar with him echoed: “Fu Er Dai wants to treat everyone to eat, drink, and have fun on Sunday to celebrate the rising to the third year. Everyone should remember to come and cheer up!”

The boy standing at the podium was called Fu Dai, the only son of Fu Boss, who owned a chain of five-star hotels. He was definitely the 'Fu Er Dai' DP1BW0

Fu Dai ignored his friend’s teasing, looking down from his position on the podium. His gaze locked onto a target. 

Xu Xing saw it very clearly: The red string emerging from Fu Dai’s chest was bright in color.

As for the other end of the red string — 

Fu Dai suppressed his smile, saying: “Xiong Huan, you look even better than usual in your ponytail.” 1KqsPZ


The whole class was stunned for a moment, then a certain boy took the lead in whistling and smacking his desk, yelling out. All of the people noisily followed. 

The students in the front row turned around to look at the female lead. Among them, there were many boys who were secretly in love with Xiong Huan, some girls who were angry and some girls who were indifferent, and those remaining were in the peanut gallery, enjoying watching the bustling scene. 

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The female lead shifted her gaze in all directions. On the surface, she appeared to be unmoved, but the snow-white tips of her ears were dusted with a layer of pink.  yEB1hp

Ktf ulgi rlaalcu lc atf vfrx lc ogbca bo We Wlcu’r kjr atf ofwjif ifjv bo atlr tlut-qgbolif rtbk bo ibnf. Wlbcu Lejc, atf mijrr’r ilafgjaegf jcv ijcuejuf gfqgfrfcajalnf, kjr jc lcafiilufca, rboa-rqbxfc, qgfaas ulgi, jcv tjv j ubbv gfijalbcrtlq klat atf ilaaif ubrrlq Kjcu Zljc. Kb yf fzjma, Kjcu Zljc kjr Wlbcu Lejc’r bcis mibrf oglfcv.

Xiong Huan’s temperament was somewhat cool. There were some people who secretly said that she was arrogant and thought highly of herself. Although she wasn’t able to do her best on her final exam last semester and couldn’t get into the advanced class, she was already a prospective freshman at a famous university. So, it was normal for her to feel that it was beneath her to deal with them. Top students were very arrogant. 

Although Xu Xing was aware, these types of serious human emotions would get into their heads, the swirling malicious slander being a large component. However, it couldn’t be denied that Xiong Huan didn’t like to get close to people. Xu Xing had been sitting in the desk behind her for more than half a year, the two seats within arm’s reach of one another. They never spoke more than two sentences to each other each day. 

Another undeniable fact was that Xiong Huan was quite outstanding. Her academic performance was ranked in the top three of her class, and her beauty index ranked first in her class. Her name often appeared in the late night talks in the boy’s dormitory, but was also usually accompanied by the sound of a sigh: Although the class flower is beautiful, no one had picked her yet.  IzeUCH

This was because the class flower had been born into a family of teachers. Her family and friends were spread throughout primary, secondary, and high school. Her mother was also the teaching director of the high school second-years. She was known as 'Abbess Miejue'. Who would dare to dig around her child right under her nose?

In a minute, she would have your family coming to the school to discuss the educational policy of “what to do about students’ young love”.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Today, however, there was an ambitious prince who wasn’t afraid of anything. 

If this had happened before, Xu Xing would have absolutely maintained that Fu Dai wouldn’t have a chance. However, he had unexpectedly noticed that there was a red string connecting Fu Dai and Xiong Huan’s hearts.  RLYKAZ

The third-years’ first official class became a hotspot from Fu Dai’s high-profile display of love. Even though the female lead remained silent in the end with the heavy curtain of a “to be continued”, it still roused the students’ passion-filled hearts. 

The physics teacher thought that she would have to face a room full of half-dead students, since it was the first class, but she was shocked by the whole class’s enthusiasm.

The physics teacher was surnamed Xu; she was humorous and witty, and thus popular amongst students. She had been the teacher for Xu Xing’s class since the previous year, when they were second-years. This year, she had been promoted to head teacher, since they were familiar with one another. The students also didn’t have to waste time adapting to a new teacher’s teaching method. 

Because she was too familiar with them, the physics teacher knew the way Class Seven would begin: the first class was for catching up on sleep, the second class was for daydreaming, and the third class was for eating. It was only starting with the fourth class, when the students had slept and eaten their fill, that they reached their optimal state. The fifth class was for deliberating between the first and second floor of the school’s cafeteria, and between noodles or rice.  5w6G d

Xu Head Teacher couldn’t help but sigh: “When I got the schedule and learned that my class was the first one, I secretly called it a waste. I thought I was done for, and tried to get other teachers to exchange class periods with me to no avail. I hadn’t expected that after you all were promoted to third-years, your understanding would become so great.” 

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The people below smiled, but didn’t speak. The great official Fu Dai had profound skills and fame. 

