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I Have A Pair of Yin-Yuan Eyes

I Have A Pair of Yin-Yuan Eyes 我有一双姻缘眼

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Author: 空星
Total Chapters: 105
Genre: Comedy, Fluffy, Modern, Romance, School
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Translators: Callis
Release Schedule: Sporadic


On a certain day, Xu Xing suddenly received yin-yuan eyes; he could see a red string between lovers. Then he discovered that he had a tight connection to his own left hand. 

Xu Xing: I TM …… will I be ‘solo’ for life? : )

The second day. 

Xu Xing suspected that he had seen a pair of ‘gay’s. The left side of the boy’s body had two red strings. The one in front was tied to his hand, the one in the back was tied to the boy’s right side. 

The bottom of Xu Xing’s body suddenly tightened. Trembling in fear, he turned his head — only to see his ‘local area’ connected to a red string tied into a beautiful, intimate bow that was attached to the school grass sitting behind him ~

Xu Xing: Excuse me???

(Note: the cover has an exaggerated XXL bow ~)

Hard spoken, soft-hearted, tsundere gong x outwardly cold, inwardly coquettish, childish shou

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  1. ‘ school grass’ what is that? Also is mc(can see the string) tied on his finger or his little family? Quite confuse by description

  2. I can’t wait for the translations!!! Seems like my cup of tea,,,,

  3. Sounds good! Thank you for picking up this novel. Best wishes for all the editors, translators, staffs, etc of CG! 💐