After class, when the bell rang, the physics teacher sorted out her teaching plan and added: “Our class’s Yangyang is working especially hard and entered the advanced class this semester. I need to look for a class representative for my class again.”

Many people in the class were happy to be close to the physics teacher, so they were very interested in the position of “physics class representative”.  vHWpNl

The physics teacher already had a candidate in mind, and immediately called a name out: “Lu Che, congratulations on your success in becoming my little assistant, everyone applaud!”

The applause was slow and sparse as the whole class turned to look at the seat by the window. 

The rightful owner of the promotion, who had been leaning against the wall to watch the basketball game in the court beyond the window, only turned back around after he had been called out by the teacher. His first reaction was to immediately say: “I refuse.”

The physics teacher refuted him: “Refusal invalid.” She immediately began to patiently and systematically guide him, “The physics class representative is a good job. As long as a person would occupy this position, there would be a nice surprise for them. Look, Yangyang had his wish come true and joined the advanced class. It’s better than wishing on one hundred kois.” N9HFBL


Lu Che lifted his hand and placed it on his deskmate’s shoulder. He lazily asked: “As class representative, can I be in charge of assigning girlfriends?”

The entire class vaguely hissed all at once. 

The physics teacher was also straightforward, and gave a big wave of her hand: “Comes with a girlfriend! All sixty-eight students in the class are here, so as long as you’re not breaking up a couple, you can just tell me who you like, and I’ll pull some strings for you.” Uf2jbz

With the head teacher’s permission, Fu Dai, who was Lu Che’s deskmate, immediately raised his hand high and offered himself in a loud voice: “Head Teacher, I can recommend myself for the position!”

The boy sitting behind Fu Dai smacked the desk and roared with laughter. Many people in the class also used ambiguous gazes on Xiong Huan, who was in front of Xu Xing.

The physics teacher keenly sensed that something was unusual and said to Fu Dai: “Fu Dai, we can speak after class.” Then she returned to the proper topic, “Lu Che, you don’t need to decline it. You’re the only one who can be the physics class’s representative. If you don’t have a person you set your eyes on, not only will I get you a girlfriend, I’ll introduce you one too.”

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“Xu Xing —” ULP9fE

The whole class shifted their gazes towards Xu Xing, including Lu Che.

Xu Xing’s heart skipped a beat and suddenly raised his head. 

After the physics teacher spoke nonsense and swayed Lu Che and Fu Dai, she scooped up her textbook, but then suddenly thought of something. 

She gave Xu Xing a smile. She had an especially good impression of the class monitor: “Our class is lacking a logbook. You can go to Science Building 309 and ask Teacher Zhang for one.” hqtuED


Xu Xing had been frightened by the teacher’s previous few words. With lingering fear, he nodded and muttered from the bottom of his heart: It would be unlikely to be that strange.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The ten minute break after the first class was too short. A round trip between A Building and the Science Building would take more than ten minutes. So, Xu Xing decided to wait until the period of time after the second class to go pick up the logbook. 

However, compared to the forty-five minutes of class time, the ten minutes were even more precious. 5YntSe

The girls went to the restroom in twos and threes, while the boys rushed to the cafeteria. 

Tang Mian came back from the restroom, sitting beside Xiong Huan. She started to gossip the moment she opened her mouth: “Do you guys know Cai Xiangxiang from the art class? Our year’s legendary flower!”

Wang Zicong stuffed two small shrimp in his mouth and raised his little plump hand, cheering:  “I know, I’ve seen her before.”

Wang Zicong’s girlfriend was also from the art class, so little by little, they became acquainted, so it wasn’t strange.   RsOnh3

Although Xu Xing had never seen the year’s legendary flower, he still knew her name. Although the boys’ dormitory didn’t like gossiping as much as the girls’ dormitory, many boys were still very familiar with the grade’s, and even the school’s, pretty girls. 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xu Xing couldn’t recite their names, but he had heard his roommate recite it often enough that his ears were bent. So, when he heard the name, he could recall: “I’ve heard of her.”

The chatterbox Tang Mian had immediately been activated, chattering on about haughtiness and unapproachability of the year’s flower. She finally recounted a move to overthrow the year’s flower’s persona: “After the end of the self-study period just now, did you see the boy who was standing by the back door looking for Lu Che? I heard that he was originally from the same school as Lu Che and had just transferred over today. The result was that he was already getting along well with the year’s flower!”

Tang Mian’s volume rose. In order to highlight her surprise, her slightly wide mouth had not yet been closed. She tried to incite the moods of the three audience members in front of her. Unfortunately, it had little success.  9cyHWj

Xiong Huan wasn’t interested in gossip; Xu Xing swore that he would rather be lonely than gay; and Wang Zicong had already withdrew from the single dogs club half a year ago. Aside from eating, his material world also included a girlfriend. 

Xu Xing: “Whether they’re together or not has nothing to do with us…..ah.”

At the end, Xu Xing’s heart skipped a beat, then subconsciously glanced at Xiao Shun, who was sitting in the front row. 

Xiao Shun and that big brother’s red line connected a pole to a hole, but that big brother already had a girlfriend. What was going on? 0Av2H4

Xu Xing was somewhat confused.

He was unable to see the big picture now, and his understanding of the red string depended on comparing and guessing. 

Because he saw that the red strings of the majority of young couples obtaining a marriage license was connected from one heart to the other, like his parents, when he was hanging around the Civil Affairs Bureau, he determined that the red strings symbolized true love in a marriage. As for the red strings tied around arms and legs, it still remained to be observed. The most puzzling thing was the bow on Lu Che’s crotch, fluttering in the wind. He had no clue what it meant. Fortunately, he ought to be able to get the corresponding information from Xiao Shun’s side. 

Xu Xing kept an eye on it and decided to worm his way into being friends with Xiao Shun.  WVLHqg

After the second period biology class, Xu Xing travelled between A Building and the Science Building to look for Teacher Zhang and obtain a logbook. 

Along the way, he saw red strings drifting from many people’s hearts, but there were more people without red strings on their bodies. However, he had never seen anyone with a coquettishly tied bow like Lu Che’s.

Xu Xing furrowed his brows. When he thought of Lu Che, he became thoroughly vexed.

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He got the logbook from the Science Building. The break time between classes was twenty-five minutes, so Xu Xing returned to the classroom before the bell rang.  L6R90G

There were several boys gathered around the back row of the classroom talking about next week’s NBA Hall of Fame ceremony. Another two or three boys were laughingly squashing down the chubby Wang Zicong, so that they formed a human pyramid. 

When he saw that Xu Xing entered the room, Wang Zicong flopped down like a lotus root and reached out with a small, weak hand, begging for help: “Xing Xing ah, Xing Xing……”

Adolescent boys were very fond of this kind of deliberate play-fighting. 

Wang Zicong was usually the one at the very bottom……the reason was very simple: Wang Zicong had a good temper, was round and chubby, and wouldn’t panic when pressed onto the floor. Additionally, it was rather easy to take advantage of his heart…… jb2wzA

The boy piled on top grinned at Xu Xing: “Class Monitor, come make a 4P with us, quickly come and press me down~”

Xu Xing remained calm in front of their strange game, teasing: “You can take it a bit easier.”

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Xu Xing was speaking and bypassed the pile of people when Lu Che popped up in his field of vision. 

Lu Che was sitting in a row near Fu Dai, with his back facing the window and his body facing outwards. His arms were propped up the desk in front of and behind him, focusing all of his attention on playing a very nostalgic game — a water ring-toss game buried in Xu Xing’s memory.  eC0R3b

Lu Che was single-mindedly concentrating on pressing the cross-shaped button on the water game. He guessed that at a critical moment, the boy sprawled across the desk behind Lu Che who was humming, “connect your heart and my heart…..”, gradually quieted, gazing at the surface of the water game. 


The reason why Xu Xing momentarily paid more attention to Lu Che was purely because the bow at his crotch suddenly brightened quite a bit……

Could it be because he was near? 98GsQv

Just as this thought flashed through Xu Xing’s mind, the human pyramid behind him was overturned with a sudden spirited movement from the chubby boy rising from the bottom. The boys staggered and were pushed backward. Pushed by someone, Xu Xing was caught off guard and was knocked off balance, his body unstable and falling to the side —

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With much difficulty, Lu Che managed to press the button with great control and intensity. The final lone, tenacious ring floated and steadily settled onto the long pillar…..

Who could have known that a figure like the ring in his water game, having stored up energy and struck, falling securely into his arms. In the blink of an eye, the fierce strike made the rings on the pillars in the water game tremble and shake.  tlXdPD

With his head spinning, Xu Xing finally figured out that he was sitting on Lu Che’s thighs……

The red string between the two people had probably narrowed down to its shortest length. 

Xu Xing: “……”

He could feel the other’s body heat through the places where his butt and back were in contact with him. He immediately struggled away from Lu Che’s body. There was a suspicious pink climbing up his neck, cheek, and the outer shell of his ear.  QVB5Yk

Xu Xing’s brain suddenly went on strike, but he unexpectedly heard a command from the outside world —

“Don’t move!”

The voice was a bit flustered and exasperated. 

Happy Valentines to all the singles and not-singles! (●♡∀♡) nODu7

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

His name is 傅岱 (Fu Dai), but the ‘dai’ sounds similar to 富二代 (Fu Er Dai), which means ‘rich second generation’.

Translator's Note

character from louis cha’s the heaven sword and dragon saber

Translator's Note

bend someone’s ear: someone keeps talking to you about something because they think it is important; used especially when you are irritated by this

Translator's Note

If you know what a 3P is….

Translator's Note

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